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Share Good Happening Mr Gillespie One Time Believer Caterpillar Song Noise By Numbers Apollo Bones Burning in the Dead of Night

Share Good Happening

Mr. Gillesspie

Fearless fallen angels dance upon the ground and wonderful feelings abound,

I don’t know who my neighbour is, gardening three o’clock in the morning.

Inside your heart resides a desire to share good happening. Come together, we’ll call it real good. Come together, you and I know it’s good. Because we’ve been fighting deep inside the earth we made the storms on the surface occur, All of the heat that became of our love, made it warm enough for life to grow up there.

(Everybody oughta know about it. on the street that we’re living in.) And I know he’s got a telephone, but no-one round here seems to really care about him. (Everybody oughta...) And he leaves in a collar and a cuff at the same time every morning  (Everybody oughta...) And I’ve seen him on Upper street bin dip comes home same time every evening. (Everybody oughta...) Julian, you’re talking to yourself, Julian you’re crazy.



One with the brave face, confidence, a believer. I guess it’s displayed in a heart that beats in vain with the same strength.

Dreaming of the summer time is all I ever do, sooner or later be inside my cocoon.

A believer don’t believe in guessing without feeling. A believer waits as long as it takes. A believer would have you rockin’ with a fever. A believer will make you feel at home in a wild town. Make you feel so good but if you ever let them down, then A believer would have you rockin’ with a fever Everybody knows you were a one time believer. On Highbury Hill in all tenderness, moments are made in seconds that test. I knew the rhythm beating in your chest, long before the catalyst made you human again. Feel alive feel love feel it pouring heaven and hope in the morning. To be loved all the way down is something beautiful worth recalling. A believer, they would mean the whole world right from the start, Make you feel so good but every second you’re apart, Then a believer would have you rockin’ with a fever. Everybody knows you were a one time believer.

I’m eating up my lessons and they’re making me strong, one of these days I’ll have the energy and then I’ll transform. Cus we’re living in a jungle, there’s danger all around, me and my friends in the canopy hang around upside down.  You know that it’s not easy to become a butterfly. well I’m eating up everything the good lord sends, just trying to get by And dreaming of red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, orange and violet.  There’s no safe place for your chrysalis down in old London town, There’s creatures that hide in the creepers keeping watch when the sun goes down. My mind’S on my metamorphosis and I’m doing alright. I work from Monday to friday so I can stay up late on a saturday night. But I’ve got so much more to do than creepy crawling up the same old street so I can’t wait for my colourful wings to grow and take the weight right off my tired feet. All my caterpillar palls are hungry as me, Its all we every talk about, waiting to be free. All dreaming of red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, orange and violet. 

NOISE BY NUMBERS oh my darling when you lay your hands upon me, I know for sure your love love love is all I need. Like silver in the moonlight, money in your wallet, the mode of your misery, don’t act like you ain’t got it, kisses in the corridor, bold and melodic, that weight upon your shoulder blades, a photo in a wallet, You crave her like paradise she glides through the city, she’s lighter than the smoke you blow, as dangerous and pretty, sweat on a slow one, likes to put a show on, but you never mind about that. ‘cus in the morning, she’s golden. oh my darling when you lay your hands upon me, I know for sure your love love love is all I need. that cool in the summer like beers with your buddies, the harm in this purist romance is half the worry, that five minute glamoriser, beats when the phone rings, Wrapped around her little finger plays solo on your heart strings, you long for her compony alone through the season, polling the simplicity your memories of treason make you howl while the moon’s high and wait for the sun rise, like you know it always does, and in the morning - she wakes you up



I wanna feel it, I wanna know without thinking, Its the information age, Still Cathedrals shake and neighbours argue just the same,

Only when we’re in step, we’re in luck. To have it in our on hands, thats enough. Its midnight and we won’t catch a wink until know the world is woken up,and won’t forget the wisdom that was whispered in the winter in the second that season stops,

Still we all need a spark in the face of the falling dark, We all need some thing to follow when times get hard, I don’t know what started these toes tapping, Maybe it’s just a habit, but these apollo bones, old dionysian  heart,  won’t leave it alone, won’t let it drop, or reason beyond needing it like breathing once its taken hold of you.  The song you your lips. The beat that moves you. Its a cool rhythm without doubt. its your locomotion. Its always making sense, You know that its not easy to. That little stable truth,  I know that you’re not used to it. Still we all need a spark when the fireworks stop,  We all need something to hold on to, All need a rock.  I don’t know what started this toe tapping, Maybe it’s just a habit, But these Apollo....

If only you were thinking, if only your eyes were open, Don’t tell us that we’re faithless, When we’re the ones doing the hoping, I’m afraid theres some real bad days ahead, but it’s been said that we will witness a wonderful world if we were brave, Me and my neighbours took our street back, Cant stop it when if feels right. There’s a fire in the old town, thats burning, burning in the dead of night.


Š 2012 Dead Cannons. The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Dead Cannons. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited. Made in the EU.

Dead Cannons - Gasconade  

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