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The Newsletter ofThe Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John

January Edition , 2009 Epiphany

Our Worship Life Sundays Holy Eucharist 8:30 Am, Rite 1 10:30 AM, Rite 2 (Church School Classes meet) Wednesday 12:10 PM, Holy Eucharist

At the Cathedral of St. John A word from our Dean... Dear Cathedral Family, Recently I needed to look up something in St. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians and I came upon these verses which might well be a theme for all of us to explore in this new year of 2009, “So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit. Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all, starting with the people closest to us in the community of faith.” (Galatians 6:9-10) Typically, Paul is realistic. He knows how tiring it can be to get things done. He knows the frustration of the usual few who seem to end up doing it all, especially in a parish church. He knows that we can be very tempted to become discouraged or even to give up. He knows that this doesn’t do, however. The family of the faithful must not act this way. While Paul uses the rich comparison to planting in a field and seeing the harvest

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come in, we can simply observe that the patient , steadfast and generous participation of each member of the family can bring comfort and relief or assistance to people in need. It can likewise introduce some one to Jesus who sorely needs to know him. It may even create a positive community each member of which is only too glad to pitch in for the sake of progress and new opportunities to share Jesus. Ever the frank teacher, Paul also makes the point that to act otherwise mocks God.

You know as well as I do that 2009 will be a great challenge for us as individuals and for us as the Cathedral family. We will have a candid survey of things at the Annual Meeting on Sunday the 25th after a 9:30 Eucharist. I expect to see all of you there. But never, ever forget that we have at our disposal nothing less than the power of the Holy Spirit which has conquered sin and death, no less! We are going forward with our project to look at the possibilities for Cathedral Square, nonetheless, and I still expect each of us will earnestly and dynamically assist in making this Cathedral what it can be. God bless you all, Harry Krauss

From The Deacon’s Bench January is always a good time to re-assess what we do and why. “New Years’ Resolutions”— so many made; so many broken!! So this year, why don’t we decide to do something else? Instead of the usual stuff, let’s make one, logical, do-able, work-able thing that can be accomplished without guilt or anger. This year, find one thing that you would like to do that will help someone else. I often find that when I make a promise, even to myself, and that promise involves someone else besides me, I am more apt to live into that responsibility. Can you help with the City Meal Site? Can you become conversant in legislation that may help to stem the tide of economic hardship for the people of Providence; Rhode Island; the Northeast; the entire country— or even more global than that!! Can you learn about Fair Trade practices and become an advocate for “developing” nations ’farmers and merchants? Can you learn enough about the Millennium Development Goals that you can begin to change, not only for yourself, but for those around you, what you buy, what legislation you support and how you can become invested directly in helping to see global responsibility and change? The answer, of course is, “Yes, I can!” If we all try, then we will all succeed. Let’s get started. We are about to inaugurate a new president, one who will come to his position in the midst of great economic and social upheaval. Pray for him, working with our congressmen and senators, to succeed in bringing us into a new day. Make it a plan to come to the Bishop and Tom’s presentation and hear about our new sister diocese. I have a feeling that it will change a lot of what we feel and think and care about. I hope to see you all there. Your sister in Christ,

Deacon Barbara


An Invitation Letter From the Bishop to Hear About The Diocese of Ezo Thank you for your prayers which sustained Tom and I as we journeyed to and from the Sudan. As many of you know we had quite a trip. While the frustration of cancelled flights and the challenges of no electricity or running water, and bumpy dirt roads will be part of our memories for a long time, the beauty of faithfulness offered by the people we met is already providing gifts of spiritual grace far more nourishing and thought provoking than any inconveniences we experienced. We have many pictures and video images that bring to life the personalities and Christian joy of the people of the Diocese of Ezo, and we created a power point presentation that we wish to share with you, followed by some personal reflections. Our first presentation will take place at the Church of the Epiphany, East Providence, where the light of Christ’s hospitality is leading so many to a new understanding of the Christian message and its call to faithful response. We will gather there at 4PM on Sunday, January 18th to share some of our experiences, and to suggest some ways that we might offer hope to the people of our new companion diocese. After the presentation, a sample of typical southern Sudan food will refresh our bodies and give us yet another way of sharing fellowship with each other and with the life of the people of Ezo. Some offerings may be brought with you. We hope to send the diocese the following: ♦ ♦

