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Dry skin is a serious pain and can cause significant discomfort to sufferers, not to mention it often causes skin to appear red, inflamed, or flaky. Here are some tips to help you manage dry skin and stay smooth all year round! 1.Moisturize Well, obviously. Moisturizing is the most important thing you can do to keep skin from getting too dry. Be sure to apply an appropriate moisturizer twice a day after each time you wash your face. You might want to also consider a heavier renewing moisturizing cream for nighttime. These serve to restore hydration while you sleep. 2.Sunscreen Protecting skin from sun damage is an important defense against dryness. The sun zaps a lot of moisture from your skin (you know the tight, painful feeling of a sunburn right?) So always apply sunscreen to your face when spending time outdoors - doing so will keep your skin from drying out and help you avoid other types of skin damage too! 3.Cover Up In winter months it's important to protect your skin from harsh, dry air. The best thing to do is to cover your face when wind and temperatures are particularly abrasive. 4.Humidifier My mom used to put a humidifier on at night when I had a cold as a kid, but wouldn't you know they are great for skin too. Humidifiers add moisture to otherwise dry air. Turn it on while you're sleeping and it can work wonders for your dry skin. 5.Avoid Drying Ingredients Stay very far away from harsh chemicals. These will surely do your skin more damage than they are worth. Cleansers containing salicylic acid can be great for people with oily or acne prone skin but they will steal all of your skin's natural moisture. So do your dry skin a favor and stick with the gentle cleansers.

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==== ==== Dry Skin Tips! ==== ====

Dry Skin Tips!  

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