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Begin your journey towards success! With the 2019 teaching period right around the corner, The DCSS would like to welcome all the new and old faces at Deakin. Deakin is where dreams and aspirations can be fully achieved within a positive and friendly environment. Turning your aspirations into reality can be difficult and daunting. This transition requires preparation whilst you’re studying to create a solid foundation to build upon your future. The DCSS’s goal is to bring you (the student) closer to your ambitions through our wide range of events. These events aim to bring you closer to business and people in business, to build upon you soft skills and to assist you in understanding all the pathways your degree can take you. These events are based on your progression to the finish line to help you be a better and more successful student. Best of luck, Will Harrison

Success stories from past Deakin students! “I made the most of my degree by planning it out. Simply put I utilized the awesome career/ course planning to maximize the amount of internships I could do. It all slotted into place like a jig-saw puzzle in the end. With internships from IBM and Deloitte it was easy to prove I had the track record to land my dream job. Everyone has that same commerce degree, you need to add value to it through societies (DCSS wink) and relevant Internships.” - Thomas Szmidel, Product Strategist at Appster

“A university qualification is no longer enough to land a job. The DCSS provides the perfect platform to network with members of the student body, faculty and industry. These connections helped me to pursue international study opportunities (a ‘must’ for all students) pursue internship and take advantage of opportunities within the university.” - James Banks, Graduate Lawyer at Lander & Rogers

“I was very fortunate to be offered my dream Graduate role following the completion of my Vacation Work internship in Deloitte Private, Business Advisory Services; super thankful for the opportunities I was given on top of my degree to make it possible!” - Monique McKenzie, Graduate, Deloitte Australia

It’s your journey…

Make the most of Internships!

Congratulations on taking the first step to starting your career. Deakin is great as you can tailor your degree to best suit your interests and ambitions. Through Deakin’s many opportunities including work placement, internship opportunities and study abroad programs, you can stand out to employers and get that job you’re dreaming of! Start planning your course now by checking http://www.deakin.edu.au/course/bachelor-commerce


Use your first year to build the foundation for your studies, from second year you can pick a major and extend your career focused knowledge. Choosing a major depends upon your interests and where you want to see yourself after graduating. Going through all the lectures and units in first year is vital in making this decision. Consider joining the Student Mentor Program to gain support with the transition to Deakin and joining a range of the clubs and societies. Course advisors are always available for you to chat to on campus if you ever need guidance. Students with a range of international experiences are highly regarded by employers, so don’t be afraid to take up one of Deakin’s many study abroad experiences. This can be as exciting as visiting Wall Street, the United Nations or visiting big businesses in Shanghai and Beijing. President of DCSS 2019

Internship Units Working in the industry and gaining real life experience while getting a credit for that is an effective way of learning and Deakin offers a set of internship units just to enable that, including: • • • • • • • • •

MWL201 Community Based Volunteering MWL202 Team Projects MWL203 Work Based Learning MWL204 Global Business Experience MWL301 Team Internship MWL303 Business Internship MWL304 Advanced Business Internship MWL311 Industry Based Learning (3mth) MWL312 Industry Based Learning (6mth)

For more information, please follow: http://www.deakin.edu.au/students/faculties/buslaw/enhanceyour-study/wil-programs

Deakin Talent Students can find various internship opportunities based on their field of interest at Deakin Talent. After you have organized your profile, you can become a part of several communities, connect with people and apply for various opportunities which come up.

How to gain practical experience? Personal Insight Unit Getting ready for a placement in future is an integral part of actually getting into a job. In order to prepare students for placement opportunities, Deakin University has introduced a first year unit with the name of Personal Insight. This unit prepares students by asking them to select a role they see themselves in after their degree, help them prepare an effective resume for employers and go through interview practices as well. However, the important part of the whole unit is that it helps students gain a clear picture as to what they are passionate about, what they want to become in future and helps them draw a clear pathway for themselves – a roadmap to their dream job.

A first-year program This program is a short course that normally goes on for 1-2 days. An organization runs it to give students an opportunity to educate themselves about how things work and also about their businesses. It is highly beneficial to attend these programs because when u apply for vacation programs or internships in future, you may already be familiar with few people working there and they would have a sound impression of you. These programs run through September each year where the applications for these programs open mid-year. You should be enrolled in the first year of university degree to be eligible for these programs.

Work Placement Program

An internship

To help students coming from low socio-economic background (LSES), Deakin University has a program in place i.e. Work Placement Program. Based on the grant from the Common Wealth Government via Higher Education Participation Programme (HEPP),

An internship is a program that can run for 9-12 months or sometimes even 3 years. These programs are built to introduce people to an organisation on a full-time basis when you are studying part time. With these internship programs you could land a graduate job offer when you complete your degree. Towards the completion of your degree students can also be eligible for credits on their degree for completing an internship see over the page to find out how to get credit, and how to look for internships via Deakin! Internship applications generally start early so make sure that you are prepared and know when the applications would close for the year.

Deakin University provides public, private and volunteer organizations with the opportunity to have a student on placement on permanent basis for four weeks’ time.

DCSS Career Sponsors CAANZ

CAANZ ‘intent is to proactively shape the profession of the future by developing opportunities for our members that build value for themselves, their clients and the communities in which they live and work’ (CAANZ 2019).