Black clergy shirts with tab collars. Some of our priests and deacons must have a few around. Contributions towards purchasing bicycles for parish priests, who walk many, many miles to make pastoral calls (ten miles is not unusual). ♦ Stoles and chasubles that you are no longer using, and maybe an alb. At Christmas they wore the two chasubles available; one black and one purple. And then, looking toward the future, Bishop John Yawo and his assistant expressed a need for special assistance with education and communications. We will share with you some ideas for helping them help themselves in these areas. Tom and I, and the people of Epiphany are very excited about our afternoon together and hope that you will join us.


PURE WARTER Well, Christmas and New Years are in our rearview mirror, and although I hope the Christmas season was one of renewal and fond memories, I know that like Edie and I, many of you are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Post-Christmas can become a rough time for us both as individuals and as Christians. We’ve had a wonderful time but now we’re tired; we’re heading into the bleak mid-winter, and bills are arriving at our doorsteps. If we have lost our jobs, or if they appear to be in jeopardy due to the drastic change in the economy, now, even in our wearied condition may be the time not to give in to our doldrums but to take action. With all the gloom and doom that greets us every morning in the paper and on the TV it’s wise to keep in mind that even in our fair state where the unemployment is second only to Michigan, ninety out of every one hundred people are gainfully employed. Trust me when I tell you that there is no reason why you can’t be also. This is still the best country in the world to look for a job! I’m no Pollyanna and I don’t pretend to work miracles but I’ve been professionally helping people with their careers for over thirty years and know that it requires no magic to find the right position; rather it takes a combination of prayer, hard work, timing, and learning where to look and how to tell your story. Starting Tuesday January 27th I’ll be offering to the Diocese three 90 minute workshops that may provide you or someone you know, with some of the skills that may help with a career transition.

The workshops will be: Tuesday January 27th Telling Your Story; Evaluating your strengths and weaknesses and communicating them. Tuesday February 10th Getting the Interview; Prospecting, networking, and converting leads. Tuesday February 17th Interviewing skills for Braveheart and the faint of heart. The workshops will be held at the Cathedral and will start at 6:30 PM. As mentioned, we will try to keep them to around ninety minutes. Let me also say this; just because I’m a Deacon, do not, and I mean DO NOT expect this to be a support group. The workshops will be closer to boot camp than church camp because, I want you to get the job that’s right for you! So grab a pen and a pad of paper, tell your friends and I’ll see you there. Deacon Mark


How YOU Can Become Part of the Team By Joyce T. Thorne

Once again I am appealing to the members of this congregation for people who will be willing to become Lay Readers/Intercessors, Crucifers, Ushers, Chalice Bearers and Sub-Deacons. The 8:30 AM service has a total of seven Lay Readers/Intercessors, and four Ushers. Also, at this service, there five people who are on the Altar Guild. It would be nice to be able to schedule the ushers every third Sunday instead of every other Sunday for this service. Our 10:30 AM service has fourteen Lay Readers/Intercessors from a total of twentyfive. The list of Readers/Intercessors for this service keeps dwindling down. There are four Crucifers for this service and there are six Chalice Bearers. There are at least ten Ushers for the 10:30 AM service. It would be great if a few more parishioners would take up the gauntlet and become a Lay Reader/ Intercessor, an Usher, a Chalice Bearer or a Crucifer. Scheduling becomes quite a task when I have to schedule the same people more than once in a given month. Stop and think about how you would feel when you are actually a part the service on Sundays! Please contact Deacon Barbara, Deacon Mark or myself if you wish to sign on. Peace and God Bless! Joyce

