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The Official Publication of the Georgia Wildlife Federation

VOLUME 26, NUMBER 2 Fall 2016

W H AT ’ S I N S I D E

Keeping GEORGIA Wild

Local scouts enhance Mill Creek hiking trails. Page 10.

GWF hosts dove shoot on opening day. Page 13.

Learn more about the noisy killdeer on page 15.

GWF hosted six families at the Alcovy Conservation Center this past spring during Camp Charlie. Pictured here are Cameron Bozeman and Stanley Durden Jr. enjoying a day of fishing at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Mansfield. Learn more on page 9. Photo by Hank Ohme.


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The President’s Corner: Unexpected Inspirations

e Call ® BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS Chairman: Randy Young, Fayetteville Vice Chairman: Brian Mask, Covington Secretary: Joy Campbell, Folkston Treasurer: Don E. Chandler, Atlanta Immediate Past Chair: Matt Nichols, Madison DISTRICT DIRECTORS District 1: Jamey Hulsey, Marietta District 2: Mickey Brown, Atlanta District 3: Tom Jones, Atlanta District 4: Jeff Young, Monroe District 5: Todd Teasley, Covington District 6: David Haire, Milner District 7: Vacant District 8: Vacant District 9: Tommy Gregors, Leesburg District 10: Vacant District 11: Vacant District 12: Carl Hall, Vidalia DIRECTORS AT LARGE Josh Burnette, Marietta Chris Gray, Buford James Manley, Dacula Kevin McKinstry, Tuscaloosa, AL Gordon Reynolds, Loganville Joel Vinson, Forsyth Steve Wrigley, Watkinsville GEORGIA WILDLIFE FEDERATION STAFF President and CEO: Mike Worley Sportsmen’s Programs Coordinator: Bonnie Eisterhold Executive Assistant: Becky Harris Conservation and Outreach Manager: DeAnna Harris Facilities Specialist: Simwone Jordan MCNC Program Manager: Hank Ohme Sportsmen’s Programs: Doug Rithmire Conservation Issues Coordinator: Gina Rogers Wildlife Technician & Volunteer Coordinator: Adam Schiavone Sportsmen’s Programs Manager: Sam Stowe THE CALL STAFF Editor: DeAnna Harris Contributing Authors: Hank Ohme, Gina Rogers, Mike Worley, Sam Stowe Photography: Hank Ohme, Vance Walton, John Deitsch Layout: DeAnna Harris

e Call is published quarterly by the Georgia Wildlife Federation (GWF), a not-for-profit corporation at 11600 Hazelbrand Rd., Covington, GA 30014. All editorial and subscription correspondence should be mailed to this address. Contributions to the content of this newsletter from members and readers are welcomed and encouraged, but all manuscripts submitted are subject to editing. ird-class postage paid at Covington, GA 30014. Annual membership dues to GWF begin at $35, which includes a subscription to e Call newsletter. Contact us at 770-787-7887 or Visit us on the web at (c) 2016 Georgia Wildlife Federation


is past spring, I remember awaking not to a spectacular, clear, crisp spring morning, but to an overcast, rainy, dreary day. e weather seemed to match my prospects for the day; paperwork at the office, looking at budgets, completing reports to a foundation that provides critical funding, thinking of ways to raise money so we can expand the work of the Georgia Wildlife Federation. In short, I expected the grind. I stepped out of the truck into the parking lot of the Alcovy Conservation Center (ACC) and immediately encountered the terrific smell of our flowering native shrub, pipestem leucothoe (Agarista populifolia). A couple of steps further, I ran into Adam Schiavone, our wildlife technician at the ACC. He told me about seeing an Eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina) excavating a nest to lay her clutch of eggs. I asked outdoorsman Adam if he’d taken any pictures. He looked at me like I was crazy. Afraid she’d quite early and leave the nest vulnerable to raccoons, he didn’t want to disturb her . It must have worked. Adam went back a couple of hours later and mom box turtle had hidden the nest so well even he, knowing where to look, couldn’t find it. I walked into the building and Events Director Sam Stowe told me about the white-tailed doe (Odocoileus virginianus) he saw nosing around in the field. He was certain she was looking for a place to give birth to a fawn. en, in my office, I found a new stack of books which included one publication from the notable Charles Wharton. e items, donated by one of our GWF members, included a note that said, “We hope that the Georgia Wildlife Federation and future generations of Georgia conservationists will find these of interest.” Wow, not only was there interest, but the day became inspirational. It is incredible the highlights that our natural world can bring to our lives. It reminds me of why we are here at GWF and, I hope, why you continue to support us. Working with our partners at the US Fish and Wildlife Service, we are introducing young people to the natural world through Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat Mike gets to know one of our Camp Charlie campers during a game of Animal programs. We are introducing 20 Questions. Photo by Hank Ohme. the outdoor life to families through our Camp Charlie.

