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June Edition , 2009 Pentecost

The Newsletter ofThe Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John

A Word From Our Dean...

Our Worship Life Sundays Holy Eucharist 8:30 AM, Rite 1 10:30 AM, Rite 2 Church School Classes meet at 10:30 AM Wednesday 12:10 PM, Holy Eucharist

Dear Cathedral Family,

What a good way in which to start this month, Trinity Sunday! We will be remembering how God in his infinite love for each of us does not count us as outsiders, but shares his rich life by incorporating us into it. I expect some of us are glad to speak of God, but try to stay on the periphery, avoiding getting too close. But Trinity Sunday is another invitation to enter in, to worship in the Name of the Father through the Son and in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is what our attendance at the Holy Eucharist signifies and emphasizes. Have you ever thought about that? In the Eucharist we are at once in heaven and on earth. We are at once in Christ and taken up into the life of the very God Himself. This enables us to go forward and carry out the exciting call He has offered to us. While many of us are beginning to think about taking it easy in the summer we still have activities which celebrate our life in the Trinity, some of which are outlined elsewhere in The Record. I especially want to note the end of our Sunday School season and thank the incomparable Santana Sluss who so lovingly oversees the education of our young people. She is assisted by many parents and Deacon Barbara. And each of us is blessed by her hard work. Likewise, we all will have the opportunity to join with The Weekend Warriors on the 6th to do maintenance projects after which lunch will be provided. The Warriors work all through the year so that we don’t have to pay craftspeople to do things we can appropriately do ourselves. Each of us should pitch in; and if I can hang drywall, anybody can!!!!!! Bless you all. With every good wish and Faithfully, Harry Krauss


From The Deacon’s Bench Happy June to all of you! As summer approaches, I would like to mention a few things for which I am grateful here at the Cathedral of Saint John. It has been, and continues to be such a pleasure for me to serve as your deacon! In December, you may recall that, in the name of the Cathedral and its parishioners, the Chapter approved the purchase of a sheep for the Heifer Project, as a Christmas present to the children of our Church School. The children were so happy to have received such a wonderful gift (which also gave something to other children in need in the world), that they wanted to also do something similar. In Lent, the children decided to do a Reading Sponsorship called “Read to Feed�, which is a program of the Heifer Project. They solicited sponsorship dollars from members of the parish, family and friends. They worked very hard and had some wonderful results. On Pentecost Sunday, the children presented a beautiful program to the congregation and Miss Santana announced that the children read a total of 315 books in Lent! Imagine how wonderful that is! From the money raised, they will be able to buy several animals and some stands of trees to help the ecology as well. What a wonderful learning experience for the children; to know that their hard work can make it possible for children just like them from around the world to have milk and eggs to eat; yarn and money raised from the sale of eggs, as well as money for clothes so they can attend school! In addition, many of the books that they have read are about children around the world, and how they grow and learn, eat and help to support their families. Church school will be ending in two weeks, on Sunday, June 14th. Please be sure to attend so that when we have our recognition of them at the 10:30 Eucharist, you can be there to congratulate our young people on a year well done. Many thanks go to our wonderful Miss Santana, as well as our parent-aides in the classroom. While I have filled in from time to time and for special assignments, it is these fine adults who drive our program, and also these very fine young people who take the opportunity to study and learn all year long. Let us remember that it is the youth who are the future of the church, and here at The Cathedral of St. John, we have some fine examples of future adult church leaders! Your sister in Christ,

Deacon Barbara 2

Final Update on Being a Deacon Student By Joyce Thorne (Editor’s Note: Joyce is currently a Candidate for Holy Orders toward the Diaconate in the Diocese of RI)

The last of my classes are over. Final papers have been handed in and my first homily has been given. This last year was truly a test of a Deacon student. You may recall from my last piece in one of the newsletters, that I stated I was the only diaconal student. In some ways, it was beneficial for I had the undivided attention of the instructor. However, it had its drawbacks as well. Being the only student, it provided some leeway for the instructors with regards to canceling a class should they need to for personal or church reasons. If a class was canceled, I would always be willing to do this for I knew that in a church parish, things happen. There was one instructor that had to cancel his class four times, for every week there had been a death in his parish. How was I able to refuse his requests? Over the past three years, I have learned more about Church History, the Old and New Testaments, Homiletics, Pastoral Ethics, the mission of the church, Diakonia, and the Book of Common Prayer than I ever thought possible. I became fascinated with Church History and the Bible to the extent that I would use the internet to “google” in order to garner more information for these classes. My instructors were all very well versed in the topics that were taught and always gave me little tidbits they felt would help me in my diaconal ministry. I am very thankful to them for what I have learned and for their continued belief that I will make a good Deacon for this Diocese. Now, in September, I will be assigned to a church to do my internship as a Sub-deacon where I will learn more with regards to diaconal ministry. Leaving the Cathedral at this point is very hard for me since I have spent a great deal of my life in this parish but I know it has to be done. I want to thank my Cathedral family for all of the love and support which you have given me during my quest to become a Deacon. Should I have a free Sunday (smile) from the church which I have been assigned to, I will come home to visit and worship with you. Once again, I give thanks to you, my Cathedral family and God Bless all of you.

