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Greetings to the Spelman community and the surrounding Atlanta University Center institutions. My name is Kirstin Cherise Evans, a junior, English Major with a concentration in Law. I am proud to present the first issue of the Spelman Spotlight 2011 Homecoming Edition. We are excited to provide you with a pre-homecoming experience like no other to prepare you for the traditional, exciting, and memorable experience that lies ahead.

The Spelman Spotlight has been in existence for over 50 years. This year we plan to provide you with a consistent paper that you can rely on for news, fashion, music and more. As the voice of African American womanhood, the Spotlight is dedicated to representing Spelman students in a positive light. We will ensure you interesting articles, captivating photography, and an opinion column that will keep you engaged. Enjoy our special pre-homecoming edition and we hope you look forward to our traditional style newspaper coming soon. Sincerely,

Kirstin C. Evans

Next Publication Date November 4, 2011 To submit an article for the Spelman Spotlight newspaper, please e-mail spelmanspotlight


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Table of Contents


What is Sole Prophecy? Ain Ealey takes you on a tour of this year’s theme and why you just can’t get any better than SpelHouse!




A look back from our very own Spelman College Alumnae! The past versus the present. . .


“Homecoming is like a weave holiday!” Marjani Hall keeps you informed on how to maintain your weave and even gives you a few great references on where to go to stay fabulous!

CLOTHES PROPHECY Have too many clothes in your closet? Don’t know what to wear during the biggest week of the year? Take a look at our Clothes Prophecy to get your look Homecoming Ready!

CROSS FADED OVERRATED Don’t get caught up! “Know Your Limit!”

NEO SOUL It’s a sure thing! Get ready for a concert you’ll never forget!

MOREHOUSE VS. BENEDICT Are sports in the Atlanta University Center on the rise? Listen up as Tristin Travis goes in depth on what (and who) to look out for this year in athletics!

MISS SPELMAN AND HER COURT What would Spelman College be if we didn’t have inspiring sisters to look up to? A look at our 2011-2012 Miss Spelman and court and why they are so passionate about their positions. 5| spelmanspotlight



Sole Prophecy Ain Ealey, Staff Writer There are many things that define the identity of a college and university. Extra-curricular activities and academic achievements are two of three focuses that are used to gauge a universities’ mete. The third and final focus is the student body’s ability to have fun. The epicenter of student life is a big extravaganza that welcomes the return of the prestigious alumni and alumnae who graced the campus in the past. This celebration is more commonly known as homecoming. Behind every celebration is a great theme, and this year’s theme for the annual Spelhouse homecoming is ancient civilizations, more specifically The Sole Prophecy. Spelman and Morehouse have a knack for being the best. With Spelman being the top-ranked HBCU and Morehouse being the home to a world-renowned glee club, these schools pride themselves on excelling in every area. Therefore, it is only appropriate that this Homecoming exemplifies that attitude. For those who are just joining the Atlanta University Center family, be prepared to have the time of your life. Also, know that over 10,000 alumni and alumnae will be watching you, so represent and have a good time. Returning students may notice that many things are different this year. For one, the cost of the entire package is extremely affordable—only $30. This includes everything from the concerts, the fashion show,

and comedy show to the coronation ball. Tickets went on sale on October 5, 2011 at the Morehouse bookstore. The first day of Homecoming is on October 16th, and last to the 23rd. The first event starts at 10am in Sisters Chapel as the Opening Worship Service; later that night at 8pm on the Spelman Oval will be the celebration of the Kick off Jam. Some may not know; but this year the hiphop concert is conveniently combined with the fashion show and the comedy show is a new event. Many AUC students and staff members are wondering who the artists are for this year’s hip hop concert. The answer will be revealed on October 17th, 8pm at Forbes Arena. Tickets are $15 pre-sale, $25 at the door and $30 for non-students. The Neo-Soul concert is free and will take place in Kings Chapel at 7pm on the 18th. While there is speculation that this year’s artist will be Miguel, confirmation will be provided at the concert itself. The next free event will be the weekly hump Wednesday, the difference between other Wednesdays and October 19th is, well, everything! Never underestimate the hump, and plan to have a great time. Conveniently, students will not have to choose between an unforgettable hump Wednesday, and the newly installed Comedy Show, which starts at 8pm in King Chapel. For the Coronation ball on Friday the 21st students must buy tickets by pre-sale, which will cost only $10. This

