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ED & LORRAINE WARREN A LOVE STORY SANDWICHED BETWEEN GHOST STORIES For over sixty years now, Ed and Lorraine Warren have been considered America’s preeminent experts on the subject of spirits and demonology. Even more important perhaps, is the fact that they have also been the very same people for the past sixty years whom religious authorities have repeatedly called in to control some of the most profane outbreaks of diabolical phenomena in the country. Cases where priests become possessed. Cases where people are physically attacked. Cases where unworldly entities manifest and then preside. Cases where time is violated and the physical environment is completely rearranged. Cases where spirits don’t just haunt a house, they visibly tear it apart.

“I got fed up with that,” Ed said. “I told Lorraine one day, “You know, I can paint better than these instructors. What they’re teaching me is a lot of Geometry and a lot of nonsense that I don’t need for painting.” I said, “We’ll have some fun.”

Lorraine is a trance medium and until his death Ed was a demonologist but you’d never know it if you met them on the street. They are not occultists. They are not strange. They are essentially ordinary people who happen to do highly extraordinary work. And though the Warrens have no axe to grind, their orientation is distinctly religious. For in reality, they see that is the only way it is possible to function in this work. Because that which they confront are not vaporous, indistinct phantoms that simply come and go in the night. The forces they confront are religious entities that - by their own admission - exist for the sheer purpose of opposing the works of God.

The Warrens did have fun, “We were making a fantastic living, selling the paintings for fabulous prices—three dollars, four dollars. But you’ve got to remember one thing, hot dogs were a dime, hamburgers were a dime, the theatre was a quarter, gas was 18 cents a gallon. So, when you made five dollars on a painting, you were doing pretty good.”  

Ed grew up in a Haunted House in Connecticut from the young age of five until he was twelve he reflects. “My father, who was a police officer at the time would often say, “Ed, there’s a logical reason for everything that happens in this house.” but he never came up with that logical reason.” When Ed was 16 years-old he worked as an usher at “The Colonial Theatre” in Bridgeport Connecticut, and it was there that he met Lorraine Rita Moran. “one night I walked her home and asked her for a date”. And that’s how it all got started. Ed went into the Navy on his seventeenth birthday and four months later, after his ship sank in the North Atlantic he was home for 30-day survivor’s leave. It was during that leave that the two were married. When Ed returned after World War II, he and Lorraine had a daughter, and Ed went to Perry Art School, which is a Subsidiary of Yale for about two years. 


“So I bought this car for $15 dollars, a 1933 Chevy Eagle, Deluxe. The guy gave me two wheels with it. I had to pay him off on time, five dollars a week. I said to Lorraine, “You know, if we go up to the new areas where they’re opening up for tourists like Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire— I’ll bet I can take a bunch of my paintings and put them out there when people are walking by and we’ll sell some.”

It was through painting that The Warrens began their Ghost Investigations. If Ed heard of any place that claimed to be haunted, whether a haunted house, or a haunted location he would drag Lorraine to check it out. “Oh Ed, there are no such things as ghosts,” Lorraine would say, Ed would then remind her of his days at his haunted home in Bridgeport & Lorraine would go. How Ed & Lorraine would get into these haunted houses is especially interesting, “We were just kids nobody was just going to let us in, we were curiosity seekers, I’d go out in the middle of the road where they could all see me and I’d start to sketch the house and you’d see the curtains going back and forth “What’s this kid doing?” they would be thinking. I would do a really nice sketch of the house with ghosts coming out of it, and I’d give it to Lorraine, she’d go knock on the door and with her Irish personality she’d say, “Oh, my husband loves to sketch and paint haunted houses and he made this for you.” I made it special for them.” And then they would talk with the homeowners one-on-one. Basically, Ed just wanted to see if the same things happened to those families that happened to his family, through his art the lives of these two incredible people were formed.


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Haunted Magazine #16 - Women in Paranormal Special  

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