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We are here to help, and to connect our users to mutually beneficial communities. We see ourselves as a hub for knowledge and for networking, and we want to make these experiences intuitive, safe and natural. We seek to be supportive to all our users through listening and being responsive.

We inspire people to learn new things, expand their possibilities, and offer a hand to raise others up. Our users are inspired to cultivate a community of altruistic thinkers and doers, in order to improve society and reach across lines. We see our mission as crucial in today’s world, toward combating the walls we build around each other. Everyone has something to teach and share; everyone has something to learn.

We believe in the power of connection. Individuals who are willing to invest in relationships with those who share their desire to grow will gain influence and become more capable. As a company, we provide a robust service that acts as a powerful hub for knowledge. We believe society can be changed for the good when this power is leveraged with thoughtful intention.




Our community is made up of altruistic thinkers who seek to make the world, and themselves, always better. By joining these people together, we seek to support a more beautiful community that is a positive force.

Our services offer possibilities for betterment, for skill building, and for career advancement. By helping others, we help ourselves. We democratize and equalize the opportunity for personal progress. Whatever one’s level of knowledge or means, one can plug in and grow.

In the current climate, nothing is static. We all exist in a constant state of flux. We seek to be nimble and to constantly evolve. We are on the forefront of technology, not reacting to the actions of others, but leading the way.





The knowledge seeker is ambitious and motivated. They already do have their own stock of knowledge and experiences that they are eager to share, but they also recognize where they want to improve. They see learning as a way of life, a life-long task that doesn’t end after school. They are willing to ask for help and to reach out when they see that it can be a benefit.

The brand builder is part of the new digital sphere of coaches, consultants, and advisors. They are entrepreneurial in nature, making their own new career path using the technological tools available to them. They carry with them a set of experiences and knowledge that they know can benefit others - and they seek to help people and businesses achieve great things with those skills.

This person is a mid-career professional, in their 30’s. They have interesting hobbies that appeal to them on many levels, and they have spent time purposefully building their network of friends and acquaintances. They are mostly outgoing, but enjoy their alone time to decompress and recover. They are creative problem solvers, enjoy a good book, and are seen out at cultural events in their local community, listening to music, shopping at the farmer’s market, and going to plays.

The brand builder sees the platform as a way to expand their reach, to further their horizons. They are motivated by the ability to gain credibility through positive reviews and interactions, the grow their business through word of mouth. They are natural connectors, adept at social media usage as much as in-person networking.

The knowledge seeker has come to Kenmesh initially to learn more about something they were stuck on. They see a mentor as a valuable way to break through. But once they arrive, they realize they also have much to give experience in their career, in their hobbies, and just on a personal level. They find that they enjoy the personal interactions with others that are created through the platform, and find themselves coming back often to connect. They are now motivated by a feeling of gratitude and fulfillment that comes from their new supportive network.

The brand builder is also a content creator. They see themselves as creating things of value to others and want the world to see it. They love their job because they see it as a way to help the world while achieving financial success, and for them, Kenmesh is a natural partner.

INSPIRATION OWL OF ATHENA In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena (Minerva in Roman mythology) was often accompanied by a small owl, said to represent “knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition� in the Western world. Athena was the namesake of Athens, the capital of Greece then and now, and as such, the owl is also a symbol of the city itself. It is thought that the owl emerged from a more ancient owl and snake goddess, and was revered for its ability to see in the dark. It was thought that placing owl feathers near a sleeping person would cause them to speak the truth upon waking.

INSPIRATION SYMBOLS OF JUPITER/ZEUS The planet Jupiter is named for the chief god in Greek / Roman religious philosophy. Its symbol is derived from the Greek letter for Zeta, stylized. The planet Jupiter rules higher learning in astrology, and bestows upon people a yearning for exploration in both education and spirituality. The planet also rules the sign of Sagittarius, a fire sign with personality traits such as wisdom, teaching, and creating a sphere of influence. Other symbols associated with Jupiter include the oak tree, thunderbolt, sword, and eagle.

INSPIRATION CULTURAL SYMBOLS OF WISDOM Ancient cultures across the globe have valued wisdom and intelligence as a crucial trait of revered people. The Ashanti people of West Africa (present day Ghana) created a set of icons representative of human values, including knowledge. The symbols are decorative and also communicative. In Tibet and Nepal, the endless knot was seen to represent the endless wisdom and compassion of the Buddha. This symbol closely resembles one seen in Celtic design, combining the owl of Athena with the infinity symbol to represent infinite wisdom. Many of these symbols include visual cues that can serve and starting points for visual exploration.

