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DATE: MARCH  31ST,  2007       Episodic  Television  Series:  “Living  with  Lizzie”   Episodic  Television  Series  Creator:  Dean  Diogo   Episodic  Television  Series  Writers:  Dean  Diogo  &  Zay  Harding       SYNOPSIS: While serving his second tour in Iraq, Damien Anderson falls victim to a roadside bombing. Unlike his two best friends who die upon impact, Damien survives but suffers from a piece of shrapnel that implants itself into his brain. It is determined that removing the metal debris will surely cause permanent brain damage, so they leave it in and Damien is sent home on “Honorable Discharge.” Upon returning to his hometown of Fall River Massachusetts, he is well received and supported by his loved ones as he returns to a normal life. Born to serve, he enlists in the local Police Academy to begin a career in Law Enforcement. He excels quickly through the course and then decides to study to become a district attorney. Everything seems great, except for the unusual and inconvenient side affects he consistently experiences. Most noticeably, his memory fades in and out at random. Secondly, he has uncontrollable hallucinations and visions of people who aren’t really there. Finally, every night haunts him with different dreams involving various versions of his own death. Suspecting his symptoms are tied to Post-Traumatic Stress & Bypolar disorder, Damien consults the Veterans’ Hospital. There, a fellow veteran confides in Damien that he sees this same thing all the time. But when he expresses concern, no one believes him. He tells Damien that he was involved in a massacre of civilians and his being injured wasn’t the whole story as it happened. He says the military erases memories as part of a cover-up, and he should keep his happenings a secret from family and friends. Intrigued and terrified, Damien agrees not to draw attention to himself. But gradual emerging dream-memories make Damien distrust any new explanations. He doesn’t even know if the veteran he spoke with was real or a figment of his imagination. To confuse matters more, a 32-year-old female Serial Killer is stalking Southern Massachusetts, and in her correspondence to the Local Newspaper she refers to herself as “Lizzie” (after local town legend Lizzie Borden, who was also 32 when she was accused but acquitted of

murdering both her parents with an axe over a hundred years ago). And guess who’s getting visits from Lizzie’s disembodied victims? You guessed it…Damien. Unable to control the visits and afraid of his involvement, Damien keeps his occurrences to himself but offers suggestions to a local seasoned Detective. With little other leads to go on, he humors Damien’s advice and can’t believe what is revealed as a result. Skeptical of psychic skills, the Detective grows suspicious of how Damien may know these “tips” and threatens to turn him in. But he knows if he does this to Damien, he sacrifices any further help from him, he likes the extra assistance. Not to mention, his own daughter fancies Damien and is interested in dating him. Damien met a Nun, Sister Rosemary at the Fall River Historical Society. She works at the Historical Society part time when she isn’t at the convent. He finds some comfort in Sister Rosemary, until he gets a visit in his dream from the real Lizzie Borden telling him not to trust Sister Rosemary whom he has fallen for. Suddenly, he feels he is being followed all the time, his mail intercepted and his phone tapped. Could it be that the Sister Rosemary is the killer? How will Damien suggest this to his boss (the uncle of this precious nun who in his eyes can do no wrong)? Is it worth risking his relationship for justice? Or is she even into him, really? This all could be some secret military experiment, all the way down to the metal in his head. But more likely the whole fear of falling in love is just feeding into his own growing paranoia. These are the crossroads Damien faces and must come to terms with. Will Damien’s visions lead to stopping the killer or end him up in a psychiatric ward, undeserved or not? Or could it be that Lizzie Borden is actually back from the dead? Find out as Damien demonstrates the burdon of Living With Lizzie!

Property of: Ten  Third  Street  Films   Dean  Diogo     President  &  C.E.O.   (310)  995-­‐8471     Copyright  W.G.A.  (West)  

Living With Lzzie  

Do you believe in ghosts?

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