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As a first-year rep for the DCSS Committee it gives you the opportunity to help run student events, meet many esteemed professionals, gives you the ability to make lifelong friends and looks great on your resume. Every year DCSS takes a few first years on board to show them the ropes of how the society works. If you’re motivated and able to put in some hard work the rewards are amazing. Keep an eye out on your Facebook page for how and when to apply!

Presidential Welcome Welcome to the 2019 DCSS! We at the Commerce Society are looking forward to meeting new people, including yourself, at the multitude of events we offer throughout the year. This includes career events designed to improve your future prospects alongside casual social events. Our primary aim for the year is to provide students such as yourself with internship and graduate opportunities, while enabling you to network with some of the region’s biggest employers. This is why we bring you events such as the Annual Alumni Event, the MAJOR Networking Afternoon, and the Corporate Commerce Cocktails. Such events will include major firms from across Geelong and Melbourne, such as CAANZ, CPA, FPA, LBW, and Barwon Financial Planning. Additionally, we also offer competitions and workshops to improve the employability and prospects of our members, for first year students. The DCSS does not only have an academic focus – we also have some of the most popular and celebrated social events in the Geelong region! Unlawful Business Launch; an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded students, followed by our famous TOGA PARTY; one of the biggest parties of the year across Deakin Geelong. Followed by multiple popular themed party events, alongside Commerce Ball. Our year will then be concluded by a new major party event – details await, stay tuned… If you have any concerns or queries, shoot me an email or contact me through Facebook. I’m happy to help students and looking forward to meeting multiple new faces throughout the year – make sure to say hi! Best Regards,

Joshua Ball President of DCSS 2019

DCSS Committee Executive Team President Joshua Ball jebal@deakin.edu.au

Secretary Jane Kosutic jkosutic@deakin.edu.au

Treasurer Ben Kenworthy bkenwort@deakin.edu.au

Careers Portfolio Vice President William Harrison wharrison@deakin.edu.au

Director James Sofianos jsofianos@deakin.edu.au

Director Dave Rubite dave.rubite@deakin.edu.au

Functions Portfolio Vice President Alannah Matchett amatchett@deakin.edu.au

Director Laura Buykx ljbuykx@deakin.edu.au

Director Charlie Francis cafranci@deakin.edu.au

Marketing Portfolio Vice President Alice Crichton acrichto@deakin.edu.au

Director Jamie Cullum jcullum@deakin.edu.au

Director Courtney Johnson cajohnson@deakin.edu.au

Community & Sport Portfolio Vice President Kyle Meyer kmeyer@deakin.edu.au

Director Elli Bagg bagge@deakin.edu.au

Director Tom Dixon dixont@deakin.edu.au

DCSS Functions First Year’s Welcome Event & Afterparty - Friday 15th March This event is the first Commerce Society event for the year and is exclusively aimed at creating an opportunity for the First-Year students to network and make friends. It will also be held in conjunction with the Deakin Law Student’s Society.

Commerce Ball Friday 10th May Make sure you’re looking your best for DCSS’ annual commerce ball; which is always a sold-out event. The night will consist of dinner, drinks and dancing followed by an afterparty at a Geelong nightclub. We can’t reveal our surprise theme for this year’s ball but believe us; it’s a great one! So, get your friends together and your best suit or gown for our best night of the year!

The afternoon will begin with guest-speakers and a Q&A panel made up of lecturers and industry professionals. This will be followed by a casual after party to allow the students to get to know each other! Toga Party -Sunday 31st March Renowned as one of our best events of the year; this is one not to be missed! Toga Party is a Commerce event that has been run for many years; this year it will be held at Bloom nightclub. Wear your best mythical God costume and get excited to drink and dance the night away; this will be one for the history books!

Cocktail Night Friday 26th July Held for the firsttime last year at Lamby’s Nightclub Geelong; this is a night to let your hair down and forget about the Tri 1 exams you just completed and the assignments already building up for Tri 2. Your ticket will give you access to hours of unlimited drinks, snacks and entry afterwards to the nightclub.

Charity Night- Friday 23rd August Need an excuse to go out and have a big night? Why not come to this event where all proceeds go to a worthy charity. With last year’s Op Shop theme tying into the Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale Charity; we look forward to this year’s event to give back to the community... and have a few drinks while we’re at it! AGM & Afterparty- Friday 20th September Have you enjoyed our events this year and feel like becoming a part of the team? Come to our Annual General Meeting to be voted

onto the committee for 2020 and enjoy the afterparty crawl later on to all the best pubs and clubs in Geelong.

End of Exams Party Boat & Afterparty- Friday 18th October This is the first year that the DCSS will be hosting a Boat Party and we are super excited! It will be a great night to celebrate the end of exams and the start of the summer holidays. Bring your friends, enjoy a great night out at sea and join us at the afterparty for the last Commerce Society event for the year.

DCSS Careers Business and Alumni Lunch- 22nd of March, Trimester 1 This event is a lunch where both alumni and business come and speech with the students of Deakin university. This aims to assist students in recognizing where their degree can take them and to see where their degree has taken others in a goal to broaden students’ knowledge. Communication with business will assist students in widening their network connections and help them see what skill employers are looking for within the hiring process. Corporate cocktails -April, Trimester 1 Corporate cocktails is a joint event with the Burwood DCSS committee and is where students from both Melbourne and Geelong gather to talk to many business’ with in the Geelong and Melbourne area. This event can assist in students’ knowledge of business and can allow them to gain further and strengthen their own network connections or even a chance to gain an internship.

