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literally is what makes me a witch! (though I also believe it is in my blood.) In simple terms, “white” or “good” witch means I don’t do manipulative magic. I would never cast a spell directed at someone else without their permission. Even a love spell can be “black” magic if it is done on a certain person without their consent (plus it will backfire beyond belief) My specialty is in adjusting energy and flow – in people, spaces, situations, anything! I work organically by creating spells and rituals that arrange natural elements to the rhythms and cycles of the universe to bring about healing, change our lives for the better, and create balance. Obviously you’re a very spiritual woman, what do you think about the increase in popularity of technical gadgets and electronic equipment as a way of communicating with the dead? Technology is fun. Over the years I have been collecting and using it with some of my Ghost Hunts and séances a bit, but I am mostly an “old school” girl. I am most at home with dowsing rods, chimes and direct channelling to form spirit connections. Though some of the high tech equipment I have worked with on shows like Ghost Adventures is so amazing I wouldn’t mind having it along as well!

Apart from being involved in series 13 of Ghost Adventures, you recently also worked with Zak Bagans on his new TV series Deadly Possessions, how are you finding the experience? I LOVE working with Zak, Aaron, Jay and Billy and their whole crew. They really do commit 100% to their quest and jump right in with enthusiasm and sincerity. I have worked with them on four different episodes now, and each and every one was mind blowing! Have you ever had to refuse someone’s spell request?

Wow, another tough question. So many of them were stellar!

I refuse spell requests almost daily! So many people want to “make” someone fall in love with them, or get revenge on someone or something. I spend more time explaining why that is a bad idea then I would have doing the working. But hopefully, I get them to understand the “cause and effect’ – the karma associated. Sometimes I may suggest they have a “good” love spell to ask the universe to send them the right love (even if it isn’t the person they originally wanted the spell on!)

Martin Sheen was an absolute joy to work with. The perfect gentleman, he made me feel so comfortable and safe. I was really nervous when I worked with him because it really was an “all-star” cast and Burt Reynolds was directing. One comforting word and look from Martin though changed everything. I will be forever grateful.

As an actress you’ve worked alongside some acting legends such as Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds and Sylvester Stallone. Who did you most enjoy working with and why?

Is it true that your dog ‘Princess Dora’ is also something of a celebrity? Yes, yes indeed! The showbiz bug hit her at an early age. I have never seen a dog be able to smell a film crew from a block away and play to camera like a seasoned movie star! They just released her film Wiener Dogs International which is a sequel to last year’s film Wiener Dogs National! She also just shot an episode of Fab Life and got to work with legendary “coochi coochi girl” Charo! By the time she was three she had done film, television, calendars and live stage work. She’s just a big ham…I don’t know where she gets it! Who would be on your dream dinner party guest list? either dead or alive.

LaMarr, Jim Morrison and Rumi. On the living side, John of God, Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine… and of course, my hubby Kerry. I actually can think of dozens more but don’t want to get the party too big! So what’s next for you Patti? Any new projects or ideas brewing (no pun intended!) Yes, indeed! My hope is to have my own TV show. I want it fun, funny and most of all informative and empowering for those who watch it! I am working with some top production companies on concepts but more than that I cannot say or I will have to have everyone reading this sign an NDA!

Are you in need of a little magic or guidance in your life? Email: You can also find Patti on Twitter and Facebook.

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Haunted Magazine #16 - Women in Paranormal Special  

Women, women, women, you can't live with them but you can get them to write the features for Haunted Magazine Issue 16, and like a female ve...

Haunted Magazine #16 - Women in Paranormal Special  

Women, women, women, you can't live with them but you can get them to write the features for Haunted Magazine Issue 16, and like a female ve...