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e note about “future generations of Georgia conservationists” also inspires. GWF is Georgia’s oldest and largest member-supported conservation organization. In 1936, Georgia’s, and indeed the nation’s, wildlife was in jeopardy. Commercial hunting had devastated natural populations of our game animals. Sportsmen stepped forward and demanded better. ey formed Georgia Wildlife Federation, which became Georgia’s leading voice in advocating for professional, science-based management of our wildlife. GWF demanded the formation of the predecessor of our current Department of Natural Resources. Yes, we have a responsibility to those future generations of Georgians. We have been selected by the Special Collections Library of UGA’s Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library to include our records in their archives for future generations of researchers on the conservation movement. We are honored to donate those records, but I remind them to keep plenty of room available because there is much to do in the future for GWF. We continue to advocate for wildlife on behalf of hunters, anglers and all that love our natural world. We continue to work to educate and cultivate the next generation of outdoors enthusiasts. With reports that the world lost approximately half its wildlife between 1970 and 2010, there clearly is more work to be done. We’ve got to work to save these non-game species in the future as successfully as we’ve saved our game species in the last 80 years. ank you for being part of the GWF family. Together we have made This 1976 Georgia Wildlife Federation a difference, and more importantly, will continue to make a difference in newsletter is only one of the many Georgia’s natural world. Mike Worley Georgia Wildlife Federation “Keeping GEORGIA Wild”

GWF Assists in Development of Gopher Tortoise Best Management Practices Georgia Wildlife Federation is working with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the Georgia Conservancy and the Georgia Transportation Alliance to develop a set of Best Management Practices to be used in evaluating development in areas associated with gopher tortoise habitat. e plan, which is still in the early stages, will urge communities to follow guidelines such as avoiding sensitive habitats, developing sites that will best avoid impacts, and securing commitment from development professionals regarding benefits of gopher tortoise planning.

publications that are now under the care of UGA’s Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Keeping Georgia Wild Summit Conservationists representing 12 organizations from around the state met at the Alcovy Conservation Center in September for the Keeping Georgia Wild Summit to discuss the 2017 legislative session and key issues that might affect Georgia’s water, land and wildlife. Each group offered insight into current topics such as protecting gopher tortoise habitat, finding dedicated funding for the purchase of public lands, regulating water quality, and managing Georgia’s feral hog population. e group will meet again in January to partner with one another as critical legislation makes its way through the Georgia General Assembly. If your organization is interested in participating in the Keeping Georgia Wild Summit in January, contact the GWF office at 770-787-7887. We would like to thank the Georgia Transportation Alliance for sponsoring the meeting and the following organizations for participating: Georgia DNR- Wildlife Resources, Georgia DNR Law Enforcement, Tanner and Associates, Coastal Conservation Alliance, Flint Riverkeeper, Georgia Water Coalition, R3, Quality Deer Management Association, e Westervelt Company, National Wildlife Federation, and Altamaha Riverkeeper. 3

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Ask your U.S. Representative to co-sponsor the Recovering America's Wildlife Act of 2016. For over 75 years, sportsmen and women have been the financial backbone of our nation’s conservation efforts, either through funds collected through the Pittman-Robertson Act or the Dingell-Johnson Act. Although these funding mechanisms directly support game species, the indirect result has been healthy habitats for a diversity of game and non-game species and an abundance of recreational opportunities for sportsmen and non-sportsmen alike. But, in 2016, it just isn’t enough. ousands of wildlife species are considered priority species in need of conservation attention. In fact, estimates suggest that since 1970, the nongame wildlife population has fallen by as much as 30% in North America. To find a solution to this ongoing issue, a panel of business and conservation leaders have recommended a new mechanism to sustainably fund fish and wildlife conservation through a $1.3 billion trust funded by using existing fees from energy and mineral development on federal lands and waters. is money will be used to support implementation of State Wildlife Action Plans in every state, territory and the District of Columbia, including the one developed for Georgia by our natural resources department and partners. is bipartisan solution introduced by Congressman Don Young (R-AK) and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (DMI) as the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act of 2016 (H.R. 5650) will provide dedicated funding for proactive conservation to secure the long-term future of wildlife and our vulnerable species. “As a strong supporter of conservation and sportsmen alike, I’m proud to take the lead on an important discussion regarding fish and wildlife conservation across the country,” said Congressman Don Young. “While we’ve seen many great successes in management and conservation projects in the past, this legislation takes a unique approach to allow states to make responsible management decisions at home. As someone who proudly supports the management of fish and game for all Americans — for sportsmen, subsistence purposes, and for future generations — I believe this legislation is a responsible first step in developing a path forward.” While the bill is specifically intended to support nongame species, we, as hunters and anglers, as well as the game animals we pursue will benefit through expanded habitat protection. We need your help. Please take a moment to tell your U.S. Representative that wildlife conservation is important to you and urge him to become a co-sponsor of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. You can take action on this issue by going to either or 4

Camo Coalition and Protect Georgia Work Hand in Hand GWF manages two very important online grassroots advocacy networks: e Camouflage Coalition (CC) and Protect Georgia (PG). e Camo Coalition is owned by GWF and is free for its over 6,000 members. For over a decade, the CC has connected sportsmen and women with their legislators and provided them with an easy method (email) to weigh in on important conservation issues. It has been so successful in Georgia that many states across the country have used it as a model to create a similar online advocacy program. Protect Georgia is a parallel, online action alert system with 18 member organizations and over 6,000 individual members. Led by a coalition of partner organizations, PG alerts its members as critical issues arise. With the click of a button, individuals let their elected officials know what they think. PG alerts focus on environmental issues affecting resources like air, water, land, the resulting public health, and outdoor recreation that is dependent on a quality environment. GWF took on the management of PG in 2013. ese two online advocacy networks are highly effective at engaging and activating Georgia’s grassroots conservation community. GWF and other environmental leaders strategically use CC and PG to educate citizens on important issues and activate them at critical moments to influence the legislative process. Frequently, alerts go out to both networks simultaneously and legislators hear from thousands of citizens from across the political spectrum. When this happens, elected officials take notice. Your support is critical for the ongoing success of the Camo Coalition and Protect Georgia. If you aren’t already a member, join today for free at and

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The GWF Board of Directors AT WORK GWF Welcomes Jamey Hulsey to the Board of Directors

Photo by Hank Ohme.

