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He uses repetition for example trooth and scruff. He uses a special accent when he read the poem to show that theres always a different way to read the poem instead of everyone reading it the same way. When he read it with his accent people won’t take him seriously even though he keeps saying scruff and trooth which is repetition which i stated above. The poet is saying that he cannot tell the truth or get laughed at because of the accent he has. I think the most significant effect is repetition because he repeats the word trooth and scruff throughout the entire poem for at least 5 times to show his point. The accent shows that he is trying to be different to the others in the world. The phrase BBC accent shows that everyone working at BBC need to have nearly the same accent to work at the news. The way he say his poem with the accent he have, people can’t take him seriously just because he is talking in a very different way. Repetition is used as i stated a few times above with the 2 words scruff and trooth. Its the most used words in the entire poem while the other words are only repeated a few times but not as much as scruff and trooth. I mentioned how he influence the readers by repeating the same word over an over again but in a different way of spelling it or a different way of saying it. Yi is one of the word it represents you and scruff and trooth stands for truth and the scruff stands for everyone he is talking to. BBC accent stands for the people working at BBC since they have an accent that everyone understands easily and can hear really easily. While the poet reads his poem and spells it in a different way comparing to what a normal person will do. The words that he uses only have a few letters in the word he uses in the poem. For example scruff, trooth, yi and nyooz only a few letters and spelled in a different way.

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