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Editor’s Note Dea is the Latin word for goddess. This magazine pays homage to the goddesses of fashion and photography. Dea is all about photography, pictures and fashion and there are no articles in the magazine. If you are like me, you don’t have time to read a whole lot of text while you sit down with a cup of coffee. If you’re tired of flipping past a bunch of text to get to the pictures, Dea is definitely the magazine for you. The idea is for you to be able to easily enjoy beautiful images by talented photographers. As an educated photographer I have a passion for the art form and it has been my dream to work as a photographer at a fashion magazine. I have never believed in waiting for others to fulfill your dreams for you so by combining education and interests, Dea was born. While looking through Dea you will get to know the talented photographers and enjoy their beautiful images. This is only the beginning. You can look forward to future issues of Dea, which will be published four times a year. You can expect to be introduced to a diverse group of photographers, their works and of course great fashion. Enjoy

Heiðdís G. Gunnarsdóttir

The Woods and the Wolfs Winter Blues Snow Princess Lara LaBoutique

The Woods and the Wolfs

Photographer: Styrmir Kári Model: Ingunn Huld Sævarsdóttir Make up: Aldís Vala Hair: Katrín Sif Clothes: Volcano, Farmers Market Jewelry: Betra Líf

Hyrna, Overcode: Volcano Design

Tjorn, Sweater: Farmers Market Bracelet: Betra LĂ­f Shoes: Timberland

Vendingur, Overcode: Volcano Design

Winter Blues Photographer: Þórdís Inga Model: Sylvía Briem Friðjóns Make up: Hanna Lind Garðarsdóttir with MAC Cosmetics. Hair: Hanna Lind Garðarsdóttir Clothes: Kultur, Zara

Fur: Kultur

Leather vest: Zara

Snow Princess Photographer: Heiðdís Guðbjörg Gunnarsdóttir Model: Kristín Lív (Eskimo Models) Make up: Alexandra Noor Douglas Hair: Alexandra Noor Douglas Clothes: Manía Jewelry: Rokk og Rósir

Lara Photographer: Tinna Schram Model: Kristbjörg Lára Gunnarsdóttir Make up: Gunnhildur Birna Gunnarsdóttir Clothes: Dótturfélagið Shoes and Jewelry: Rokk og Rósir and private collection Assistants: Rakel Kristjana, Berglind Dana, Auður Ragnars

LaBoutique A Hidden Treasure

Photographer: Ingrid Karis Models: Kristín Sigurðardóttir, Guðrún Ansnes Make up: Aldís Vala Hair: Katrín Sif Clothes and Jewelry: LaBoutique

Contact the magazine Dea Magazine 694 5331

Contact the photographers 1. Styrmir Kári www. 699 4983 2. Þórdís Inga 3. Heiðdís G. Gunnarsdóttir 694 5331 4. Tinna Schram 695 7492 5. Ingrid Karis


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Until next time, have fun and I hope you enjoyed this issue

Dea magazine #1  
Dea magazine #1  

The first issue of Dea Magazine