event will start at 9pm and end at 1am, there will be a shuttle to and from the ball. Also, there will be a strict dress code enforced at the entrance of the dance and before entering the shuttle. Students who are in violation of said dress code will be sent back to change. The homecoming game will be held at the B.T. Harvey Football Stadium on the 22nd at 2pm. For student with the Fall 2011 stickers the game is free, for others the ticket is $12. With a $10 presale, or $30 ticket at the door, students, faculty, alumni and alumnae alike can watch the NPHC Step Show at Forbes Arena at 7pm. Lastly, the Closing Worship Service will be at 11am in King Chapel. No tickets are required. There are many things that define the identity of a college and university. For Spelman and Morehouse College, one of these things is homecoming. For a more detailed description of homecoming events go to the SpelHouse homecoming website www. Spelman students are fortunate; fall break falls on the 17th and 18th. With this in mind try not to distract the men of Morehouse—they have to graduate too! Keep in mind that although homecoming week will be fun filled; we must remember that we are college students. We are paying more than $35,000 a year to attend our selected institutions, so obey the law, make smart decisions, have fun, and stay safe. spelmanspotlight


Marjani Hall Staff Writer Alysha Phanord Staff Writer




Ratchetness, Relationships & Reputations SpelHouse Homecoming is one of the greatest social highlights that students experience during their four years in the AUCC. The exciting atmosphere and the numerous events on campus are both fun and entertaining. However, every now and then we students forget our surroundings and that we must still compose ourselves in an appropriate manner and not harm our reputations. One would think that we all would realize the importance of minimizing recklessness, maintaining healthy relationships, and not causing further damage to our reputations. Yet, this is not always the case. So let’s review the key points to damage control for homecoming.

tionships and interactions with others safe. Homecoming is that time for every single woman to put on her sexiest outfit and highest heels in the hopes of being courted by someone special, or in other words, “getting chose.” Although, we must all be wary of the fact that even if you exchange numbers with a potential suitor that does not necessarily mean you will become “cuffed” by that same person once the cloud of inebriation and smolder of cannabis has lifted.

And if you happen to already be in a relationship, make sure that you both clearly set boundaries and guidelines on what are acceptable and unacceptable endeavors during homecoming. Additionally, please remember that if you are under the influence The tendency to be reckless will run its course of drugs or alcohol that you are with all SpelHouse students. Students believe that they are “The biggest rule putting yourself at greater risk than usual, and may become vulexcused for their behavior as they use homecoming to justi- to reducing ratch- nerable to unwanted sexual advances. Make sure that you are fy doing “the most.” Skipping safe during homecoming. Don’t class, pre-gaming (for every etness during allow the mistakes you make at event), and making careless decisions are a few examples. homecoming is to homecoming last you a lifetime of regret and shame. We all know participation in some of these activities can know your limit.” Remember, the SpelHouse lead to an unfortunate endfamily prides itself on a strong ing. A 10:00 am class is not the main priority for some during homecoming, but and positive reputation that has been upheld in the educational arena. Do not let the events of homeit is important to acknowledge the fact that school will continue regardless of the festivities. So throw coming impede our progress as leaders in higher education. Don’t allow homecoming to damage on a hoodie and Uggs, go to class and stop comyour reputation as a great person, student and leadplaining! er. Although, being reckless during homecoming may make for a good story and laugh, your choices The biggest rule to reducing ratchetness during will affect your overall reputation in the AUCC and homecoming is to know your limit. Both Morehouse and Spelman are classified as dry campuses, you may find that the stories and laughs about you but we all see instances of the policies being broken are not in such good humor. Keep your composure, remain thoughtful, and respect yourself and our during homecoming. Being openly intoxicated for all events is not a good look both for such respected historical institutions. institutions and is a poor reflection of your moral fiber. We have all heard stories or personally experienced having to sit beside a loud, inebriated person during events in Kings and Sisters Chapel and tweeting about their obnoxious behavior. Please, stay classy! Spelman and Morehouse are prestigious institutions, and we, as students, have the responsibility to properly represent our institution. So lets do it big while eliminating the ratchet component of the homecoming environment.

