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CHOOSING THE RIGHT BABY MONITOR It used to be that the most advanced thing you could use a baby monitor for was to tap into the cordless phone conversations of your neighbors, when you were a kid. However, if you were to review baby monitors today, you would find that they can do much more than simply transmit or pick up sounds. Some come with video monitoring as well. Therefore, when you are picking out a monitoring system for you and your family, you may actually end up finding it to be very difficult to choose and might even find it to be rather confusing, because there are so many options available. With the technology advances we enjoy these days, you don’t have to worry about a monitor which will keep you awake all night, with feedback squeals and static sounds. But this is where it’s important to really pay attention, because I am going to tell you everything you need to consider before you go ahead and buy your family’s next infant monitoring system! Now for a lot of families, the price is naturally going to be an issue in making your decision. It is ok to have a budget; however you should not make your decision based solely on how much it will cost you. The best way to use pricing to help you choose today is to look at how many features you get for what price. Also, if you just choose a baby monitor based on how low the price is, you may find that you will end up having to return it anyways, because it will malfunction, and you don’t want to be taking that risk when it comes to your baby. Thus, what you need to do is simply make sure that the features add up, and more importantly, that the monitor will actually do what you need it to do. For some suggestions of the best products for your money, you can check out this link. You should also consider how much you want to be aware of when you are not in the same room as your baby. If you are looking to keep track of the sounds and movements in the room, you can easily find a system to do just that. There are even systems which have full video and audio monitoring capabilities. But when making your decision, you really only need to ask yourself how much you actually want to be able to monitor when you are not in the room. Just remember that the type of system you choose simply depends on your needs, and if you do not choose the “ultimate video baby monitoring system” that does not make you a bad parent, because at the end of the day, you just need the system to be able to monitor your baby when you are not in the room. You can also look for products on large consumer sites like Amazon that have a good number of reviews. Remember, these reviews are from people who actually bought the product. On sites like this you have to be ready to read dozens if not hundreds of reviews. It's likely that whatever you look up will have people who rate it five stars (highest) and those who only give it one star, and everything in between. Look for details and specifics that you can use to help compare the user's experience to your own. Then you can make a more informed choice about which monitor will serve your needs. It’s always good to ask yourself questions when you are trying to buy a baby monitor, because the extensiveness, strength, and even size are all important factors which need to be taken into consideration before choosing a system. If you are planning on having more children, and even if

you are not, you should also consider the lifetime expectancy and warranty of your monitor, as well as the price and weigh out all of your options. Keep in mind that the type of monitor you end up choosing will depend on the needs of your entire family, so assess what each member needs the monitor to do, so that you can find the best one!

Choosing the right baby monitor  

Choosing the right baby monitor is not as easy as you may think. Here is a short guide to make the process less stressful and time consuming...

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