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The Newsletter ofThe Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John

September Edition , 2008

Our Worship Life Sundays Holy Eucharist 8:30 Am, Rite 1 10:30 AM, Rite 2 (Church School Classes meet) Wednesday 12:10 PM, Holy Eucharist

At the Cathedral of St. John A word from our Dean... This picture was taken at St. Paul’s Church, Winchmore Hill, London. Dean Krauss is pictures here with The Rev. Christine Morton, assistant to the Vicar.

Dear Cathedral Family, We begin another season this month. I hope all of you have had time to rest and reflect during the summer. I was able to be away for several weeks in England and I feel blessed to have had a change of scenery and a chance to see old friends and read a few books which have been waiting my attention. Especial thanks to all who kept things going in my absence.

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As you will read below, we will be having all of the usual worship, music and educational opportunities this autumn. But I am glad to note that our Liberian community will get us started with a dinner on Sunday, the 14th. This is an event “that we used to do” and I pray that we will regularly be doing again and again. The vitality of any parish depends almost totally on the enthusiasm and support of the entire congregation. Leaders and followers are crucial. Let’s make this event a model for all of our activities for the rest of the year. Likewise, don’t forget the Social on the welcome back 21st which will be a for all of us and for new friends whom you should ask along. (Cont’d on page 2)

This year we are called to widen our horizons as we consider the national election for the presidency of the United States. It is not my part to tell you for whom to vote, but it is my part to urge strongly that you enjoy your privilege and responsibility to vote. God’s people are meant to be good citizens and prayerfully live out their civic duties. Please use the time until the election to find out all you can about the candidates. In addition, if you know of someone who has not registered to vote, please help them to do so. One of the collects for this month asks that we may run to obtain God’s wonderful promises and be partakers of his heavenly treasure. What a great theme this is as we open ourselves to God’s work for the autumn. Let’s have a great race and a great time of sharing the benefits with which we’ve been blessed.

With every good wish and faithfully, Harry Krauss

NEW MAILING POLICY FOR The Record Beginning in October, 2008, we will be changing delivery of The Record. You will be receiving a call from a member of the Chapter this month, asking the following questions: ♦ Are you currently a church member? ♦ Do you wish to continue to receive The Record? ♦ What is your email address? ♦ If you do not have email access, you will continue to receive The Record in hard copy, either by telling us you can pick it up at church on Sunday or by having us mail a hard copy to your home. As we continue to improve our efforts to bring you the most efficient, up-to-date information sharing, we will be emailing more often and hopefully, utilizing our new web site as soon as possible, so that you will know what’s going on at The Cathedral of St. John and be able to participate more fully. As always, it is our policy to be as proactive as we can, to keep everyone here at the Cathedral as “in the know” as possible! If you know a college student or young person from the parish who lives away and would like to keep current about what’s new at the Cathedral, please give Deacon Barbara or Miss Tinker their email address and we’ll keep them connected!


From The Deacon’s Bench Hello Friends, and welcome back from, hopefully, a summer filled with fun, relaxation and excitement. There are many new things to consider as we go forward into the Fall. For one thing, the general election looms a scant 9 weeks away. We make decisions that will affect our nation for a long time to come when we vote. If we don’t vote, we have no one to blame for things we don’t like but ourselves. As Corita King once said, “Not to decide is to decide.” These are very true words. No matter what your political stand is, no matter if you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, please be sure to exercise your right to vote. Pay attention in these next few weeks to the issues that arise as important in our society and think about how you feel about those who would ask you to vote for them, especially in terms of how they would support these issues. Our country needs strong leadership, and we are all responsible for getting that leadership in place to affect issues that face our society every day. I’d also like to ask you to think about the following things: You will shortly receive a call from a member of the Chapter so that we may update our email list for sending publications such as The Record. In the future, newsletters and important information will be sent out in this format rather than through more costly regular post. If you do not have email, we will, of course send you hard copies of the newsletter and other materials, but those who do will receive most information in this way. This is in an effort to get information to you in a faster and more enjoyable format, and we hope you will look forward to it as much as we will. Many parish members already receive the newsletter in this way, and have told us that they particularly like the full color and photo enhanced edition that comes in email. ♦ Beginning in September, on the first Tuesday of each month, from 12 noon to 6 PM, I will be in the Crooker Room, along with anyone who is interested in working on baby quilts for Blue Denim Ministries. I will be making kits for people to sew, and will be available for teaching in those time slots. I encourage you to think about joining in with this very worthwhile ministry outreach project. ♦ Prayer Shawl Ministries continues and has a small but faithful group of participants. We have made shawls, afghans, warm scarves for sailors for the Episcopal Chaplain at Seaman’s Church Institute, preemie caps— just about anything that can be helpful to those in need. You may also be interested to know that our Prayer Shawl Ministry has inspired a group from Trinity Church, North Scituate to begin a Prayer Shawl Ministry of their own. Well done!! ♦ The Food Pantry is in need of your on-going support. Powdered milk, canned goods, crackers, peanut butter, cereal— just about anything you can imagine is needed. Please be sure to consider the needs of others as we head into the Fall and find gas and home heating costs burdensome, especially those who live on the edge of financial security. Finally, thank you all for your on-going support for those who have needs, both spiritually and financially. Your prayers, presence and opportunities to serve are vitally important, and may God bless your efforts. ♦

