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Voice from on High Vryce

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since our last issue. We’ve had some up’s and down’s over the summer. Unfortunately more downs than ups. But things are turning around for us. There are a couple of things that I would like to talk about before we move on to the good stuff inside. So please bear with me. Recently we had the forums go down because we were short on paying our bill. Fortunately some members were able to donate the funds needed to cover us. Now I’m sure that a lot of you are thinking that we’re good now. Well the truth is that we’re not as free and clear as we would like to be. We’ve changed the Donation Goal bar to give a more accurate outline of where we are. I know that most of you can spare a couple of bucks. If you can spare it monthly that would be most helpful. Some of you have the will but not the way. We are working on plans for you. As for the rest of you… Let’s just say I’m not fond of group C and leave it at that. Most of you should know that we are increasing the age limit for admittance into the clan soon. There are a few reasons for this. I’ll get to this in a minute. Those of you in the clan, as in you have posted an application already, will be grandfathered in. Underage application after the change will be rejected. Now, we are doing this because of late we have had a large number of younger members join, get a job, then change jobs a couple of time, or just out right leave. We aren’t seeing this same behaviour with our older members. Time, “Time for bed Johnny, you have school tomorrow.” How many of you younger members have to be in bed by X O’clock? As a result it’s hard for you to compete. Now I’ve said my piece and I’ll shut up. I hope that you enjoy what you find within. If you think that you can write better you’re welcome to try. I’m always looking for full time writers and free-lance writers. Talk to myself or Sunshine7388 if you’re interested. 2

Competitive Ops Interview Sunshine & Stalker SUNSHINE: As the new head of competitive Operations what goals do you have set?

any day!!. This as you can imagine is great in house training for our squads.

Long term and short term?

SUNSHINE: What games are in line for us to be supporting?

STALKER: The short term goals are to get people into competitive gaming but also make sure there the right people for competitive gaming. Use the right tools for the right job my dad always used to say lol. A non-dedicated squad member that fails to show up for practice nights or even worse, scrims or ladder games will just lower the squad’s moral, this intern has a knock on effect and end ups destroying the squad. The long term goals are to get the DB name out there, in cyber space. The more of a name our squads make for themselves the better it is for the clan, what better advertisement is there for the clan than a successful squad ranking up among the best in an external ladder or tournament? The other is to build up the PC sections, these have always been the weakest, It seems funny to think that multiplayer gaming was originally developed on these PC’s but due to the consoles that are now available there kind of redundant. We do have some PC gamers in the clan and I wish to offer them the same competitive game play options as any other platform. SUNSHINE: How many teams do you want to be established and out bringing death? STALKER: As many as I can get really, the more teams (squads) we have that run well the better. If there are for example 2, EU PS3 Blk Ops squads running at the same time, they can train together now and then. This enables the squad leaders to try out new tactics and strategies against one another. This you can’t do in a public game as 6 clan squad members working as one unit with focus, purpose and direction will beat 6 randomly thrown together headless chickens

STALKER: Well that’s an easy one Sunshine: MW3 and BF3 for sure, But we will support any game that a team wishes to run. If you have enough people if it is a team based game that you play casual in, but then wish to take said game more seriously than we are here to support and help set this up for you. I don’t think many clan members realize this.

What is the biggest obstacle standing in your way right now? STALKER: Good question Sunshine: errrm, The dedication that DB members need to play competitively. This though I feel is a combination of many different things, let me explain. Right now where in the middle of summer, lots of DB members are taking LOA’s due to summer holidays, a lot of our younger members have a very important year ahead of them in school with exams and the like and so are putting more of their time in that direction. Which of course is the best thing to do, they have the rest of their lives to play computer games, but its right here, right now that determines how the rest of these lives play out. The biggest though is the actual gaming industry itself. There have been so many games that for one reason or another have flopped in the multiplayer part of the game. Medal of Honour, Home front, Brink, Gears of War2 and Red Dead Redemption are some off the top of my head. These were all hyped to be the next best thing since COD. However they have just not delivered that special something that has ignited a big passion to play these in casual 3