ASX share game -15th of July, Trimester 2 This event is built around the ASX share market and puts students against each other for a prize and bragging rights. The student has made the most profit, but the end of the three weeks will be deemed the overall winner. Our social media will keep the community updated on who is leading and maybe even a few other facts. This is free to join and fun from beginning to end. Major and Business speed dating - 17th July, Trimester 2 This event puts lectures and business against the clock as they will have only three minutes to describe their Major or business. One lecturer will be chosen from each of the commerce majors so each student can see what each major is like and what is expected to occur during the major. Lecturer will speak for 3 minutes, no more and no less, the they will each have a 2-minute questions period. Then each business person will have 3 minutes to speak about what they expect from a student who has finished their degree.

Skills Seminar- 2nd September, Trimester 2 This event is in collaboration with spark Deakin and is where a number of mini lectures are hosted to help students build upon their soft skills. Soft skills include, leadership, communication, public speaking and teamwork, these skills are all skills looked for by business in new employees and can assist you in becoming more hirable. There will be an afternoon tea catered for after the lectures have been concluded.

DCSS Community and Sport The Community and Sport portfolio will also be hosting and running many other charity and social events throughout the year like The Biggest Morning Tea and the DCSS Blood Drive to name a few. Keep an eye out on the Deakin Commerce Society Facebook page and other social media platforms to stay up to date on how you can get involved.

Barefoot Bowls- 5th April Trimester 1

Trivia Night – 11th April, Trimester 1 Gather some friends and get down to the Annual DCSS Trivia Night! For the second year running the trivia is a marquee early year event. Rack your brains to answer some Commerce and general knowledge trivia, to go into the running to win some awesome prizes (including a ticket to our annual COMMERCE BALL). The event, aimed at first/second years will allow students to learn about the courses they are partaking in and offers the chance to meet some awesome people whilst making the most of the pizza and drinks on offer for the night. Finally, end the night at The Deck for some cheap bevs and a good time!

Slate Night- 23rd May Trimester 1 & Trimester 2 TBD Grab a mate and enter the DCSS Billiards Competition.

First Year Experience

Last year was such a resounding success that this year we will be hosting TWO nights, one in Trimester 1 and one in Trimester 2 at Geelong’s infamous pool lounge Slate.

Being in your first year of uni can be daunting. Where to park, where to sit, where the hell is that seminar classroom! Just the language that Deakin uses can be hard to wrap your head around.

A fun night featuring a single elimination billiards comp but with plenty of other tables for games for those who get eliminated early, not to mention Slate insane drink specials that will be running on the night. The DCSS Billiards Night is a can’t miss social event on the University calendar, we can’t wait to see you there!

But breath! Deakin provide so many opportunities to help you transition well from high school to uni. First thing, get as many freebees as you possibly can at Oweek, attend your first week lectures as the lectures know you are new and will offer tips and tricks for surviving the trimester. Another note is that lecturers tend to offer the most support to people who ask and people who show up. Another good way to get involved is by joining the mentor program for Buslaw students. My mentor saved me from many near meltdowns during my first year, including helping me find my lecture theatre and advising me how best to study for 4 exams in a week. The one other bit of advice I would have is to say “YES” to every opportunity that you get given during your first trimester. During your first month you will be asked if you want to be a firstyear representative for the Deakin Commerce Student Society. Last year I said yes to this opportunity and it snowballed into saying yes to a lot of other things such as tree planting with recruiters from Deloitte and making some of the best friends. It was an amazing opportunity and made the transition from school to uni so much simpler knowing I had the support of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years in the committee to help me. Good Luck! - Elli Bagg

Transition to Deakin The transition to a university lifestyle can be difficult and take a long time to adjust to, especially if you have to move out of home! The DCSS is here to ease the pain by helping you make new friends, providing careers information and offering study advice. The main difference you will notice at Deakin is the style of learning. You’re not in a classroom 8 hours a day and you’re not given nightly homework. You are expected to do nearly all of your learning in your own time. Lectures, seminars, assignments and your own learning should total 40 hours each week across four units! This will increase dramatically for commerce students around exam time. Not to meantion balancing this with a part time job and trying to have a social life. DCSS have complied a short list of important resources and basic instructions on how to use them.

Basic Information The Cloud and online resources The Deakin website is easier to use with all relevant and usful sections all in one area. DeakinSync (found under the current student tab) now links many areas together for convenience: Cloud Deakin- an online learning hub where you can access lectures, seminar questions and answers, assessments and discussion boards to aid your study. Student Connect is a resource where you can add, remove jubjects, generate invoices and access your exam timetable and results from STAR. We highly recommend using this to aid job hunting or even to book appoitments to get someone to look over your resume.

Important areas around Deakin Student Central Located at both Waterfront and Waurn Ponds Campuses which offers course advice, administration needs and can provide general information about courses, student cards, enrolment, parking permits and overseas study units!

Medical Centre Offers students many services such as vaccinations, STI checks, pregnancy tests, general health enquiries and mental health services.

DUSA Office Located at both campuses and offers many services such as free legal advice, opportunity to play sport locally or at university games, academic help and general events and courses they put on during the year.

Getting to Deakin and parking There are many ways to get to Deakin, the main being driving and parking on campus. Parking is available from 8:30-4:40 with valid parking permits or in the limited number of other parking spaces. Daily permits are available at ticket machines or online through the Cellopark app. There is also public transport which can get you to either Moorabool Street or on Waurn Ponds Campus. Lastly there is an intercampus shuttle bus which runs frequently from BVAC. This is a free service accompanied with free parking- only thing required is student ID to get on.

Tips -Don’t leave things until the last minute -Do get others to check over your work -Attend all classes and ask as many questions as you can -Seek help from whoever you can, get to know your lectures

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