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Tranquillity Zone Newsletter

January 2011

“Detox Body Wrap”

detox, re-energise & kick start your immune system for the the new year 1hr full body treatment only $85 until 31 January 2011 for more news & specials

Detox Body Wrap - for your mind, body & soul...

Product Profile Lemon Myrtle 100% Pure Essential Oil

This treatment is just what you need after the holiday season - a perfect kick start to 2011!

Properties: antiseptic, antibacterial, cleansing, immune stimulant, antidepressant, uplifting, refreshing, anti-fatigue, promotes optimism.

Our exfoliating creamy clay body masque will assist in detoxifying & restoring your energy. The Australian organic clay will help draw out toxins, it is infused with green tea extract rich in antioxidants, pure organic honey to soothe your skin and boost your immune system & Lemon Myrtle essential oil to cleanse, uplift & re-energise. Enjoy a mini facial before you awaken to rinse off your body masque. Complete your treatment with our organic body oil. You’ll feel like a new person!

New Years Resolutions!!!

Body: Lemon Myrtle is great for cleansing & detoxing, boosting the immune system & increasing energy. Mind & Spirit: It is emotionally uplifting & refreshing, clears negative energy allowing positive energy to flow freely. It balances & clears the mind, allowing it to relax and improve concentration. Lemon Myrtle blends well with lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus, tea tree, ginger & geranium.

Did you make any New Years Resolutions?

Lemon Myrtle, 15ml - $19.00

Ours include helping our clients improve their wellbeing. In 2011 we will be introducing some new products and improving our range of treatments to help you enhance & maintain your wellbeing. We’d love to know what you think of our January Detox Body Wrap.

Online Shopping

If there is anything you would like to see on our treatment menu or in our product range please let us know.

We now have online shopping on our website. Go to products.html to purchase our natural a ro m a t h e r a p y h a n d m a d e f a c e & b o d y products. Be Happy & Healthy, Deanne Thank you to everyone who has helped us support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Tranquillity Zone Newsletter - Jan 2011  
Tranquillity Zone Newsletter - Jan 2011