gaming groups, let alone competitively. That has left us with 2 games really, Blk Ops and BFBC2 and these games have been out a while and to be honest, played to death. I guess I am trying to say we have the staff with the experience and training to lead the way, we just need some comp gaming DB members to lead lol. SUNSHINE: Do you have any big changes coming out soon? STALKER: Oh yes, I was hoping you would ask me something like this. The biggest change is to the way the whole competitive operations section is where it runs from. The Comp Ops will be running from a new forum based system called the Competitive Operations Centre. This will enable the whole of the competitive staff, from squad member to section commander to work with in our forums system and not from the group pages anymore. This will enable everyone to feel part of the big family that is comp ops. This will still be divided up into regional platforms, like EU 360 or NA PS3 for example but the main forum first page will be for every squad member to post in, No matter what or where you play. I wish to unite all of the sections and squads so they feel more like one big army of Death Bringers, rather than an each platform, region feeling like a small bunch of hired mercenary’s lol. The best feature in this new Comp Ops Centre will be each squad having their very own sub forum, this is there Squad Barracks, this is for the members of that squad only. This will enable them and the squad leader to communicate a lot better; even @ will work in there. This has taken a lot of thought and even longer to set up, I wish to thank not only Gris and Vryce for looking at the concept and allowing it to go ahead, but also blueice and his team of webmasters that have spent many hours building this new forum set up for us. Training SUNSHINE: What kind of training is required for a member to be in a competitive squad?

STALKER: To be placed or practice in a squad, nothing, just the desire to play competitively for the clan. However, to actually be a part of a scrim or ladder/tournament team they need to be a full DB member, (so rank of Private or higher), they also need to have passed Basic Training In the game they wish to compete in and have a working microphone. SUNSHINE: What about say, new clan members or even established members that are top level in that game or like in Blk Ops who have prestige many times? Surely they already know the game well enough to pass Basic Training and shouldn’t have to take it? STALKER: Yes that’s a good point and one I can answer easily. The coaches department now offers a “fast track” system for those very members you have just mentioned. These DB members can ask for this fast track and if say they are very, very experienced I believe that the coaches just send out the written exam, this saves the time of running through the whole in game training session. However if they fail the exam then they must attend a full training session with a coach to pass the basic training. The same system is now offered for all the game certification ribbons. If you wish you may take the in games exams, if you pass then yes top player well done, if you fail though you are expected to re-schedule the training session but this time in full. SUNSHINE: What about for a Squad leader? What do they need to do? STALKER: The squad leaders have to pass a in game evaluation conducted by their Section Commander, if they pass this than they are issued the DB C.O.E paper (Competitive Officers Exam). This is a mammoth exam paper that requires about a 5000 word essay, explaining in game squad set ups, tactic’s and strategies as well as some hypothetical/ethical situations that a squad leader may face in this important privilege of running a comp squad for DB. If that wasn’t enough a MSN training session is then done with either the head coach or head of operations.


SUNSHINE: Are there team trainings? Like classes that the whole squad can do together to help build their teamwork and trust in each other? STALKER: Yes sunshine there are, we call these the certifications we have these for Blk Ops, Halo Reach and BFBC2, these have been written by various staff in the coaches dept. I’m glad you asked about these actually as I have seen a lot of people posting that the Blk Ops certifications are boring and too much talking. This makes me laugh as most of these people have only taken basic training and that’s the one with the most talking lol. The Blk Ops Rifleman certification for example, I have run these many times, depending on the skills of the students taking part depends on how long the certification takes. There is a 5-10 min max information talk; this covers best perks, equipment and above all tactics and strategies. Then it’s all action from then on, the exam is set up, the 4 students split into pairs and they have practices trying to complete the exam. This enables the coach to observe them and offer advice if they seem to be struggling getting the exam objective completed. Then when everyone has had some practice the in game exam is set up with its time limit. 10 minutes of talking at the start of a 2 hour certification is not a lot really. Yes I can understand that members know what end is the dangerous end of the gun, and that claymore goes there and boom, 1 kill. However these members that have not taken these other certifications are missing out, they were written to and teach you so much more, let’s talk pointy sticks. SUNSHINE: Pointy sticks!! Please go ahead I’m intrigued? STALKER: Well take all the equipment and perks like in blk ops, Imagine these as pointy sticks. If you run at me with yours, in a very aggressive manor and I dig in, hide behind my stick and use it to block yours, that’s using my stick in a defensive manor. If on the other hand I run at you and keep jabbing at you with it then I am being offensive with the same

