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The Newsletter ofThe Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John

January , 2008

Our Worship Life Sundays Holy Eucharist 8:30 Am, Rite 1 10:30 AM, Rite 2 (Church School Classes meet) Wednesday 12:10 PM, Holy Eucharist


A word from our Dean....

Dear Cathedral Family, What a blessing that we have a new year in which to do ministries for Our Lord Jesus Christ! Of the many things we might think about in a new year I suggest that perhaps the most exciting thing is that our faith is one of activity and forward movement. It’s been said more than once that Christianity is not a spectator sport. And so it is not! In 2008 we need to make constructive and dynamic activity our theme. Several of you have graciously asked, “What can I do?” This is a question which each of us needs to ask. Here is a partial list: Teach Sunday SchoolFirst, we want to expand our program so that we can pass on the blessings we have received over the years to our young people. And second, we need more teachers to support and be present with our ever faithful Santana Sluss because of the Safe Church Program. Offer HospitalityOne or two cannot handle the occasions when we want to offer hospitality and refreshments. I know that many of you are very good cooks and you have a great deal to offer. Please offer it.

Help lead the Stewardship programThis crucial effort cannot happen by itself. It is not just a matter of filling out a pledge card, either. You need to offer your time to assist in the ongoing activities which are necessary to make the program a success. Join the Garden CommitteeWe enjoy one of the great locations in town. We are at the crossroads of two of the oldest highways in the United States. But too often during the year it looks as if we couldn’t care less. Surely we do care and we need to show it. Make it to the services on time-Yes; this is as important as anything else we do. The whole of the liturgy is important, not just the last half-hour of it. While I hesitate to say it, I also get the feeling that some of us think it’s okay to disturb those who manage to make it on time! Etc.,etc.,etc….. As you see there are all sorts of areas in which you can and must be involved. We have a powerhouse of talent in our cathedral family. Let’s not waste it in ’08. God bless and activate each of you!

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From The Deacon’s Bench

January is always a time to reflect on the old and welcome the new. This year, we have many things for which we can be grateful, and there are also many challenges ahead as well. As always, it is not so much what we achieve that is most important, but that we put forth an effort that, in the end, shows that we have given our all to what needs doing, that counts. In our parish, we give thanks for all who step up and serve in the many and various tasks and missions that are required to make this Cathedral parish run well. At the same time, we need to be more aware that there are more tasks needing to be done than we presently seem to have people to fill those needs. Please prayerfully consider in 2008, where YOU will make a difference, grab onto a task and get going on it. I want to remind you that, due to bad weather conditions, we had to postpone the award ceremony for Tanja Johnson and Katherine Bell, who will be receiving the God and Family Award in Scouting. It has been re-scheduled for Sunday, January 20, at the 10:30 AM Eucharist. Please make every effort to come to support these fine young ladies, who have worked so hard to achieve this accomplishment. On behalf of both Tanja and Katherine, let me extend our great appreciation to all of you and to the people of St. Mark’s parish, for the extremely generous donations made to support their service project, which was to support the work of Blue Denim ministries. My office has been bulging with the items that you have purchased and given to this very special ministry in their name, and we thank you for your efforts. In January, we start a new project at the Cathedral. On Tuesdays, we will be working on a quilt that represents the path to freedom for escaped slaves during the days before the Civil War in our country. The th Dean pointed out in the New Years’ Eve Eucharist that this year New Year’s Day marks the 200 anniversary of the ban on bringing captured slaves to sell, from overseas into this country, beginning to put an end to one of our most devastating eras, and opening up new possibilities for many former slaves who would eventually become citizens. It seems fitting that we should mark this year by creating a quilt that would honor this achievement. If you are interested in working on this project, please contact me at the church office. Let’s get going and make 2008 a true accomplishment for ourselves, our families and our church! Happy New Year and God bless all your efforts,

