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“ My Connemara Queen “

The tears my love run down my face,each time I think of you, A prison ship my future holds,so I must bid adieu. They’ve stole from me my liberty,my pain I can’t disguise, A prisoner now,in chains I stand,thanks to their dirty lies.

I miss dear Sean and Ellen,for them my heart does yearn, Van Diemens’ land so far away,alas there’s no return. Please tell them I adore them,and Daddy’s not to blame, And tell them I’m an honest man,and speak with pride my name.

I’m bound for far Australia,a land across the foam, Eight thousand miles from you my love,and Eireann dear my home. Will I ever see my wife again?They’ve torn my world apart, Can’t face a life without you dear,in two they’ve broke my heart.

So gaze into the evening sky,and view the moon afar, And think of me your doting Dad,and wish upon a star. And say a little prayer for me,and hope I’m well and safe, For prayers can go a long long way,if in the Lord you’ve faith.

On a coffin ship of cholera,each day more men fall ill, Sixteen have died since Sunday morn,and more are dying still. Their bodies line the ocean floor,our lives now in Gods’ hands, And what awaits,what is our fate in far Van Diemens’ land?

In dear old Connemara,one day my name they’ll clear, And question why a man like me was sent to die out here. And God shall be my witness,and we’ll meet again my love, And live the life they stole from us,in Heaven up above.

You’re in my thoughts for evermore ,for you each night I pray, I’ll not forget those tears you shed as I was led away. Transported on a prison ship,’though innocent of crime, But love shall cross the ocean wide,and stand the test of time.

To hold you in my arms once more,on that my heart is set, For you’re my heart,my life,my soul,and you I’ll ne’er forget. Beneath those stars I’ll gaze into those eyes of emerald green, And I’ll kiss your face,and we’ll embrace,my Connemara Queen.

So fare thee well my sweetheart,my darling Josephine, I never shall forget you love,my Connemara Queen. So to my wife and children dear,I bid you Slán go Foill, They’re taking me by coffin ship,far from my native soil. Around my neck,upon a chain,I wear a wedding ring, Each day it brings me comfort here,and luck I pray will bring. Upon this ship,disease it reigns,the stench of pain and death, I hope I’ll reach Van Diemens’ land,but I shan’t hold my breath.

©Deano O’Hara.7th May.2014.All Rights Reserved.

"My Connemara Queen"  

Wrote this poem 2 days ago,just tidied it up a bit.

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