Quilt Project for Blue Denim Ministries A new ministry opportunity has formed at The Cathedral of St. John. On the first Tuesday of each month, from 12 Noon to 6:00 PM in the Crooker Room a group will meet to learn quilting patterns and techniques in order to make baby quilts for Blue Denim Ministries. PLEASE BRING: A portable sewing machine if you have one Snack or lunch if you plan to stay for a while Your spirit of fun, learning and adventure!! Speak to Deacon Barbara if you are interested. 5

Christmas cards for Recovering Soldiers For those of you who sent Christmas Cards to soldiers in December, we thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately, we found out too late that the address and program we used was out of date. But, we now have the proper information for next year and will make that available to you in plenty of time, so that we can continue to support our men and women in the Armed Forces. Thank you for your willingness to participate in this program. Deacon Barbara

Thanks to All Who Gave Gifts at Christmas Time

Gailia Rutan-Analdo received a nice thank you from South Providence Neighborhood Ministries for the many wonderful donations made a Christmas time to distribute to their clients. She delivered the presents, hats, mittens and gloves on December 22 to their offices on Broad Street. Santana has taken gifts to the three shelters that the Cathedral has supported as well at Christmas time. Yvette Kenner of South Providence Neighborhood Ministries wrote a gracious note to the Cathedral family, thanking us for our gifts of toys and clothing which were distributed to the families they serve in South Providence. Thanks to all who contributed.


The Sunday School Update Dear Cathedral of St. John Family, A Hugful of News from the Church School: I am actually writing a note for the Chruch School for Santana and the Children this month, as Santana is in the Middle East as we go to press. She is having a fine visit with her husband, who teaches there, so we are thrilled that she could be there, especially at this most wonderful time of the year! May I take this opportunity to tell you all what wonderful young people we have in our Church School! And such fine actors as well! A terrific program was offered to God and the congregation at the 4 PM Christmas Eve Service. The children learned a song, “Mary Did You Know?”, to sing at the sermon time, and each one dressed up in costume, portraying a part of the Living story of Jesus’ birth. Deacon Mark and Dean Harry led them in setting up the Christmas crèche and Deacon Barbara led them in song. The children were presented with a card and a small plush lamb, to commemorate that the parish purchased a sheep for Heifer International in their honor at Christmas. All in all, a wonderful event and we look forward to Santana coming back and beginning a great 2009 in our Church School! Deacon Barbara


Musical Notes Dear Cathedral Family, This music season has been exciting successful year. The choir sang beautifully at Evensong on November 16th. Those who attended expressed their appreciation for the event. I think our choir has really come together as a cohesive group of singers this year and they seem to enjoy themselves at rehearsals. Christmas Eve music was wonderful as well and everyone did a fine job. In Boston this past New Years Eve, I performed at Arlington Street Church in Boston for First Night at 10 pm. Also, I will be performing a 30 minute recital January 18th, 2009 for Evensong at Church of the Advent, Boston. In the New Year we have several visiting choirs you don’t want to miss: -March 16 @ 4pm, Concert Choir, Phillips Exeter Academy -March 22 @ 4pm, Evensong, The Choir of St. Stephen’s Church, Providence RI -May 24 @ 4pm, Evensong, Magnificat, Boston, Director Mark Engelhardt

Thank you for your support for the choir and the music ministry here at St. John’s Cathedral. Blessings, Brink Bush


The View From the Top... Here are some photos taken by Andy Costa when the Weekend Warriors made their way up into the clock tower and had a view from the steeple that is just too good not to share!


