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If website flipping is something that you have been considering but just aren't sure where to start off then you may find this articles very useful. I am going to take a brief look through the steps of how to start your own site flipping business. 1. The first step that you need to take is to decide what kind of sites you are going to create for selling. You can choose between affiliate sites, blogs, review sites, products site plus a few others. For starting out I would suggest something easy like affiliate sites and whatever decision you make now does not have to be permanent, you can try another type of site later. Affiliate sites are a good starting site as they are quick and easy to create and you can have them listed for sale the same day that you started to create the site. 2.If you have no experience or no idea how to build a site or how to sell sites, then I do recommend getting hold of a good site flipping guide and learning from an expert. Although there might be a small investment to do this, you will save yourself time and money in the long term by getting it right the first time you do it by learning from someone that already knows what they are doing. 3.Before you can start building your website you will need to register a domain name and to do this you will need an account at GoDaddy or some other domain name register site. 4.Then you will need to decide on what niche you are going to create your site on. There are many niches to choose from and for your first site I would suggest something simple like a wedding niche or dog niche or other simple niche. 5.You will need to get yourself a hosting account to host your website on and I would recommend using a reseller account if you plan on having a site flipping business. 6.Once you have chosen your niche and have your hosting and your domain name, then you are ready to go and build your first site. 7.Once your site is complete and ready to be listed for sale, then you just need to go ahead and list the site on a site selling website such as Flippa or eBay. When you get the hand of building websites you will get into a good routine and you will find that sites will get quicker to build. You will soon be building sites in just an hour and if you can do three or four of these a day you can earn a really good income with your site flipping business.

This is just a brief outline of what is needed to start of your website flipping business, for more information visit our website Site Flipping Guru Or try our step by step instruction guide at Site Flipping Guide

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==== ==== Site Flipping Riches Video Course! ==== ====

Site Flipping Riches Video Course!