Financial Planning Association of Australia ‘FPA is Australia’s leading professional association for financial planners which represents the interests of the public and 14,000 members’. FPA's online destination offering many tips and inspiring stories to help improve financial wellbeing. Gain access to ‘the CFP® designation, the highest financial planning certification worldwide’ Also offering a range of 'professional development through online learning and events around Australia’. ‘FPA better financial advice will influence the financial wellbeing of all Australians’ (FPA 2019).

CPA ‘A Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) is a finance, accounting and business professional with a specific qualification.’

‘Being a CPA is a mark of high professional competence. It indicates a soundness in depth, breadth and quality of accountancy knowledge.’

‘Our core services to members include education, training, technical support and advocacy. Employees and members work together with local and international bodies to represent the views and concerns of the profession to governments, regulators, industries, academia and the general public’ (CPA 2019).

Ernst & Young

‘We want to build a better working world through our own actions and by engaging with like-minded organisations and individuals. This is our purpose — and why we exist as an organisation.’ ‘We want to use our global reach and scale to convene the conversation about the challenges facing economies and the capital markets.’ ‘When business works better, the world works better.’ (EY 2018).

Advisory Partners ‘We are a team of integrated professional

advisors building a client-first environment that promotes service, integrity, community values and independence.’ ‘Our experience, expertise and passion means our clients reliably receive advice and quality service without unnecessary red tape’ (AP 2019). Consistently exhibiting these core values has resulted in Advisory which include:

How to travel and study? Exchange Programs Want to study a whole trimester abroad? It is possible at Deakin University with Study Exchange Programs. Students are able to study at one of the Deakin’s partner universities abroad for the whole trimester. This is arguably a unique way of studying where you can add a credit towards your degree whilst exploring the world!

Global Citizenship Program One of the key aspects which employers look in the fresh gradates is whether they are culturally and globally aware or not. In order to show off for that, Deakin has introduced the Global Citizenship program. This programs helps you build your global citizenship when you go abroad for study or related purposes like university led internship. On completing 100 points, you are rewarded with Global Citizenship award.

Low on Cash? Travel grants, OS-HELP, government subsidies and youth allowances have practically removed the hurdle of cash for students. You can follow more at: http://www.deakin.edu.au/students/global-studyopportunities/costs-and-funding- opportunities

Extra-Curricular Activities Become a DCSS First Year Representative As part of the DCSS first year representative program, any commerce student undertaking their first year of study has the opportunity to become a valued member of the DCSS Committee as a First Year Representative. Each first year representative provides assistance by helping organise functions, promoting DCSS events and actively participating in committee meetings. By joining the DCSS as a first year representative you open the door to a world of opportunity and demonstrate your commitment to developing your professional skills such as networking, initiative, timemanagement and more. The value of becoming a DCSS first year representative is highly recommended to develop personal skills such as communication and interpersonal relationships, highly sought after trait by employers from all industries. Our large team of committee members from new Directors to final year presidential members are here to help you and welcome all newcomers into the DCSS family. Become a Connect Leader Connect leaders are volunteer students with extensive experience as a Deakin Student who are responsible for helping all new students by answering any questions they have, giving directions to classes, taking tours around the university and more.

Become a Student Mentor The Business and Law Student Mentor Program offers students to pass on their knowledge as a mentor to 3 to 5 first year student mentees. As a student mentor you are responsible for assisting first year students in their transition to university life and becoming proud members of Deakin University. Student Mentors help new students with all aspects of university life, from showing them the best way to get to class, to providing instruction on study techniques and how to make the most of Cloud Deakin and the Library facilities.

Become a Deakin Student Ambassador Deakin University periodically recruits experienced and suitable student ambassadors to help in promoting recruiting events for students leaving high school. Open Day and school visits are just a few of the events ambassadors attend to help high school students understand why Deakin is the best choice they will ever make, so keep an eye on Uni Hub for any availabilities. Participate in DCSS Competitions Demonstrate your commerce knowledge, display your business acumen and put what you learn from your classes to the test in a healthy and fun competitive setting by participating in the DCSS Competitions. The DCSS run a variety of competitions requiring you to work in teams, collaborate with others, think quickly and be efficient with your time, all in a fun environment against our peers and fellow commerce students. Show your worth to potential employers by demonstrating your skills and strengths in these challenging and worthwhile competitions.

Volunteering Opportunities Deakin Commerce Students’ Society One of the largest and dynamic students’ society in Deakin University has a number of volunteer work opportunities which can open several other opportunities for students based on their experiences. Students can sign up for several community-based volunteer events such as: •

Sleep at the G

Mother’s day classic

Good Friday Appeal

Red Shield Appeal

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for further information regarding these events. Deakin UniHub Apart from internships and graduation positions, Deakin’s UniHub also offers a range of volunteering opportunities. Students can look for the volunteer positions via search tab in UniHub and can make the most out of both community based and industry based volunteer roles which are enriched with a lot of learning experiences. Deakin Jobshop Provides a great platform to students so they are able to involve themselves in volunteer activities and gain meaningful experiences. Keep an eye on Deakin Jobshop events page to stay updates with the events: https://unihub.deakin.edu.au/students/events

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