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Letter from the Editor Vryce Rising up from the ashes of their demise they are once again reborn. One year ago, a small group of friends left a failing clan to start another. They became the Death Bringers. Since that time there has been many changes, many people have come and gone. Our leader has changed as well as many members of the High Command staff, I being the newest member at the time of this writing. Well let me tell you a little about myself. I joined the Death Bringers on April 26 of 2010. A short time after that I joined the Drill Instructor supporting the PC NA Division. Some time later I became the Squad Leader for the Thunder Chickens Squad in CoD:MW2. I then took over the Drill Instructors as a whole for a short time before becoming the PC NA Competitive Division 2IC. After that I became the PC NA Competitive Division Commander and then the PC Competitive Division Commander. Then just a short time ago I was promoted to the position of Head of Communications and a member of High Command. I’ve had an interesting career history here.

At this point I would like to give credit to a couple of people who helped make this issue possible. Jam—Original Head of Comm. Sect. and designer of the graphics I based the newsletter layout on. Riddler/Sorin—For stepping up and filling in after Jam stepped down. You did a great job while you ran the newsletter. I can only hope to as well as you and Jam. Will3Style—For designing the cover page for me. The first of what I hope are many guest covers to come. If you’re interested in doing a guest cover let me know. Everyone that submitted an article—Your names are inside.

I have a lot of plans for the Communications Section going forward so keep your eyes open. I still have space open for some full time writes and I am always willing to look at submissions from Free Lance writers. Please take a look at the Career Section of the forums and in here.

The Word from the Top Grislythread Ladies and gents, As most of you are aware I am Grislythread and the leader of this little clan. I have probably spoken too many of you in the chat box or played online with you except the PC guys, which is going to change soon hopefully once some new memory is purchased. I would like to thank you all for all joining us and helping us move forward into the unknown. When Pheonix started this clan over a year ago now both him and I never knew it would rise to such levels as it has. Along the way we have had trials and tribulations. Some of which have resulted in people be banned, but we have tried to maintain what the founding members built. I am one of the last founding member still here which says something about me. I am here for the long haul. I know Pheonix is still around but for him his leading days are over and he can enjoy his retirement. The future is an unknown place for me and for a lot of members. We have been here a year and we are still kicking so the easy part is over. Now comes the hard part, establishing ourselves as a great clan. This was never going to be easy and I have to say that with the guys we have in High Command and all the other Sections

amongst the clan I am sure we will make this clan great. We are already establishing ourselves amongst the smaller clans out there so we need to keep doing that, whilst scalping the big ones as they come into our sights. I know we are only small but we punch way above our weight and will continue to do so into the future thanks to our great Squad Leaders out there. Our clan is already great to me, as I have seen it grow into what it is today. It has become an integral part of my life and seeing it develop further is what I am sticking around for. I know we will get there in the end all the big clans didn’t just grow big overnight it took time and am sure we will get there in the end. I would like to say thanks though to all the current and future members in the clan for helping to make this clan what it is today. Thanks. Gris


Interview with a new member Katzai & Riku7 Katzai: So interview... interviewee, interior view? Lol, I’m just going to ask a few questions, and try not to screw up too badly, so bare with me please. Riku7: Kay I can do that. Katzai: So what kind of welcome did you get when you first applied to join DB? Riku7: Warm welcome from everyone. Took me a little while to get used to everyone and start playing, but once that was done everyone was nice and welcoming. Katzai: How difficult was it to go through the probation process and how helpful were the people at DB? Riku7: Not a problem at all in fact I like the idea of the probation as it keeps those who don't want to be serious from wasting space and time. Do you mean how helpful getting through the probation process or helpful with my questions while I was in the probation process? Katzai: Both please mate. Riku7: Getting through the process, not much for there

really to be helped through. The RTF set the guidelines down and you follow them to get through. For my questions those that could answer them did within the day, they also responded clearly and made it easy for me to understand exactly what I needed to know. Katzai: Cool, thanks... How easy was it to start playing with group of people from DB? Riku7: At first it took some time and I do believe that’s somewhere we should try to improve upon. For me it wasn't until over half of the probation was over ‘till I found a few people to play with. That then grew into the large amount I can play with now. As for the next question how can we improve (don't know if you were going to ask but I’m going to answer anyways), maybe we should set up a group kind of like the RTF that welcomes the players but sends friend requests and lets them know they are wanted to play with the clan members.

