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Intrigue information on Colonial Coins

How East India Company came into existence? ď‚— East India Company was established in the early 17th

century. What started off as a trade relation slowly started taking a new turn. They started setting up colonies and after a point covered almost the entire of India. Several British Indian Colonial coins were minted during this time period. Some collectors have developed a special kind of interest in collecting British India coins.

Different types of Colonial Coins ď‚— Different administrative regions like the Madras

presidency, Bengal presidency and Bombay Presidency was set up. Each of these presidencies issued their own types of British India coins. Under Queen Victoria’s regime, gold as well as silver coins were issued. ! mohur gold coins of 1862 have a great value in the market today.

Colonial Coins of India ď‚— British India coins also include the ones that were

issued under the regime of King Edward VI, George VI etc. The imperial coins issued under their regimes featured a portrait of the respective kings. Coins of numerous denomination from 1/12 anna to 30 rupees was issued under the regime of George VI.

Collect Colonial Coins ď‚— Apart from silver coins, many copper coins can also be

included in the British India coinage. If you are collector then you can start by collecting coins hat were issued by a certain emperor. Once you have completed a particular set, then you can go ahead and collect coins issued by the next emperor.

ď‚— In spite of the fact that the history behind

British India was more about the opportunity battle, several Colonial Coins and antique Indian Coins are collected even today world over. If you are searching information about these rare coins of British India, Mintage World is where you will find it!

Colonail Coins  

If you’ve been looking for detailed information about rare coins of British India and other antique Indian Coins, Mintage World is the World...

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