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branding-web design-logo design Honaya is a naturally fresh handmade product used for dry skin. These products consist of numerous of organic ingredients such as cocoanut oil, honey, papaya, oatmeal, Vitamin E, and other substances to improve textures of skin. The name “Honaya” originates from the main ingredients, honey and papaya. The main purpose of this product is to cure dry textures of skin and remove irritated areas of the skin. To portray the natural elements of this product I used the typeface known as Bromello. Bromello provides a natural and warm feeling in relation to what the actual product contributes for skin. The bee represents an element that is strongly tied to the honey perspective in this Logo. The elements around the “Honaya”, is an element to depict the moisture within the product. The colors are used based upon the actual colors of papaya and honey. The reddish orange-soft color provides warmth and the honey gives the logo a more of a friendly texture.


packaging design

web design -home-about us

MELANIN VIBE logo design-interactive media-apparel

“Melanin Vibe� began in the summer of 2016 at Flagler College. BSA (Black Student Association) promote activites of common interest, welcomes the environment, contributes to campus diversity, and promotes the awareness of Black American History. Melanin is defined as a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people. Vibe derives from a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others. The color brown used for the logo relates to quality in everything, as well as physical comfort and simplicity. The color of burgundy represents controlled power, determined ambition and dignified action. The woman is used as an iconic element of strength and power.

web design -products-blogs-contact



BLACK STUDENT ASSOCIATION social media-interactive design-Facebook

Melaninn Talks-Social Event-flyers

tshirt design-Hear My Voice-BSA

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“QC Works”( QUEEN CITY WORKS) is a training facility based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their services specializes in training young athletes for a better career and healthier lifestyle. “QC”, stands for Queen City, which is a popular term that represents Charlotte, North Carolina. Works suites well for athletes or those who are trying to reach or pertain their personal goals. The colors used throughtout this series of graphics are bold, vibrant, and assertive.

hoodie design-BSA-Flagler College


TRAINING FACILITY web design-responsive home page

website design-about us-programs-videos

brochure-about us-programs-mission-meet the team

typography-advertising design



Flagler Women’s Basketball engagement with the student body and fans are important. Ideally people are not very familiar with the players on the team. The year of 2016-17, Flagler Women’s Basketball focuses on how to be selfless, and taking the initiative to give themselves to their student body as well as the community. By doing so the visiual elements for this advertisment will make a strong presence with its typography and colors. The visual will promote words of what the term “selfless”, means to the program.

letterhead-business card-envelope


poster-Will be placed in the lobby of Flagler College gymnasium

magazine cover- availible at all home games


logo design-advertising-print media

The Dock Car Wash is a new improved car wash in Saint Augustine, Florida. It will be located on the busy streets of A1A. “The Dock is known as a structure extending alongshore or out from the shore into a body of water, to which boats may be moored. The name originates from the city and landscapes of Saint Augustine. From Saint Augustine’s background, alot of scenary is either repeated or stands on a ground that resembles a type of historical meaning. The logo is a simple reference to ideal of streaming waves.

magazine cover


poster-will be located in local businesses of St. Augustine

poster-will be located in local high schools and colleges of St. Augustine

billboard design-traditional media


logo design-application developer

The Soul Daze restaurant is a soul food restaurant located in Atlanta. Atlanta is an upbeat city with high scale restaurants. There are so many other fast food services that are not good for anyone to eay. Soul Daze provides the right meal, including freshly cooked meals from a soul-loving chef behind the counter. “Soul food”, originates from the south, particually ethnical and prepared by African Americans. Soul food normally includes foods such as fried chicken, black eyed peas, and yams. Soul food has been apart of the U.S for years. The idea of the term “Daze”, is a teaser to the customer, to assist them into the tasteful goodness of southern food.

blueprint-prototupe of car wash




Fo h t od for

logo design-typography-menu

logo design-typography-coupons



ad design-traditional media-interactive

Muse Sunglasses is one of the top trending sunglasses company in the word. These glasses are designed by the generation and lifestyle happening now. The term “Muse”, is defined by an inspiration and creative influence. Muse creates its own message “Is the vision in you”, which means define who you are, break rules, and live life at your own pace. The imagery of this visual includes women and men looking at themselves through a mirror. It creates a sensational design and memorable for the audience to be awaye of what Muse is known for.




original print ad

print ad two

print ad three

bus stop-billboard design-traditional media

interactive media-web banner design

GAIN TIME application design-logo

Gain Time is designed for a daily reminder for athletes to eat healthy meals. The application is designed with easy usage and with a bold , complex design layout. This app will display the proper meals for athletes, as well as bad choices. Gain time is highly influenced due to atheltes that experience severe health issues, as well as poor performance. The visual of this design will be very repetitive, with strong bold colors setting a significant tone in the sport’s atmosphere.


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option for meal plans

create your meal plan

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