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SPORTING SOLUTIONS “Winning over unemployment”

C O U R S E S A V A I L A B L E SWIM UK are offering anyone aged 19+ receiving Job National Pool Lifeguard Seekers allowance/benefits Qualification the amazing opportunity to attend FREE training courses ASA Level 1 & 2 in specific to the leisure industry. Swimming Teaching & Coaching

Safeguarding & Protecting Children Level 2 Employability & Personal Development Level 1 - Job Search Level 2 award in Swimming Pool Water testing

The Sport and Leisure sector is always looking for newly qualified staff to fill positions, such as Lifeguards, Swimming Teachers, Gym instructors or Recreational assistants in Leisure Centres, Private Health The Sporting Solutions Clubs or Swim schools. package consists of a number of qualifications that This opportunity is unique and will provide the unemployed is a great way to gain life long with the best possible skills. Guidance and support is opportunity to seek work in the provided along the way, as well l e i s u r e i n d u s t r y u p o n as helping candidates seek completion. employment and produce up to date CV’s.

BOOK TODAY ON: 01273 434400

Exercise & Fitness Gym Instructing Level 2 Call: 01273 746248

Brighton Swimming Centre, Eastern Road, Brighton, BN2 5JJ. Tel: 01273 434400


Sporting Solutions