Photo by Hank Ohme.

At the June meeting, GWF unanimously voted Jamey Hulsey onto the board as director for District 1. Jamey is a graduate of Kennesaw State University where he majored in business. Employed with Cobb EMC, Jamey has performed various roles during his 29 years with the company. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Electric Operations. Jamey has devoted much of his life to community service and involvement. He has served in various capacities and campaigns with the Cobb Chamber of Commerce where he has received multiple lifetime awards. In addition, he has served on many volunteer boards, from Chambers of Commerce to technical colleges, and served three times as president of his Rotary Club. Jamey grew up in Marietta and has been an ardent sportsman all of his life hunting deer, squirrel and dove, and bass fishing in numerous clubs and tournaments. He and his wife, Melissa, have four children and live on a farm in Webster County. Both are passionately engaged in seeking world record deer, turkey and bass.

TOP: In June, board member Tom Jones represented GWF at the National Wildlife Federation’s Annual Meeting in Estes Park, Colorado. Tom served on the committee for public lands and water, while GWF President Mike Worley served as co-chair for the conservation funding committee. Pictured are (L to R) Ron Warnken (NWF), Mike, Gina Rogers (GWF) and Tom. MIDDLE: Board member Kevin McKinstry (2nd from right) served as chair of GWF’s 9th Annual Clay Shoot for Conservation. See page 13 for more details. BOTTOM: Board member Chris Gray, pictured here enjoying a meal with campers, served as a mentor during Camp Charlie. See page 9 for more details. Chris has also been working tirelessly with GWF’s Hank Ohme and Carol Hassell of the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust in to make sure a proposed development next to our Mill Creek Nature Center does not inappropriately impact our wetlands oasis in the heart of Gwinnett County. NOT PICTURED: Our annual auctions and Buckarama are huge undertakings, and we could not do it without the invaluable help of our board. ank you to David Haire, Joy Campbell, Don Chandler, Randy Young, Jamey Hulsey, Kevin McKinstry, Jim Manley, Brian Mask, Jeff Young, Tommy Gregors, Carl Hall, Josh Burnette, Joel Vinson, Tom Jones and Todd Teasley for your help during this busy time of year. 5

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Thank you to all who have recently joined or renewed your membership with Georgia Wildlife Federation. Your ongoing support keeps GWF moving forward. Georgia Council Trout Unlimited, Canton Mansfield Garden Club, Covington Mrs. Mary Lovings, Avondale Estates Mr. Colby Adams, Flowery Branch Mr. Stephen Adams, Flowery Branch Mr. Daniel Adrien, Forsyth Mr. James Ahern, Brookhaven Mr. David R. Allee, Decatur Mr. Jeff Alvarez, Monroe Ms. Joan M. Ament, Oxford Mr. Alan Anderson, Marietta Mr. and Mrs. Brian Anderson, Marietta Mr. William H. Anderson, Macon Mr. and Mrs. John Andrews, Mansfield Ms. Ashley Arrow, Covington Mr. and Mrs. Marshall O. Ausburn, Marietta Mr. Kevin Aycock, Atlanta Mr. Al Aylsworth, Milton Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Baker, Cumming Mr. William R. Baker, Lawrenceville Mr. Lance Ballenger, Powder Springs Mr. Kevin Bannon, Marietta Mr. and Mrs. Howard Barefoot, Snellville Mr. Hayden Barnes, Cartersville Mr. Philip Barrett, Newnan Mr. James Barthelemy, Covington Mr. Bryan Bates, Atlanta Mr. Ralph W. Batten, Saint Marys Ms. Katie Beam, Conyers Mr. Robert Beasley, Woodstock Mr. Ron Bednarick, Peachtree City Mark and Rosanna Beebe, Marietta Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore R. Bella, Acworth Mr. Emory Benson, Acworth Mr. and Mrs. Joe Beverly, Thomasville Ms. Margie B. Bickerstaff, Columbus Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bicknell, III, Thomasville Mr. Bruce Black, Lake Park Ms. Annalisa Bloodworth, Decatur Mr. Jack Bodner, Smyrna Kelly Bodner, Smyrna Dr. Lindsay Boring & Dr. Katherine Kirkman, Albany Mr. Glenn Brackett, Snellville Mr. Eddie C. Brannen, Acworth Mr. Clinton Brantley, Conyers Mr. Charles Breithaupt, Jr., Clayton Mr. Eric Broadwell, Roswell Olya Broadwell, Roswell Mr. Wes Brooks, Social Circle Mr. Jeff Brown, Shannon Jessie Brown, North Augusta, SC Mr. Johnny Brown, Snellville Mr. Ryan Brown, Marietta Mr. Beryl Budd, Covington Ms. Marjorie Burnette, Marietta Mr. Russell Busch, Villa Rica Mr. and Mrs. Walt Butler, Snellville