COLOR BUILDING FROM AN ORANGE CORE The color orange will serve as a jumping off point for the brand exploration. As a blend of yellow and red (yellow dominant), orange combines energy and happiness. It is associated with creativity, excitement, success, and freedom. The fierceness and aggression of red is tempered by the positivity of yellow. Orange is complemented well by cool greys and neutral blues. It stands out as a strong counter the the overwhelming blues in the social media space. It brings warmth to an otherwise strangely sterile space.

STYLE CLEAN, CRISP, MEANINGFUL The mark should include both a wordmark (Kenmesh) and a symbol. This will help to differentiate the parent brand from the platform, while still tying them closely together. The mark should be simple, stylized, yet warm and human. The mark should read quickly and have presence. It must fit nicely into the standard rounded radius square delivery of the phone app navigation screen. Strong geometric forms inspired by sacred geometry should be explored, as well as stylized symbols embedded with historical and cultural meaning. Fonts should be modern and legible, with unique and distinctive elements. Overly decorative or highly gendered fonts and marks should be avoided. The design should be timeless and not driving by short-term trends. Explore the embedding of the concept of connection and networking.

THE OWL 1 WISDOM - FRIENDLINESS - MYSTERY Our first our rendering is painterly and creative. The layers of subtle color and transparency gives the mark a “hand-made� feel, setting it as unique in the tech space. We still see some of the hints to geometry, but the freehand style keeps it in a humanist aesthetic. This owl is paired with a serif font. At times serifs can feel old-fashioned, but the one that is chosen here has a modern feel. Small customizations create a more reflected look, symmetrical left and right, which is echoed in the design of the owl itself.

Alt Lettering

THE OWL 2 KNOWLEDGE - WHIMSY - PLACE This figural owl has depth and warmth. The textural elements add sweet details to root it in youthfulness, while still representing the wisdom typical of the Athenian symbol. This owl is held within the “location pin” form, signifying that “this is the place” to find wisdom and knowledge. Users will recognize this shape as indicative of place, leading to an easy interpretation. In order to pull this mark into a more mature space, it has been paired with a deco-inspired type face. This also helps to hint at the “perch,” on which the bird is sitting, echoing the form in the letters.

Full lockup

TREE OF LIFE CLASSIC - GEOMETRIC - POLISHED The “tree of life” is an ancient and ubiquitous symbol that speaks for itself. This particular rendering is inspired by Celtic linework. The mark is paired up with a complex geometric typeface, made of several layers. The simplicity of the mark allows for this unconventional pairing.

TREE OF LIFE - ALT CELTIC - DECORATIVE - MODERN Merging the Celtic feel of the tree of life design with hints of the owl concept, paired with a thin humanist sans serif, this alternative concept merges the classic with the contemporary.


JUPITER MINIMAL - CONECPTUAL - ANCIENT Based off the sacred geometry of the Fibonacci sequence, the simple line art of the ancient symbol of the planet Jupiter represents wisdom, teaching, and spheres of influence. This mark is simple and clear. It is minimal in style, but strong in it’s rooting in conceptual meaning. This version of the symbol is built from the swirl created from the Fibonacci sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8-13...), which is graphically represented on the left curve. This small touch further brings to life the idea of ancient and acquired knowledge, shared and displayed openly in nature.

ASHANTI MINIMAL - CONECPTUAL - ANCIENT The Ashanti symbol for wisdom has a similar deeply rooted meaning, although perhaps less well-known in the Western world than the Jupiter symbol. It is paired with a modern serif to offset the strong smoothness of the mark.


CONNECTIONS TYPOGRAPHIC - MODERN - FLAT Kenmesh represents open and honest connections between people. This typographic mark can be shorted to “KM� for icon uses, or used as a full font when warranted. A complete alphabet can be drawn up and programmed with minimal additional labor. The simple geometric shapes which create the letterforms hint at technology, without feeling sterile. This effect is enhanced by the warm colors chosen. The roundness of the mark is friendly and human, without feeling overdone or fluffy.

Full typeface

Alt monogram

STERLING CLEAN - SHINY - PROFESSIONAL This mark stands out for its intricacy and classic-ness. It feels material, made of precious metals, thanks to the subtle lighting effects and depth. This mark pairs well with a thin, fine, sans serif font. This pairing makes the classic forms still feel modern in application. There are many fine details in here that work best against high-contrast backgrounds. Plenty of white space will allow the refined aspects of the mark to have maximum impact. It is forward looking, future facing, and hints at action through technology.

Alt Monogram

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Logo Comps