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Robert Morris University

Volleyball Program “Two Teams, One Goal”

Who Are The Eagles? How many people do you know can come out of college and say that they have met life long friends? Well the Eagles of Robert Morris University on the Men’s Volleyball Team can proudly say that throughout college they met guys who will always be there friends and more than just that even their brothers. Throught their time spent on the team the guys here at RMU are greatly supported by one and other and are always being pushed to be the best people they can be on and off the court.

The Eagles are not only coached but

That Is Who The RMU Eagles Are

mentored by their head coach Lauren Joyce. Lauren is always there and ready to help the guys out whenver it is needed. With the help of Lauren the Eagles have the oppertunity to better themselves in everyway possible with the consistant support from not only their team but their new found family.

Eagles Honor Erin Potts For A Second Consectuive Year

For the past two year the Eagles have honored the fallen Erin Potts who sadly passed away from cancer. Each year the Eagles rally together and collect doantions towards childhood cancer research in hope that one day there will be a cure for not only childhood cancer but cancer as a whole. Along the lines with donations the Eagles volunteer to participate in a widlely known holiday called St. Baldricks. The eagles all come together as a team and shave their heads and show support to those fighting the deadly disease called cancer. Each year the eagles attempt to raise more and more money for research with hope that one day cancer as a whole will be ruled off and will no longer

Eagles Rally Together To Teach Kids The Game Of Volleyball Over this past year both the Lady and Mens teams both reached out the Mark Twain Elementary in hope to give the children at that school the oppertunity to be introduced to the wonderful game of volleyball. Volleyball wasn’t the only thing the teams focused on. The Eagles were also there to just simply have fun with the kids and give the kids a good time for the little bit of time they had with them.

Luckily the Eagles had such a good experience that they asked to go back time after time to go and spend some times with the kids and hang out and just show the kids a positive way to spend their free time. Since the first time at Mark Twain the Eagles have been back several times and each time it gets better and better putting smiles on the kids faces and knowing you made a difference.

Along with spending time at Mark Twain Elementary the Eagles volunteered time this past windet at the Sherrie Circle. Sherrie Circle is a shelter for homeless women that are in need of food, shelter, or even just somewhere to be instead of being out on the cold streets. Giving back has never felt so good, said Freshman Tyler Benson. Tyle also said that working for such a good cuase made the work itself seem so easy and minisucle compared to what the homeless women must have to go through on a day to day business on the streets. Another sophomore said that giving back in general really feels good but being part of Sherri Circle

Eagles Lend A Helping Hand For Those Less Fortunate

Robert Morris Volleyball More Than Just Two Teams

We’re A Family

Final project  

Dean Zummo

Final project  

Dean Zummo