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PHASE ONE: PRE-LAUNCH Initial Meeting - Our Primary Focus

Attracting the Right Buyer

- - -

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Understanding your goals and expectations Providing market insight Discovering your property: design, history, features and details Learning what is most important to you Creating a plan to begin the process

Market Overview - - - -

Macro and micro market dynamics Economic / Social / Political Supply, demand and competitive inventory analysis Price trends / list to sale price ratios Timing / Seasonal considerations

Distinguishing characteristics Buyer profiles/demographics Market positioning

Listing Preparations - - - - - - -

The DPP team List price and listing term Documentation – listing forms, plans, inspections, title, disclosures Make-ready improvements / alterations Cleaning and staging considerations Flexibility / Incentives Monitoring changes in the marketplace


Targeted Marketing

Building Interest

- - -

- - - - - -

- - -

Assessing the competition Creating maximum value Properly introducing to the market Networking, private/ broker previews, announcements - Executing the marketing plan - DPP property showing methodology - Monitoring interest - Communicating with you - Responding to changes in the market

- - - - - - - - - - -

Creating your Home as Art story Professional photography Well-crafted copywriting DPP website Dedicated property website DPP online partners and Internet strategy DPP email marketing and client database DPP social media platform DPP Blog Video content Global Reach / LeadingRE Print advertising Property brochures / Floorplans House-specific on-site materials Targeted mailings Public Relations Sponsorship and Event Marketing


Superior showing methods Generating excitement Highlighting property features and creating differentiation Monitoring activity

Communicating with You - - -

Establishing a communication preference Conveying marketing efforts and potential buyer interest Disseminating changes in both the marketplace and the competition

Adjustments - - -

Modifying our plan should circumstances change Shifts in the market Moving forward



- - - - - - - -

- - -

Attracting the right offer Qualifying the prospect(s) Analyzing offers Quantify the variables Multiple offer procedure Protecting your interests Positioning you to win Executing the contract

Escrow and Due Diligence - - - - - - - -

Creating a timeline DPP transaction support team Technological and environmental efficiencies Service providers Our duties / your responsibilities Disclosures / inspections / contingencies Additional negotiations Preparing to close

Transitioning to your next property Final documentation Giving back to the community

Working Together — A Client for Life - DPP is - - -

there for you Staying in touch and keeping you informed A resource for the future Understanding and fulfilling your future real estate needs

Working together to create the best plan to market and sell your home.

The DPP detailed marketing and sales plan is divided into three phases to evaluate, prepare, market, negotiate and sell your property for its optimal price.


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