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The Gravel Days Of Old Bagnell 169 Atchinson Rd. Olean, MO 65064

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By Dwight Weaver The importance of gravel and sand is one of those subjects that seldom ever come to the minds of most Missouri citizens, unless they happen to be in the construction business, and yet these two substances are essential ingredients in the concrete we use in our buildings and highways. The principal use of sand and gravel is as an aggregate in concrete construction. Most of it comes from flood plains and deposits in major streams and results from the disintegration of bedrock by weathering. In the Osage River basin most of the gravel comes from layers of limestone and dolomite and is commonly referred to as

chert. Shapes range from smooth and round to angular and rough and come in sizes from tiny grains of quartz sand to chert cobbles and boulders. The construction of dams and highways generate the greatest need for gravel production, thus the profitability of such enterprises rise and fall with construction demands. Just imagine the amount of gravel that was required for the construction of Bagnell Dam since the Dam is made primarily of concrete. The massive structure used 553,000 cubic yards of concrete and all of the gravel used in the concrete came from the Osage River. Stone and Webster had their own gravel plant, as seen

in one of the photos (courtesy AmerenUE) that accompanies this article. However, roughly half of the gravel used was purchased from other sources including a gravel plant at Bagnell. The first Bagnell plant is shown in another photo (courtesy Gaylord Strange via Bruce James) taken in early 1929 when the Osage River was out of its banks in flood. A gravel operation was established at old Bagnell in 1923 when it was chosen as the site for a plant by the J. M. Hayes Company to furnish material for constructing state roads. The Hayes Company also had a plant on the Osage River at Osage City. Gravel was used on Missouri roads well before major highway construction began

in the state in the early 1920s. Gravel could not, however, defeat Missouri mud and clay when it rained. Missourians wanted out of the mud and ruts that bogged them down because the automobile had arrived. The Hayes Law, enacted in 1917 was Missouri’s first modern highway legislation. It shifted road-building responsibilities from the counties to the state. By 1923 road building was in high gear and huge amounts of gravel were needed. The gravel plant at Bagnell was destined to be one of Missouri’s first and most important rural commercial gravel-producing operations in the 1920s and 30s. The initial deposits of gravel this plant dredged from the river were near the

mouth of the Little Gravois Creek in a gravel bar 400 yards long and 20 feet wide. A clamshell mounted on a barge emptied the gravel into log bins 16 x 18 x 35 feet high. The gravel was shipped out on the Bagnell Branch Railroad after being cleaned and graded into four sizes. By 1925, the plant was operating two barges 60 feet in length made of heavy fir timber. The barges were built in Kansas City by ship carpenters. Each barge had a 100,000 pound capacity. “This gravel is being shipped to many parts of the state for use in highway construction and the demand for this material during the coming summer will be enormous,” said the

Miller County Autogram on March 12, 1925. That demand was realized. By June of 1925 the plant was operating 24 hours a day to meet the demand. The electricity for nighttime work was provided by the Boots Garage. Construction of the dam began in August 1929 and a new gravel mining operation was built west of the mouth of Little Gravois Creek. The Phoenix Sand and Gravel Company bought an island in the Osage River near the mouth of the creek from Dr. C. O. Brockman when it was determined that a vast deposit of gravel was beneath the island’s thin surface of soil. The island was eventually obliterated as the company

had a contract with Union Electric for 1,600,000 cubic yards of gravel. The company’s infrastructure at old Bagnell included its expansive gravel yards and bins as well as a mess hall, two bunkhouses, an office building, and numerous cottages. The operation employed 50 to 100 men. Fires, floods and changing times would work their ruin on old Bagnell, nearly wiping its landscape clean by the mid-1940s. Today, there is little left to suggest that Bagnell, during the 1920s and 30, had a substantial population, was a town of thriving business and industry, and was helping pave the roads of Missouri and build Bagnell Dam. l





