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DEADLINE NEW TUBE Deadline’s new global television showcase offers a look at some of the most vibrant content in the international television arena BY D I A NA L O D D E R H O S E


projects and talent across the globe

to air a second season of the series in


that are shaking up the offshore

the U.S. later this year. Then there’s its


marketplace. As local content and IP

hybrid music and dating show Love At

where we unite top distribution chiefs,

becomes increasingly important outside

First Song, which was a huge network

showrunners and talent with an

of local markets, we thought that now

hit in Vietnam, South Korea and

audience of global buyers, producers

would be the absolutely perfect time

Malaysia after it debuted in 2018 with a

and TV execs as they present some of

to highlight this movement with an

U.S. version now in the works.

their buzziest shows across scripted

event that can showcase some of these

and unscripted content.

unique properties.

There’s no question that the

We’re so excited to kick off our

As ViacomCBS begins ramping up its global presence, we get the scoop from Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Méndez

landscape for global television

inaugural New Tube event with some

about his role in upcoming Paramount+

content is more fertile than ever, with

fantastic shows spanning across Asia,

original The Envoys, directed by Oscar-

the mantra “local content for local

Latin America and Europe. We’re talking

winner Juan José Campanella, as well

markets” becoming a key phrase that

with CJ ENM, the South Korean giant

as Fauda creator Michal Aviram about

is oft repeated by studio and streamer

behind Oscar-winning film Parasite and

her upcoming six-part terrorist drama

execs as they expand their tentacles

one of Asia’s largest entertainment

series Munich Match.

into various international territories. If

companies, about how it has

you can get a format or program that

capitalized on the voracious appetite

back and fully absorb and enjoy this

works locally and can travel into other

audiences have for unscripted music

unique gathering that will offer you

markets, well, that’s the golden ticket.

entertainment. The company talks to

insight through some illuminating

us about its hugely successful format I

conversations and exclusive clips of

we do internationally is to shine a

Can See Your Voice, which has 23 global

shows that are set to make waves in the

spotlight on burgeoning and established

adaptations worldwide with Fox set

global television arena.

Here at Deadline, a key part of what

So, now all that’s left to do is sit


CJ ENM 8:04am - 8:25am

Love At First Song

HeayYoung Na (Development Producer) Diane Min (Head of Format Sales)

I Can See Your Voice

Sun-young Lee (Original Creator) Diane Min (Head of Format Sales)

VIACOMCBS 8:25am - 8:46am

The Envoys

Luis Gerardo Méndez (Actor, Producer)

Munich Match

Michal Aviram (Creator, Executive Producer, Writer)


MEET THE MODERATORS The Deadline staffers who’ll be guiding you through this virtual event



Rosy joined Deadline recently in July 2021, as senior TV reporter, where she will cover the small-screen industry, continue to lift up talent from marginalized communities and spearhead diversity and inclusion cioverage. She has previously worked at Entertainment Weekly. Before that, in her freelance career, she wrote for Deadline, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and the New York Daily News. She is based in Los Angeles.








Sun-young Lee is an executive

HeayYoung Na has been responsible for

Diane is currently the head of

producer, senior creator and director

content development of projects such

format sales at CJ ENM, overlooking

of South Korean content and media

as Love At First Song and Bet Your Vibe,

non-scripted and scripted format

company CJ ENM. She has worked in

the latter of which she worked on with

distribution of America, Europe, SEA

the television industry for more than

Propagate Content. She’s co-developed

and MENA region for 16 cable networks.

18 years, specifically in the fields of

The Society Game with ESG, Kids In

She joined CJ ENM in 2010 and was

producing, directing and development.

Power and 7 Days To Win Your Business

responsible for finished tape sales

She has produced various non-scripted

with Gil and co-developed Cooking

for China, SEA, America, Europe and

television shows across dating, reality

Box with Banijay’s Dry Media. She’s

MENA. Since she has been leading

and music entertainment formats.

helped launch international versions

format sales, she has successfully

In the last decade, she’s been mainly

of CJ ENM entertainment shows in

commissioned more than 50 format

focused on creating music programs,

diverse territories, from localizing

deals globally, including I Can See Your

such as Show Me The Money, Superstar

and developing the formats for each

Voice for 20 countries including the U.S.

K, The Call, I-Land and I Can See Your

territory, consulting during production

(Fox), UK (BBC One), Germany (RTL),

Voice, the latter of which has sold to

and managing the international

Holland (RTL$) and more as well as

more than 20 countries.

productions. Examples include I Can

commissioning Grandpas Over Flowers

See Your Voice for U.S. development

(Better Late Than Never) to NBC in the

and pilot production with Fox, Malaysia,

U.S. and 10 more countries.

the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Romania, Thailand as well as Love At First Song in Vietnam, Malaysia and South Korea.



