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DEADITORIAL “I knew I would grow up and wear a costume one day, and that’s exactly what happened.”

–– Cassandra Peterson (AKA Elvira) If you follow us regularly, one, you and my mom have something in common, and two, you should recognize the name Gary Castleberry. Our “Monster Man” through-and-through, Gary started our popular Monster Maker column, as well as securing interviews each issue with the greats such as Julie Adams, Sara Karloff, and Bela Lugosi, Jr. Despite being horribly sick, Gary would turn out two or three articles each issue and had a wealth of knowledge about Universal Monsters and all films from that era. His interviews in particular are awardwinning material in my opinion and some of the best we have featured. Gary passed away suddenly on us while I was busy working on this issue. He had been fighting some serious health problems for years, not that it showed in his writing or deadlines in the slightest. Every time he would warn me he was going into the hospital I wished him well and always told him to not worry because he always comes back, but this time he didn’t and it broke my heart into pieces.

Living Dead Magazine Issue #7 would not have been possible without the generous contributions and support from our fans; the design and promotional assistance of Lisa Burchell; all of the amazing photographers and models who sent us their work; and our dead sexy models, The Living Dead Girls.

Before Gary’s death he had been working on interviews with Debi Rochon, Teri McMinn, and other talented, well-known actresses. Gary always strived to promote horror’s Scream Queens that he so greatly adored. After his passing, you should have seen the outpour of condolences from celebrities and fans alike! Everyone loved Gary, and for good reason! Gary was the type of journalist who was an educated fan first and a “businessman” second; meaning, rather than ask the questions he thought would sell more copies or attract attention, he (as a die-hard old school horror fan) asked the questions he would want to have answered.

Living Dead Magazine is published 5 times a year with schedule available on our website and accepts no responsibilities for unsolicited manuscripts, photos, art or other materials. Freelance submissions accompanied by S.A.S.E. will be seriously considered, and, if necessary, returned.

It’s really hard for me to talk about Gary because he was more than a colleague, and more than a friend--he was a father figure for me, praising me on every issue, giving me guidance when I needed it, comforting me when I was ridiculed by haters, and believing in me whole-heartedly when many people didn’t. I miss Gary every single day and somehow I feel this issue is the perfect tribute to his memory. When I met Gary, he fought hard to help me gain the respect of others as a boss, as I had been facing a great deal of bigotry, so you can imagine the pain of losing him while working on an issue that focuses on females in horror and respecting their roles in this genre and lifestyle.

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Gary has contributed to a few different magazines in his life, but he had always told me that Living Dead had meant the most to him because of our variety, commitment, respect, and the style we put into honoring horror culture. He believed so greatly in the magazine, the brand, and the convention. After days of crying, I decided to do as he did: I sucked it up and continued on with the dream, the passion, the drive, and fulfillment of everything that myself and my colleagues aim to achieve. Now, we do it for an even better cause, we move forward to continue Gary’s desires and legacy to keep horror alive and thriving.

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Issue 7 web  

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