pointy stick. See its still just a stick, it’s how you use it that depends on whether I am using it for offensive or defensive and it’s the same for the perks and equipment in any FPS game. You can actually attack someone with a claymore in blk ops, use it for offence, not just defense. The other clever thing is the certifications are written to teach you something without you even knowing it. All these have a time limited in game exam, these require you to get an in game objective done, some are plant a bomb and defend it until it detonates and others are defending flags etc. or flag runners. These are run against your fellow squad members or students in the course. What these actually teach you is how to read an enemy’s tactics and strategies, how to work around these and also how to change your own in the heat of battle when you are under immense pressure to get the job done without thinking of it. But most of all they teach you team work and communication in competitive games that’s what wins them. So if DB members think that you are that good, go on, try and fast track these certifications, I challenge you. SUNSHINE: So are there pretty serious then, any particular certifications that you have run that for one reason or another has stuck in your mind? STALKER: Oh yes, there was a Blk Ops Rifleman certification that I run for some of my old EU PS3 Blk Ops squad, the Undead Warriors. After practicing the exam, when all 4 students were confident that they could pass, we set the exam up. This exam is 10 minutes long, they have to plant and defend two bombs on a top secret map and get 2 detonations to pass. They are up against each other in this 2v2, well the first pair completed and passed after about 5 minutes of exam time. We then swapped over to who were then in exam mode (planting and getting 2 detonations). Well they did a fantastic job using different perks and equipment but, every time they planted a bomb the defending team would somehow overwhelm them and disarm it, dig in again and have to be removed from their defenses for the attackers to plant it again. This happened five or six times in a row. In the end they 5


did get a good plant and detonation but with only 3, yes 3 seconds of the exam time left. Well these guys were ecstatic, I’m sure I am still a bit deaf due to the shouts of joy and relief that came down the headset!!!. They did have to work hard but got there in the end and all I can say is that to watch, as a coach from the spectator view it was just awesome (even I, with them unable to hear me with that last chance of passing with time ticking away was shouting at the TV “come on hold it, don’t let them disarm that damn bomb, there over there SHOOT” lol). Tactics, perks, strategies and equipment was all used and then countered by the other team. The members taking the exam were so pumped up with adrenalin while trying to pass this was unreal. That was and still is the most memorable certification session I have had the pleasure to teach. These were already really good players with high K/D ratios as well, They all learnt a lot that day for sure. SUNSHINE: Wow so even if you know the game inside and out, these certifications are more of a team building exercises that generates team play, communication, improves tactical awareness and can be very intense and exiting?. STALKER: Yep you got it Sunshine: perfect for getting a new squad all working with one another. Dedication SUNSHINE: When are squad practices? STALKER: It is down to each individual squad to run their practice times and days as and when it suits their own members. This is the main role of being a squad 2IC (second in command). SUNSHINE: How long do they normally last? STALKER: Again this is down the each individual squad, I would suggest no more than 2 hours per session and certainly have a break in the middle to regroup and relax. SUNSHINE: Do members have to be present at every prac-

STALKER: If the squad runs 2 practices a week, it is again down to the individual squad leader, for a new member to the squad they might have to attend both for a while, this way they would get to know how the squad operates, grasp some of their tactics quickly and this would allow the squad leader to evaluate the new members strength and weaknesses, Thus allowing the squad leader the information he/she requires to place this member in their strongest position. A squad leader would be unwise to have their best run and gunner sitting on a flag defending it while good defenders were trying to run and gun and dying all the time. This is why our squad leaders go though so much training. SUNSHINE: How often do we have matches/scrims/ladder games? STALKER: This again depends on the squad; a very good, well trained squad would spend more time playing scrims and ladders then training. I wouldn’t recommend more than 2 a week though as time is needed to run though the maps and modes of the challenging clan. It’s all about the 7 P’s, Proper Practice and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Fun SUNSHINE: If it takes all this work how could it possibly be fun? STALKER: That depends in the individual clan members mind set to be honest. Competitive gaming is a lot of dedication and hard work. That being said though is what some people class as fun. It’s about being part of a team, building strong friendships, my closest friends in the clan all severed under me when I was the squad leader of the Undead Warriors. I’d say it’s more about the reward than the fun. Wining a difficult game and the satisfaction you get is what gives you the glow inside, that’s is what makes all of the hard work worthwhile, If you can interpret that as fun then yes it’s fun indeed. SUNSHINE: Why do we need to do all this anyway I just want to play. STALKER: Oooo, the best question so far. Competitive play is not a right, it’s a privilege to where our clan tag and represent us in the big world of cyberspace. I don’t think 6