-Thoughts from the Senior WardenOne day recently I spent a couple of hours sitting on the bluff at Point Judith. The sky was brilliant blue and the ocean was calm – the sky has always been a soothing and awe-inspiring sight for me and I admit that I’ve spent a lot of time in my life just gazing at it. While I sat there I alternately read a page or two in my book and simply counted my blessings. I’m finding that in today’s world there are so many things to do and so many things to be concerned or downright worried about, that it’s become all the more important, for me, to stop and take that count. And I know that if I tried to make a ‘balance sheet’ on the subject, my list of ‘problems’ would be completed and already forgotten by the time I even got a good start on my list of blessings! I feel strongly that our life at the Cathedral is similar. We certainly have many problems, but each one of you is a great blessing to this Cathedral family and together our blessings can far outweigh and overpower those problems as we go forward. God’s Peace To All Leah


The AIDS Candlelight Memorial On Sunday evening, May 17, at 7:30 the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial was held at the Cathedral of St. John. The theme for the evening was, “Together We are the Solution.� 14 new panels of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt were received, and several panels were on display through the chancel and nave for the weekend. In addition to the memorial, several people were honored for their years of service to the AIDS community in Rhode Island. They are: Annie Silvia, Chris Butler and Al Wroblewski from AIDS Project RI, Paul Fitzgerald from AIDS Care Ocean State, Charlene Maguire from Agape Center and Colleen Scanlon from House of Compassion. Both Dean Krauss and Deacon Barbara participated in the program and brought the greetings of the Cathedral and the Diocese to the assembled group.


Celebrate! Especially at this time of the year, we have many celebrations to share! We congratulate graduates and send best wishes to all with special days and achievements!! ****Teri and Robert O'Brien's daughter Hope O'Brien will graduate from Scituate High School this June. ****Marcia and Everett Lima will celebrate their 42 anniversary June 24. ****Kormassa Dorber will graduate on June 14th from St Rafael’s Academy, and will attend URI in the Fall. ****Robert and Jane Turner's daughter, Cynthia Novella graduated last weekend from Providence College with a Bachelor of Science. ****Bernice Belt’s grandson Christopher Murphy will graduate from Platt High School in Meriden, CT. on June 19th. ****Leah and Bob Nastasi’s granddaughter, Amanda Eden Hood graduated cum laude from Rhode Island College– School of Education. Her specialty will be teaching Special Needs children. On June 26, she and fiancé Jonathan Fusco will marry and begin their life together. The marriage will be performed by Leah’s cousin, who is a Methodist minister. Also being celebrated is Leah’s older sister, Leah Rose Hood’s decision to return to school to continue her education in veterinary medicine. She will be moving to Pittsburg, which, she points out to sister and brother-in-law, is only a 10 hour drive! All in all, a lot for their family to be thankful for! ****Deacon Barbara and Roger celebrate the recent promotion of their daughter, Diana Mays Stock to her new management position at Reebok. Diana is a Product Development Manager in Headwear in the Sports License Division of the Adidas Group. ****Richard Smith and Kathryn McGowen’s daughter, Rose has been named a "store winner" in the annual Kohl's Department Stores "Kids Who Care" Scholarship Program. She is now in the running for a $1,000. regional scholarship. More important, says both Richard and Kathryn, however, is their gratitude to the Cathedral, Rhodes School, Gregg's Restaurant & "Locks of Love" for giving them & Rose opportunities to be of service in our community & beyond. This award is truly for the Cathedral, for the Giving programs at Rose's school (ES Rhodes) & Gregg's Restaurant, and to "Locks of Love." Richard & I are so grateful for the opportunities afforded to Rose, & the lesson that young age is no barrier to giving. So, please, do not see this as Rose's achievement, but as yours & ours.”