Your sister in Christ,

Deacon Barbara 3

BEING A DEACON STUDENT By Joyce T. Thorne (Editor’s Note: Joyce Thorne has just completed her first year as a Deacon Student in the Formation Program for Deacons of the Diocese of RI and is a member of the parish of The Cathedral of St. John. We thought you might like to see what the experience has been like for her so far.)

8:30 A. M. on September 8, 2007, I began my journey as a first year student in Deacon School. The day began with Morning Prayer and at 9:10 A. M. my first class began. In the first semester, I took classes in The Old Testament, Christianity & Poverty, The History of the Anglican Church, and finally, Disciplines of Spirituality. The second semester classes consisted of The New Testament, Issues in Contemporary Society, The Anglican View and lastly, Human Awareness & Understanding. In the beginning, it was a little overwhelming since I had not been in a classroom in more than thirty years. It took me about two months to prioritize my study schedule due to the fact that I work full time. Once I had a set routine, it became easier to get the readings done and the papers written. During the past year, I learned things about the Anglican/Episcopal Church that was not taught to me in any history class I have ever had. The history of the church became a very fascinating subject. The Old & New Testament classes helped me immensely with regards to understanding the books on the Prophets and the Gospels. I have always read the Bible but now, I am able to understand what I actually read. My classes pertaining to anything with regards to Christianity & Poverty, Human Awareness, Issues in Contemporary Society, and Disciplines in Spirituality were definitely great eye openers. Christianity & Poverty along with Human Awareness made me more aware of what is facing the Church today in the area of homelessness, abject poverty and prejudices. These classes revealed what is needed of the Church, the people and the government and if we are meeting the goals that were set. Issues in Contemporary Society taught about the many types of diaconal ministry there is in the Church. I was amazed by the numbers and after studying about various ones, will make it hard for me to decide in which ministry I would like to serve. Disciplines in Spirituality turned out to be a journey to find out who I am as an individual spiritually. It was a wonderful experience finding out who I am and what I have to offer as a servant of God. The classes were not easy but they were very enlightening. At the end of the first year, I felt that I made the right decision in answering God’s call to servant-hood. I am truly looking forward to my second year and what it will bring.

God gave you a gift 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “Thank You”? -William A. Ward-


The Episcopal Church Women ECW will meet for it’s regularly scheduled meeting on September 21 at 9:30 AM in Synod Hall. All new members are welcome. There will be a Bake Sale on October 2, and baked items to be donated are most welcome! Please see Miss Arlene Walker

Ba ke S Ca At th ale th e e dra l!!

PARISH COOKBOOK UPDATE Many thanks to those of you who graciously contributed so many delicious looking recipes for our cookbook project. They are greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, response in general has been rather slow and we haven’t yet collected enough to go to press with a really top quality product. So, for the time being, we’ll put it all on the shelf, add to it gradually, and hopefully try again in a few months.


The Sunday School Update

Come One; Come All!! Church School Students, Relatives and Friends!! Kick-Off Sunday!! Come join us on Sunday, September 21 After the 10:30 Eucharist For Church School Registration and an Ice Cream Social at the Coffee Hour

Quilt Project for Blue Denim Ministries A new ministry opportunity has formed at The Cathedral of St. John. Beginning in September, on the first Tuesday of each month, from 12 Noon to 6:00 PM in the Crooker Room a group will meet to learn quilting patterns and techniques in order to make baby quilts for Blue Denim Ministries. PLEASE BRING: A portable sewing machine if you have one Snack or lunch if you plan to stay for a while Your spirit of fun, learning and adventure!! Speak to Deacon Barbara if you are interested. 6

