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For LP’s Performance Matters

• Coller Capital survey reveals priorities

Tech Valuations Climb in India, Too • eCommerce ventures in demand by VCs

Mega Deals Missing from Market

• Few large sized deals in the post-financial crisis era

IPO Volume: Healthy or Not? • Two views, one conclusion

Savvy PE Spinouts

• Top PE managers in EU and Asia forge new funds

Quote of the Week

• Manufacturing moving out of costly China

July 22, 2011

FOR LP’S PERFORMANCE MATTERS The latest Coller Capital semi-annual barometer has a lot of good information this time around and to save you time, we summed up some of the more striking survey results. As the figure here shows, a full 87% of LPs surveyed say that what they care about most is GP performance. It is more important than fees, staff turnover, and even the size of the carry. Another interesting result of the survey is the proportion of investors that have made net lifetime returns of 11-15% or more from private equity has increased to 62% (from 49% of LPs in the Summer 2010 Barometer). Regional variations are striking. Seven out of 10 (71%) North American LPs have made lifetime PE returns of 11-15% or more, compared with 58% of Asia-Pacific LPs and 53% of European LPs. Images Sourced: Coller Capital Barometer

TECH VALUATIONS RISE IN INDIA It is not just Silicon Valley that is seeing an Internet bubble of sorts, e-commerce start-ups are commanding high valuations in India too, says the WSJ. A second round of funding for group buying and shopping sites, such as Snapdeal, Infibeam and Naaptol are valuing the ventures at 6.5 billion to 10 billion rupees. "Their valuation expectations are not at par with any other industry right now," says an executive at SAIF Partners, a private equity firm that manages more than USD3.5 billion. Other PE professionals quoted in the article say the valuations are justified based on the rapid growth of online shopping sales.

FEWER MEGA DEALS The deal of the week this week is the one that didn’t happen. Financial Times reports on the absence of mega deals these days. there has not been a 10 billion dollar or greater deal in the past 12 months. One of the largest which we covered in last week’s digest was the buyout of Kinetic Concepts by Apax Partners. The reasons for the lack of large sized buyouts in the post-financial crisis era are various, but the main ones are too few targets as seller are in a holding pattern, and two, GPs are being more choosy while shying away from club deals. The article concludes that these trends will influence dealmaking for some time to come.


IPO VOLUMES: HEALTHY OR NOT? One would think that it is pretty straightforward to make an analysis of financial transactions like IPOs but that is not the case, apparently. An article in Financial Director reviews two very different perspectives on tapping public markets for corporate growth. One view, KPMG’s which tracks the number and volume of IPOs globally, says the market is very healthy, with fundraising in the second quarter of 2011 rising significantly compared to the first quarter. The second view, Financial News’ view, said that there has been a complete breakdown in trust between the different market participants in Europe, with the result that the IPO market is stumbling and flotation are either pulled or trading below issue price. The article concludes that it is important to consider the size of the company that is floating, which explains the different views. Overall IPOs are happening and capital is being raised, but small and medium sized companies in Europe struggle to attract adequate funding.


SAVVY SPINOUTS PEI has a good overview of the up and coming trend that sees top managers taking the plunge and starting up their own private equity businesses. It discusses how some savvy LPs benefit in the past from spinouts. Despite the heightened risk profile, it is a matter of taking a calculated bet on a new group of an emerging management team, says one LP interviewed in the article. Recent examples of spinout teams are Dominique Mégret and Bertrand Meunier, who spun of French buyout firm PAI Partners to establish M&M Capital, and earlier in the year, John Sinik, a former managing director at Towerbrook Capital Partners, launched his own debt management business, Metric Capital Partners. The trend is also apparent in Asia, particularly China.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK Quote of the week: “"Within another 12 months, I believe there will be zero advantage to manufacturing in China" Who said it: Puneet Nanda owner of Dr. Fresh, Inc., an American manufacturer of toothbrushes and dental products, such as Aim, Pepsodent, and Trident. Its an annual turnover is between 20 and 50 million dollars. Context: Mr Nanda has been manufacturing his products in China for years, and was commenting on the higher costs of labor and regulatory changes, which caused him to relocate manufacturing to the USA in an article entitled, Moving Factories Back Home. His company is not the first to make such statements. Even call centers are making their way back to Europe and the US. And other manufacturers are already moving to even low labor costs markets in Bangladesh and Vietnam. Where we found it: Inside Edge, a newsletter for corporate customers of AMEX


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