It is also imperative that we keep our rela-



original prophecy Briana Nwaobi,Staff Writer

The Test of Time

Brittany Abrahams,Arts and Entertainment Editor


s we fumbled around with our tape recorder on the second floor of Rockefeller Hall, Linda Patton C ‘88 stood with a patient smile on her face. “Homecoming was always an event you looked forward to; it was a time you got a touch up and bought a pretty dress.” Patton smiled brightly as she tried to recall her most memorable homecoming events. She laughed as she remembers going to the football games, especially the big “Morehouse versus Howard” game. However, she didn’t really go to watch the touchdowns and field goals; she went to hang out with her friends, listen to the band and watch the Alumni. Imagine being in their shoes after graduation. Now a Spelman alumna herself, Patton cannot wait to bring her future Morehouse student, her nine-year old son, to homecoming this year.

and fun.” McKinley’s excitement grew as she gushed about how being on the Spelman Court even garnered her a few outfits. She muses “I still think I have a dress from the court that was fabulous.” She doesn’t remember many performers, but she greatly remembers the edgy and scandalous, but always classy pageant shows. McKinley who was on SGA as a student, planned the 2001 homecoming was happy to organize and creatively direct the Spelhouse homecoming. She recalls, “It was a challenge, but it was very exciting.” However, Lolita Mangham Saxon, C ’72, has a different Spelhouse homecoming experience. Dressed in a sassy pink suit, Saxon flashes us her childlike grin, and begins to tell her Spelman story; a story that began way before she came through the Spelman gates as an official Spelman student. Saxon has been attending Spelhouse homecomings practically all her life. Growing up on the corner of Mildred and Parsons Street, Saxon’s memories of homecoming are plenty. Her father was a Morehouse Alum C’ 42, and he took her and her brother, a Morehouse graduate C’ 69, to homecoming every year. Saxon remembers the “Morehouse band marching up the street... we would know if they won or lost [the game] because if they won they would play real peppy music, but when they lost they would just have the big drum playing just a beat like, ‘boom boom!’” She giggles, “and they lost quite often.” Saxon, whose father was a football player recalls her father always buying her a new outfit for the homecoming game and sitting with the Alumni as a child. As she remembers her own homecoming experiences Saxon recalls some top notch performers: “they always had someone to come perform at homecoming; they would perform at Sisters Chapel or at Morehouse. It was some big person, like Jerry Lewis and Gladys Knight, someone like that…it was always exciting.” Her eyes widen slightly as she proudly tells us that her daughter was a graduate of Spelman College, and her son, who played football, was a Morehouse graduate.

Dineo Brinson, C ’94, who graduated six years after Patton, has several fond memories of homecoming. She grins at us, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear. She takes a quick pause and recalls one of her fondest memories of homecoming: experiencing the event with her brother, a Morehouse graduate C’96. Brinson, who has gone to every homecoming, with the exception of one since crossing the gates of Spelman, does not frequent the concerts but enjoys the step shows. When asked what event she looks forward to most, with a quick burst of excitement she exclaims “Tailgating; that’s when you see all of your classmates and people you haven’t seen in a long time. They bring their kids…it just reminds you of a time when we had a lot of fun”. Today, Brinson serves as Alumni Associate Director for Spelman College, but back when she was a “freshwoman,” Brinson was a first attendant in the honors program for the Morehouse and Spelman College and on the coronation court. Brinson remembers the tedious interview process and being an attendant to the queen. She recalls having her dress for the ceremony hand made by a woman in the West End, and being a part of the parade that rode through the streets. “Community is a major element of homecoming,” Brinson notes. “Many people of the West End come to see the parade and lots of high schools A new alumna, Bridget Peters C’ 2011, who are a part of it…it gets kids excited about college.” didn’t really go to many homecoming events when Candice McKinley C ‘2002, who like Brinson, she was a student, is excited about going this year as was a part of the Spelman Court, was surprised when an alumna. Peters enthusiastically exclaims “ I’m comshe made it. McKinley, her bubbly personality radiat- ing back I’ve already bought my dress--I’m ready!” ing through the telephone, spoke to us about wanting to be on a court that was vocal and visible on campus. She describes her experience as “eye-opening 8| spelmanspotlight