-Thoughts from the Senior Warden-

Happy New Year Everyone! Most of us are probably pretty happy that 2008 is officially over even though we’re still feeling many of it’s less desirable effects. And 2009 will certainly be challenging in every respect as we work through the myriad issues that face us on all levels, be they worldwide or in our own daily lives. And our community life here at the cathedral will undoubtedly be no exception to this. Fortunately, however, we’re also blessed with the opportunity to look ahead to a year full of exciting possibilities for our future. The Chapter has begun the process of investigating these. Please remember this effort in your prayers. In addition, we’re hopeful that new ministries can be developed and existing ones strengthened. By having faith in God, reaching out to each other, sharing whatever resources are available to each of us, and standing strong as a community, we can surely affect the shape of our coming year. One last word regarding 2008 – our cathedral looked absolutely glorious for our Christmas celebration. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard and decorated so beautifully. God’s Peace To All, Leah

Thank You, Cathedral…..


Cathedral of St. John Providence, RI Junior Warden’s Report: December 2008 Blessings all! The “Weekend Warriors” will be back at it on Saturday January 10th. Our plan is to sand plaster repairs made in the hallway outside of the sacristy so that it can be painted. We may also begin bell tower cleaning. Carpenters were in on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to examine and discuss our vision to display the “Wise Virgin” stained glass window. I expect them to provide a price for this project shortly. Roger, Everett, William and I performed a reconnaissance mission to the bell tower. We found that the bell carriage is in need of repair and recommend that it not be rung by swinging at present. We also retrieved the iron “clapper” that had rotted through and plan to have a replica fabricated by spring for reinstallation. I believe it is safe to ring the bell by this method. I have contacted Joe Duffy of Church Specialties in CT to get a quote on the balance of repairs needed. Energy Efficiency Systems was on site 12/16/08 to accept delivery of our new furnace. Unfortunately it was damaged in shipping. Don Atkinson from EES has been in with the trucker’s insurance adjuster to inspect the damages and tells me we will be getting a completely new unit. Installation is expected to be completed sometime in mid to late January. Winston worked with our own “Joe the plumber” to repair the hot water heater and the bubbler in the hall across from the men’s room. He also looked into the problem of no heat in the Church School room but the cause was not found. We have asked EES to look at this when they begin their work on site. Winston and I completed repairs to the foyer flooring. Additionally, our plan to plug the drain and stop the Church Street runoff from backing up into the kitchen seems to be working so far. Most recently I put in calls to Sonitrol and National Security alarm companies to get pricing on bringing our buildings into compliance with current fire codes. No response as yet. See you in church! Andy

REMINDER!! St. John’s Weekend Warriors will be attacking more items on “The List” 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Saturday January 10th Put on some old clothes (we will get dirty &/or splashed with paint)


g{x cÜtçxÜá Éy à{x cxÉÑÄx People for whom we pray will remain on our weekly list for one month. If you would like to have your loved ones in our special prayers, you may continue to pray for them in the appropriate prayer intercessions. If you would like to arrange to have Dean Krauss, Deacon Barbara Mays-Stock or Brother Enoch John Valentine visit with your loved ones, please call the parish office.

TÇzÄ|vtÇ VçvÄx Éy cÜtçxÜ Los Angeles - Province VIII The Right Reverend Joseph Jon Bruno Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles - Province VIII The Right Reverend Chester L Talton

XÑ|ávÉÑtÄ W|Évxáx Éy e{Éwx \áÄtÇw VçvÄx Éy cÜtçxÜ Pray for the Church of the Epiphany, East Providence: Jennifer Pedrick and Tim Burger, her clergy Church of the Epiphany, Providence: Karen Fraioli Retired clergy of the Diocese: Edward F. Mason, Robert Anthony, Betty Lou Wright, Hebert Bolles, David Cargill, Mary Hitt

YÉÜ g{Éáx |Ç Tâà{ÉÜ|àç Pray for our President Elect Barack Obama as he makes the transition into his important new work.