Mr. Steve Caison, Tucker Mr. G.H. Caldwell, Smyrna Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Camp, Greenville Ms. Angela R. Campbell, Conyers Mr. Craig Camuso, Lawrenceville Mr. Craig Canaday, Loganville Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carmichael, Canton Dr. Barry E. Carr, Cave Spring Ms. Wanda Carroll, Newnan Mr. Allan Carter, Dallas Mr. Bruce Carter, Lawrenceville Mr. Eric A. Carter, Dunwoody Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cary, Sylvester Mr. Joseph R. Cash, Yatesville Mr. Matt Chambers, Homer Mr. Bill Chandler, Marietta Mr. Don E. Chandler, Atlanta Mr. Douglas Chandler, Atlanta Mr. Bill Cheek, Atlanta Mr. J. Dennis Cheek, Covington Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Cheek, Marietta Mr. Ray Cheek, Covington Mr. Jake Chester, Macon Mr. and Mrs. Charlie A. Chupp, White Plains Mrs. Margie Cline, Social Circle Mr. Joe Cobb, Newnan Mr. Dwayne Cole, Temple Mr. Kenny Cole, Dallas Mr. Douglas L. Conn, Acworth Mr. Lee Conn, Acworth Mr. Michael Conte, Marietta Ms. Kellie Conway, Madison Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cook, Atlanta Mr. Mike Cook, Smyrna Ms. Pamela Cook, Carrollton Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coomer, White Oak Mr. Kingsley G. Corbin, Jackson Mr. Alex Corriere, Fairmount Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Costley, Jr., Covington Mr. Garrett Coulter, Jasper Mr. Cader Cox, III, Camilla Mr. Bruce Culbertson, Atlanta Mr. Josh Culbertson, Canton Mr. Doug Cunningham, Dallas Dr. Laura S. Dabundo, Marietta Ms. Dawn Dalton, Stockbridge Mr. and Mrs. John X. Dalton, Powder Springs Mr. and Mrs. Jack Daniel, Surrency Mr. Dave Daniels, San Diego, CA Mr. Bert Davis, Fayetteville Ms. Holly Davis, Cornelia Kelly Davis, Suwanee Mr. Shane Davis, Cornelia Mr. Lawrence S. Dempsey, Athens Ms. Maggie Devlin, Social Circle Mr. Oscar Dewberry, Bainbridge Mr. Jed DeZelle, Statesboro Mr. Colton Dickerson, Acworth

Mr. Jeff Dickerson, Acworth Mr. Mitchell Dickey, Madison Ms. Kimberley Donaldson, Conyers Mr. D. J. Doughterty, Atlanta Mr. Dan Dunwody, Berkeley Lake Mr. Daniel Dunwody IV, Suwanee Mr. David Dunwody, Macon Mr. David Durham, Lake Spivey Mr. G. Marshall Dye, Marietta Mr. Dutch Earle, Roswell Mr. John Eastman, Winder Mr. Randy Eaton, Conyers Mr. Ike English, Jackson Mr. Kevan Espy, Marietta Dr. Bennie C. Evans, DDS,PC, Griffin Mr. Jimmy Evans, Fort Valley Mr. Allen Fain, Morganton Mr. Tim Fleming, Covington Ms. Nancy C. Fletcher, Covington Mr. James M. Flowers, Covington Mr. Gary Floyd, Birmingham, AL Mr. Rick Forbes, Monticello Ms. Amanda Foster, Blue Ridge Ms. Heather Foster, Conyers Mr. Joseph Foster, Blue Ridge Mrs. Ruth Foster, Covington Ms. Elizabeth M. Fox, Atlanta Mr. and Mrs. David Frazier, Alpharetta Mr. Chris Freeman, Canton Mr. Preston Fulmer, Newnan Ms. Rhonda Garrett, Watkinsville Mr. Joseph Gheblikian, Duluth Mr. Graham Ghorloy, Canton Mr. David Gile, Snellville Mr. Ben Gillis, Soperton Mr. Gary Golden, Woodville, AL Dr. Richard E. Golden, Jr., Athens Mr. Rob Golden, Marietta Mr. Alan Goldin, Milledgeville Mr. Vernon E. Googe, III, Atlanta Ms. Wanda Greene, Peachtree City Mr. Bob Grubbs, Fort Valley Mr. Kenneth Gunn, Fayetteville Mr. Brent Hall, Kennesaw Mr. Curt O. Hall, Albany Mrs. Margaret B. Hall, Duluth Dr. and Mrs. James L. Hamrick, Athens Mr. Daniel Hannoush, Covington Mr. Sam Hardy, Powder Springs Ms. Sarah Hardy, Powder Springs Mr. and Mrs. Zack Hardy, Cartersville Mr. Justin Harmond, Fayetteville Mr. E.J. Harris, Soperton Mr. James A. Harris, Marietta Mr. Justin Harris, Smyrna Ms. Kristen Harris, Smyrna Ms. Ann Harrison, Cornelia Mr. Daryl Harrison, Cornelia Ms. Lorraine Harrison, Conyers Mr. Dewey N. Hayes, Jr. PC, Douglas