Remembering The Old Highway To Bagnell Dam (Part 1) By Dwight Weaver

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Roadside businesses are like the people who own and operate them – they die from different causes. Some are short-lived while others survive for decades only to linger and suffer decline for years before they disappear. One of the primary enemies of roadside attractions is highway change. When major highways are improved or realigned, they leave abandoned segments of the old highway along the way. Business owners who know they are going to be by-passed respond in different ways. Some strike out for a new location well ahead of the change, which may or may not be successful because modern divided highways have limited access. Other attractions often wait until the change occurs and then discover they may not be able to sell their

business location profitably. One will occasionally survive because of unique traffic circumstances, especially if their trade is local and not transient, a hallmark of tourism. From 1931 until the mid-1970s, most of the traffic to Bagnell Dam came from the north, east and west by way of highways 40, 50, 52 and 63 to connect with U. S. Highway 54. Route 66 was not favored because connecting highways 17 and 5 were narrow, hilly, crooked and often not well maintained. Highways 42 / D were similar and usually shunned. Even today Highway 42 is considered time consuming and dangerous due to hills, curves, narrowness and the lack of shoulders. Traffic from the south and Arkansas has never been strong. It was even weak along Highway 54 west,

which brought Wichita traffic. Lake Taneycomo was created in 1913, Bull Shoals Lake in 1951 and Table Rock Dam & Reservoir in 1959. These lakes siphoned off lake recreation-seeking traffic from highways 65 and 73. The bulk of Lake traffic, even today, comes from Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. As most people of the upper Midwest will tell you, the lakes in their Great Lakes areas are too cold during most of the summer for swimming. U. S. Highway 54 from Jefferson City to Bagnell Dam underwent major renovations and realignment in the mid-1970s. The highway used to pass through Brazito, Hickory Hill and Mount Pleasant. The new highway skirted their edges but these are very short segments. Eldon was the com-

munity that suffered the greatest from the realignment of Highway 54. Between Eldon and the Dam were numerous tourist-oriented roadside businesses along several significant abandoned segments. This series of “remembrances” will reflect upon some of the business establishments that were once along these abandoned sections, beginning with the one that passed through Eldon on the way to the junction of highways 52 / 54. From the 1930s to the 1960s, Jefferson City’s Chamber of Commerce promoted their city as the “Key City to the Lake” while Eldon’s chamber promoted their city as the “Gateway to Lake of the Ozarks.” Eldon’s welcome sign greeted travelers in this way (see photo by L.L.Cook, Milwaukee). Eldon had more than eight lodging facilities that included hotels and motels. Now there are only two motels. There was a wildlife museum (which burned early on), Tom’s Monkey Jungle (see photo of the attraction’s brochure cover) located near where Orscheln Farm & Home is today, Tom Edward’s Ozark Theater downtown, and the

Corral Drive-in Theater. At the south edge of the city, the road curved eastward, carrying travelers downhill around two curves through the old turn-ofthe-century mineral spa community of Aurora Springs. Today, that area is simply a street in Eldon, the springs have mostly dried up, the businesses are gone, and places are overgrown with vegetation. There were one or two cottage camps along this stretch in the 1930s and 40s. Near where the old highway reaches the top of the hill, intersecting with Gensert Road, the highway used to bend sharply east (before the divided highway existed) to a point near where the Lake Ozark Speedway now sits and then turned south to Midway Road. The road from the hilltop through the length of Midway Road was noted for its roadhouses. One was housed in a building that resembled a World War II battleship. Names like the Hilltop Tavern, Shady Lawn Tavern and 88 Keys still ring bells in the minds of the old timers. But the absolute king of the roadhouses was Musser’s Ozark Tavern at the junction of today’s

Highway 52 / 54. Musser’s place will be featured in the next installment of this series. Two exiting Eldon roadside structures still reflect the style of local architects and developers of the 1930s and 40s. The Eldon welcome sign is framed in a style of rockwork called “giraffi rock,” and Randle’s Court (see photo by L. L. Cook, Milwaukee) is veneered with “cobblestone,” which is sometimes called field stone or Ozark diamonds. The next installment of the series will take us along Midway Road. l