The Sunday School Update End of the Year Celebration! The Sunday school year will come to an end on Sunday, June 14. Please plan to come to celebrate the children of the Cathedral parish and their yearlong accomplishments! Time: at the 10:30 AM Eucharist and Coffee Hour following

DEADLINES FOR The RECORD The Record, our parish newsletter, is published monthly and is available by email, hard copy and on the Cathedral website. If you would like to receive the Record electronically, please give your email address to our Parish Administrator, Miss Tinker or call the church office at (401) 331-4622. Please send articles to Deacon Barbara at The deadlines for submission to The Record are as follows:

June 23 for the Summer Edition August 23 for the September Edition September 23 for the October edition


Date: Saturday, November 21, 2009 Time: 10 AM to 4PM Location: 271 North Main Street Providence, RI Applications for vendors are available. Please email Or


Cathedral of St. John Providence, RI Junior Warden’s Report: May 2009 Blessings all! The “Weekend Warriors” & Company will be back at it on Saturday June 6th. Out door work planned for this installment includes; sanding and staining the railings at the entrance ramps and stairs, raising a new flag pole, planting flowers and investigating why our clock does not keep time. Last month we reinstalled the bell striker and put up Exit signs in the nave. Energy Efficiency Systems is nearing completion of the new heating system and have also done some work to clean up the furnace room including a new concrete retaining wall. I will be getting an update from Don Atkinson when he returns from vacation. The pattern for the “Book of Remembrances” case is completed and I hope to have the stand ready for use before our next issue of The Record. We have received cost estimates from Vose Builders and Rick Boyajian for repairs to the water damaged church school rooms at $8 – 12K. I am waiting for one final quote before contacting the insurance company to move forward on this project. See you in church! Andy

REMINDER!! St. John’s Weekend Warriors will be attacking more items on “The List” 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Saturday June 6th

It’s the Warriors’ first annual Spring Clean Up and Cookout on Saturday June 6th (rain day June 13th). We’d like this to be a “family affair” that includes parents and their children. Please join us for this “hoedown” of an event! Burgers, hot dogs & soda will be provided along with any side dishes you care to contribute. If you haven’t signed up yet there is still time. See Roger Stock for details.




HE 8:30& 10:30AM Adult Ed.9:45AM (CR) Church School 10:30AM Piano Recital 1-4PM (SH) HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6PM

14 HE 8:30AM Adult Ed.9:45AM (CR) HE 10:30AM& Closing Church School Ceremonies Taize 4:00PM

HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6PM

21 Father’s Day HE 8:30AM&10:30AM HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6PM

28HE 8:30AM HE& Baptism 10:30AM HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6PM







JUNE 2009 Staff Meeting 9:30AM




Wednesday HE 12:10 PM

Tuesday 2

HE 12:10 PM


Staff Meeting 9:30AM



Healing Service 7PM

Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM Quilting Ministry 12Noon


Prayer Group 7PM (CR)


Soup Kitchen 4:00PM

Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM

Retired Clergy 11:45AM (SH) HE 12:10 PM


Prayer Group 7PM (CR)

Prayer Group 7PM (CR)

Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM


Soup Kitchen 4:00PM Diversity Comm 7PM(CR)

Soup Kitchen 4:00PM

HE 12:10 PM


Chapter Meeting 7PM


Prayer Group 7PM (CR)

Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM Soup Kitchen 4:00PM

30 Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM Soup Kitchen 4:00PM




Wedding Rehearsal 7PM





Weekend Warriors Family Day 9AM Gailia Rutan 9AM (SH) Food Pantry 11AM


Diocesan Budget Hearing Meeting 9-11AM (SH) Food Pantry 11AM Wedding 4PM


Food Pantry 11AM

H.Evans 5PM (SH)


Food Pantry 11AM

S.Dorbor 5PM (SH)


The record The Newsletter of

The Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John 271 North Main Street The Very Rev. Harry E. Krauss, Dean The Rev. Barbara Mays-Stock, Deacon The Rev. Mark Warter, Deacon Mr. Brink Bush, Music Director/Organist Leah Nastasi, Senior Warden Andy Costa, Junior Warden

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Church Office Hours 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday Office closed on Saturday Office Phone: (401) 331-4622 Email:

The Record

Notes of Thanks

Bernice Belt thanks all those who contributed food for the reception following Brink's organ recital and the Evening Prayer service on May 24 with the "Boston Magnificat" choir. Many people approached me and thanked me for providing such a delicious and nice variety. Special thanks go to those who helped set up and clean up.


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