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Friday 1st June 2012 Email:

The Principal’s Pen, Dear Parents, A group of highly talented lyricists, singers and musicians entertained us at our assembly today. The students from Ms Wacker’s class added vibrancy and warmth to the first day of Winter and graciously acknowledged the great assistance from parent Suzie Croston. Suzie assisted with the musical arrangements and was there to ensure our rock stars gave us a performance to remember. Thanks to our parents who obviously had an early start to the morning as they transformed our students into stars of the future!

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This week another group of parents and grandparents were entertained in fine style by the students in Mrs Tetley’s Wednesday Year 1/2 class. Following a program where children designed and made puppets they were ready to entertain and a most appreciative crowd turned up to see each child do a well prepared puppet presentation. School Board We are advertising two positions for the Deanmore School Board. Parents of children enrolled at the school are offered the opportunity to bring their skills to this forum. Mathletics Deanmore Primary School is very pleased to announce that we have made the excellent electronic Maths program Mathletics available to all children at school and at home. Classroom teachers will instruct your children on how to access the program. Please join your children in completing the activities. Enjoy your long weekend as we celebrate West Australian Day for the first time and take care on the roads which may well be drenched with some welcome winter rains. Jeanette Metcalf School Principal

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Term Dates 2nd Term 26th April 2012 – 6th July 2012 3rd Term 24th July 2012 – 28th September 2012 4th Term 16th October 2012 – 18th December 2012

Active After School Communities Mr Rodgers offers various sporting activities after school hours at Deanmore Primary School. Children must enrol for the activities and only those children enrolled are under the care of Mr Rodgers. No other children should be on school grounds unless supervised by an adult. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children after the activities have concluded. I have instructed Mr Rodgers to contact the Police or Family Services if there are children that have not been “collected”. Cyber Safety Teachers in all year levels at Deanmore Primary School regularly present lessons on cyber safety and anticyberbullying. This week, all children were given a package prepared by the Australian Government on cyber safety. Further information can be viewed at National Cyber Security Awareness Week Deanmore has linked with the National Cyber Smart Awareness network and will participate in various activities in Week 8. Details and resources can be viewed at Renewable Energy Lessons on renewable energy and energy efficiency are incorporated into the children’s educational program at Deanmore. Solar panels have been installed on the roof above Room 1 and 2. The solar power system was installed with funding assistance from the State Government’s WA Solar Schools Program. Further information can be obtained at National Reconciliation Week Reconciliation Australia is all about promoting reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians. Deanmore is an inclusive school and promotes excellence and equity for all students. Interesting resources can be viewed at Day Of Trees Arbor Day will be recognized on Friday 8th June. Several trees and shrubs will be planted in the school grounds to highlight forest conservation. If you wish to find out more about Arbor Day please visit Edu-Dance Concert The fantastic Edu-Dance concert will be performed at 4:00pm Thursday 28th June. All are welcome. Stationery Please ensure your child has pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, etc. A calculator is also needed for many activities.

Dates for the Diary 4th June 5th 6th 8th 15th

Western Australia Day Public Holiday Yr 6/7 Carine SHS Talk UNSW Science Testing Eagles Cup –Away at Kapinara 1.20pm Assembly Yr 4/5 Room 7 Eagles Cup – Away City Beach 1.20pm

Care For Our Trees. Some children have been observed swinging on or shaking trees in the school grounds. Please remind your children to respect and conserve our trees. Earn And Learn We are participating in the Woolworths Earn and Learn program. Please deposit any completed sheets in the box outside my office. Sports For Schools We will be participating in the Coles Sports for Schools program. Please collect dockets and deposit them in the box outside my office. Injuries There have been several accidents in the playground recently where children have been injured. Please remind your children to not run on hard surfaces, to be gentle with each other, to not play “chasey” on any play equipment and to tell a teacher if they are hurt. Energy Drinks Energy drinks such as Red Bull, V, Mother, etc, are not to be consumed at school. Interschool Sport The Year 6 and 7 children will continue their interschool competition next week. There will be a Lightning Carnival on th Friday 29 June. All are welcome. Use Of School Facilities Please report any vandalism or mistreatment of school facilities such as the oval and netball courts to School Watch on 9264 4771 and to the school. Faction Points Students are awarded faction tokens and faction points for good behaviour in the classroom and in the playground. RED faction continues to lead the competition. There will be a small reward for the winning faction at the end of this term. Assembly The next whole school assembly will be conducted by Mrs Plichta’s class on Friday 15th June. All parents and friends are very welcome. Attendance Student attendance at school is compulsory. Please ensure your children attend school regularly unless they are unwell. Please notify the school as soon as possible if your child is absent. Lessons commence at 8:45am.

Greg Downes Deputy Principal

Voluntary Contributions Can be paid at the front office by cash, cheque or Direct Deposit BSB 066161 ACC 10035795 Please ensure student first and last name is the reference.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded a merit certificate at the last assembly.

PP PP PP Yr 1 Yr 1 Yr1/2 Yr 2 Yr 2/3 Yr 3 Yr 3/4 Yr 4/5 Yr 5 Yr 5/6 Yr 6/7 Yr 7

Rm 13 Rm 14 Rm 16 Rm 9 Rm 11 Rm 10 Rm 12 Rm 6 Rm 8 Rm 5 Rm 7 Rm 3 Rm 4 Rm 2 Rm 1

Japanese Award Principal’s Award Deputy’s Award

Ms Poilly Miss Ellis Mrs Foster Ms Moone Ms Motherway/Ms Hunter Ms Griffiths/Ms Tetley Mrs Hancock/Mr Rodgers Mrs Hassan Raiyat Ms Jenkinson Ms Tusak Mrs Plichta Ms Wacker Miss Anderson/Ms Martin Mr Morgan Mr Holland

Brandon, Sophie Oscar, Tristan Joseph, Hayley Julia, Jamie Filip, Amelia Angela, Lara Tayla, Ashton Andrew, Elise David, Hannah, Zane Aliya, Kelsey Grace, Tama Filip, Taleah, Maddie Campbell Liam, Daniel, Tom Zenaia, Taj

Ms Gao Mrs Metcalf Mr Downes

Mikayla D(Yr 5), Robert C(Yr 5) Tom E (Yr 5) Jasmine T (Yr 2)

Aussie of the Month Congratulations to Jadon L (Rm 4) who was the Aussie of the Month for June. Nominations for the July Aussie of the Month can be forwarded to Greg Downes.

Room 10 Puppet Show Children in room 10, year 1/2 designed and made their own finger puppets in Technology and Design with Mrs Tetley. They dramatised and wrote their own puppet show scripts and drew up invitations for all their parents, grandparents and siblings to come along and watch. It was a wonderful turnout with nearly 30 people in our audience and lots of laughter and stories for all to share at the end. Thank you for all the parents support and for Mrs Lowe who helped during the T&E lessons.

PRE-PRIMARY SCIENCE The Pre-primary children in rooms 13, 14 and 16 have been exploring many hands on science activities with Mrs Smallwood and Mrs Hunter. Investigations into simple chemical reactions have been the basis of this term’s studies. In the last few weeks these budding scientists have created erupting volcanoes; made carbon dioxide inflate balloons and watched as cooldrink reacted with mentos to create a very high fizzy fountain. Their enthusiastic observations and reactions have stimulated a keen interest in science.

Newsletter No. 08 – 1 June 2012  
Newsletter No. 08 – 1 June 2012