Katzai: We actually have something like that in the works, were just trying to work the kinks out as its an administrative nightmare. 4 

Is there any thing you'd like to say to people considering joining the clan, any advice or words of wisdom?

How are you finding like in the clan now that you have completed your probation period? Riku7: Really so far it's about the same as the probation period, however I haven't gotten to start doing training or competitive team, which is really the only real difference I've seen between private and pinky.

Riku7: Have fun I mean even if your competitive what's the point in a game if your not having fun. Katzai: Cool, well thank you for giving us your time for this interview today mate. Riku7: No Problem.

Katzai: Ok, the training was going to be my next question, but I can skip that now.


Death is my companion Part 7 I have heard the phrase, "You look like you have seen a ghost." before, hell I have even used it myself. I never really understood it the way I do now until about 4 days ago. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me go back to when I was first posted here. I wasn't what you would call green. You don't get posted here if you're still green; you won't live long if you are. I had seen some action else where and I knew what I was doing. After a while I was posted on Sentry duty and told about “Wraith’s Challenge”. Wraith, now there’s an interesting character. I had only seen him once, but everyone knew his story. He’s what you call a lifer. See a number of years ago he was assigned as an escort to a high ranking General, real high ranking. They happened to be old friends. Well someone wanted something from the General and kidnapped his daughter. When Wraith found out he went AWOL. 2 weeks later, the General got a call from him, said his daughter was ok and on a plane home. Good to his word she was. 6 months after that he shows up at the general’s home and hands the general a bag with mummified hands. “Everyone that laid a hand on her.”, was all he said. He submitted himself for disciplinary action. The General fought on his behalf, which combined with his spotless record were the only reasons that he wasn’t discharged. He got assigned to this place permanently. The General did revise his orders a little as a personal favor to an old friend. He has the freedom to come and go off the base as he pleases and can requisition what he needs. While he’s here though, he picks up duty assignments here there. Sentry is the one he picks up the most. Well sort of, you see that’s where the challenge comes from. If and when he comes or goes and you he can get close enough to touch you, without you knowing he’s there, you work his next Sentry Duty shift. If you

catch him, he works yours. The list of those that have caught him is very short, it’s none. The last time he left I was on duty and I damn near soiled my pants when he patted me on the shoulder and said, “Looks you’re pulling a double shift Arc. Thanks Kid.”, and he just walked away not making a sound. That was 3 years ago. 4 days ago I was on Sentry again. It was about 3am and my shift was almost over. I don’t what or why, but something made me turn around. It was a gut feeling mostly. There he was about 10 feet away looking like the cat that ate the canary. “Damn Arc, you’ve gotten real good or I’m losing my touch. I’m not dead so I haven’t lost my touch. Guess I have your next shift. Good to see you’re still alive kid.” I was absolutely, stone cold stunned. 3 years almost to the day and he looked like he just left yesterday. I found out the next day at chow why he came back out of the blue. Turns out he had to keep a promise to that little girl. He had to call her on her birthday. Even now 16 years is something special. He maybe the toughest/ meanest S.O.B. around here, but for that little girl he has soft spot bigger than Texas. That’s all I have time for right now. Wraith is covering my Sentry duty, but I’m going to work it with him anyways. Besides, I want him to teach me to be able to walk to damn quiet. ~Arc

