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Parker launches ‘5th technology’ pens By DEAN LOZARIE Iconic writing instruments brand Parker, known for its duofold fountain pen and the Jotter line of ballpoints, has released the “Fifth Technology” line of pens. The company says the Parker 5th, as the pen has come to be called, combines the smoothness of the felt-tip pen with the elegance of the timeless fountain pen. Parker says that with this new product, they joined the nib to the ink barrel, unlike in traditional fountain pens where the two are separated. The Fifth Technology pens have a fiber tip at the end of a nib that resembles that of a fountain pen, but that seems to be purely for show. The fiber tip, Parker says, molds itself according to the owner’s way of writing within minutes—a nifty little feature that’s sure to amaze buyers. However, while Parker has been

High tech. Promotional material on the Parker Pen Company website features its new 5th Technology writing instruments. But some say it’s all just a bad marketing stunt.

aggressively advertising its latest offering, reviews have been mixed. Some enjoy it, but others think it’s an overpriced drawing pen. The Lawyerist has this to say about the nib: “it is constructed to mimic a fountain pen nib, but you’ll never mistake the one for the other.”

“It doesn’t feel anything like writing with a fountain pen, either. With a fountain pen, you have to write at a lower angle, and you guide the nib over the page. You gesture more than you write. With the Parker 5th technology, you write like you would with any pen. The centered

New Lamy, Waterman orders coming in April By DEAN LOZARIE

Lovers of the classic German Lamy brand and the iconic Waterman line of fountain pens are sure to be excited by the brand new shipment of pens due to arrive at the doorstep of Dean’s Club before the month ends.

Responding to quickly rising orders for these brands, Dean’s Club is restocking its inventory with an increased order of Lamy Safari fountain pens, which is a popular choice for first pen for customers who are just starting their collections. Also

included in the shipment are fine, broad, and calligraphy nibs for the Safari—a request we’ve seen pop up frequently on the community forums. We’re also loading up on WaterNew Lamy / 4

Get your writing mojo ready for the summer Hello, guys, and thank you for picking up your copy of our monthly newsletter. We know summer is when people have more time to attend to hobbies and interests, so we made sure to make this issue chockfull of things that will tickle your fountain pen fancy. The top story this issue is Parker’s new “fifth technology” pens, which took the company 18 months to develop. The release of the pens was accompanied with a whole lot of buzz, but general reactions have been mixed. We’ll take a closer look at the product in this issue. Meanwhile, we hope the hobbyists among you will enjoy the articles we’ve prepared that will surely

give you more time to explore your writing instrument, whether it’s your first pen or the latest addition to your extensive collection. We noticed a recent uptick in first-time buyers recently, so we restocked on the Lamy Safari pen, which is surprisingly popular with beginners, and included tips for breaking open your new fountain pen, too. Finally, as always we have a list of fresh stocks as well as orders on the way. We hope you enjoy all the news we’ve got prepared for you in April. See you at the Club! -

Dean Lozarie

Parker’s ‘5th tech’ draws mixed reactions (Continued from Page One)

nib doesn’t require any real adjustment,” it adds. On the popular website Fountain Pen Network, danthemann5 said, “So after doing some reading, I have come to the following conclusion: This is a felt-tip pen with a plastic point disguised as a fountain pen. “I personally won’t buy one, especially with a starting price point of $160,” the user said. User Easy Writer said, “the new Parker Ingenuity looks like some type of roller ball/felt tip hybrid? Doesn’t look like any kind of fountain pen?” FPGeeks is even more straightfor-

ward with its assessment of the 5th technology pens: “What this pen is exactly, is a spring-loaded, felt tip refill hiding under a faux nib.” What people seem to be up in arms about most of the time is the fact that Parker markets this pen as a high-end pen akin to the fountain pen, going so far as to actually incorporate a fake fountain design as a fake nib, when it’s actually just a glorified felt tip. People don’t like feeling deceived or cheated. For lovers of good writing instruments who aren’t fussy when it comes to technicals, however, the Parker 5th Generation pens might be right up your alley.

NEW STOCKS EXPECTED IN APRIL Dean’s Club’s suppliers have committed to filling the following orders, and stocks are expected to be in our store by the middle of April. Below, a list of the most expected models: • Sheaffer Intensity • Delta Fusion One • Parker IM • Parker Sonnet • Lamy Safari • Pelikan Epoch • Visconti Rembrandt • Pelikan Souveran • Visconti Michelangelo


Refill 101

The lowdown on how to get ink into that pen so you can start spending it The art of the refill is one of the most important basic aspects to fountain-penmanship. It’s important to know how to properly clear your barrel of ink without getting it all over yourself, how to properly refill your pen with ink, and how to handle the ink. It’s not exactly rocket science, but it’s a lot more delicate than some people might make it out to be. Refill cartridge The stuff of most modern fountain pens. No headaches—take the empty cartridge out, pop the new one in. Converter For those people stuck between ye olde inkpots and the magic of modern pens. The converter takes the place of the cartridge. Fill the converter with ink from an inkpot—usually by pulling a plunger.