g{Éáx |Ç Çxxw Éy ÉâÜ cÜtçxÜá Ron Turnbull, Sarah Mae Robinson, Daniel Omoayo, Reis, Catherine Fogle, Zettie Dwuye, Agnes, Paul Mwamuka, Floyd Narcisse, Kimberly Thorne, Joyce LeCount, Dennis Valerio, Sandy, Lee Fero, Helen Graves, Sidney Lima, Robert and Teri O’Brien, Kailie Lima, James Warner, Annette McCrumada, The Reverend Deacon Ricky Brightman, Stella, Patsy Morris, Jeanette Nevis, Mark Weed, Betty Walker

ctÜ|á{ VçvÄx Éy cÜtçxÜ Alfred A. Martin, Roger Stock, William and Felicia McBorrough, Willcia, Sarah, Melissa

\Ç g{tÇ~áz|ä|Çz For the safe return of Bishop Wolf and Tom from the Sudan. For Al Martin, Everett Lima, Winston Lima and Cliff assisting us in the clean up of the Church School and Choir Rooms last Sunday.

WxÑtÜàxw The Reverend Timothy Pickering Holy Spirit living within us, guide our hearts and minds as we welcome today all those who worship with us at the Cathedral. Give us discerning hearts so that every one who crosses our threshold feels welcomed in the (Continued on page 13) 12

spirit of your love. Help us to recognize each person as an individual sent by you who will enrich our lives. And most of all, O God, let this be a place of love and acceptance of all your children; in the name of your Child, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

g{x fàtÇw|Çz aÉà|vxá If you are interested in Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Burial or House Blessing, please contact Dean Krauss at 401-331-4622 as soon as possible. Instruction must be held and deadlines met for each of these rites with the exception of Burial and House Blessings. The Vigil Light and Altar Flowers Schedule - If you wish to make arrangements to reserve the flowers and candles for any Sunday in the coming year, please call Miss Tinker at 331-4266. The Prayer Shawl Ministry meet on Tuesdays, at 9:30AM in the Crooker Room. The Cathedral Choir meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:45PM in the Choir room. The Quilting Ministry will meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 12Noon-6PM in the Crooker Room The Weekend Warriors meet on the first Saturday of the month at 8:00AM. The Cathedral Food Pantry. The Dean has asked that all parishioners contribute at least $2.00 weekly toward the restocking of our pantry. For those of you who would like to volunteer as shoppers or for passing out food, please contact Meg LoPresti at 353-5473. This is an extremely important ministry and we appreciate the dedication of all volunteers. The Cathedral Food Pantry Schedule- January 17th Everett Lima/ Bernice Belt, January 24th Felicia McBurrough/Marge Beach, January 30th Ian Lang /Melissa Malone, February 7th R. Smith/K. McGowan, February 14th Trudy Michaud/Meg LoPresti, February 21st Lin/Andy Costa, February 28th Christine Stinson/ Alison Owen, March 7th Ian Lang/Melissa Malone

Adult Christian Formation 2008-2009 in Synod Hall at 9:45AM Stressed Out: Keeping It Together When It’s Falling Apart Stress is perhaps the problem in our time. It was also the problem in Jesus’ day. We’ll see what he wants us to understand about stress. January 18 Stress from Worry February 1 Stress from Failure 8 Stress from Conflict 15 Stress from Burn Out


Bishop Wolf and Tom Bair to recount Trip To Sudan

All are invited to attend a presentation of Bishop Wolf and Tom Bair’s recent trip to the Diocese of Ezo in the southern Sudan. Next Sunday, January 18, 2009 4:00pm at the Church of the Epiphany -1336 Pawtucket Ave.Rumford, RI Power point presentation, conversation and an opportunity for questions and answers. Light refreshments native to the Sudan will be offered. All are welcome and encouraged to come and hear about our new Companion diocese relationship and learn how we can further develop our connection with them.

Artists in Residence This month we will welcome Enterprise Opera Productions (EOP) as Artists in Residence at the Cathedral. Under the direction of Richard Larraga they will begin with a concert at the Cathedral on Saturday, January 24th and a Café Evening in the Synod Hall on Friday, February 20th. The details will be available soon. A wide range of music will be offered from Gershwin and ballroom dancing to grand opera and sacred works. The third Friday of each month will feature lighter music in café surroundings. On the fourth Saturday of each month the offerings in the Cathedral will be of a more formal style. Most of the artists are young musicians who are moving forward in their careers. Also, EOP will offer opportunities to support Black History Month, the Food Pantry and other ministries which we enjoy here. Have a look at the website for EOP .