Your sister in Christ,

Deacon Barbara


... and a word from Adrienne The Warden Reflects By the time the February edition of The Record hits your mailbox, the Cathedral will have a new Senior Warden. This isn't exactly my swan song -- I get to sing that in the Annual Report, to be presented at the end of this month -- but in keeping with much that I've been doing over the last few months, it has a whiff of "last things" about it. I guess that's what motivates me to consider the Alpha, whose birth we have just celebrated, and the Omega, Christ as He will be reflected in glory at the End of Time. Episcopalians don't devote a great deal of thought to apocalyptic things; that's really the purview of the Evangelicals. But even we read the puzzling Book of Revelation (notably during the final week of Advent and again in the Sundays following Easter), with its predictions of warfare in heaven and on earth. What are we to make of this? Perhaps it helps to recall that John of Patmos, and many of the other writers of the New Testament, believed that the end of the world was imminent, and behaved accordingly. Some of them didn't marry because they thought the world was coming to an end. Some of them tried not to eat. What was the point? They were living what they thought were the final days of their lives. From our perspective, two thousand years along, we recognize that their timing was a little off. Nevertheless, a lot of the things which are going on right this minute -- think of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto -and relatively recently -- think of the tsunami on December 26 a few years ago, or the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, not to mention the re-establishment of Israel as a state -- certain suggest that the prophecies of the End Times are coming to fruition. And if so, how does it affect the ways in which we live? As you know, I'm a big fan of the Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton. Let me excerpt a little of one of her meditations: If we knew these were our last days, the thrifty things we do to secure our futures would be irrelevant. We wouldn't save money. We wouldn't build. We wouldn't buy; we'd sell. And then we'd look at the money in our hand and realize that it wouldn't have made a bit of difference if we'd left it all right where it was. It would not be making the trip with us. It would have no value to us at all. We wouldn't fight. We'd stop. There would be nothing left to win in a fight. And nothing left to lose. Most of us would rush to find the people we love. We'd tell them, one last time, just how dear they are. We would cling to them. We would want to be together when the end came. And we would want to look at our world one last time. We'd want to see how lovely it is, one last time. We'd want to hear music. Taste food. Smell a flower and feel the dirt in which it grows with our hands, even if we knew we would never see the flower grow, even if we knew nobody would ever see it. Just to feel one more time what growth is like, before growth stops forever. If we really thought about it, we'd realize that selfishness would avail us nothing at the end of the world, that hoarding would be to no avail, and that generosity and caring would bring people to us, if only for a little while. And we'd want people with us. So we'd not be selfish. Giving would feel better to us, at the end, than receiving. And we would wonder what was next. It would be a time of seriousness about God, finally. (Cont’d page 5)


Parish Announcements As usual, our Healing Service will be held on the first Thursday of the month – put it on your calendar for January 3 and February 7 at 7:00 PM. Taize Prayer Service will take place on January 13 at 4:00 PM. All are welcome. Some people who are celebrating birthdays during the month of January: Patricia Souza (January 11), Maria Carrrington (January 14), Sarah Walker (January 16), and Anthony Mancini (January 20). Remember, if you want to be recognized, you have to let us know when you were born. Congratulations to Sarah LoPresti, daughter of Meg and Michael LoPresti, who has been selected for a highly-coveted position as a law clerk to the Ohio Supreme Court, pending her passage of the Ohio Bar examination in July. Further congratulations to Scott Southgate, son of Adrienne Southgate, who received his Master of Philosophy in Diversity Studies from the University of Cape Town (South Africa), in December. Did you know that if you are 70 ½ or older, and you have an Individual Retirement Account, you can satisfy you current parish pledge (or prepay your 2008 pledge) easily and advantageously. A gift made by your IRA Administrator directly from your IRA to the church can lighten your tax burden, because the gift avoids federal income tax. This special tax treatment applies to gifts up to $100,000 per year for the 2006 and 2007 tax years only. Contact your CPA or tax preparer for additional information. News from the Chapter At its regular monthly meeting in November, the Chapter took the following actions: • Reviewed the October financial statements, with the sobering information that only $108,550.09 in pledges have been received (compared to the budget of $150,000.00 and expenditures of $179,508.47 • Adopted policies for the use of a corporate credit card • Reminded those with reporting obligations for the Annual Meeting to submit the requisite reports by January 12 • Awarded scholarships for the spring semester 2008 to Lenny Walker and Samuel Dorbor, Jr. • Authorized the creation of the Fiscal Policy Committee to advise the Chapter Altar Flowers Anyone who wishes to donate the Altar flowers as a memorial, in acknowledgement of special occasions like graduations, or in thanksgiving for God’s blessings should contact Tinker Williams LaBoy in the Cathedral Parish Office at 331-4622. Many January and February dates are currently available

