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THE CLIENT ACCESS & IMAGE ARCHIVE WEBSITE We suggest printing these instructions so you will have them handy while navigating your online Gallery Collection. New Gallery Collection We've set up a new personal Gallery Collection for you on our Client Access Website (contact the studio if this has not yet been done). We'll provide you with your personal link and log-in information in a separate email. But first, read on to learn about the Client Access & Image Archive Website. The Client Access Website is clean and elegant. No annoying marketing messages or loud colours. And it's very robust. We’re very excited to offer this to our clients: past, present and future. It's the best online experience in the industry. Some of the features you may like to know about: Archive Gallery Collections You'll have peace of mind knowing the original high-resolution images of your event are safely stored, and easily accessible at any time from your Gallery Collection (please ask us about long-term storage of your photo memories). As we have more photo sessions together, each session will be available to you in individual galleries as part of your Collection. What a wonderful way to re-visit images, or have family & friends, far and wide, log in to see images. Instant Digital Downloads Would you like to download a photo just for your desktop? No problem. How about the perfect size image for Facebook or a blog? Depending on the details of your photography collection, you and your guests may even download a high-res version of Fine-Art Images and Standard Enhanced Images to allow personal printing (only recommended if you’re experienced with professional printing labs (i.e., NOT consumer labs – you get what you pay for). Digital downloads are instant – you won’t have to wait. And of course, we continue to offer fine-art prints, artist canvas wraps, coffee table books, fine-art albums and more. We ship print products directly from our location in Toronto, which means much quicker delivery times for our local customers.

Lightboxes / Ratings / Comments • Overview Lightboxes are designed as a collaborative environment to share, rate and annotate images with others. This is a really exciting feature! It's best to just get in there and play around with it. It's easy to use and is intuitive. Great for sharing info about images with others, including your photographer! Dean Oros

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• Adding an Image to a Lightbox When viewing an image (e.g. in a gallery, or an image search), click the lightbox icon to add the image to your lightbox. If you are logged in, you will be prompted to select the appropriate lightbox. If you are not logged in, the image will be added to an anonymous lightbox. When you login, the lightbox will be added to your lightbox list. • Keeping Track of Images The best and easiest way to keep track of your select / favourite images, and share them with others, is via the Lightbox. • All About Sharing Lightboxes – VERY IMPORTANT! You can create as many Lightboxes as you wish and share them with as many people as you wish, too. You can name them whatever you want. You would share them with whomever you want (or not). So, for example, if you wanted to share your select favourite images, you could create a lightbox named "[First Name / Last Name] FAV Images". You'd put your selected images in it and then “Share & Enable Comments” for the lightbox. IMPORTANT: You must enable "Share & Enable Comments" on your lightboxes with your photographer, otherwise he won't know they exist. Also, you must enable “Comments”, so you can leave comments / ratings with your photographer and guests (especially useful for exchanging details about your Album design and prints, etc).

The screen where you enable comments will be similar to the following sample. Click all three checkboxes at the bottom and you're good to go.


Security Your Gallery Collection has top of the line security. Your information will never be shared. All your guests must register through the studio before being granted access to your online collection. Your galleries are password-protected, and are not visible in a public gallery listing. Canadian Currency If you or your guests wish to purchase instant downloads and / or print products, all pricing is in Canadian dollars. No more having to deal with an unstable USD exchange rate! Payment by credit card is available via an encrypted Paypal interface (a Paypal account isn't required to buy from the site). Or use a Paypal account; the choice is yours. Payment via cheque is available; please arrange with the studio. Client Gallery Registration – Very Important! You will receive your log-in instructions to your Gallery Collection in a separate email. What you will need to do is provide instructions to your guests so they may see your images. Here's the easiest way to have your guests register to the Client Access website, and for them to gain access to your Gallery Collection. 1. Have them (or you can do it for them) send to the studio their first and last name, & email address to, and make sure they state in the email they want to gain access to your [First & Last Names] Gallery Collection. 2. We'll then send them an invitation to your Gallery Collection via email thus authorizing their access, and will let them know the password, if applicable. This must be administered by the studio (i.e., you can't share your password or log-in details, because their name / email addy won't be recognized by the system). This way, no one can accidently sign up for your galleries or view your images. AND, your guests don't have to wait until after your event to register to the site. They can pre-register at any time. We hope you'll take advantage of the Client Access & Image Archive Site. It's one of the ways we're doing everything we can to provide you with the ultimate photography experience. Dean Oros Principal Photographer / Owner