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No 10 I have to give you my legendary Witch from Stromness in the Orkneys, her name was Bessie Millar, and such distinguished fellows such as Sir Walter Scott visited her back in 1814. The horrors of this case wasn’t so much as what happened to her…on the contrary she did quite well…. her legend and fame was as a wise woman who after blessing her with silver coin, the fishermen of Orkney would receive a gift from her! The fisherman would cup his hands…. Bessie would turn around…hitch her skirts up…. position herself nicely…. grab her ample bum cheeks…. and plant a huge fart into the fishermen’s hands! The fisherman would take this treasured aroma gift, in his cupped hands towards his boat and throw the wind at his sails! and indeed he got wind in his sails so he could venture off the land to cast his lines in the fertile fishing grounds…. what happened if she followed through is never mentioned!!!

No 9 1655 Kirkliston……William Barton and his wife were to be strangled at the stake and burnt for acts of Witchcraft. During the trial information came that Barton’s Wife had confessed to dancing in the Pentland Hills with the Devil who appeared as a tan coloured dog playing pipes. The baying crowd awaited the Witches to come to the stakes and be burned…. the jail door opened and the executioner brought them forward…but he gripped his chest and fell forward…. dead! a sudden fatal heart attack! The Kirkliston authorities

awarded the honour of now executing the Witches to the dead executioners Widow…. who delighted with the offer, jumped up and strangled the pair willingly as the crowd cheered her on, and then she lit the bonfires to burn them… she was a total celebrity for the day!

No8 In Lincoln 1619, Three Women were to be arrested on Witchcraft charges. The Earl of Rutland had just lost two children to disease and in his grief blamed the women for bewitching his children. Joan Flower and her daughters were thrown in jail. They all looked doomed to hang, until Joan remembered the age old rule…” trial by ordeal” she demanded her right to take it…and by everyone’s surprise it was granted! Her ordeal wasn’t very nice…. not nice at all! A Priest would bless a loaf of bread. Then she had to eat it... eat it all up.... not so bad you might think...but the ordeal was the blessed loaf…if her body cast out the holy blessed loaf…. she was deemed “in the eyes of God” guilty! It took a while and much leg crossing…. but she eventually shat out a loaf of her own!.........a guilty act!........... she was hanged! And her two daughters.

No7 1544 Perth. The notorious Cardinal Beaton gave Perth a visit, it would be one to remember for a while…the murmurs of the Protestant movement were smashed asunder in a show of Catholic


power…. several Heretics were condemned and burnt to death…. One man for interrupting a Friar when preaching. One for eating a Goose on St Hallows eve…a fasting day! James Hunter a resident in the town and known halfwit condemned for having no credible knowledge of the Bible. And poor Helen Stark. Good wife of Ronaldson. For the reason of “not crying out the Virgin Marys name during childbirth!” The new-born child was deemed innocent… but the men were burnt and Helen Stark was drowned!

No 6 In 1698 Kirkcudbright Scotland…. Elspeth McEwan was accused of Witchcraft…. her powers were to diminish her neighbour’s hens’ ability of laying eggs! On the tortures put to her by the Witchpricker Mr William Kirk who would not get his wages unless he provided a guilty verdict…. poor Elspeth begged to get put to death to finish off her pain and misery under his hands……her wish was granted…she was strangled and burnt. The final hefty bill for her burning was met and paid for by her husband…. on the bill was William Kirks fees…. on the day he burned poor Elspeth Mc Ewan he stood to near to the flames…it got rather hot…. he had a pint of beer to refresh himself and added the 2p to the husband’s bill!

No 5 1644 Culross…Mary Cunningham and her daughter, under Direction of James Kennowie were arrested and put in the


Haunted Magazine #16 - Women in Paranormal Special  

Women, women, women, you can't live with them but you can get them to write the features for Haunted Magazine Issue 16, and like a female ve...

Haunted Magazine #16 - Women in Paranormal Special  

Women, women, women, you can't live with them but you can get them to write the features for Haunted Magazine Issue 16, and like a female ve...