Musical Notes Greetings Choir members! I’m looking forward to working with you again this fall. When I made the last choir schedule, I forgot about my obligation to play a concert at St. Philip’s Cathedral in Atlanta, Georgia. So, I will be away Sunday, August 14th but will return to conduct choir rehearsal on Tuesday September 16th. Diana Norton-Jackson will be my substitute on September 14. Since I will not be able rehearse the Gospel Choir that Sunday, I will resume practice with the Gospel Choir on Sunday September 21st. Dear Gospel Choir members, I REALLY need your commitment this year to make the Gospel Choir a cohesive ensemble. It is my goal to have you perform once a month at the 10:30 AM service. I look forward to a musically exciting church year at the Cathedral. Blessings, Brink Bush Schedule Cathedral Choir, first rehearsal: Tuesday, September 9, 7 pm, (Library-Old Chapel) Gospel Choir, first rehearsal: Sunday, September 7, 11:50 am, Synod Hall

Brink Bush Organist and Director of Music

Concert Schedule October 19 @ 7 pm, Organ Spectacular November 7 @ 8pm, An evening of Poetry and Organ Music November 16 @ 4pm Evensong Cathedral Choir March 16 @ 4 pm, Concert Choir, Phillips Exeter Academy Mach 22 @ 4pm, The Choir of St. Stephen’s Church, Providence RI


DIVERSITY COMMITTEE The Diversity Committee has continued to meet periodically over the summer and will begin its regular monthly meetings again in September. Members of the Committee were pleased and honored to participate in one the highlights of this summer: the Diocese sponsored showing of a preview and discussion of the documentary Traces of the Trade. Kudos to all who supported this exciting evening, which featured excerpts from the film, a lively discussion, refreshments, and the opportunity to fellowship with persons from throughout the Diocese. The Committee hopes to be able to organize and produce a Gospel concert in the fall and is planning other events to highlight the rich cultural diversity found among the members of the Cathedral community. In this regard, the Committee supports and applauds the efforts of the Liberian members of Cathedral family for organizing a dinner, featuring Liberian fare. The Diversity continues to welcome new members or suggestions from the parish. Any one interested in joining the Committee, offering ideas, or seeking more information should contact Frank Walker or Christine Watts. .

NEWCOMER/WELCOMING MINISTRY The Cathedral’s Newcomer/Welcoming Ministry is looking for a few good men and women. This Ministry has been in place for almost three years now. For those of you who do not know what we are all about, let me explain. Participating in this Ministry requires that you arrive at the Cathedral at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the service, to greet those who may be visiting the Cathedral for the first time as well as the members of the Cathedral. It also entails leaving the service after the Blessing to take your place again by the Guest Book, to invite visitors to sign the Guest Book and to answer any questions they may have, and also to wish all of our members a great week. The schedule is such that you would be asked to greet every eighth week. This is a wonderful Ministry to be involved with if your time is limited but you wish to be involved in some way. For those of you who have been a part of this Ministry, I hope that it is clear to all of you how much I appreciate your faithfulness to be present on the Sundays that you are scheduled and how much I appreciate the generosity you show with your smiles, your hand shakes, your hugs and your kind words. It is a very important thing that you do. As that wonderful prayer in the leaflet every week says, “Give us discerning hearts so that every one who crosses our threshold feels welcomed in the spirit of Your love. Help us to recognize each person as an individual sent by You who will enrich our lives.” This is the perfect prayer for our Ministry. Please see or call Lin Costa (401-453-5401) if you have any further questions or if you would like to be a part of this great Ministry.


-Thoughts from the Senior WardenDear Friends, I’ve realized that until this year when I became senior warden, I was really unaware of how very much is accomplished here at the Cathedral by so few people. And I’m wondering how many of you are aware of the awesome amount of time and effort contributed to us by our deeply dedicated deacons and deacon student. They devote many, many hours to St. John’s, with no monetary consideration, in addition to their own professional pursuits. I’ve been constantly amazed and wonder where they find the time and energy to do it all. Please take the time to thank Deacon Barbara, Deacon Mark, and deacon student Joyce at your first opportunity and let them know how appreciated they are.

And, on a separate note, I hope everyone has had a nice, relaxing summer. Personally, I’ve missed hearing the choir and seeing the Sunday School students and am looking forward to their return. As we move forward into the fall season, please give some thought to volunteering your time, talents, and gifts whenever and wherever possible. And a very heartfelt ‘thank you’ to those of you who already do. Welcome to Autumn! God’s Peace To All Leah

INTERNATIONAL LIBERIAN DINNER Sunday, Sept. 14th Two Seatings 11:00 a.m. 1:30 p.m. Tickets Available Now Adults $10.00 Children $7.00 Please plan to join our entire parish family and bring your family and friends along to enjoy sampling these traditional dishes. We will have one service that day at 9:30 a.m.



