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Issue 07


W W W . D B C - F O R U M . N E T

Issue 07 Issue 07 is here and it seems that ComSect is finally starting to get itself back together thanks to everyone who was a part of this issue, especially the new writers, guest writers, and the continuing “vets.” A special shout out to ReconPace for his hard work with internal recruiting which made this issue possible. So here it is, enjoy guys.


Latest news Ok its that time of the year again, now that all the new and shiny games have/are hitting the shelves DB has begun recruiting for competitive teams on all platforms and games. If you feel like applying get in contact with someone


from competitive ops and they will show you the way to pwnage. On this note I would like to congratulate Ap Apter x on his promotion into SC, he will be working on improving the EU XBOX competitive ops section, so if you are

EU XBOX please contact him. Last but not least, if you have some spare time and want to help improve the clan, please check out the career centre and fill out a job application, everyone’s help is appreciated. ~Rid



The Death threat

Issue 07

Hex’s Journal: The Good, The Bad, and The Banned Hello fellow DeathBringers, Hex here. As most of you know, and all of you should know, The DeathBringers are a clan that are strictly against hacking, modding, cheating, and any other form of activity which will give you an unfair advantage in the game. Some of you may say, Well what is the point of that? We at DBC think you should actually have to work to achieve something, rather than just have it handed to you. If you hack and get all the attachments for a gun, or to that rank you really want, then you didn‟t work for it. Having said that, I‟d like to bring up the point that over the past week or so, we‟ve had a few cases of Challenge Lobbies in Modern Warfare 2. Some people think that these shouldn‟t be considered an unfair advantage, because they don‟t change your rank in most cases. Wrong. The challenge lobbies give you all the titles and

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emblems our players strive for, and all the attachments on the guns that people have to work for. They are a bannable offense here at DBC. Don‟t try and hide the fact that you have done them, because the Military Police and I will find you, and we will get you. Another point I would like to bring up is respecting the CoC (Chain of Command). Every one of you has a person over you. If a person over you tells you to do something, you follow suit. You don‟t argue what they have said. If a member of the High Command tells you to stop doing something, you do so immediately, not carry on doing so, and tell the HC they are wrong in their order. This is considered insubordination, and is another offense that won‟t be tolerated. Minor cases of insubordination can land you a simple infraction. Medium to major cases can get you even worse, possibly a temporary

ban from DBC, or if deemed necessary, a permanent ban. If you are insubordinate to a person that you are supposed to work under, it is up to them what action they take, maybe they let it slide, or maybe they fire you and tell you to have a good day. And finally, I‟d like to bring up the issue of dotting (using . or … to mark you as an active user) in the chatbox. We only have 'X' amount of bandwidth to share between all active users, and the recent reduction in the time a member remains active in the chatbox saves us a significant amount of bandwidth to share between the actually active members in the chatbox, allowing it to run much smoother for those active chatters. When you are on the Active User list, you are using bandwidth.


Issue 07

The Good, The Bad, and The Banned Cont. If you are not going to be an active participant in the conversations going on, please do not dot the box, just use the F5 button on your keyboard, or click the refresh button Doing this will allow your chatbox to keep updating, without placing you on the Active User list and stealing bandwidth from those members actually using the bandwidth to hold discussions. Thatâ€&#x;s it for this month guys, maybe youâ€&#x;ll see me back another month with more news on clan rules and helpful reminders to keep you out. of trouble. Peace. Hex

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The Death threat

Issue 07

Wall Hacking, Aim Botting, Server Boosting, and Rank Killing – are you a victim? November 9th, 2010, the day the world changes for the sake of humanity! Yeah, as we all know, Black Ops & Medal of Honor is coming out very, very soon and a lot of people are looking forward to this upgrade in technology as they say, mainly due to the dedicated servers it holds, and the ability to actually kick people they wish to kick. Now, this means there will be a lot less wall hacking, and a lot less aim botting, and a lot less of everything, but is this what we really want? I spoke with a few people about this topic, through my very own clan, and random bystanders in the game, and most reported that they are in favor of this dedicated servers, and better game play for a lot of reasons, and one being, yup you guessed it, dedicated servers!! I spoke with them for this little discussion, and ask the more detailed questions, if they wanted the old style of MW1 & MW2 to be implied into Black Ops, and they said no, because MW2 was a pretty

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awful game play! I ignored the, and ended up noobtubing that entire game, I went 19-5. Now, when the MW2 branch came out, and the day the servers were released, 26 minutes after those servers were open to the public, there were already wall hacking, and game boosting happening, and I believe it was hours later, that people were already being banned! That‟s crazy, and seeing how everyone is anticipated for the release of Black Ops along with Medal of Honor, I am honestly afraid of turning that game on, and watching the problems occur, and yes they have dedicated servers, but it‟s still going to happen, and it‟s still going to be a problem no matter how much they try to stop it. Yet the downfall to this „dedicated servers‟ is, that they are only provided by one provider, which is GameServers, so if they back out, we‟re all done for! Oh and they cost money for the servers, due to the only provider, they can charge, it‟s not much though, around $15 USD.