many members actually realize this. To earn this all DB members need to prove themselves; they do this with the help of the staff in the Competitive division, though the training and following our set of extra rules that competitive players and squads have. If you wish to just meet some friends and play as, and when you wish, then that is what casual gaming is for. I understand that we are all individuals (the world would be pretty boring if we all thought and acted the same), that being said though not everyone who wishes to play competitively has got what it takes, or what we need .Our way of working, our system allows us to realize who these members are. Just because you have a high K/D ratio does not make you a good player or a team player either. It was a very old wise man once said “never eat yellow snow”. SUNSHINE: EWWWWW STALKER: Sorry, wrong old man, another even wiser and older man once said “one person’s drink is another person’s poison” Where not all designed to do the same thing, some people are suited to competitive gaming, others are not. SUNSHINE: Extra rules, why would you need extra rules than the rest of the clan? STALKER: It’s all about trust, and the way we need to run the section for the sake of the clan. If say we have 10 squads in total and each squad has 6 members, that’s 60 people that must and need to be managed and organized to all work in the same fashion. 60 people all playing different games, on

different platforms and in different countries. These need to be all following the same rules and standards, not running around the cyber world like headless chickens causing and promoting anarchy and being linked to this clan. We as a clan do have a very good set of rules for a very good reason. It is really hard to not only get, but also keep a good reputation of being a good honest clan with no cheats in it, This is one reason we, in the competitive operations have such high standards and our own set of extra rules to abide by. One rogue squad leader/member could do a lot of damage to this clan’s very good clean reputation. This is something that I, as the head of the comp ops section will not risk this, hence why we have strict standards and rules to govern the squads that do represent us and reflect on us. SUNSHINE: Ok one last question, what is it like living with and working with the Head of Operations, Icequeen75? STALKER: It’s great to be honest, we both understand and so have no problem with the amount of time this clan takes out of our real lives. It gives us both something else in common, participate in and talk in depth about. This enables outstanding communications between us in our respective HC positions. If we have any disagreements then we sort it out with a knife fight. SUNSHINE: A knife fight!!!! STALKER: yep we just load up Blk Ops and settle it out on the PS3 lol. Just kidding, it’s a lot of fun and we are always there for each other.


Battlestations Pacific Samj007

Battlestations Pacific is the second game in the Battlestations series. It is a game based on true events that happened in the pacific like the Japanese attack on pearl harbour. It contains 2 campaigns: one from the US point of view, containing what happened in WWII with creative licence, and a Japanese campaign, which they describe as a “what if campaign� guessing what would have happened if Japan had taken over Hawaii. The thing that is most different about this game is that it is a 1 st and 3rd person RTS (Real Time Strategy) game. It has first person cockpit action from your fighters as you dogfight with others. It has third person battleship on battleship fights, and it has and RTS map where you can command all your units on the field to attack and move in real time. The multiplayer contains 5 unique game modes: Island Capture: Were the 2 teams are trying to capture a certain island and each island unlocks a unit type, e.g. a battleship. Duel: Basically a free for all. Competitive: were all the players are on the same team and try to get more score than anyone else by killing more AI. Siege: Like demolition were one team defends and the other team must attack and objective. Escort: One team must protect a moving unit while the others have to attack it. I would recommend this game to anyone who has played a FPS dog fighting game before and know the controls or someone who plays or is interested in RTS’s. One flaw is that there is no brightness control that i could find and this mean it can be really hard to see what is going on during the night missions, but other than that it is a great game.


Legal Troubles Lspo a Battlefield fan site? Activision sues. I am sure all of you have heard of Modern Warfare 3, Next instalment of Activision’s gaming juggernaut call of Duty, but do any of you ever visited You expect a website dedicated to the game itself, you’d be wrong it is in fact a fan site for the games rival game Battlefield 3! I visited the website a few days ago the homepage was filled with you tube videos that are against Modern Warfare 3, calling it a “$60 patch for Modern Warfare 2” and “over hyped” all the pages of the site vent against Modern Warfare 3 and prise EA’s FPS Battlefield 3. How far would someone go to get someone to buy battlefield 3? Enough to redirect visitors to to battlefields office site, EA has not made any comment on this or confirmed. Activision went to the National Arbitration Forum and filed a complaint against the website at the cost of $2,600 claiming that the owner does not have any right or interest in the domain. The website has been taken down until the matter is resolved.