Parish Announcements g{x cÜtçxÜá Éy à{x cxÉÑÄx People for whom we pray will remain on our weekly list for one month. If you would like to have your loved ones in our special prayers, you may continue to pray for them in the appropriate prayer intercessions. If you would like to arrange to have Dean Krauss, Deacon Barbara Mays-Stock or Brother Enoch John Valentine visit with your loved ones, please call the parish office.

g{Éáx |Ç Çxxw Éy ÉâÜ cÜtçxÜá Daniel Omoayo, Okie, Reis, Catherine Fogle, Zettie Dwuye, Agnes, Paul Mwamuka, Floyd Narcisse, Kimberly Thorne, James Warner, Joyce LeCount, Priscilla Read, Christine Watts and Family

ctÜ|á{ VçvÄx Éy cÜtçxÜ William Diahn, James and Patricia Dorbor, Samuel and Lydia Dorbor, Dorothy Driscoll

WxÑtÜàxw Dorothy Robinson

g{x fàtÇw|Çz aÉà|vxá If you are interested in Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Burial or House Blessing, please contact Dean Krauss at 401-331-4622 as soon as possible. Instruction must be held and deadlines met for each of these rites with the exception of Burial and House Blessings. The Vigil Light and Altar Flowers Schedule - Candles and flowers available for all Sundays in August, September, October, November and December. If you wish to make arrangements to reserve the flowers and candles for the above mentioned Sundays, please call Miss Tinker at 331-4266. Prayer Shawl Ministry meet on Tuesdays, at 9:30AM in the Crooker Room. The Cathedral Food Pantry. The Dean has asked that all parishioners contribute at least $2.00 weekly toward the restocking of our pantry. For those of you who would like to volunteer as shoppers or passing out food, please contact Meg LoPresti at 353-5473. This is an extremely important ministry and we appreciate the dedication of all volunteers. Cathedral Choir rehearses on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM. For those who are interested in becoming a member of our choir, please speak with Brink Bush any Sunday or call him at 651-6469. Cathedral Communicant Information Forms are available – please update the information we have on you and your family. There are definitely more than seventeen families in this parish. The Girl Scouts will continue to meet on Thursday evenings at 5:30-7:00PM in the Crooker Room. For those who are interested in joining, please contact Modu Johnson at 861-5075.

Episcopal Church Women (ECW) would like to honor (send packages or cards, etc.) to any serviceperson overseas. If you or your family have a loved one overseas in the Armed Forces, please contact Marcia Lima or Deacon Barbara at the church office.


fxÑàxÅuxÜ aÉà|vxá Sunday, September 14th The International Liberian Community will sponsor a dinner. The first seating will be 11:00AM and the second seating at 1:00PM. Donations are $10.00 for Adults and $7.00 for Children. To reserve tickets, speak with B. Badio 941-6484, Leah Nastasi-949-2364 or Miss Tinker at 331-4622. Please come and join us! Many thanks to all who have made contributions to the restoration of our High Altar Cross and Candlesticks. At this time we are still accepting contributions. If you wish your contribution will be noted in the Book of Remembrance in memory of a family member or loved one. Contributions may be given to the ushers at the offering or forwarded the Cathedral Office.

The ECW would like to honor (send a package or cards etc.) any service persons overseas. If you have loved ones serving in the Armed Forces and would like to have them receive a package or cards, please call Marcia Lima at 774-565-0533 or Miss Tinker at 331-4622 2008 Celtic Spirit & Christian Community Episcopal Church Women Retreat at the Episcopal Conference Center, Pascoag, RI will be held October 17-18 and will be led by The Rev. John Gregory Prior, D. Min. Please send registration form (in church office) with a deposit of $35 (non-refundable after September 30, 2008) to Anna Gray Prior, 100 Sakonnett Point Road, Little Compton, RI, 02837. Checks should be made payable to “ECW, Diocese of Rhode Island”, and the balance of $75 is due on arrival. Scholarships are available. Questions? Call Anna Gray at 401-635-2041.

Can you direct us to people with grant writing skills, marketing skills and/or contact Leah Nastasi, Senior Warden at 401-949-2364

website skills. Please

ECW and Diversity News & Notes EWC will meet on September 21st AT 9:30AM in Synod Hall. DIVERSITY Committee will meet on September 23rd at 7PM in the Crooker Room.