Here, there be dragons mjollnir As many of you know by the title, this series instalment is in Skyrim which is North of Cyrodiil, North-east of Hammerfell, East of Highrock and west of Morrowind. If you’ve played “The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion” and have been to Bruma then you’ve met in residents of Skyrim, the Nords. Now that you know who lives there and where it is I can now explain some of the changes that have been taken since the last game and some of the modifications to the gameplay and Game engine! A lot has changed to the combat system. Making sure you hit the enemies instead of your allies is obviously a huge priority and the last thing you need is you being the killer of your buddies, So they have emplaced a new game mechanic called “Magnetism”, it basically helps make hitting your enemies easier then stabbing you friends. Think of the aim assist option on Call of Duty. Now, If you are using a two handed weapon then you use Left Trigger to block and Right trigger to attack, however if you have a one handed weapon in your right hand and you have nothing in your left hand you can equip a spell to that hand, though you won't be able to block. Left trigger will then be a spell and right will be sword slash, it is done to make you play more strategically, be more offensive, defensive or magic based. So you can hold a verity of weapons in your hands from two spells to the old sword and shield combo. Staffs are also able to be used by only one hand. Quests won’t exactly be so exactly clear anymore. Let’s say in Oblivion your quest giver says ‘I’ll pay 200 Gold if you do me this for me’ but this time around it’s ‘I’d happily pay you if you helped me with my troubles’. Your payment might be based on how well you perform to their standards or if you complete everything they ask or maybe even how fast you complete the task. Taverns now actually have a reason for being around. If you remember in Oblivion if you passed two NPC’s talking and they had something special to say and you overheard that quest would be available to you. Well this sort of conversation happens much more now in taverns than anywhere else and stopping by for a quick beer couldn’t hurt your chances of getting in on some quests. It feels just a little more natural now. There has been talk about Dungeons in a lot of articles for Skyrim; There’s one in specific which they go to on a quest (Spoiler Alert) called Bleak Falls Barrow - it is in-

habited mainly by the Draugr (Some of the dead guys you‘ve seen in screen shots and in the trailer I believe), a ghostly dragon priest who bursts out of a sarcophagus to attack and startle the player and the boss of the dungeon, a giant spider. Runes are now a part of the game, you throw them down on the ground and they cast a spell much like the Scrolls from Oblivion. They can cast an assortment of spells but the only one that has been mentioned so far was a rune that was thrown and it fires shards of ice at the enemy. There is also going to be new spells added to the list of all the cool things Mages/Warlocks get to enjoy. Mysticism is being removed from the game and then all the spells that feel in this category are now being transferred over to other spell lists. Skyrim is going to be largely based around your character and Dragons. Since your character is a Dragon born he not only has the ability to understand and use the Draconic language but he can cast Dragon shouts by saying words in the correct order to cast special “spells” if you will. Dragon shouts are gained by slaying Dragons and then absorbing their souls and by finding Writings/Hieroglyphics on walls that were written on walls by Dragons long ago. There are 20 Dragon shouts and there are 3 levels to each shout. Another thing about Dragons, they aren’t scripted in the game. So yes they appear randomly and will attack you just out of nowhere although you could possibly catch them flying in the sky they may land near you and attack. Dragons also randomly attack towns and if you happen to be in the town you could possibly be its saviour or you could flee and let it ransack the town. The most significant change from Howard's last game, Fallout 3, is the new system for managing skills and perks. Combat skills will be confined to three major classes: one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, and bows. But rather than perks being free-lance and global, they will plug into skill trees that branch off from each of the basic skills, in a manner fairly reminiscent of the perks that were in Borderlands. There will be around 280 perks in all, including ranked perks; a top-level character will only be able to collect up to 50, thus allowing for a tremendous variety of possible character builds that could easily lead to massive amounts of

characters stock piling themselves in your save slots. Well guys, this is just a slice of some more information to come about Skyrim. I'll be there with more stuff on "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" so keep up to date. Also, when the game is released I'll be giving out some tips for the game since I'm going to be playing it a lot. They range from class set ups, to how to use equipment effectively and help on Quests and Main story line missions. Have fun and I hope you enjoy this update!


You can make the best games in the world, but it’s nothing without the kit to play it on.

megabish Let’s start with a few facts.

sole, to the matte console we have now.

Fastest selling portable gaming system

Sony’s motion controller was finally launched in September 2010. The Move is a wand with a glowing orb at the tip, which allows the Playstation Eye camera track its movements accurately. Original games have been developed for the Move, while titles such as Heavy Rain and EyePet were released in Move compatible versions.