Microsoft Sued Over Kinect Related Patents was not the only thing sued this month; Impulse Technology sued Microsoft claiming that Kinect violating several patents related to “tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space”. Also Microsoft is not the only company dragged into this, EA, THQ, Ubisoft, Sega and Konami because all these developers has released and developed Kinect games if Impulse Technology was to win things would be disastrous for the gaming world, Microsoft and the Xbox. Impulse Technology are demanding a unbelievably large sum of money and an injunction against Kinect, this would stop all sale of Kinect and Kinect games all the developers who are or has developed a Kinect game will be affected as they will likely lose money because they can’t sell their games anymore or had to cancel their games. this could have more effect then you think, Ghost Recon Future Solider could be cancelled or delayed because of its Kinect gun smith mode, Halo Anniversary could be cancelled or delayed because of its unannounced Kinect compatibly, and Mass Effect 3 could be delayed for months because as you may or may not know ME3 has Kinect compatibility which allows you to act out dialog and give squad commands and who knows how long it would take to remove that feature from the game?


Rock and Young people Surprised Llama

So I was walking through the airport in D.C listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird on my iPod and wanting to do an air guitar solo. Then I realized that most the people in their preteen to late teen years do not listen to all these great rock/classic rock artists. Thinking about this made me feel something, it made me feel a mixture of angry and sad, it made me want to take initiative and do something about it, but then I remembered, in my previous schools I tried to do this, I tried to get more rock to play at the school dances, I tried to get more student bands to play at outdoor events and all these things, but everything I had tried to do before had failed. I thought I had to do something new. Then I thought, why do kids these days like to listen to Hip hop/Rap and Pop, it must be the image that is implanted into the child’s mind of what is cool and what is not, it must have been from the parents whose parents whose parents thought rock was satanic, and only druggies and alcoholics

played rock music. I thought that we needed to reverse what has been implanted in the child’s mind, but this would be too challenging and would take years of work. This slowly made me realize that rock is dying. Fewer and fewer people have heard about the greats like Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd, they may know the names of the bands but not of the songs, and not what they’re famous for, to them they’re just names. I used to say to those people in 30 years no one is going to know who Rihanna/Lady Gaga/Justin Bieber is, but now I know that in 30 years no one is going to know who Led Zeppelin or Lynyrd Skynyrd is I thought that this was sad, then I realized, everything has to die, music from the 20’s was cool at the time, and not many people know it now but it’s still cool for some people, and the same with all the other genres and generations of music, it was cool back then, it’s not going to be cool forever, and besides, in the years to come people may not miss it, but it will always be there for us to remember.


Paladin Interview OrvilleRedenbacher

Q: What is your job in the DB Clan? I am currently the Head of Recruitment Q: What is your favourite part of coming on-line to the clan site every day? I don't come on the clan site; I simply refresh my browser Q: Do you enjoy logging in everyday and seeing new faces, and new posts? Again, I'm really logged out ... but the LACK of new posts recently has been of some concern to me, so much so I attempted to set up a think-tank to promote forum activity within our member base, 25% of who ONLY visit DB for the Chatbox currently! Also the lack of visible Privates is of great concern to me as it shows failings within my Division to either provide sufficient support to New Registrations and/or a lack of New Registrations. Something all my staff are looking to change in short order! Q: If you were in charge for one day, no restrictions: What would you do, and why? I was in charge for 2 months over Christmas while Gris was on a LoA, and I pushed through the appeal Process (over a much more bureaucratic system under consideration), and had the RAID array on the Server host not failed, I had planned to shut DB for Christmas to encourage our members to spend the day with their families, something I'd happily consider doing again Q: What's the best part of being the Head of Recruitment? The best bit has yet to happen, when I can settle back and be confident that the teams are full strength and preforming at the expected standard, THEN I'll know I'll have done the best job I can. For the time being, it's the spark of enthusiasm of the dedicated members of the Division looking for new ways and places to Recruit for DB. Q: How did you become a part of that job? I have always attempted to support Recruitment since PTShooter kindly left the clan, I worked heavily with ReconPace to ensure there were the right tools in place to support the evolution of recruitment, and went on to pro-