DEADLINES FOR The RECORD The Record, our parish newsletter, is published monthly and is available by email, hard copy and on the Cathedral website. If you would like to receive the Record electronically, please give your email address to our Parish Administrator, Miss Tinker or call the church office at (401) 331-4622. Please send articles to Deacon Barbara at The deadlines for submission to The Record are as follows:

September 23 for the October Edition October 23 for the November Edition November 23 for the December Edition


Cathedral of St. John – Providence, RI Junior Warden’s Report: 8/26/08

Blessings to all! The “Weekend Warriors” continued to make progress in mold removal last month and will “have at it” again on Saturday September 6th. Please join us to help if you can! The next slated project is to scrape and paint the entry portico before it gets too cold and we need to work exclusively indoors. I want to extend our thanks to Roger (and all other helpers) for pitching in while Winston has been on vacation this past month. With Labor Day weekend upon us we are reminded that cold weather is on the way and we need to decide how to proceed with our heating plant issue. Two companies have submitted proposals. Energy Efficiency Services quoted $8110.00 to replace “all upper drum nipples”, but suggested that there could be an additional $17K in repairs required to restore the boiler to “good condition”. They also quoted replacing the boiler with a Patterson-Kelley boiler at $51,218.00. This price does not include removal and disposal of the existing boiler and insulation (a removal/disposal allowance of $2K-$5K was suggested). EES believes that a new more efficient system has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by 10 – 25%. If we consider our natural gas budget of $32K / year, a new system using 17.5% less fuel could provide savings of $5.6K / year. At that rate a new system would pay for itself in 10 years. Cabco Engineering has provided a quote of $8385.00 to “repair the header and install new push nipples”. Al Marks at Cabco told me this repair work would probably give us another five years of service from the present boiler. They also quoted a new H B Smith boiler at $ 65,885.00. Their price does not include any “Hazardous waste” (Mercury or Asbestos) fees or sales tax, but does include demo/removal, rigging, assembly, mechanical work and permits. Happy Labor Day! Andy

REMINDER!! St. John’s Weekend Warriors will be attacking more items on “The List”8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Saturday September 6th Put on some old clothes (we will get dirty & wet) and join us for some part of the morning if you can!







HE & Healing Service 7:00PM Chapter Meeting 7:00PM

Staff Meeting 9:30AM


Evening Prayer Group 7:00PM


HE 12:10PM

HE 12:10PM


Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM Quilting Ministry Noon6:00PM



Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM


HE 8:30& 10:30AM Choir Rehearsal 7PM

Social Justice4PM(CR) Evening Prayer Group 7:00PM

Staff Meeting 9:30AM



HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6:00 PM

HE 12:10PM



Evening Prayer Group 7:00PM

Evening Prayer Group 7:00PM

HE 12:10PM

Choir Rehearsal 7PM

Choir Rehearsal 7PM

Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM


Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM Hispanic Comm 4PM Choir Rehearsal 7PM Diversity Comm.7PM (CR)







Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM

14 HE 9:30AM Liberian Dinner 11:00AM & 1:30PM Taize 4:00PM HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6:00 PM

21 Kick-Off Sunday HE 8:30 AM ECW Mtg 9:30AM (SH) HE & Baptism 10:30AM Church School Reg. and IceCream Social 11:30AM HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6:00 PM 28 HE 8:30& 10:30AM Church School 10:30AM Gospel Choir 11:45AM HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6:00 PM








Food Pantry 11:00AM


Stewardship Work Shop 8:30-12Noon (SH) Food Pantry 11:00AM

Appalachian Mtn. Club 6PM-9PM (SH)


Food Pantry 11:00AM

Food Pantry 11:00AM



The Newsletter of

The Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John 271 North Main Street Providence, RI 02903 The Very Rev. Canon Harry E. Krauss, Dean The Rev. Barbara Mays-Stock, Deacon The Rev. Mark Warter, Deacon Mr. Brink Bush, Music Director/Organist Leah Nastasi, Senior Warden Andy Costa, Junior Warden

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Church Office Hours 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Friday Office closed on Saturday Office Phone: (401) 331-4622 Email:

The Record

This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in it’s place will be something you have left behind – let it be something good. -author unknown14

September 2008Cathedral Record  

This picture was taken at St. Paul’s Church, Winchmore Hill, London. Dean Krauss is pictures here with The Rev. Christine Morton, assistant...

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