Peter, who joined Deadline in 2017, is a respected veteran TV journalist who previously worked at UK-based Broadcast, where after starting there in 2013, he rose to News Editor and was responsible for putting together the weekly magazine as well as breaking daily news. Before that, he was deputy editor of Television Business International magazine. He covers the television industry from Deadline’s Los Angeles bureau.





Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Méndez is

Israeli screenwriter Michal Aviram

best known for starring in and exec pro-

is known for her work on acclaimed

ducing Netflix’s first Spanish-language

espionage series Fauda. The global hit

original comedy series Club De Cuervos.

show has had three series on Netflix,

He also recently finished filming the

with Aviram currently writing a fourth.

upcoming season of Narcos: Mexico for

Other credits include The Baker and

Netflix. Méndez stars in Paramount+

the Beauty, which was licenced to ABC

original series The Envoys (Los Envia-

and Orpheus Project. She is the creator

dos), the eight-part thriller directed

behind Munich Match (working title),

by Juan Jose Campanella. He has a

the upcoming six-part drama series

first-look deal as a producer with Para-

from ViacomCBS’ CBS Studios, Sky

mount+ for Spanish-language projects.

Studios and Amusement Park Film. The

Méndez crossed over into the American

story, which Aviram writes with Martin

market in groundbreaking fashion with

Behnke, is set 50 years after the Munich

Netflix original feature Murder Mys-

Massacre, a horrific and traumatic

tery, where he starred opposite Adam

terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympic

Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. He’s also

team in 1972. Aviram also teaches

had roles in Sony’s feature Charlie’s

screenwriting at university online and

Angels, directed by Elizabeth Banks,

in 2017, she won Best Screenwriter at

and Mexican titles Cantinflas, The Noble

Israel’s Academy Awards.

Family and Bayoneta. He exec-produced and starred in Focus Features comedy Half Brothers, inspired by events that occurred in his life.


SHOWS CJ ENM Love At First Song CJ ENM’s Love At First Song is a hybrid music and dating show that matches people looking for their soulmates through musical taste. Without seeing one another, the matched pair practice together and on the day of the duet, they reveal themselves and their chemistry in front of a live audience performance. The pair then decide whether to continue to duet and become a couple and, if they do, they spend a week at Camp Love Song where they go on dates, compete with other couples, and prepare for the final duet competition. Throughout the process, they can swap partners in each episode if they wish. The CJ ENM original first

aired in Vietnam on VTV3 in January 2018, ranking #1 in its time slot and boosting network ratings. It debuted on CJ-owned TVN in South Korea and was commissioned by Media Prima in Malaysia, with the latter reaching 4M viewers in its second season. A new Chinese version is in the works, which is set to see its first season air in November on 8TV, Malaysia’s top channel for Chinese audiences. A U.S. version of the hit show is being developed by Critical Content, John Legend’s Get Lifted Film Co. and American Idol and Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings producer Simon Lythgoe and his Legacy Productions. At the time of the announcement, Lythgoe said: “Having worked on some

of the biggest reality singing competitions in the world like American Idol and Popstars, this is the first format I’ve seen in a decade that’s a unique hybrid having all the right ingredients to be a huge international success.” Because of this hybrid format, Love At First Song does feel like it is really crossing multiple genres such as music, reality, dating and even survivor, with CJ ENM’s producers carefully cherrypicking from each of these types of shows elements that make them popular, then applying them to this unique show. Adding to Lythgoe’s comment, CJ ENM Head of Format Sales Diane Min said: “Love At First Song shows international competency with freshness of the show compared to those of other entertainment [shows] with similar genres globally.”


SHOWS CJ ENM I Can See Your Voice CJ ENM’s hit mystery music show I Can See Your Voice has been a global sensation since it launched in South Korea in 2015. To date, it has 23 global adaptations worldwide with Fox set to air a second season of the series in the U.S. later this year. The show sees a rotating panel of celebrity detectives, comprised of comedians and pop culture experts, and a musical superstar to help one contestant tell the difference between good and bad singers, without ever hearing them sing a note. With a significant cash prize on the line ($100,000 in the U.S.), the contestant attempts to weed out the bad ‘secret voices’ from the good, based on a mystifying lip sync challenge, interrogation and a series of clues. In the end,

the singer, whom the contestant picks, will reveal if they are good or bad in a duet performance with the musical superstar, resulting in an amazing musical collaboration—or a totally hilarious train wreck. Season 1 in the U.S, which was hosted and exec-produced by Ken Jeong, featured celebrity guests such as Joel McHale, Niecy Nash, Rick Springfield, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Katharine McPhee, among others. Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton will return as permanent panelists in Season 2. I Can See Your Voice was one of Fox’s top-rated debuts in the 2020 season. In addition to the U.S., CJ ENM has licenced the program to territories such as the U.K.,

Spain, Canada, Russia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines. The series was the first Korean game show format to be aired on UK’s BBC One in April, where the show ranked at number one in ratings amongst others in the same time slot. In its home country of South Korea, the show has so far spawned eight series. As Diane Min, CJ ENM’s Head of Format Sales said: “I Can See Your Voice has proven its strength and popularity by continuously renewing seasons worldwide. [I hope] I Can See Your Voice can continue to be the international format that represents Korean music entertainment.”