Ms. Karen Hedrick, Covington Mr. Keith Hendrix, Manchester Mr. J. Harvey Hightower, Smyrna Mr. David Hill, Suwanee Mr. Wayne Hill, Suwanee Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hiller, Jonesboro Mr. Robert Hobbs, Covington Mr. Mason Holcomb, Dallas Mr. Michael Holcomb, Dallas Ms. Selena Holcomb, Dallas Ms. Ashley Hollandsworth, Loganville Mr. Thomas E. Holman, Americus Mr. Yancey Houston, Juliette Mr. Wayne Hubbard, Bishop Ms. Adeline Hulsey, Kennesaw Mr. Jamey Hulsey, Kennesaw Ms. Melissa Hulsey, Kennesaw Mr. Scotty Hutto, Marietta Mr. Ronald Hynson, Sharpsburg Mr. Rick Ingram, Conyers Ms. Lynne Irion, Milledgeville Dr. B.J. Jackson, Jr., Gainesville Ms. Beatrice J. Jackson, Covington Mr. Bubba Jackson, Lizella Ms. Ruth N. James, Atlanta Ms. Jennifer J. Joh, Bonaire Mr. Nathan Johns, Smyrna Mr. Ben Johnson, Powder Springs Ms. Christi Johnson, Powder Springs Mr. David Johnson, Powder Springs Mr. Duncan Johnson Jr., Augusta Ms. Jane Johnson, Powder Springs Mr. Jason Johnson, Marietta Mr. Kenneth Johnson, Marietta Sara and Maxwell Johnson, Perry Rev. & Mrs. Tom H. Johnson Sr., Oxford Mr. Don Jones, Tifton Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jones, Powder Springs Ms. Lindsey B. Jones, Social Circle Mr. Shawn Jones, Lawrenceville Mr. James Jordan, Eatonton Ms. Katharine P. Kaufman, Covington Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Keene, Norcross Ms. Rosmarie Kelly, Covington Mr. Keith Kerzel, Hopkinton, MA Mr. and Mrs. Terry Kile, Leesburg Mr. Preston Kimbrel, Atlanta Mrs. Anne W. Kirkland, Dublin Mr. Robert Kirkland, Greer, SC Ms. Pam J. Kitchens, Grovetown Mr. Brian Klaassen, Concord Mr. Rich Kroko, Marietta Mr. Ryan Kroko, Marietta Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kugler, Hanceville, AL Mr. John E. Ladson, Vidalia Mr. Neal Lange, Covington Ms. Catherine C. Laseter, Covington Mr. Taylor Lawrence, Chatsworth Mr. Heath Lawson, Acworth Ms. Julie Lawson, Acworth

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Mr. Larry LeBlanc, Sugar Hill Terry Leccese, Mableton Mr. Keith Lee, Dallas Mr. Kyle Lenard, Atlanta Mr. Jason Lenhart, Kennesaw Ms. Angie Lindsey, Dallas Mr. Kenneth Lindsey, Dallas Mr. Tom Liner, Albany Ms. Phyllis Lipsett, Loganville Ms. Cindy Lockhart, Conyers Ms. Beth Long, Covington Mr. William A. Lott Sr., Woodstock Ms. Sherry M. Love, Conyers Mr. Kevin Luke, Lawrenceville Mr. and Mrs. Tim L. Luker, Cartersville Mr. Jason Lupo, Ball Ground Mr. Mark Lupo, Canton Mr. Thomas J. Madden, Roswell Mr. Keith Magnes, Decatur Mr. Louis Mameli, Thomaston Mr. Jim Manley, Sr., Dacula Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Manner, Cartersville Mr. Jim Martin, Ranger Mr. Joseph Masak, Dunwoody Mr. Brian K. Mask, Sr. , Covington Mr. Keith Mask, Covington Mr. Gary Massey, Covington Mr. and Mrs. Roger V. Mathews, Cornelia Mr. Bill Matthews, Saint Petersburg, FL Mr. Russell Mayo, Warner Robins Dr. Reid McArthur, DVM, Vidalia Ms. Denise McCollum, Covington Mr. Randy McCoy, Dallas Mr. L. Neal McDaniel, Jonesboro Mr. and Mrs. Ed D. McDowell, Jr., Bonaire Ms. Susan McGriff, Atlanta Mrs. Gwen McKee, Savannah Mrs. William L. McLean, Gladwyne, PA Mr. David L. McLeod, Calhoun Mr. Tim McMahan, Franklin, NC Dr. Key D. McMurrain, Jr., Palmetto Ms. Carol F. Miley, Saint George Island, FL Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Miller, Atlanta Mr. Gary Miller, Covington Mr. Michael S. Miller, McDonough Mr. Seth Millican, Kennesaw Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Milton, Buckhead Mr. Jason Mitchell, Americus Mr. and Mrs. Ormand S. Mitchell, Yatesville Ms. Patsy Mitchell, Covington Ms. Elizabeth Mobley, Covington Mr. Gene Mobley, Social Circle Dr. Michael O. Molley, Acworth Mr. Jack Moon, Covington Mr. and Mrs. Eddy Moore, Marietta Ms. Maggie Moore, Tifton Ms. Sherri Moore, Tifton Mr. Phillip S. Morgan, Loganville Ms. Candace Morris, Covington Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Morris, Eatonton Mr. Dustin Morris, Villa Rica Mr. Harry Moses, Jr., Vidalia Mr. Mark Mozley, Woodstock