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POLITICS Dinnwiddie 2010 Update

By: Randy Dinwiddie Commentary Here in the past several months I have been visiting all of the areas of 115. I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and help me plan what my next steps should be to help our people. Of all of the things that I have heard over the past year is the fear of no jobs in our area and that people were not able to find work. We can talk about the fact that there is no work or we can talk about the solution on how to bring work back. I prefer to do the latter. When all of us shop I feel it is imperative that we support our local business and the people of the United States first in what we buy. When people originally started shopping for the cheapy trinket chinese products, they did it because it put a little coin in their

pocket. You got to feel like you saved yourself a little money to do the extra things with. Now people are FORCED into buying products that are cheap from china in some respects because we have no jobs or money. I want jobs for district 115. I would love to see the people of this area wake up to the true problem that faces most everyone in my opinion.... GREED. Once we start to shop responsibly for items that support our people and our economy, we will force our Government to bring our jobs back to our country. For years American made products sat on the shelf, as those same companies were trying to pay for American family pay. They left because they could not be profitable. Its impossible to pay people without the same people you are trying to support buying your products and services.

There are 3 steps to success for every American in my opinion. 1) Support our country and allies that support our economy relentlessly, Buy American 2) Treat your employer like gold, and you will secure everyone's future 3) Shop Local. Where is your money going when it hits the bank tonight? Keep it local when you can. 4) Get ready for work. If these steps are followed this situation will fix itself. There are many different topics that need to be discussed. Because there are only 24 pages in this publication I will start with the one above and one final note. I am now on the Ballot for the November 2 General Election as an Independent candidate for state representative. I am a conservative, but I believe in spending 100% of my time

for the people that sent me there. No one wins until big Government Loses in my opinion. I would love the opportunity to continue to help Missouri families like I have for years. It's hard to make decisions for yourself, it's difficult to step out of the box and say "I have had enough of the same old lies and silver tongue promises. that some politicians have


been getting away with for years". We need a representative of the people and not special interest and lobbyists. I need your vote to bring home the trophy for 115. We can do it together. Vote in November and make a difference for your community. Don't Vote For A PARTY, You vote for the DealMaker. God Bless l



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FULTON 1001 Bluff St.

COLUMBIA 2116 Paris Rd.

ASHLAND 602 E. Broadway


Randy Dinwiddie 2010 District 115 INDEPENDENT (Candidate) Mo. House of Representatives General Operations Manager Deal Maker Merchant Networks, LLC. Raven Financial Group Mid Missouri Post United Auto Recovery Agents “I think we all can agree that America is still a great Nation, and a wonderful place to live. However, there are some things we need to address that concern not only the welfare of ourselves, but to our children as well.” “What kind of people would allow our big brother Government to continue to spend, spend, spend, and let our children and grandchildren inherit a National budget deficit upwards of 4 trillion dollars? “Have we been convinced that “our vote does not count,” and the ones who have power in Government will continue to do as they please, no matter what we say or do as Americans? “Responsibility has to begin somewhere. Let us voters in district 115, Missouri, be the ones who take a stand for what we know is right. The power of the people is still there – (written in our Constitution.) We, the people, do count, our voices and actions still bring consequences, whether it be rewards, or turmoil, we still reap what we have sown.” “We the people, cannot afford to continue to “look the other way,” while hoards of pencil pushing, pork-barrel fattened, incumbents, allocate, and appropriate our hard-earned tax dollars into self-interest projects that only