VIACOMCBS The Envoys The Envoys is a Paramount+ original and the first series coproduced by the streamer and Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter Juan José Campanella and his production company 100 Bares. Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Luis Gerardo Méndez and Irene Azuela star in the series, which is written by Leandro Calderone, Emanuel Diaz and Molo Alcocer. Campanella directs with Martino Zaidelis, Camilo Antolini and Hiromi Kamata. The Envoys is an action thriller that follows the life of two unconventional priests, Simón Antequera (Silvestre) and Pedro Salinas (Méndez), who are part of an elite force led by the Vatican and exclusively dedicated to corroborating the veracity of miracles from potential saints.

Both are sent to the Mexican town of San Acacio to investigate Rafael Quintana, a priest who is known for performing miraculous healings in a psychiatric ward. The aim of the mission is to make sure there is no false testimony in the name of the church, in order to prevent lawsuits and scandals. Shortly after Antequera and Salinas enter the psychiatric colony where Quintana carries out one of his pastoral duties, the man under investigation mysteriously disappears without a trace. It seems the ward on the outskirts of town is hiding more than one secret related to the healer and his disappearance. The eight-part Paramount+ series which shot in Mexico, will air on the streaming service in

Latin America later this year. The series is part of ViacomCBS International Studios’ first-look deal with Campanella’s 100 Bares Productions, which was struck in 2019. VIS has since signed an exclusive deal with the director and writer, which will see Campanella come aboard to write, produce, direct and provide consulting services for VIS. VIS has also inked a firstlook deal with Mexican actor Méndez’s production company Cine Vaquero, which he owns alongside Mexican producer Gerardo Gatica. Under the terms of the deal, Cine Vaquero will create, develop and produce exclusive Spanish-language scripted and non-scripted content for VIS and for Paramount+ Latin America.







VIACOMCBS Munich Match

Munich Match (working title) is a new six-part series, created by Fauda writer Michal Aviram. Story is set 50 years after the Munich Massacre, a traumatic terrorist attack against the Israeli Olympic team in 1972. It’s now 2022 and on the anniversary of the attack, Munich is hosting a ‘friendly’ soccer game between an Israeli and German football club. Tensions and nerves are running high, with the political stakes even higher as the eyes of the world observe the action. Everything is being done to make the match a safe and peaceful event but when things start to fall apart, it seems history might be repeating itself all over again. When Oren Simon, a Mossad agent stationed in Berlin, intercepts a message in a darknet forum seven days before the match that implies there will be an attack on the Israeli team, the

German authorities are alerted immediately. Michael Hahn orders Maria Köhler, a German LKA officer with Lebanese roots and an in-depth knowledge of the Islamist scene, to work with Oren, contrary to official protocol. The days leading up to the match are charged with tension as Oren and Maria try to prevent history repeating itself. Aviram penned the scripts for Munich Match with Martin Behnke (Berlin Alexanderplatz). Philipp Kadelbach (We Children From Bahnhof Zoo, Parfum) is directing. Daniel Brühl, Amelie von Kienlin, Malte Grunert from Amusement Park Film, Frank Jastfelder and Julia Jaensch from Sky Studios, Meghan Lyvers from CBS Studios, Aviram and Kadelbach are exec producers while Behnke serves as co-executive producer. Munich Match, which is produced by Sky Studios,

Amusement Park Film and CBS Studios, is beginning shooting in Germany this month. It marks one of the most high-profile projects for CBS Studios internationally after the ViacomCBS unit has begun ramping up its global presence. The series is launching on all Sky territories including the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Australia and Switzerland. “Munich Match is an incredibly relevant series and in a genre which global audiences cannot get enough of,” said Lyvers, Senior Vice President of International Co-Productions and Development at CBS Studios. “While the story is specific and unique, the characters and themes explored are truly universal. We are thrilled to support the creative team behind this series and to partner with Sky in bringing it to life.”



The Drew Barrymore Show

Walker Kill Bill: Volume 1

Made For Love

Dexter: New Blood

Mission: Impossible

Star Trek: Discovery NCIS

The Great

Sonic The Hedgehog

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