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Diversity as richness.. NETWORKING




. .knowledge exchange as method. GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP AND


NETWORKING AND ADVOCACY We create networks and participate in national and international platforms for: ! The defense of family agriculture ! The protection of the environment and biodiversity ! The spreading of regenerative agricultural methods

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION We fight poverty, economic and social inequalities by setting up rural development programs. We work to: ! Ensure Food Sovereignty and Food Security ! Protect the environment and biodiversity ! Spread Regenerative and Organic Agriculture (ROA) ! Enhance responsible tourism and micro-entrepreneurship ! Promote co-development Since 1998 we have worked in: " 7 Countries " Over 6,000 farming families

" More than 700 rural communities " 15 local networks and civil society organizations

REGENERATIVE AND ORGANIC AGRICULTURE We organize Regenerative and Organic Agriculture courses for farmers, cooperatives, trade associations, technicians and even gardening amateurs. We also provide technical assistance and follow-up services in Italy and abroad. Regenerative Organic Agriculture (ROA) allows the production of healthy and quality food available to everyone, by: ! Maximizing company resources ! Reducing production costs ! Eliminating the need for synthetic inputs ! Combining modern scientific knowledge with ancient agricultural wisdom

We sowed the first ROA seed in Italy in 2010 and since then, together with more than 2,000 farmers and ranchers, we work to regenerate soils and societies.

GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP AND ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION We work with schools, teachers, educators and local networks implementing education programs for sustainability among kids and adults. We strive to empower people in their life and consumption decisions and we work to create communities where harmony between people and the environment is the key value.

A REGENERATED SOCIETY IS POSSIBLE WITH YOUR SUPPORT Donations: # IBAN IT30L0558401661000000002257 $ PayPal Donate part of your income taxes (5 x mille) entering our fiscal code 13164890157 in your tax return, as regulated by your national laws

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