Hair Must vs. Hair Mistake

would be wiser not to splurge on the more

Marjani Hall Staff Writer

expensive brands and types of hair. Howev-

Homecoming is like the weave holiday la- er, if you are planning on making this weave

dies, so it’s time to throw away the weaves last for a couple of months, then investing in

that you put in for the new school year and those higher quality weaves might be best. time to upgrade your hair-do and present the poppin’ version of yourself. However, you


don’t have to empty your bank account to get We are in the “hair capitol” ladies, finding a

that IT look. Here is some helpful advice to place is easy, but finding the right place, not

looking like a boss, without breaking bank: so much. There are salons around the West End, or you can venture further out into

The Weave:

Atlanta to avoid the congested salon wait-

Think short-term versus long-term invest- ing areas. We have compiled a couple of hot ment. Ask yourself if this is a weave for the spots that we give an all around thumbs up! occasion or a hairstyle you are planning to

keep past homecoming. If you are planning

to get a weave just for the juncture, it

Blendz Salon Midtown http://www.blendzsalon. com/ 650 Ponce De Leon Suite 630 Atlanta GA 30308

This renowned salon near Spelman College currently offers an October Special, where sew-ins cost $145 and up (hair not provided). However, if you speak to an individual stylist, you may save a few extra dollars since each hair specialist offers their own homecoming and student discounts. Walk-ins are welcome, but we recommend that you book an appointment in advance.


224 Peters Street CU1 Atlanta, GA 30313 404521-0800

This hot spot is the epitome of Old Hollywood glam! Raved by many magazines such as Essence and Upscale, this is the go-to place for fabulous hair and customer service. Though this abode exudes Hollywood couture, the prices are far from it, with a wash and set starting at $45. Another added perk… it is not too far from the AUC!

Walk In Weaves Salon

5495 Old National Highway Ste. A3 College Park, GA 30349 678-705-3685 index.html This salon is all the rage! With a new location in College Park, Walk In Weaves Salon has been the current talk of the town! This salon offers the famous $50 sew-in special and a host of other services. Maja M. Sly, the owner of the hair salon, states “it is affordable, NOT cheap; [but even] though the hair is not provided, you can’t beat the prices! |

Clothes Prophecy

Aaliyah Nurideen, Staff Writer Adrenne Porter, Staff Writer Alysha Phanord, Staff Writer

Midterm week is one of the most stressful weeks on Spelman’s campus. It is the week when the usual fashionista trades in her hot pink Marc Jacobs dress for a pair of PINK sweats. The tension of midterm week consumes her and “what will I wear today” turns into “what will I score on this test.” One would think that after a week filled with exams, a Spelmanite would take a breather and get back to her normal routine, but the stress of having the perfect wardrobe for Homecoming week is arguably even more nerve-racking than the latter seven days. Yes, we understand the insurmountable pressure that a fashionista faces during these pivotal few days, because in the AUC Homecoming week is equivalent to New York Fashion Week. This is the defining moment to show off and upstage. For a fashionista, high stilettos bring high stress. Looking chic and stylish for every main event is a daunting task that no fashionista should have to face alone. No worries, the FAB goddesses have spoken and your fashion endeavors look bright, bodacious, and beautiful. With a little help from the fashion divine, we have created attention grabbing, jaw dropping, and “oh my gosh girl, where did you get that” outfits.

Neo Soul Concert

The look to go for is elegantly fly. The essential pieces in this outfit would be a sequined shirt paired with fitting leather pants. Because this look is so neutral, pairing it with a “pop” shoe is a MUST! This look is meant to have a touch of color. The goal is to differentiate you from everyone else. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE POW FACTOR. Purple is a great accent color for this look, because it keeps the outfit classy while simultaneously making it stand out. Keep the eye makeup neutral as well, because the purple lip will serve as the focal point. A neat high bun would work best for this ensemble.

