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15 May 2011

Montana College Students Increase Awareness and Organ Donations The waiting lists for Americans needing organ donations continue to grow. In Montana, hundreds of people are hoping to receive life-saving or life-improving transplants for themselves or a loved one. Organ donations have not kept pace meeting the increased demand for transplants; and unfortunately too many people lose their lives waiting. This semester college students from across Montana volunteered to address this critical community need. At large universities and small colleges, students took the challenge posed by the Montana Campus Compact and the Governor’s Office of Community Service to register as many organ donors as possible. Montana Campus Compact, a coalition of campuses committed to getting more students engaged in meaningful community service, coordinated the organ donation drive. The challenge was simple: The top three campuses that register the most donors win a prize. Carlos Hernandez, student at Flathead Valley Community College, emerged as an outstanding donor registration recruiter. He and his fellow students at the Kalispell campus took top honors by registering 26 new donors and reconfirming 182 existing donors for a grand total of 208. “With school pride at stake, we tried hard to create a big impact at our relatively small college,” said Wendy Jeschke, Campus Corps Team Leader for Flathead Valley Community College. The University of Montana-Western registered 29 new donors and reconfirmed 95 donors for a total of 124. Montana State University-Bozeman students signed up 30 new donors and reconfirmed 16 for a total of 46. After everything was tallied students at all 19 Montana Campus Compact institutions registered or reconfirmed 521 organ donors from campuses across the state. In recognition, the winning campuses will receive a handsome trophy and a $150 donation in their name to a partnering charity. “The great success of this challenge is a testament to the active engagement of Montana college students,” said Josh Vanek, Network Services Director for Montana Campus Compact, “focused on one goal our campuses can work together to achieve tremendous results.” ####

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