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MONSTER MAKERS The Monster Makers column for Living Dead Magazine was the brainchild of our staff writer and amazing friend Gary Castleberry. When Gary and our editor-in-chief were discussing who to feature for this issue, Gary was incredibly excited about and impressed with the multi-artist Nicci Fett. He couldn’t wait to speak with her and delve more into her world. Sadly, Gary passed away suddenly before he was able to do the interview with Nicci. We all had a long mourning period, and we weren’t sure if we could even continue the Monster Makers column without our beloved Gary, but in the end we decided this column was the perfect way to honor our Gary every issue and the artists he was so impressed with. So please honor Gary’s memory and welcome our new Monster Makers columnist Matt Majeski, who we know without a doubt will do this column justice.

With NIcci Fett

A True Renaissance Artist By Matt Majeski In Memory of Gary Castleberry

It truly amazes me how certain people can be a total threat in not just one or two fields of artistry, but multiple fields. Their creative minds essentially know no boundaries, and they are forces to be reckoned with. One said artist thriving in today’s horror community is the extremely talented Nicci Fett. You may not know her by name yet, but there is a good possibility you have seen her work being shared all over Facebook and Instagram. Either way, we assure you that you’ll be amazed by her twisted, imaginative talent. Sketch artist, makeup artist, sculptor, prop maker and cosplayer, she has so many titles under her belt that you start to ask yourself, “What can’t she do?” We here at Living Dead Magazine got the fortunate opportunity to talk to Ms. Fett on being a renaissance artist and having all of these different outlets to channel her warped (in the absolute best way possible way) sensibilities. Living Dead Magazine: First of all, thank you Nicci for taking the time to talk to us about your work. Nicci Fett: Oh, of course. It’s an absolute pleasure. Thanks for reaching out and taking a peek into my odd life. LDM: It’s my pleasure. Just out of curiosity, you aren’t related to the Mandalorian Fetts by chance, are you? NF: Well, that is confidential. LDM: Alright, we’ll let that one pass. What drew you in to the macabre and horror genre? What films sparked your fascination with makeup, costume design, etc.? NF: Well, I grew up in a home full of teenage uncles and a teenage brother. I really didn’t stand a fighting chance sprouting into a normal lady. What drew me into horror as a child was Alien. I watched those three movies more than I would like to admit. I even collected all of those strange, awful Xenomorph toys that seemed to make no sense. I believe only the queen alien resembled an actual Xenomorph. I was certainly an odd little wildling, but that’s where the crazy seed was planted. My abilities started with drawing and branched from there, growing into what I do now.


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Issue 7 web  

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