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Forward A Safe Family is a Happy Family Story: Chris Forsberg & Jay Franklin Art: Chris Forsberg

Tommy Zombie

Story: Gary Farmer Pencils: Ike Racho Inks & Lettering: Mark Lone


Story: Gordon Hurley Art: Eric Shloyda

Black Box

Story: Jay Franklin Art: Mark Lone

Published contents © 2010 Deaf Mute Press. All stories and art © their respective creators. Cover art by Bill Dinh. Design and layout by T.J. Powell.


You don’t have to be a dork to read and collect comics. Nor do you have to admit to enjoy looking at chiseled men running around in spandex (not that there is anything wrong with that). I used to consider myself one of the “normal guys” of the comic-collecting world, and not your average dorky fanboy. However, as I sit down to write this forward, I’m slowly coming to grips with the realization that I am, indeed, a HUGE DORK since I was one of the founding members of an online “club” based off of a comic book. To determine how this might have happened, rewind to three or four years ago, when Danny (“MutantKeys”), Shawn (“Pitboss”), Chris (“ffcomics”), and myself (“EvilAsh”) met on the CGC message boards and became great friends due to our love of zombies, horror films, and of course The Walking Dead comic! In Halloween of 2008, we decided to start and run our own message board, The Walking Dead Club. This message board was supposed to be our own little slice of the internet, where we didn’t have to worry about cursing and censoring and were free to discuss anything from horror films to “Thong of the Week” contests. Over the last two years, our small club has grown to nearly 30 members, most of which I consider very close and lifelong friends. Sometimes, being a huge dork brings people together. This comic that you hold in your hands showcases a love of horror by a group of friends who are certainly not “normal guys,” and they wouldn’t want things any differently. Enjoy,


Thank you to our generous donors, without whom this publication wouldn’t be possible: Jerel Speck, Kathryn Rothrock, Heff, Gravelbucket, Dave De Reu, & Cheryl Lynn.

Rednecks, booze, zombies, and a monster truck.

Welcome to...

by Jay Franklin

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Tales from the dead  

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