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Deaf Empowerment Awareness Foundation, Inc. (DEAF, Inc.) was founded in 2008 with the mission:

to empower, raise awareness, and bridge a sustainable foundation of communication and equal access to both the deaf/ hard of hearing and the hearing communities. As a charitable organization, DEAF, Inc. is not profit driven. Instead, 100% of all proceeds, after administrative expenses, go to programs designed to provide services for deaf/ hard of hearing, hearing individuals, and the community as a whole to ensure effective communication and cultural awareness. This purpose is accomplished through a vision:

meaningful unity of community outreach, training, education, advocacy, media, visual arts, and interpreting. The vision reflects a strong sense of community where the deaf/hard of hearing and hearing communities are empowered and aware of the importance of equal access to all. As a non-profit organization that is of, by, for, and with the deaf and hard of hearing, we are customers of our own interpreting services. DEAF, Inc. is committed to quality, and we expect nothing less than the best. At the end, our motto remains the same:

“It’s all about communication.”

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DEAF, Inc. 2014 Annual Report  

DEAF, Inc. 2014 Annual Report  

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