serve to make the rich richer, and the poor poorer.” “We have the power through our vote, to shift the powers that be – back to the people. We have to take back our great country, and yank it out of the hands of those who abuse their seat in the house, by saying one thing – and doing another.” “I am totally appalled at the blatant, self serving, attitude and corruption, some of the leaders of this country have shoved down the throats of honest, hard working Americans.” “Where do we start to end some of the madness? It begins with YOU. When Americans take a stand at the polls, as well as in their own lives, that is when things begin to make a measurable difference.” Consider for a moment, should our children have to face a budget deficit of trillion and trillions of dollars, simply because we as a people, allowed big brother Government to roll roughshod over our lives, as though we did not even matter? “No – it does NOT have to be that way! You may think, “I am only one person, although I do not agree that Government should get bigger, more invasive, and ever quick to trample all over our Godgiven civil rights, what can I do”? “You can decide to be responsible enough to find out what is really going on behind the “closed door,” sessions Congress has recently demonstrated. You can take a stand with many other Americans who have declared “enough.” You can cast a vote that counts to do something different.”

“Responsibility begins at home, in our own households, and in our own minds, and conscience. We cannot help but to “give an account,” of ourselves, by what we say and what we do. The intent of our own heart is made plain before all who have “eyes that see, and ears that hear.” “Are we taking account of our own actions, as well as the words we speak? If we are, then we should also know that we are taking responsibility for ourselves seriously. We can make a difference, right here, and right now, all we have to do is act and do that which we know is right.” “When we first set our own house in order, then the example we set before others begins to have impact on how they perceive us, and when that happens, they cannot help but to look at their own house, to evaluate the state of its order.” “This is how each of us can make a difference, for the better, of us all. When we go to the polls to cast the vote that counts, let it count for something that will elicit the bold forwarding of our district, which will stand as an example to raise the bar of accountability, and bring good things into the lives of ourselves, as well as others.” “I stand for accountability and transparency in our Government, I stand for each and every voice who wants to make a difference in district 115, I stand to give the power back to the republic, no matter their political viewpoint.” This power is guaranteed in our Constitution, all we have to do, is take a stand to take it back.” (Randy Dinwiddie) l





Winter Doesnt Have To Be Scary By: Randy Dinwiddie Publisher Deal Maker LLC It seems that every year there is a hypothetical "water faucet" screeching to an off position starting now. It's a time that all business owners don't like to think about or talk about. As much as no one likes to talk about the opportunity for improvement, I thought to bring this up and see if all of us could find a solution to the problems. The issue: In the winter we lose our tourist base and money is short throughout the lake area. Small business owners and residents alike feel a tremendous crunch starting in late October through April. The Question? What can we do as an area to keep our economy rolling these slow months out of the year? Not being a genius, I

wanted to leave the floor open to some of our readers to throw some wisdom on the subject. Feel free to mail in your ideas and we will publish a few of the best ideas. I do have an opinion on what we could try to do to stay afloat together this winter and it starts with everyone. It seems that most people have a mechanism inside of them that makes them want to stay indoors and flat out do as little as possible in the winter time. I guess you can call it Lake Hibernating...... What if we all made a commitment to do a little more to support each other by buying a few more products from local business? What if each local business tried to save back a little more for the next three months to try and keep our employees working year round like Burgers Smokehouse has done this

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year with their operations in California Mo this year. How about a commitment from everyone that we can count on each other this year? If we could all stay focused and not give up simply because its cold and the tourist money goes away, I think the lake area citizens could surprise one another. When you look around, no one is holding the other towns hands on how to keep their economy rolling in the winter and its time for our area to adopt into this same ruling. It's time to step it up in my opinion. We need a 12 month out of the year economy . We can have that when our citizens start spending more with your LOCAL merchants that try to support our area with jobs and descent salaries. Who is willing to stand up and kick old man winter in the keester

this year? It won't work until everyone in this area treats 12 months out of the year like the tourist months out of the year in my opinion. The old rust water spicket is squeaking to a shut off position on tourist season and this doesn't have to mean a long cold winter for our area. Deal Maker will be dropping our winter

advertising rates from November to May by 20% to accommodate all small business that needs winter business. Are you ready for that next step ? I think for years we have basically burried our head in the sand and just hoped for the best. I think we can and do better then that for our childrens sake. l