I want to end this article with a good note, and something you guys can look forward too! The game will have Dedicated Servers, the game play will have more quality, the game play will have more options and modes, for hours of play, and they will have competitive sections for team parties! The list can go on and on, but I‟m going to leave you with this, and hope you buy it for your PC, PS3 or Xbox! I dedicate this news article to the famous ReconPace! He has been there for me for everything, he has also recruited me to this wonderful clan, where I hope to further with everyone, and become good friends with most of the people! He was effected by these hackers very personally, and I feel that is bull! So Recon, this is for you! Thanks! OrvilleRedenbacher

The Death threat

Issue 07

Death is my Companion - Part 5 I‟ve heard the expressions, “You look like you‟ve seen a ghost” before. Hell I‟ve even used it myself, but I never really felt that way until today. Today I did see a ghost. Ok he wasn‟t really a ghost, but he damn well should be. Let me explain. I was on sentry duty, I hate it, but I do it to the best of my ability. There‟s an unwritten rule about sentry duty, if someone sneaks up on you and touch you without you noticing them, you pull their sentry duty, if you catch them first, they pull your next shift. I‟ve only had to work another‟s shift once. Strangely enough he was the same guy who gave me the name Arc. His was Wraith, and he earned that name. He could enter and leave our compound at will and no one ever knew how. About a month after he gave me my name, I was on sentry duty. Suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder and I damn near jumped out my skin. “Take my next shift Arc, I‟ll see you when I get back.” He never came back, until today. I was on sentry duty, been out there maybe an hour. I don‟t walk a set path, I don‟t scan to a set pattern. Patterns make you lazy and you miss things. Keeping it random helps keep me alert. I don‟t know what caught my

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attention, but suddenly something wasn‟t just right on the ground in front of me. Then he stood up and brushed himself off.

more of this place than anyone else that ever been here. He‟s learned things about this place and the things that call it home.

“You‟ve gotten better Arc, I‟m impressed. I guess I have your next shift.”

He told stories about what he‟s seen in the bar and drank for free. Oh he tried to by a round but everyone that was listening wouldn‟t let him. I think that it will be a while before anyone does let him buy a drink, if he still has more to tell. As long as he‟s been gone, I‟m sure that he has stories to tell for some time to come. For I‟m going to get some sleep. I have Sentry Duty with Wraith at 0600. He said he would do it himself, but 2 sets of eyes are better than one. Besides, I wanna see if he can teach me to be that damn sneaky.

And with that Wraith just walked past me and into the compound like he only been gone a day and not years. I caught up to him after my shift was done and we talked like to old friends. Turns out that he has special orders that allow him to come and go as be pleases. He went AWOL when he was back home a few years before coming here. Turns out that he got word some how that a group of extremist had kidnapped a High Ranking General‟s daughter and were trying to blackmail him. Wraith spent 6 months tracking them down. He got the girl out safe and back to her father and then spent another year tracking down all the members of the group. When he was done, he presented himself to the General for court martial, but he gave the General a box for his defense. Inside were the hands of every member of the group that had kidnapped the girl. Wraith told him that they would never touch anyone else child again. He was given choice of deployment, but he chose this hell hole. So the General gave him special orders to allow him to come and go as he wished. Well he went and I have no idea how he survived, but he did. He‟s seen



Issue 07

Riddler’s Rant There are plenty of things that get on peoples’ nerves, but I consider myself to be a timid person at nature and it takes a lot to push me off the edge so to speak. Unfortunately recently I have come across one of those things, and I decided to reflect upon it. Ever since I was a little kid I have been repeatedly been put down by older members of society because I was deemed “young” and inexperienced. However, I have never taken these comments lightly and have always fought back and voiced my opinions regardless, and to be frank I have usually provided better arguments and valid points than those who

have been older and “wiser.” This is where my problem lies, I do not believe that people can base an assumption that someone does not know what they are talking about simply upon an age and experience correlation. I have always been a more mature and intelligent person than my peers, and have dabbled in debates and made my opinion heard, but to no avail there is always a skeptic out there that questions me because of my age. I know that I am not the only one who has and continues to suffer from these ignorant individuals because just by being part of the DB community I have come to learn and know

many young people who hold themselves to standards that far exceed those of their peers. There are members that can hold themselves in a full on debate providing factual evidence, members that can assist you on all technical aspects, members that can help you out when you are having a bad day, and heck there are members that can do just about anything you could need. This is one of the strongest arguments that I can bring forth towards those who believe that

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personally witnessed some of it here myself. On the other hand I commend the older members of our community for having the patience and respect for the younger members by allowing them to voice their own opinions and taking their views into consideration, I know that nobody knows everything and from each other we all learn and develop overall into better members of the DB community, but in every community. ~Rid

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