Comedy Show

You do not want to be the pun of the joke at the comedy show, so make sure you have your act together! Keep this look simple. Go for blacks and grays. A sheer black top works best for this look matched with skinny black jeans and studded black heels. The jewelry should consist of a lot of bracelets and bangles. If it is chilly outside, a 10| spelmanspotlight

black leather jacket will polish this garb. To complete this attire, just add a splash of color; wear a light shade of lipstick, such as pink or nude.


Coronation Ball

First things first, when it comes to Coronation, it is NOT PROM. That being said, you still want to dress to impress, but do not go overboard. Keep it tactful and tasteful. It is okay to stand out and not conform to the “sequence dress” trend. Try something new by pairing a lbd* with a bright heel and a vibrant clutch. This look is simple yet attention grabbing. You can also mix and match a blouse with a skirt to create a unique fashion statement. IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER: High heels are a definite, but make sure you can keep them on all night. Do not be the one walking around barefoot after 3 minutes. Lastly, wear dresses that are flattering to your body type. If nothing else, have fun, experiment and be creative!

The tailgate is a little more lax. The goal for this outfit is to showcase your personal style. Do not feel the need to go all out. Save that for the other events. However, if you are comfortable wearing heels for a couple of hours, then that’s fine and go right ahead with your bad self ! But again, do not be THAT girl who wore heels just because. A casual fly outfit is very doable for tailgating without twisting your ankles in heels. Remember, there’s a time and place for everything. Moving on… worker boots are perfect for this chic and casual outfit paired with a custom graphic tee and shorts (depending on the weather). If you are still recovering from the week’s events, (long days, long parties and no sleep) then sun glasses are a crucial accessory.

spelmanspotlight |11

CROSS-FADED Amiri Lampley, Staff Writer Kamron Taylor, Staff Writer


n college we face many opportunities that allow us to test our boundaries and experiment in ways we otherwise would not. College provides ample opportunities for students to assess their limitations and potentially make poor decisions. For some students it is not only their first encounter with alcohol, but also the first time they may come in contact with illicit substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and the mix of Promethazine and codeine, also known as “Lean”. Exploitation of these standard heterogeneous mixtures has been the cause for reckless behavior. The lyrics of musical artists like Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, and The Weeknd glorify drug use and have lead to the increased popularity of mixing drugs with alcohol resulting in a “cross-faded state.” A commonly consumed crossfaded mixture is that of hard liquor and Kush (also known as, marijuana). However, being under the influence of multiple substances allows for vulnerability and irresponsible behavior. In order to stay safe we must be aware of our surroundings at all times, whichcan be challenged by the influences of various substances. The use of self-control and discipline is imperative in these situations. Parsons Street and Brown Street are not desirable places for any Spelmanite. Although there may be an experience of an immediate “high” during consumption and it may be stimulating, the resulting consequences are potentially fatal. In 2009 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Marjani Hall, Staff Writer

recorded more than three deaths of people under the age of 21 as a result of being impaired by alcohol while driving. One can assume that the risk will only increase when adding multiple drugs into the equation. It is our responsibility as Spelman women to hold ourselves, as well as our sisters, to a certain standard of accountability. An intoxicated state may last only one night, but the associated behavior of being under the influence can be detrimental to your longterm goals. Make responsible choices.! A good reputation is easy to ruin, but a bad reputation is extremely hard to fix. Also remember that promiscuity is more prevalent while under the influence of a variety of drugs. People are more likely to cause physical harm to themselves and others while under the influence, which is evident from the various fights that ensue on Parsons Street. Homecoming is a major event in the AUCC and throughout Atlanta that will give us lots of opportunities to network and engage in fun experiences. Make sure to stay safe and aware of your environment-- always think about your health and safety. If you are exposed to a “cross-faded” state, make sure that you always have reliable friends around you and a designated driver for those of you who are 21 and able to legally consume alcohol. If you have a friend that plans on becoming “cross-faded” make sure she knows her limits, and doesn’t assume you are going to be completely responsible for her actions. If you are 21, drink in moderation and know your limitations. Your well-being should never be compromised in order to have “fun.” After acknowledging the consequences, you may very well come to the conclusion that being “cross-faded” is overrated.