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to all our April birthday friends. You get a 10% discount for orders P1,000 or more through the end of the month.* Cheers!

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Written and laid out by Dean Lozarie. Published by Dean’s Club Fountain Pens.

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Starting your adventure:

The Lamy Safari for starters

In Germany, elementary school students are still taught how to write longhand, with a fountain pen. And the pen of choice for budding young German writers is the simple, classic Lamy Safari. The Safari is the entry-level fountain pen of the German company, which was started in the early 1900s by a salesperson for the Parker Fountain Pen Company. Lamy is known for its plastic-body pens, which are functional but very affordable. Perhaps this is the reason Safari is such a hit with German schoolkids—as well as other people the world over who are just beginning an obsession with fountain pens. The Lamy Safari takes and dispenses ink very well after a short period of initial cleaning, and with options

for either a cartridge or a converter, does not take up too much of the user’s time. The Safari, which sports an award-winning design by Wolfgang Fabian, started production in 1980, and has continued unabated since. The rather large body is capped by a triangular grip area and a steel nib, available in a range of sizes from Extra-Fine to Broad. The simple clip on the cap adds minimalist style to this model. Despite all this, however, the Safari is still a good choice for first-time fountaineers simply because of the value you get for its price. Dean’s Club has the Lamy Safari in regular stock for P1,500—it’s one of our best-selling models.

Getting ready to buy your first fountain pen?

Welcome to the club! Visit the fountain pen forums at Ask around—you’ll get good advice. And when you finally make up your mind, take a picture of this box if you’re ordering online, or cut it out and bring it with you when you visit our shop.

You’ll get 25% off your first order of P1,000 or more. Consider this a little present. Welcome to the club.

Q&A with

Dean Lozarie

New Lamy, Waterman orders continued from Page 1

man pens. The last time we had these in stock, they ran out even quicker than expected, frustrating many of our regulars. Dean’s Club will not be issuing any Q: Just how did you get the idea with regular customers to see what price changes for its fountain pens. to start Dean’s Club? they’re up to and what they’d like The Lamy Safari will be available by I have been a fountain pen col- to see on the store. But if you mean mid-April for P1,399 (P200 cheaper lector for a long time now, and I’ve to ask what I do that isn’t fountain than in major outlets) and the Waalways lamented the lack of a real pen-related, I spend a good deal of terman will retail starting at P1,799. community of Filipino fountain time reading books. Right now I’m pen enthusiasts. I’d run into a fellow reading a biography of Ernest HemPinoy on an Internet forum every ingway, terrific writer. I also like lisnow and then, but there was re- tening to music and going on beach In today’s world, most people do ally little more than that. The thing trips. not bother to fuss about what they is that these communities always Q: How would you pitch foun- use to write. I’ve been very surprised tend to gravitate around tain pen collection as a to turn up at meetings, contract a store where they all get I’ve always hobby to someone who signings and boardrooms, and face their pens, nibs, and inks, loved fountain is completely ignorant executives wielding unremarkable and where they can conrollerballs for taking notes, or worse, pens as a hobby on the matter? gregate to talk about the I’ve always loved foun- signing contracts. I am reminded of because the tain pens as a hobby befountain pen. To me, it the story an acquaintance once told really felt like a club. So pens feel so per- cause the pens feel so per- me about a multimillion dollar deal I thought, why not start sonal in your sonal in your hand. No that almost went down the drain bethe first fountain pen club two fountain pens are the cause one of the parties to the conhand in the Philippines? same—their owners usu- tract saw the other pull out a simple Q: When you’re not playing with ally ascribe some sort of personal Bic pen to affix his signature to the fountain pens, what are you doing? touch to their instruments, even if, paper. Looking for more fountain pens to say, they order it from us but don’t Although many people see founplay with. Nah, just kidding. Partly. ask for any of the trappings like the tain pens as the mere province of When I’m not fiddling with pens modified nib. So if you’re looking for hobbyists and collectors, I see the I’m usually talking with suppliers, a hobby that’s chock-full of unique- practical elegance of using a founchecking the forums, catching up ness, the fountain pen is it. tain pen everyday. There’s just some-

The boss himself opens up for questions submitted by avid patrons. Dean Lozarie on left-handedness, favorite pens, and calligraphy as a hobby

‘Timeless elegance’

Dean’s Club Fountain Pen Store & Community

At Dean’s Club, we don’t just sell to fountain pen hobbyists. We’re fountain pen hobbyists ourselves. Enjoy the company of friends who enjoy an inkwell and a good writing instrument. • Twitter @deansclubfountainpens 09176347001

thing about the way the ink flows to the nib and how the nib glides over the paper that can never be rivaled. People can laugh at me all they want, but I’ll always carry a fountain pen on my person, wherever I’m going. It is, after all, a writing instrument that has always, and will always, stand the test of time. Note: The above excerpted from a post by Juan Dela Cruz on the Dean’s Club forums. Republished with permission.

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