Mr. John Muirhead, Covington Jamie Murchison, Woodstock Mr. Brian Murphy, Bogart Mr. Joshua Murphy, Decatur Mr. Douglas Neale, Decatur Ms. Jan Newbill, Shiloh Mr. Stephen Nix, Chamblee Mr. Barry Norton, Stockbridge Ms. Mona Norton, Stockbridge Mr. and Mrs. Hank Ohme, Norcross Mr. Ronnie Orr, Douglasville Mr. Tommy Orr, Douglasville Mr. Eddie Pafford, Norcross Mr. Jeff Pafford, Atlanta Mr. Steve Paolucci, Marietta Dr. Tim Park, Mansfield Mrs. Mary Patrick, Monticello Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Patterson, Buford Ms. Susan Pearson, Moultrie Mr. Chris Penland, Buford Mr. Sonny Pennington, Madison Ms. Vicki Pennington, Denver, CO Mr. Larry Perry, Conyers Ms. Andrea Person-Jewell, Marietta Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Peteet, Athens Mr. Hugh Peterson, Atlanta Mr. Jeremy M. Phillips, Villa Rica Mr. Tony Pilgrim, Powder Springs Mr. John L. Porter, Marietta Ms. Rita Powers, Covington Mr. Alan Pryor, Atlanta Mr. Mark Puig, Marietta Dr. Carl Quertermus, Jr., Villa Rica Ms. Marsha L. Ray, Dalton Blake Regan, Mableton Mr. Justin Regan, Atlanta Ms. Carol C. Renfro, Lavonia Mr. J. Turk Reynolds, Acworth Mr. and Mrs. John R. Richardson, Atlanta Ms. Tamara Richardson, Covington Mr. Ed Rigel, Gainesville Mr. Michael Robinson, Lawrenceville Ms. Robin Robinson, Buchanan Mr. Scott Robinson, Buchanan Mr. Lennie Rodriguez, Covington Mr. Tony Rodriguez, Douglasville Betsie and Scott Rothermel, Lake Placid, FL Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rudowski, Monroe Mr. Jimmy Sabo, Covington Ms. Diane Sanders, Thomaston Mr. Michael Savransky, Atlanta Mr. Dick Schulz, Covington Mr. David Scogin, Colbert Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sears, Covington Ms. Diane Sebba, Social Circle Mr. Ferdinand Seefried, Atlanta Mr. Don Segars, Lawrenceville Ms. Liz Shallenberger, Atlanta Mr. Brandon Shives, Covington Mr. Kevin Shrodes, Woodstock Mr. Rick Shumard, Placitas, NM Ms. Michelle Signorelli, Marietta Mr. Jay Sikes, Snellville Mr. Wayne T. Sikes, Snellville Ms. Candace Sipos, Kennesaw Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Sirmons, Decatur Mrs. Maggie B. Sjoberg, Ila Mr. G. Fain Slaughter, Athens

Mrs. Chris Smallwood, Calhoun Mr. Drew Weaver, Lilburn Ms. Amanda Smith, Canton Mr. Jeff Webster, Suwanee Mr. James H. Smith, Powder Springs Ms. Deborah A. Weiler, Athens Marty Smith Mr. Bruce Westbrook, Atlanta Mr. Russell B. Smith, Manchester Mrs. Judy K. Wheelock, Martinez Mr. Lloyd Snyder, Lilburn Mr. Harry White, McDonough Mr. Tim Sosebee, Dallas Ms. Carolyn J. Whitfield, Mableton Mr. Bill Spenard, Cumming Mr. Kyle Whitley, Social Circle Mr. Thomas W. Stallings, Funston Mr. Mark Whitney, Covington Ms. Lynn Stanelle, Greensboro Mr. Jon Widem, Johns Creek Mrs. Marjorie Stansel, Winston Mr. Nathan Widem, Johns Creek Mr. Travis Steck, Kennesaw Mr. Dain Wideman, Marietta Mr. Anthony Steele, Griffin Ms. Cindy H. Wilder, Covington Mr. Matt Steinert, Ranger Mr. and Mrs. Todd Wilkes, Decatur Mr. Don Stenhouse, Suwanee Mr. Ben H. Williams, Watkinsville Mr. Lewis M. Stewart Statesboro Mr. Jamie Williams, Tucker Mr. Steve Stewart, Macon Mr. Ken Williams, Powder Springs Mrs. Deborah G. Stockdale, Marietta Mr. Phil Williams, Watkinsville Dr. Albert H. Stone, Fort Gaines Mr. Rob Williams, Atlanta Mr. Clifford Stone, Dallas Mr. Scott Williams, Acworth Ms. Katie Stone, Dallas Mr. Scott Williams, Soperton Stacy Stone, Dallas Mr. Steve Williams, Social Circle Mr. Tyler Stone, Dallas Ms. Wendy Willoughby, Covington Mr. Michael Stracner, Covington Mr. Barry Wilson, Dallas Mr. Clay Strovinskas, Marietta Ms Denise Wilson, Dallas Mr. Drew Sullins, Dallas Ms. Kaye Wilson, Marietta Mr. Mark Sullins, Dallas Mr. Michael Wing, Powder Springs Mr. Bill Sutton, Perry Dr. and Mrs. Fremont P. Wirth, Mr. Greg Sweetin, Atlanta Savannah Mr. Walter Swett, Fayetteville Mr. Alan Witherow, Peachtree City Mr. Jason Tablada, Norcross Mr. Charles Witt, Lake Park Mr. Jimmy Tanner, Covington Mr. Corey Womack, Covington Mr. and Mrs. Reggie E. Thackston, Mr. Chris Wood, Tucker Forsyth Mr. and Mrs. David Woodall, Canton Mr. and Mrs. Brandon A. Thomas, Mr. Mark M. Woodall, Woodland Marietta Mr. James Woodward, III, Vienna Mr. Jimmy Thomas, Tucker Mr. Craig T. Wright, Hampton Mr. Matt Thomas, Vestavia, AL Mr. Mike Wright, Grayson Mr. Roger Thomas, Senoia Tavi Wright, Hampton Mr. Erik Thompson, Madison Ms. Sarah Yaeger, Atlanta Mr. Jim Tibbs, Sugar Valley Mr. Jeff York, Kingston Dr. William L. Tietjen, Greensboro Ms. Lisa York, Kingston Mr. William Travis, Covington Ms. Judith A. Yost, Roswell Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Trosclair, Shannon Mr. & Mrs. Harvey G. Young, Atlanta Mr. Verlan Troutt, Conyers Mr. Randy Young, Fayetteville Mr. Robert Trulock, Madison Ms. Kathy Tucker, Douglasville Mr. Michael Tucker, Douglasville Mr. Ronnie Tucker, Kingston CORPORATE Mr. Thomas W. Tucker, Augusta Mr. Richard Turek, Brookhaven MEMBERS Mr. Frank B. Turner, Covington Mr. and Mrs. Steven Turner, Dallas Mr. Kirby Underwood, Tifton COASTAL CONSERVATION Mr. Brooks Varnell, Dallas ASSOCIATION (CCA) Mr. Randy W. Vining, Milner Mr. Frank B. Vinson, Milledgeville Mr. Joel Vinson, Forsyth GEORGIA COUNCIL Mr. Matthew Walker, Acworth TROUT UNLIMITED Ms. Tina Walker, Acworth Mr. Eric Wallace, Acworth Mr. Nick Wallace, Dallas RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Ms. Jane Walters, Ty Ty SERVICES, LLC Mr. Richard Ward, Manchester Mr. Alex Warfel, Canton Sally and Ron Warnken, Marietta THE WESTERVELT Mr. Billy Watkins, Cartersville COMPANY Mr. Brock Watkins, Dallas Ms. Susie Watts, Newnan Mr. Alex Wayne, Flowery Branch