The Angel Tree We are pleased to announce that the Angel Tree ministry, which was active during the latter part of December, was quite successful. The project goal was to gather 36 gifts to distribute to women and children at a center for abused women and children. Parishioners were asked to take an angel (prepared by our Sunday School children) off the tree in the narthex of the Cathedral, to buy an appropriate gift and return the angel (Continued on page 7) 4

(Senior Warden Continued from page 3) Maybe our first time. Maybe not. We would understand immediately, of course, that it was too late to earn our way into heaven, if that's what we'd been trying to do, so we'd abandon that effort. In desperation, we would beg for something more, whatever God had to give us. It would be too late for anything else. We would long for the futility of our end to be replaced with the sufficiency of God's endless-ness. It would feel deeply comforting to us to think that God goes on and on, as we found ourselves ending. We would want to be included in that ongoing. We would, at last, be living the life that brings people closer to God. If we thought the world were ending, we would be better people. And maybe that's why we have the spooky scripture passages. Not to learn when we're going to die. But to learn how to live. Back to Adrienne. That's what I think our job is, each of us as followers of Jesus. To build His kingdom, until his coming again. To spend more time rejoicing, and less time worrying. And you've done it! All of you have helped me grow in my life in Christ for the past four years. Thank you, sisters and brothers. Now let's see what more God has in store for us. - Adrienne Southgate, Senior Warden

Blue Denim Ministry Archdeacon Robin Higbie is the chaplain at Kent County Memorial Hospital. Among her many duties there, she has created a ministry called “Blue Denim.� She collects the items listed below to help young and at risk mothers and their newborns, who have nowhere to go on leaving the hospital, and she provides them with basic and much needed supplies for their babies for the first two weeks, as they are working with Social Services to get assistance. Please take a look at this list and if you can donate items, give them to Deacon Barbara. We will gather things together to give to the Archdeacon as a church family.

Needed items: Recieving Blankets Baby Afghan Baby Quilt Plain Bibs Newborn Huggies, Pampers or Luvs Diapers (44 pkg.) Oneses Baby Wash Cloths/Towels Burp Cloths (pkg. of 6 cloth diapers) Nighties Sleepers Baby Rattle Baby Wipes- unscented

DEADLINES FOR RECORD SUBMISSIONS The following deadlines are for submission of articles to The Record. Send articles to Adrienne Southgate or Deacon Barbara.

Janaury 22 for the February edition February 20 for the March edition March 20 for the April edition April 23 for the May edition 5

Christian Formation for the Cathedral Family Education is a life long process. With this in mind, we offer a varied program which we trust will challenge and nurture all of the adults of the Cathedral family. In fact, the courses are in response to questions you have posed and asked over the last year. They have been planned to touch your spirituality, enhance your biblical knowledge and understanding and survey moral and ethical issues in the history of God’s people. This program is an opportunity for instruction and reflection, and at the same time is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship. Please join in, as we walk and talk together along the Christian path.

On Sundays at 9:45 AM, there is a forum for adult Christian Formation in Synod Hall, from September through the beginning of June. Her are the courses for the 2007-2008 seasons:

Your Mind Matters January 20, 27 February 3 Are we meant to be mindless or merely emotional? Do Christians turn off their brains when they turn toward God? This course will look at the place of the mind in our life in Christ. The King and His Cross February 10, 17, 24 March 2, 9 Most of the deep realities of life can only be expressed in warm, imaginative, poetic language. For this reason, the Church has used metaphorical language in giving shape to our profoundest convictions about God. As we prepare for the great Easter feast, we will look at some of these metaphors which reveal what Christ endures on his way to the cross. A Once-And-Coming Spirit at Pentecost March 30, April 6, 13, 20, 27 May 4 As we move from Easter to pentecost, it is helpful to look at the two great books; John and Acts, from which many of the liturgical readings come. They show us how to be branches of Jesus’ vine and how to apply the biblical message to the challenges which face us each day. The Bible as Prayer May 11, 18, 25 June 1 The Bible ca be an excellent aid in prayer. Since the 3rd century, Christians have meditated on short phrases from the Scriptures. Anyone in any place can indulge in this form of meditation. It’s easy and might even be life-changing!


