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Monolouge After a long time at last our first publication is completed. Many things happen during our work and we take those events as experiences for our step ahead. Dear Discussions is an uncommercial, independent, self promoting publication. Uncommercial and independent because we are trying to learn and share things through the publication, and please, don’t take it too seriously. We do not intend to claim anyone’s right, from image, articles or anything, we would all credit each in the end of the publication. We are also a self promoting publication, ‘we’ is us, the editorial. One of the purposes of the publication is to train and learn more about art and design, so in the future we may publish our own works inside the publication, of course in context of the publication.

A little shoutout to dear friends that helped us for the last few years, Amicitia; Mario, Kevin, Jonathan, Albert, Joshua, to University friends; Christya, Diota, Josephine, Audrey, Vania, Marcelina, Hendra and Jeffrey. Thank you for the last four years. Hope to see you guys soon.

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Though something simple for some, turtles and tortoises are somewhat the same.





hat is a difference of a tortoise and a turtle? Both are reptiles from the same family. The simple difference

are the environment, a tortoise walk on land, while turtle swims the sea. More difference of both species are the morphology, geographic habitat, behavior and life span. Well, we’re not gonna talk too much about them anyway. Similar enough is art and design. Though none of them specializes in swimming in the sea, they are different in someway invisible to the common eye.

Art & Design

It explains the process of creating

Art can be simply said as a product

art as something explorative,

or creation of a human. The range

identifying things that may remain

of what could be categorized as

deep inside someone. While people

art is wide and it differs for each

doing art is like an exploration,

person to another. Some may say

you could get lost. Edvard Munch

art is limited to creating paintings

is probably one example that is

or sculptures, while other may

widely known. “The Scream” for

debate that cooking is also part of

some, is considered one of his best.

art, even some may consider war

Sadly enough many also considers

could be included as art. Though

“The Scream” as a product of his

the definition of art remains vague,

temporary insanity.

people agree that art is closely related to creativity, and also

For most people art is functioned


as a decoration, paintings hang on walls, or sculpture stationed in



Thomas Merton, on No Man Is

the center of a hall. The purpose

an Island, stated that art enables

of doing art however varies from

people to find themselves, and also

one to another. Some may create

lose themselves at the same time.

art as pure entertainment, some


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as a personal expressions. Other

The process of design is long and

may create art as a communication,

complex when compared to art.

creating illustrations for social,

Because to be a good design,

commercial or political purposes.

it has to be functional, not just

This purpose however is what made

aesthetically and subjectively good.

The Scream by Edvard Munch

art quite similar to design.

Artists & Designers

Design by it’s widely known

How designers and artists work

definition is a plan for a construction

are different. Artists start when

of something, may it be an object or

they want to, and they can start

system. Charles Eames formulates

working free without any particular

design as a plan for arranging

restraints when making art.

elements in such a way as best to

Designers on the other hand work

accomplish a particular purpose.

on a particular timeline, facing

Speaking in graphic design,

the threat of deadlines and also

what a designer do is they must

work by the client’s brief. After the

understand the message that needs

brief some designers also research

to be conveyed, understand what

independently so that their designs

the materials he must or mustn’t use

are based on facts, not only what

and who the design has to speak to.

the client’s request.

though sometimes the purpose of

Some artists also work as designers,

design becomes blurred when the

but not many designers work as

client insist on steering the design.

artists. One reason may be the




skills needed for the job. Artists

When a design is made, the design

need technical skills on their work,

must be able to communicate the

like drawing and sculpting. While

message equally to everyone who

designers also need some technical

sees the design. When a design

skills, they don’t need the skill on

is seen by a little girl and her

a paramount level. Simple drawing

grandfather both must understand

skills are sufficient, what needed

and interpret the same message,

more on a design job is the mindset

the message that was supposed to

on working in an particular way.

be conveyed, and still looks good.

“Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions, there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” - Paul Rand Both designers and artists work by

While art and design is related but

not neglecting aesthetic, but given

still they are different, different

a freedom of expression, artists

in their purpose, different in their

are able to create what they want

process, different in how it is used.

and live in their ideal world, while

Both may sometimes share the

designers, driven by various things

same definition, but it happens

must suppress or ‘kill’ their ideals.

on a very special context, so it

When an artwork is created, and

is not always and certain. While

people could enjoy the artwork, we

both may convey a meaning

could say that the artist is successful

and communicate, but the

on his or her work.

communications are different.

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Next Discussion: Art! More about art. Though art is widely described but still there are key elements that defines and composes art. Have you ever heard of texture in art? How does space and tone be recognised in sculpting and pottery? What are the basic component of an artwork? More to be discussed on the next publication.



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