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Photo by Hank Ohme.

GWF Hosts Pig Pickin’ Party On August 25, sportsmen and women from all over the state gathered together at the Alcovy Conservation Center in Covington for a pig-pickin’ party — all in the name of conservation. e heat and humidity of the summer did not deter supporters from enjoying a terrific BBQ meal while competing for unique auction items including the ultimate prize — first pick from GWF’s 20-piece gun board. High bidders on the silent and verbal auctions went home with wildlife art, guided fishing trips, and tickets to UGA games and Talladega, just to name a few. ank you to all 2016 sponsors, donors and attendees who made the evening a grand success. SILVER SPONSORS Cooking Team Social Circle Ace Home Center DONORS Mickey Brown DJ’s Package Duck Creek Farms Edward Jones Financial Advisor Flint Riverkeeper Georgia Power Green Egg Company David Haire 8

Photo by Hank Ohme.

Attendees of GWF’s Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction enjoy an old-fashioned pig pull at the scenic Alcovy Conservation Center.

Hayes Furniture omas D. Jones, CFP Brian Mask Meridian Group Newton Electric Patagonia e Westervelt Company TABLE SPONSORS Atlanta Beverage Co. Bobby & Butch Brown and Cox Charlie Miller DJ’s Package David Haire

Gary Massey Agency Inc. Georgia Power and Mike Clanton Georgia Power and Randy Young Georgia System Operations Corporation Georgia Transmission Corporation GT Innovations omas D. Jones, CFP Jim Manley Kevin Brabon/Mingledorff Matt Nichols Mickey Brown

Municipal Development Services Newton Electric Oglethorpe Power Okefenokee Adventures Pennington Seed Snapping Shoals EMC Southwire Stacy Pulliam Sunbelt Rentals United Bank e Westervelt Company Craig Wrigth

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Camp Charlie


Making Family Memories with Camp Charlie is past spring, GWF was honored to host six families for a weekend of camping at the Alcovy Conservation Center. As part of the fourth installment of Camp Charlie, participants spent the weekend learning how to set up tents, cook outdoors, fish, and canoe, while also being entertained by birds of prey shows and campfire songs and skits. “Camp Charlie opens up the natural world for people that traditionally wouldn’t see it,” said GWF President Mike Worley. “Camp Charlie has given kids a chance to share their first outdoors experiences with their family, which makes wonderful memories.”

GWF is looking for sponsors and donors to keep Camp Charlie moving forward. If you or your company would like to get involved, contact Adam Schiavone at 770-787-7887 or GWF would like to thank the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Plum Creek for their continued support of the Camp Charlie program, as well as the following volunteers: Chris Gray; Chris Worley; Rachel Worley; Andrew Schock; Debbie Harris; Mike Harris; Sandy Tucker; Garry Tucker; Suzy Downing; Chris Silcox; Tamara Johnson; Pete Wilson; and Gordon Rogers. Photos by Hank Ohme.


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Above: Members of the Southern Wings Bird Club in Gwinnett spend many hours birding on the MCNC trails. This past summer, the group hosted guests from India and documented 30 species during their 3-hour walk. The stunning red-headed woodpecker turned out to be the visitors’ favorite bird. Photo by Hank Ohme. Left: National Trails Day brought local Scout Jordan Paugh and his crew to Mill Creek for a hard day of work. Over the summer, Jordan completed a 10' X 10' observation platform with railings at the confluence of Ivy and Little Ivy Creeks. This enhancement allows more visitors to enjoy this lesser used spur of the trail. In addition, he installed a wood duck box and interpretive sign.

Right: We congratulate GWF volunteer John Deitsch and his teammate Jon Robbins for winning first place at the 2016 Youth Birding Competition. During the 24-hour contest, they weathered storms to hit birding hotspots on Jekyll Island and Kennesaw Mountain, resulting in the sighting of 170 species. Photo by Rebecca Deitsch. 10

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Photo by Vance Walton.

Photo by John Deitsch.

