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Alcovy Conservation Center “e swamp pools swarm with invertebrate life even in winter. e Alcovy itself is clean and unpolluted compared to other Piedmont streams. It is perhaps unique among other Piedmont rivers in the vastness of its swamps, the nature of the swamps, and in having an accessible and central location….Between Monroe and Jackson Lake, the Alcovy provides unexcelled wilderness experience in hiking, boating, hunting, fishing and general natural history….Natural areas, such as the Alcovy bottomlands are important to education in Georgia. Undirected education, such as the boy — swimming hole — cane pole — dog association, can be a very important educational experience. e river swamps have all the attributes of natural outdoor laboratories — all our cities and towns desperately need these areas with an aernoon’s bus ride.” Dr. Charles Wharton, History of Newton County Georgia, 1988, p. 71 Georgia Wildlife Federation moved from Conyers, GA to our home in Covington in 2000. Our headquarters, e Alcovy Conservation Center (ACC), is situated on a 115-acre site with forests, wetlands, meadows, woodland trails and wildlife habitat gardens. e facilities are used to advance the mission of conservation education and habitat protection while providing opportunities for youth and adults to experience the “outdoor laboratories” as described above by Dr. Wharton. To date, these experiences have included amphibian monitoring, bird surveys, native plant restoration and propagation, stream monitoring, numerous Boy Scout projects, and a multitude of meetings and conferences with conservation partners across the state. We want to make sure you know you invited to visit the lush river cane thickets, pawpaw groves, and tupelo swamps at the ACC. Our nature trail and boardwalk is approximately 2 miles in length and takes about an hour and a half to walk at a leisurely pace. As you meander through hardwood forests, tupelo swamps, and old pasture, keep your eyes and ears open for resident wildlife such as fox squirrels, wood ducks, wild turkey, pileated woodpeckers, and bird-voiced treefrogs. GWF’s Alcovy Conservation Center 11600 Hazelbrand Road Covington, GA 30014 Open Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm and on weekends and evenings for special events and rentals.

In addition, GWF owns and maintains just over 16 acres at e Alcovy at East End. Located just off of Hwy 36 in Covington, East End gives the community additional nature trails as well as an access point to the Alcovy River. East End is open for visitors each day from sunrise to sunset.

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