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For my latest paranormal adventure, I travelled to Gainsborough in Lincolnshire to investigate one of the oldest Victorian prisons in the area. Now a fully functioning theatre, The Old Nick has stood in spring gardens since the 1860s where it originally served as headquarters for the Lincolnshire Constabulary and was also a Former Magistrates Court.

I have investigated this particular location many times in the past so when I saw that Breaking Paranormal UK were hosting an event there, I knew that I would definitely have to tag along.

Upon arrival I noticed that the Museum had gone through a lot of refurbishment. It has recently been converted into a police museum and I have to say, they have done a really good job at capturing that Victorian atmosphere. Even if you are not visiting the site for a paranormal investigation, I would definitely recommend a look around in the day as it has so much history on offer!

“I love finding these hidden gems and being able to step back into history”

I’ve had a lot of strange experiences at The Old Nick in the past. One of my most memorable moments was being down in the cells. There were only two of us at the time and we were making our way towards the male cells at the very back of the building. As we reached half way down the corridor we distinctly heard what sounded to us like heavy boots on the ground charging towards us with speed. I honestly had never run so fast in my life and if I remember correctly, we were later found cowering under the stairs until someone came to get us. It was utterly terrifying as this had happened a few years back when I was first getting started within the paranormal field, but what a way to start, huh? Another experience I remember well was when myself and Kimberly Reynolds of BPUK had ventured down into the women’s cells. We were armed with a K2 and nothing more. We were receiving some very accurate responses and until this day I have never seen the K2 light up to a certain colour on command. If we’d asked for red, we’d get it. I had arrived at the Theatre at around 9PM and met up with my fellow paranormal investigators. We were split down into small comfortable teams and separated




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up into different areas of the building. The investigation began in the Attic area. We had spent around an hour and a half in this area, covering the attic, stairs and also the small ‘dressing room’ below. I am not going to lie, it was quiet. So quiet you could probably hear a pin drop. We tried several different methods of investigation in this area which included traditional as well as modern but didn’t receive a single thing we could consider to be paranormal.

The only experience I received myself whilst I was in the attic was what felt like something had grabbed my foot, although I am ever sceptical of this, because we all known that muscles spasm at the most awkward of moments. After a quick break we ventured into the theatre area. It’s the largest area at the Police Museum and has a stage in the centre with rows of chairs on either side for the audience to sit. A few others and I had sat on the right side and unbeknown to me at this moment in time I was sitting in row twelve. 

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