Above, Left: This beautiful image of a green heron was taken by photographer Vance Walton at Mill Creek in Buford. Above, Right: GWF Volunteer John Deitsch captured this photo of a redheaded woodpecker at Mill Creek. Thanks to Eagle Scout candidate Sam Skinner of BSA 504, Mill Creek Nature Center has 10 new benches along the trails.

Photo by Hank Ohme.


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Atlanta and Perry Buckarama

For over 30 years, the Buckarama has served as one of GWF’s primary fundraisers by bringing in financial support for programs like the Camo Coalition, Georgia Hunters for the Hungry and Camp Charlie. Our 2016 shows did not disappoint. Patrons enjoyed daily live animal shows and demonstrations, special activities for kids, and rows and rows of hunting supplies. ank you to all of our vendors, sponsors, seminar speakers and attendees for a terrific weekend in Atlanta and Perry. 2017 will be here before you know it, and you will want to be at GWF’s winter sporting show from February 3-5 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry. To emphasize our tradition of providing the best that hunting and fishing has to offer, the 2017 show will return to the name that says it all — BUCKARAMA featuring the FISHARAMA & TURKEYRAMA.


Sponsored in part by:

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Clay Shoot for Conservation Proves to be a Fun Day for All

GWF Hosts First Youth/Adult Dove Shoot

On May 6, GWF held its 9th Annual Clay Shoot for Conservation at Cherokee Rose Gun Club in Griffin. Nearly 100 shooters came together for a fun day of competition and fellowship. Bragging rights for first place went to the team from Cobb EMC, while Wesley Brooks, a member of the team from United Bank, shot a perfect 100. e real winner, of course, is all of us since proceeds from the event fund conservation efforts to keep our land, water and wildlife clean, abundant and available for our enjoyment. GWF would like to thank all of our shooters, volunteers, and sponsors for an exciting day. A special thanks goes to GWF board member Kevin McKinstry for chairing the event. We hope you all will join us again next year. Presenting Sponsor: CSX Gold Sponsor: Eaton Silver Sponsor: Balch & Bingham LLP Station Sponsors: Burnt Pine Plantation; Dasher Industries, Inc.; Wildlife Trends; Carl Hall; Georgia Power; Gillis Ag & Timber; Joel Vinson & Associates, Inc.; Outdoor Underwriters, Inc.; High Adventure Company; Oglethorpe Power; QDMA; Red River Specialties; e Westervelt Company; Steve Wrigley; e Wildlife Group

GWF’s first youth/adult dove shoot was held on September 3 at the Dan Gunn Dove Field in Monticello. e area was planted with millet and Egyptian wheat to ready the four fields for shooters. Pictured below are father and son team Branden and Caleb, and a family team of Jack, Josh, Bianca and Easton. GWF would like to thank all shooters and sponsors for a great day in the field.


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Facebook Feed GeorgiaWildlifeFederation

During the summer, GWF was featured on the National Wildlife Federation’s website as affiliate of the week. NWF and GWF are both celebrating 80 years in conservation.

GWF staffer Hank Ohme ran across this 8-point buck at Mill Creek. We are constantly amazed at the wildlife encounters and photos that are reported from this oasis right across from the Mall of Georgia.

GWF hosted the Georgia Water Coalition meeting during July. Conservation groups from all over the state came together to revise the GWC Biennial Report: Recommendations for a Healthy Water Future. The updated report will be released in January 2017. The Meat Shed, a Georgia Hunters for the Hungry processor, celebrates the opening of deer season in Eatonton.

Georgia Water Coalition meeting Since 1993, hunters have been bringing meat to the tables of those in need through the Georgia Hunters for the Hungry program. is successful program continues to provide opportunities during hunting season for hunters to share their harvest with those in need. Georgia Wildlife Federation has been a sponsor of GHFTH since it began by assisting in promoting the program and raising funds to pay processors for venison delivered to food banks. e 2015-2016 season resulted in the donation of 13,990 pounds of venison to foodbanks throughout Georgia which equates to just short of 56,000 meals. We are currently looking for additional funders in order to surpass this number during 2016-2017. Donations can be made online at or by calling Sam Stowe at 770-787-7887. Hunters interested in participating in GHFTH can bring field-dressed deer to any of the designated drop-off locations between October 15 - January 13. e 2016-2017 drop-off locations are listed below. Billy and Son's Processing, 423 Johnson Street, Portal, GA 30450, 912-531-5175 Community Freezer Locker, 1719 Fordham Rd., Brooklet, GA 30415, 912-839-9009 Daffin’s Meat Processing, 914 Neil Drive, Columbus, GA 31904, 706-322-8848 Garner's Grinder, 18639 Hwy 16, Sparta, GA 31087, 706-444-9228 Lee’s Processing, 461 Dove Ln, Axson, GA 31624, 912-422-3079 e Meat Shed, 235 New Phoenix Rd., Eatonton, Ga. 31024, 478-258-0019 Mossey Creek Outdoors, 2788 Americus Hwy, Dawson, GA 39842, 229-995-4109 Starley’s Deer Processing, 190 George Hatcher Rd, Irwinton, GA 31042, 478-946-8976 Steve Bishop Taxidermy & Deer Processing, 1814 Hwy 11 S, Covington, GA 30014, 770-787-0840 Stewart's Quality Meats, 204 Washington St., Vidalia, GA, 912-537-9888 Zoeller's Deer Processing, 1123 Indigo Road, Springfield, GA 31329, 912-665-0427 14