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IDEAS Conceptualizing ideas based on research. Ideas to be finalize by end of the week. Approval from client for stage 1. GRAPHICS

Week 2 : Show a detail visual with a rough colour by mid-week. Do necessary amendments Start executing according to amendments starting by end of the week. Week 3 : STAGE THREE Week 4 :

The first day of the week, Show the client the artwork with finalize imagery, colour and overall layout of the design. Approval and final session for feedbacks for stage 2. FA By the end of the week, Show the client final artwork with their respective design collaterals and other relevant copies. Approval and final session with client for stage 3.

Rebranding Eng Wah Cinema  
Rebranding Eng Wah Cinema  

NON COMMERCIAL. A collaborative design proposal upon completion for client. A realistic foundation in managing the multi-dimensional attri...