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Sophia Starmack | Questions

Who? Dieterich Buxtehude (1637?-1707) Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) Anna Magdelena Wilcke Bach (1701-1760) Elizabeth Linett Phillips (1958- ) Sophia Gould Starmack (1980- ) What? There is always an art under the art. All good poets I can think of got their start as painters (Joni Mitchell) or musicians (Tomas Tranströmer). For me, music, always music. When? In 1705, the twenty-year-old Bach walked 250 miles from Arnstadt to Lübeck, in order to find the great Dutch organist Buxtehude. They had never met. There were no recordings; Bach knew of the master only through copies of sheet music and murmurs. In 1992, my mother, Elizabeth Phillips, completed her undergraduate degree in vocal performance. She was 34 years old, a single mother with three daughters and a secretary’s minimal income. To my mind, these pilgrimages are the stuff of genius. Art can only be accomplished through bodily will.

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