Neosoul : A Sure Thing

Jazzmine Trotman, Staff Writer Tristin Travis, Staff Writer Taylor Wade, Staff Writer





is premiere on BET’s 106 and manites will be the opener

approaching, Park. Although this was for Miguel that night. Karen

more and more anticipa- a


accomplishment, Alise and Zayani Rose will

tion is surrounding the hot Miguel later left the record showcase their talent and and talented Neosoul per- label because he wanted to make the concert even betformer, Miguel. We all know alter his image and sound. ter with their beautiful vohis biggest hit singles that In 2007, Miguel signed a cal



have taken over the radio record deal with Jive re- for Homecoming performstations such as “All I Want cords after music mogul ers are high this year and Is You” and “Quickie”, but Mark Pitss got his hands on although the speculations the background of the art- the song “Sure Thing”. The and rumors of the hip hip ist is unknown to many. song was not intentionally concert has been circling Miguel’s unique soft voice supposed to be released or throughout the AUC, we and powerful lyrics have even seen by anyone, but have enough confidence in been influenced by artists luckily it did and it skyrock- CASA to know that they will like Michael Jackson, Stevie eted the young singer’s ca- bring the hottest and best Wonder, John Lennon and reer. In addition to singing, rap artist to the SpelHouse David Bowie. Miguel ini- Miguel is a songwriter and homecoming.



tially wanted to be a dancer, has written songs for Usher, homecoming week will be but quickly changed paths Asher Roth and Musiq Soul- sure to please everyone and and signed to the music la- child. Miguel’s performance the Neosoul concert is no bel called Drop Squad in for the Neosoul concert will exception to those expecta2000. From there Miguel take place in Tuesday Oc- tions. Miguel’s performance mimicked the sound of art- tober 18th at Kings Chapel. for the Neosoul concert will ists like Usher and eventu- In addition to seeing Miguel, hopefully fulfill the hype and ally got one of his singles to two of our very own Spel- I know it will be a sure thing. spelmanspotlight |13

Morhouse vs Benedict defending the gridiron Tristan Travis, Staff Writer As the homecoming game approaches, a lot of excitement and anticipation amongst students in the Atlanta University Center has increased. This year’s Homecoming game will be Morehouse vs. Benedict College here at the Morehouse Stadium, definitely a game to remember. Benedict College also being a historically black liberal arts college is one of Morehouse’s biggest rival schools. Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Bennedict College is home to the Tigers coached by Stanley Conner. He, along with the entre athletics department is dedicated to both the skill and education of each player. With a strong mission to prepare their students to be “powers for good” in society, Benedict College is very headstrong and filled with prestige. As they look forward to the October 22nd game vs. Morehouse, they prepare day in and day out in hopes of prevailing. Morehouse College known for their brotherhood and immaculate academics has an overall focus of promoting brotherhood and skill terms of education, sports, and community service outreach. Morehouse students and players are excited and anxious to play for homecoming. Are they improving? Will football players here at Morehouse finally get the recognition that they deserve? I’m sure every student can agree with the notion that each year for homecoming everyone looks forward to winning the football game and partaking in numerous activities. This year should be no different, last week at the Tuskegee vs. Morehouse Game in Columbus Morehouse prevailed over Tuskegee 17-14 for the first time in over four years. With a record like this Morehouse College maroon tigers are prepared for any challenge. Be sure to check out the game October 22nd, 2011 in hopes of winning the game versus Benedict.

