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he Street is a Birmingham based magazine which focuses on spray painted graffiti and sticker graffiti around the Birmingham area. We also have a mix of factual and opinion based articles to accompany beautiful pieces of work.



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hen modern graffiti was starting up it was used more as a memorial or to put across a political message. As time moved on graffiti was associated with punk and a number of the bands logos and names popped up as stenciled graffiti around cities n the US and Western Germany. the 80’s came along and graffiti was more widespread thanks to exhibitions and films and tended to now be associated more with a hip hop culture. during the time many musicians used the style for album art. with graffiti becoming more popular it stated being used in a commercial way with IBM launched an advertising campaign featuring people spray painting on sidewalks but as graffiti isn’t legal the street artists were arrested and IBM fined - that was 01. come 2011 graffiti is in most cities and in many forms and the way people see it has changed too, its a form of art.


hile walking around Birmingham in search of spay paint graffiti that looked half decent i found this little gem hidden away at the back of a dirt car part (by the custard factory). The bright blue paint had definitely given what was most probably a drab wall a new lease of life. The car park had quite a number of pieces but this was one that just caught you eye right away and i would say that is was down to the detail and limited colour pallet. I don’t know what it is but i tend to find that pieces that focus on one colour look far nicer. Now i’m not sure what it say but i think that adds to its appeal and i could happily stand and admire the work for hours.


irmingham has quite the variety of graffiti when you go looking for it, some of the work is genuinely amazing but other pieces not so - but its all a matter of opinion. Its not all tags either, there are some beautiful pieces that are a picture in the traditional sense - portraits and pretty pictures. some of the work is a mix of both like the treading water piece, it has the nice background image and then a bit if text. it is also entirely black and white which makes it stand out quite a bit next to all the colour pieces - seems black and white isn’t the most common colour scheme for spray paint

work. Down at the custard factory theres graffiti for hire which shows talent can pay and in modern society there is a place for graffiti as something more, as a way of advertising but in a new and exciting way. you wont spot all this wonderful work if you just walk down the road, you will see some of it but the good stuff tends to be tucked away so so walking that extra 30 mins down the road and getting a little lost walking down streets leading off streets is wort it as i found out.


he method of using stickers is used by a range of people as sticker art has been used to communicate a range of messages such as political agendas, to comment on an issue, advertising and lastly just as art - to give some life to that plain wall and we don’t blame you. There is quite a range of stickers too. You have your nice and cheep through the printer adhesive sheets. Then id say a tad more expensive your vinyl stickers and they can stan the weather far better than paper and if you already have a cutter or know someone who does it can all work out rather well money wise while looking great on a wall. Next up and a bit more expensive depending how many your getting printed that is - the commercial printers and depending on the printers they have you could get some huge things printed. Personally I’d say if you were really going for it with your sticker art then destructible adhesive vinyl is what your after, it’s near on impossible to remove and if there is anything major tried its just going to chip. Using stickers rather than paint has its plus points. To start its far less time consuming, and with that your less likely to get caught. Your also far less likely to damage the wall which isn’t a bad thing at all.


o on my travels around the streets of birmingham i came across all manor of sticker art, from small pieces that could of been printed on a sheet of A5 with room to spare and the huge pieces that you might just get on a sheet of A0. When it comes to the little pieces there is quite a bit of variation in the work but they all seem to be on the back of sign posts or the top of an ally wall. The larger pieces seem to be by the same few people which i would put down to them being the only ones with a huge printer to hand, you have to walk a little further to find the work too. Some of the smaller stickers were in colour which made the stand out agains the black and white, the colour also looked like they had been printed professionally. The rest

of the smaller pieces seem to be your black and white out of the printer but they still looked rather nice. The large pieces were just black and white but it looked good. The designs are simple and easy to draw and they look great because of that, there beautiful illustrations.


hile down a street i spotted this little lolly type piece - only about the size of a sheet of A3 but the bits of bright green caught my eye and makes it more interesting than the others. it doesnt have to be a lot of colour, just a but in in a dull surrounding it really brightens everything up. i rather like the sticker, it has a sort of innocent childlike charm to it.


noticed that around Birmingham there were quite a number of stickers with a robot design. I decided to have a go at sort of following them as they had a sort of direction and story to them which is different as you dint usually get that. So I followed these little robots and the got bigger and there was more of them. I came to a point where there was a shield and the robots which I’m unsure to wether it is the start or the end but I would guessed it was the start. In total I would say there is only about five different robot designs but the size and placement seems to make them interesting each time I see them. I love the way they are drawn rather simply and look so eye catching. They all follow the same sort of pattern but mainly just altering the arms or flipping them, I also rather like how the arms and legs of all the robots have all the lines. Its an interesting way to break up all of the white.

Produced By Fiona Clarke

The Street  

Birmingham Graffiti and Sticker Art

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