The Annual Meeting of The Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John The Parish Annual Meeting and Pot Luck Lunch will take place on Sunday, January 25th immediately following the 9:30 service. All reports to be included in the 2009 Report must be submitted to Miss Tinker by Tuesday, January 20th. Sign up sheet for Lunch may be found on the entrance table in Synod Hall. The 2009 Calendars are still available for sale. To purchase a calendar please see Arline Walker, Bernice Belt or call Miss Tinker at 331-4622.

DEADLINES FOR The RECORD The Record, our parish newsletter, is published monthly and is available by email, hard copy and on the Cathedral website. If you would like to receive the Record electronically, please give your email address to our Parish Administrator, Miss Tinker or call the church office at (401) 331-4622. Please send articles to Deacon Barbara at The deadlines for submission to The Record are as follows:

January 23 for February Edition February 23 for the March Edition March 23 for the April Edition





HE 8:30& 10:30AM





January 2009 Tue 1


HE & Healing Service 10:00AM


Girl Scouts 5:30PM (CR)



Prayer Group 7PM (CR)

15 HE 12:10 PM

HE 12:10 PM

Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM Quilting Ministry 12Noon



Staff Meeting 9:30AM

Chapter Meeting 7PM

Prayer Group 7PM (CR)


Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM Soup Kitchen 4:00PM Diversity Com.7PM (CR) Choir Rehearsal 6:45PM

Prayer Group 7PM (CR)

Staff Meeting 9:30AM

Taize 4:00PM HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6:00 PM





INAUGURATION DAY Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM Soup Kitchen 4:00PM Choir Rehearsal 6:45PM

HE 12:10 PM



Office closed Observance of Martin Luther King’s Birthday


Prayer Group 7PM (CR)

HE 12:10 PM

HE 8:30& 10:30AM EWC Meeting 9:30 (SH) Adult Ed.9:45AM (CR) Church School 10:30AM HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6PM


Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30AM Soup Kitchen 4:00PM Choir Rehearsal 6:45PM

25 HE 9:30AM Annual ParishMeeting & Pot Luck Lunch 11:00AM HE La Inglesia del Mesias 6:00 PM









Food Pantry 11:00AM


Weekend Warriors 8AM Food Pantry 11:00AM


Budget Meeting 9AM Food Pantry 11:00AM Susan Carpenter Ordination- St. John’s Barrington 11AM AMC 6PM Synod Hall


Deacons Meeting 8AM Synod Hall Food Pantry 11:00AM Concert at the Cathedral of St. John 7:00PM


Food Pantry 11:00AM


The Newsletter of

The Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John 271 North Main Street Providence, RI 02903 The Very Rev. Canon Harry E. Krauss, Dean The Rev. Barbara Mays-Stock, Deacon The Rev. Mark Warter, Deacon Mr. Brink Bush, Music Director/Organist Leah Nastasi, Senior Warden Andy Costa, Junior Warden

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Church Office Hours 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Friday Office closed on Saturday Office Phone: (401) 331-4622 Email:

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The Annual Meeting of The Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John Will be held on Sunday, August 25, 2009, immediately following the 9:30 AM Holy Eucharist We will have a Pot Luck Luncheon Please be sure to sign up to bring something! Sign-up sheet is in Synod Hall.

Come and have a voice and vote in the continuation of our ministries Here at the Cathedral! Please mark these dates and times on your calendar!


January 2009Cathedral Record  

While Paul uses the rich comparison to planting in a field and seeing the harvest Our Worship Life January Edition , 2009 Epiphany Dear Cath...

January 2009Cathedral Record  

While Paul uses the rich comparison to planting in a field and seeing the harvest Our Worship Life January Edition , 2009 Epiphany Dear Cath...