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other key locations, it is time for the next step: Developing a response plan. Who does what when an intrusion or theft occurs? If a monitoring company views the theft, do they verbally confront an intruder or notify the policy? Fortunately, the video system companies can answer these questions as well as help and determine the best locations for the video cameras and monitoring. GPS Tracking Remember the Georgia dealer who had his car stolen? He offered a $2,500 reward to hunt down the car’s thieves. However, if he had a GPS tracker in the car, he could have turned on the GPS system, located the car’s coordinates, and sent the police to the exact location. For many dealerships, GPS tracking systems play a dual role – as a consumer add-on and as a tracking device for the vehicles on their dealership lots. The process is relatively simple. A GPS tracking device installed in a vehicle sends out information about the location of that vehicle. That information goes to a GPS satellite, which sends the data to an operations center. From here, dealers can view the location of every vehicle in real-time. Often, the dealership uses the GPS system to create a geo-fence that triggers an alert should a vehicle leave that designated area. If the movement is unauthorized, the dealer can remotely shut down the vehicle or engage the alarm. GPS tracking is not new to the dealership marketplace. For years, Buy Here Pay Here dealerships have used GPS to track vehicles and remotely shut them down when owners failed to make payments. Because of how well these GPS programs work and because of technology advancements, other dealers are using GPS devices for security. Vehicle theft is up in the U.S. In fact, according to the FBI, every 44 minutes a car was stolen in 2012. This rise in auto theft, coupled with increased vehicle costs, makes protecting a fleet or lot inventory all the more important. Key control, video surveillance, and GPS tracking are three proven ways to protect a dealership and its investment. Steve Singleton, who has more than 25 years experience in the automotive business, is both the Founder and the Director of Operations of Security Key Systems. He and Security Key Systems have sold and installed thousands of key control, GPS and video surveillance systems dealerships across the United States. ...Your Success Is Our Business

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