The winner? Can you guess? It’s the IPhone 4! The first day of sales on release date was 1.5 million units! For comparison, the PSP shifted 200,000 units on its launch date in 2004 and the DS took about a week to reach 500,000 consoles in Nov. 2004. While not solely a gaming device, the IPhone now boasts over 30,000 available games, which is a larger library than any other portable system. (of course I had to throw that in being a savvy IPhone lover!) Best of’s: XBOX 360 Hardware Of course there was a system update for the console in 2010 making it slimmer and quieter than any previous model. Then you have the XBOX 360 S Starting at 4GB(which to me is totally pointless) up to the 250GB For around $299. The new S is Wi-Fi compatible unlike the old consoles. Microsoft has discontinued the Elite and Arcade versions of the XBOX 360 after the update. Let’s not forget the Kinect that was released November 2010, a whole new world of game play. With the original titles developed for the Kinect include, Kinect Sports and Kinectimals. Playstation 3 With no sign of a new console, Sony looked to provide new immerse experiences for fans of the PS3, motion controlled and taking a leap into the third dimension of gaming. As for the 360, there was a system update with the PS3 as well. Making it smaller, the use of 3D gaming and changing from the shiny black con-

Last but not least, PC: “No other platform offers such a wide range of experiences such as the PC. From indie classics to mega-budget blockbusters, it’s got all the bases covered. And you can even use it to work on a spreadsheet if you feel the need.” While the PC is struggling at additional retail, it continued to receive the best versions of many multiplayer titles. The release of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty in July 2010 proved that the biggest PC titles can still top the sales chart, with 1 million copies sold within the first 24 hours. I have to add the “Most Customizable Gaming Mouse”, The Cyborg R.A.T. 7. With a total of 1,344 different physical configurations, in addition to its customizable driver software, the Cyborg R.A.T.7 is the most adaptable input device of its kind. Some features include extra body plates to change its form factor, and options to alter its weight and length. It also features variable sensitivity to make for more precise aiming-perfect for pro-gamers.

Birthdays & Funnies samj007 Happy birthday to.... JMR

15 years old 1st February

Sufi 26 years old 20th February Ghost 18 years old and Artis 17 years old 21st February. xWhoWasBLiNDY (no age in profile) 5th March ramsay7

19 years old

23rd March

(Note to all if you don’t want to appear on this list tell me before the date the article is next due out. If you want to appear make sure your age and birthday is in your profile.)

It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to have to paint it. Today I dialled a wrong number... The other person said, "Hello?" And I said, "Hello, could I speak to Joey?"... They said, "Uh... I don't think so... he's only 2 months old." I said, "I'll wait."


The Death Bringers Clan is an established multi-platform clan for ages 14+. We do many inter-clan tournaments and events. We also have many successful GameBattles teams. We were founded in January of 2010 and have worked very hard to get to where we are today. We have 100s of members in our clan so there’s always someone to play with. We also have the following: 1. Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook pages 2. A steam group with 100s of members 3. Multiple GameBattles teams (all platforms) for many games such as Halo Reach, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Battlefield Bad Company 2, World of Warcraft and much, much more! 4. Our own private MINECRAFT Server 5. Multiple Casual teams (all platforms) for the same games 6. 100s of active members on the forums 7. A Ventrilo server 8. An arcade with 100s of games 9. A live chat box on our forums 10. An online shop where you can buy inexpensive goods with our clan brand on them. 11. Training courses for those who wish to strive to become a better all around player. 12. The opportunity to join one of the few clans that will support competitive play on both COD: Black Ops and Medal of Honour. We are a clan based on leadership, teamwork, maturity, dedication and military. We strive to find the best leaders for our squads and for our chain of command. We welcome anyone into our clan as long as you strive to follow those above values. We’re a clan both founded on fun and competition. We welcome both casual players and competitive players. We have squads for all game types, so, you can meet up with fellow gamers from the clan that prefer the same game types as YOU. If you have any questions regarding clan operations and benefits, please email all questions/comments to -> If you wish to join, Register and apply on our clan site -> -Thank you for your time The Death Bringers


Death Threat - March Edition  

This is march Issue of the Death Bringers Clan News Letter.

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