Truths To Treasure By Lorraine Richardson They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Last month I submitted the picture you see today of a crane and frog. It was omitted due to lack of space. However, I had ended my column with “Friends, if you feel like the two in the ‘Don’t Ever Give Up’ picture, remember – God could tickle that little froggie under his little front leggies; and free them both.” Not all problems in life are that easily solved. You may be going through a difficult time. If so, I’d like to share a few passages from God’s word with you. In times of trials and the stress that accompanies them, many turn from God, and the comfort they can receive. It is during these times that we need the most help. The psalmist, David, wrote “Cast they burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee…” (Ps. 55:22) He did not say that God would instantly remove the burden, but that he will help you to bear up under it.

Apostle Peter wrote these encouraging words to the persecuted saints of God who were going through great trials. “Cast all your care upon him, for he careth for you. (1 Peter 5:7) His advice to them and to us all may be understood to mean that we cast all care of ourselves, in every situation, upon God. The Son of God had no place to lay his head that was his own. He was despised, rejected, and tortured; even crucified. He not only rose from the grave- he ascended up to heaven. Having fulfilled his mission of dying to pay the penalty for our sins by his atoning death; he fulfills his intercessory role for us. That is, for those who believe in his name. “Seeing that we have a great high Priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God; let us hold fast our profession. For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like we are, yet

without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” (Heb. 4:1416) Truths to treasure today: God’s grace comes gift wrapped in love for “all” occasions. There is sustaining grace; grace to help in times of every need, and best of all-saving grace. “For by grace are you saved through faith….It is the gift of God.” (Eph. 2:8) l






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The Art Of The Deal How The Deal Maker Does It By Randy Dinwiddie Publisher: Deal Maker Merchant Networks LLc I have had many people come up to me and ask " How in the heck did you get that deal". Most of the time the people catch me in passing and all I can say is that "it is a give and take process". I wanted to go into the art of the deal with some of those that wonder how we come up with some of the deals that we do. The first most primary thing is that your customer must TRUST that you know what you are doing and that your business will help them and not hurt them. It takes years to get the really good deals by building the relationship. What I don't feel that the readers of this publication understand is the time that it takes and investment it takes on the advertiser and this company to bring deals to you.. Some readers don't feel right about using a coupon or some type of discount for a variety of reasons. All I can say to them is that if it saves you and your family money, don't be shy, USE

IT. This economic situation will not be getting better any time soon and people should take advantage of all kindness brought to you by your local business owners. Business owners want you to use their specials. There is a lot of time and money involved in placing a deal in this paper and when people do not use them, we have a lot of money and time wasted. Over the past 5 years we have done all we could do for our readers by bringing you the BEST DEALS. Many of our customers say that it comes back at a sluggish response, on the redemption levels. This is disheartening.. Everyone can be the DealMaker every time that you use one of these deals. We can keep our towns alive when we all work together and do our part. In closing, I cant mention how many times when I am out on the distribution route in Jefferson City Mo, that those readers are frothing at the mouth at some of our deals and ask why don't we have more deals for that area. We have been working on this. It

may come to the point that we will need to stop pressing the coupons in the paper and start placing them just on our website. If this is not something you want to see happen then it is paramount that our readers support our advertisers that give you the best deals. It seems pretty much a cut and dry thing for me. All of our readers are wonderful, and it takes cooperation from all to make this paper work for our communities. There are so many more things we could be doing for our public here at this paper. I need our up to 20,000 readers to be a deal maker this month and use the deals in Deal Maker. Stay cool and I'll see you next issue. Don't forget to keep saving those receipts every time you use one of our specials. In November the reader that has sent in the most receipts from their purchases will receive a $200.00 gift certificate straight from Burgers Smokehouse as a thank you from our families to yours for your patronage. November 2 is the cutoff for all mail ins. l