Interview with Matthew Poole Spotlight-Being a first-year student here at Morehouse, do you feel any pressure for the big homecoming game? Mathew-No, mainly because my foundation is good due to my high school, and my up bringing. My high school prepared me with the proper skills and knowledge I need to prevail in football. Spotlight-What have you heard of Benedict College? If anything at all? Matthew- I never heard of that school, until I arrived at Morehouse . Spotlight- Are you nervous about the homecoming game? Matthew -No, I’m excited and looking forward to it. Being a first year and all the whole experience of homecoming will be special. Spotlight- What inspires you to play football? Matthew- Hardwork, the more I work and practice, the more I want to play and see how my hard work paid off. Also enjoy the feeling of winning and having other players (my brothers), coaches and classmates congratulate me. Spotlight- What do you think is essential, when playing football? Matthew- Dedication, Desire, skill, consistency the list goes on but I would say over most Passion. If you have passion for something you will work hard to be your best at it. Interview with John Smith

Spotlight- This is your third year here at Morehouse, any expectations for this years homecoming? John- Well there’s always something exciting going on for homecoming I expect no different for this year, if anything we can just go harder “We” meaning the entire AUC. Spogtlight- If you had to speak to any other students, maybe that don’t attend an HBCU, what would you say they were missing out on? John- The overall experience and brotherhood in reference to Morehouse, the AUC is like a family, always seeing someone you know and having something in common. Attending a school where I am the majority makes me appreciative each day for attending an HBCU. Spotlight- Have you heard of Benedict College? In terms of sports? One player in particular Matthew Poole, Quarterback from John- yes, I think a year ago we might have played them; Gwinnett Georgia is a first year at Morehouse College. The I remember I was on the team they were pretty skilled back Spotlight team interviewed Matthew along with a few other then, but for now we will see. students just to get an idea of the excitement and for some pressure they are feeling for the game.



spelmanspotlight |15

Miss Spelman & Court An Entity that Empowers Kelly N. Harper Executive Editor

16 spelmanspotlight

For several decades, dynamic, intelligent, compassionate, and beautiful Spelman sisters have reigned in service as Miss Spelman & Her Court. This year’s Court is led by Miss Spelman Raavin Evans, a senior political science major hailing from Dallas, TX. Raavin is joined by 1st Attendant, Deloris Wilson, a senior political science major from Birmingham, AL and 2nd Attendant, Margaret Armoo-Daniels, a senior sociology major, writing minor from Worcester, MA. This year’s Court is concerned with demystifying the entity of Miss Spelman and leaving an indelible mark on the lives of their Spelman sisters and the communities that surround their institution. Evan’s platform, “United We Love: Giving Our Hearts to the Homeless,” hits close to home for her, as she experienced the harsh realities of homelessness as a youth. “I never really talked about my issue with homelessness,” Evans says, “But I didn’t want to hide something that played a substantial role in my life.” Evans created a three-part program centered on the issues of homelessness, and her initial event was a community service initiative that served meals to those in need at the West End. Next in her platform program is her partnership with key organizations focused on homelessness to enrich and impact the lives of several of the clients. Each organization chooses ten clients, and each client undergoes consistent skill-building workshops, including crafting resumes, interviewing, mastering Microsoft suite, culminating with mock interviews with Spelman faculty and staff. Finally, Evans plans to have a career fair for all of the clients in April, and after the career fair, Evans anticipates have an event with acclaimed writer/producer/director Tyler Perry speaking about his experience with homelessness. In the same line with Evan’s push for awareness of social injustices, Wilson’s platform, “Traffick: A Campaign to Stop the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children,” aims to illuminate the little-known but pervasive issue of commercial sexual exploitation of children, particularly girls. Inspired by her fall 2010 study abroad experience in Ghana and working at City of Refuge Ministries leading self-esteem workshops and enrichment programs, Wilson began working with a Ghanaian human right organization that exposed Wilson to the issue of sex trafficking. “I was so surprised that it happened in this day and age, and I was even more surprised to learn that Atlanta was one of major hubs in the world,” Wilson says, “People assume it can’t happen in their own backyard, but we cannot wait to fight this severe injustice against children.” In the spring semester, Wilson will unveil her Worthy Woman Campaign, a targeted campaign using committed Spelmanites who are passionate about the issue of sex trafficking to visit select elementary schools, talking about child sexual exploitation and conducting self-esteem workshops. Wilson urges those interested in joining her campaign to please contact

Spelman Spotlight Fall 2011 Homecoming Edition  
Spelman Spotlight Fall 2011 Homecoming Edition  

Spelman Spotlight 2011 Homecoming news magazine edition