vide those same tools to Katzai and Shadow God, I have always believed that recruitment needs to be better targeted, but have thus far failed to convince anybody in charge that that's the case. Referral Recruitment currently only accounts for 9% of total traffic to DB where 6-9months ago it was 23%, our Search engine rankings have also dropped considerably, and Search Referrals are down from 35% to 23% on 6 months ago. When the opening for Head of Recruitment looked likely to become vacant, I expressed an interest in proving my Theories to Grislythread who then appointed me as Head of the Division a short while later ... Q: What are your feelings on how the clan is shaping out, with all the resignations and what-not? It's the interwebz isn't it ... People have short attention spans, and the webz makes it easy for people to come and go as they please. Then there is change ... either a lack or if or a distaste of it, and finally, thin-skin, people who can't take constructive criticism, or would rather blame other people for their own mistakes or short comings. Watching people like this leave don't bother me in the slightest, I've been with DB for a LONG time, only 3 days less than Grisly, and 2 days less than Saint Saryad, I've seen lots of people come and go, some of them I have mourned the loss of because they were superior contributors to DB, other glide in and out without leaving so much as a scuff mark ... I guess it all really depends if they have made the effort to be as Red & Black blooded as the rest of us Q: What is your job outside of the Clan? I have recently started (2 1/2 weeks ago) a job at a Dutch Haulage company in the UK, J.Heebink BV (J.Heebink (MK) Ltd.), My title is Office & Warehouse Administrator, the only other person on staff is the General Manager, I handle all incoming calls, lorries, vans, sub-contracts, I manage warehouse contents, active jobs (Domestic, Import and Export), I liaise with our customers and Veenendaal (Head Office) and their 11

Drivers to ensure that any 'hiccups' do not adversely affect our contracts, or to minimise them. My desk is only ever clear at the beginning and end of the day, and at any one time am juggling 3 different customers (we have 3 telephone lines into the premises) along with the customers that I have personally built loyalty with who generally consider me first point of contact for new contracts and chasing active ones and for providing Prove of Delivery.

The job combines a lot of my previous experience in Warehousing and Customer Service to ensure that I have a varied and challenging day, something I have found sorely lacking from previous employ, and something which is required for me to maintain interest in a role. Provided I stay in this role, I will 'inherit' the Milton Keynes Depot in 6-9 years


The New Dad D loops b

So, on March 21st of this year, my life officially changed FOREVER. My son, Cole James, was born. He was 6 lbs. 11 oz., 19 inches long and he was, without a doubt, the scariest thing I've ever seen. Now, I know what you're thinking. I'm not saying he was scary ugly (he was actually quite cute - even then). I'm saying that his very presence terrified me because I knew my life had just changed BIG TIME. I was a first time father. What the heck could I possibly know about raising a child? Let me tell you while it was by far the happiest day of my life, it was scary at the same time. Three months later and I'm happy to report that my wife, my son, and myself are all still alive and doing well. Cole is growing up soooo fast. He's over 12 lbs. now. He's still a short little thing. He seems to be a very strong and bright young man (just like his old man). He definitely has his own personality. It's been a blast to watch! What's the hardest part of being a new parent? When you hear people say "They should come with an instruction manual" well, they really should. I guess I would say that learning how to be a parent is pretty hard. You kind of fall into it after a while but up until that point you're kind of just "winging it". Oh yeah, the 3am wake up calls aren't too much fun either. What's the easiest thing? I don't know if any of it is "easy". Some of it is more fun than other parts, but it's definitely a job. For me, the easiest thing was probably dealing with the dirty

diapers (stupid, maybe, but some people just can't handle it). As parenting basics go, diaper changing is my forte. I've been pooped on and peed on and spit up on - all part of the job. What's something hard that you thought would be easy? I don't think I thought anything was going to be easy. I think that I thought that the "routine" would be a bit easier to get into. Sleep at this time, eat at this time, bath at this time, sleep at this time, etc, etc...Well, it doesn't work like that. In fact, we're STILL working on that. Something easy you thought would be hard? NOTHING'S EASY!!! Just kidding. Bath time is a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was pretty nervous about giving him a bath at first. Apparently I do OK with it. The wife hasn't told me otherwise anyways. Knowing what you know now do you want more kids? ABSOLUTELY! At least one more (fingers crossed for a baby sister for Cole). Parenting is easily the hardest thing I've ever done - and I've only been doing it for 3 months. That being said, it's been the most fun 3 months in my life. It's so rewarding to wake up in the morning and have your child just smile at you. Then to come home from a crappy day at work just to get that same smile when you walk through the door, I swear it's a smile that can fix everything.




Death Threat - July  

The July issue of the Death Bringers Clan Newsletter, Death Threat.

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