FEEL GOOD Andy Rides the Rails

By Beth McCain Andy swung his legs from the old worn bench as he waited for his mother and father. He was in charge of his little sister while his parents picked up the train tickets. This would be his very first train ride and he didn't know what to expect. He let his little sister play with the top that Aunt Berta had gotten him for Christmas. She sat on the ground in her white eyelet ruffles and watched the spinning toy go round and round. This kept Louise busy while Andy took in the smells and sights at the train depot. People rushed by getting one last hug in before their families would board the train. Babies cried, and women dabbed their eyes with their handkerchiefs as people departed one by one. Aunt Berta had bought the family tickets to come see her. He had never been to her house before. She always came to see their family. This

was a special treat and Mother had packed up lunches special for the trip. Cheese sandwiches and a new snack that his Aunt Berta had sent through the mail called graham crackers. When he crunched into those delightful concoctions he tasted a hint of molasses and cinnamon. It had become his new favorite treat. Mother and Pop came hurrying over. “Let's get it all together, kids. It's train time!” Andy grabbed his toy from his sister and Louise howled. Mother picked her up and wiped off her ruffles. “Andy, you let her on the ground in her nice white dress!” Mother clucked like a chicken as she picked up her carpet bag next to Andy. Pop took his hand and they all hurried over to a line of passengers waiting to get on the train. The conductor was resplendent in his pressed navy blue uniform and Andy immediately felt respect for this well dressed man. He yelled, “All aboard!” as the pas-

sengers made their way on the step box and up into the deep green of the Pullman-Standard coach. Andy wished he could yell that loud sometimes, but to get paid for it seemed like a dream. The conductor helped Andy up the stairs and into the steel monster. Andy could smell the burnt oil of the engine and it excited him no end to hear the hustle and bustle. Two brothers dressed in derby hats and swallow tail coats climbed aboard the train. They each had decks of cards, flipping them back and forth and enticing Andy to come over. “Hey, kid! Wanna learn a trick?!” Pop pulled up toward him. “Stay away from them, Andy. They are here to gamble.” Andy had no idea what that meant but it sounded bad so he steered clear of the two red headed men. They found their seats and Pop placed Andy by the window. “Open it up, son! You'll be able to hear the train.”

“He'll be just as able to hear the train with the window closed as well, Herbert,” Mother chided. People seemed to be rushing even quicker to get on the train and then Andy heard it: a loud pitched whistle that echoed over the hills. It was so loud that Louise jumped and began to cry. Mother consoled her as the train lurched forward.

Their journey had begun. The Santa Fe train was named The California Limited. Andy didn't know that trains had names until Pop told him the railroads named then "just like ships." The mighty locomotive picked up steam and began its clackity-clack journey to the orange groves of California. Read the rest of the story at



The Fastest Mouth in the West By Beth McCain They called him 'Pistol'. Not because of his shooting skills but because of his quick wit with the customers. Pete was his true name. He had come to the small western town to start a new life for himself. One that didn't include his past. So he got himself some work at the Madera House Hotel, cooking, cleaning, and doing whatever else they needed. He seemed to be the 'go to' guy. If you needed something fixed Pistol always found a way, or at least knew of someone who might know how. He was every man's friend and every woman's helper except, that is, for Mrs. Jonas Smith. Mrs. Smith—better known as 'The Widow'—was tough as nails. In those days it was a man's world except when it came to The Widow. Children were afraid to look her in the eyes for fear they would be turned to stone. And let's just say

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that everyone bowed down to the ol' widow queen everywhere she went. Except for Pistol. Pistol had known women like her in his past. They could chew up nails and spit them out, but under that bluster was a soft woman just wanting to be held. He was sure of it. Pistol had always stood up to a challenge and felt The Widow was a contest to be won. She owned half the town and another half of the next one, but lived in a large rambling house full of cats and

ivy. It was the only house in the old beat up town that had been there since the beginning. It began as a town full of promise. Prospectors coming in hopes of finding some gold in the nearby streams and striking it rich. It began to grow as families started to move there. A mercantile, hotel, and restaurant—along with a few saloons—were hastily built. One building was donated for a schoolhouse and that was how Minville was built. Read the rest of the story at

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