(Parich Announcements, Continued from Page 4) and its gift to the church for distribution. All 36 angels flew away and came back with gifts for this most urgent need in the holiday season. Thanks to all parishioners who made this happen!

The Choirs The Gospel Choir will meet for rehearsal on Sundays at 11:45AM upstairs in the front of the Cathedral. The Children’s Choir-Parents who are interested in having their children participate in the Children’s Choir please speak with Brink today before or after both services. The Children’s Choir will meet on Tuesday evenings at 5:30PM in the choir room. The Cathedral Choir will rehearse on Tuesday eveings at 7:00PM For those who are interested in becoming a member of our choir, please speak with Brink Bush our organist Sunday after both services or call him at 651-6469.

NOTICE The Annual General Meeting of the Cathedral of Saint John will take place on Sunday, January 20, 2008, directly following the 10:30 AM Eucharist. The deadline for submission of all committee reports and group activity reports is January 11. Please be sure that Miss Tinker LaBoy has received your reports of all committees and groups by that time so that a report booklet can be done in a timely manner before the meeting. A Pot Luck Luncheon is being planned to begin the meeting. Please sign up on the bulletin board outside Synod Hall, to let the office know what you will be bringing for the Luncheon. Please make every effort to attend this meeting, so that we can continue to go forward under our new form of governance. It is extremely important that every member of the parish attend the business meeting of our Chapter, and we look forward to seeing you there! New Memorial Book to be on Display The new Cathedral Memorial Book will be on display at the Annual Meeting. Though it is not yet complete, it will be available for viewing and, on completion, will be placed on permanent display in the Cathedral. The calligrapher is on the process of placing memorials from the past 20 years into the new book. Though records have been kept, this will update and place into the new Memorial Book, donations made over the past 20 years so that anyone may view them as part of our church’s heritage and generosity. Please be sure to take a moment at the Annual Meeting to peruse it.


Meagan Kelly Brower & Dennis Bucco To Be Ordained It is with great joy that it is announced that two seminarians who have shared their time and talent here at the cathedral will be ordained to the Sacred Order of Priest. Meghan Kelly Brower will be ordained on Saturday, January 5, at Emmanuel Church in Southern Pines, South Carolina, with Bishop Wolf officiating. We give thanks for Meaghan’s ministry among us, and wish her Godspeed in her new life as a priest in God’s church. Dennis Bucco will be ordained on Saturday, February 2 at Saint Luke’s Church, East Greenwich, RI, at 10:00 AM. There will be a reception to follow. All members of the parish are strongly encouraged to attend Dennis’ ordination. The Bishop will officiate, and Dean Krauss will be participating in Dennis’ ordination. We also give thanks for the ministry that Dennis did among us, and wish him Godspeed in his new life as a priest in God’s church.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Card Donations We give thanks to all of you who donated to the work of the Food Pantry by purchasing cards for Thanksgiving and Christmas. During this season, we raised a total of $405, and we give thanks for the following people in whose name these donations were made: Jacqui, Paul & Jacob Zarefsky Marie Crump The Caddy Family Rebecca, Mark, Sean, Jessica Jackson The McCall Family Bette Walker The Caldwell Family Chris Mignon James Alieu Joan & Ray Costa The Linda Grant Family The Rainone Family Audrey & Milton Gebler Keith & Terry Gebler Elizabeth Johnson Virginia Williams Aunt Sue George Brathane, Sr. Eunice & James Ukenn Barbara & Herbert Spencer Irene Patriarca Mary Ann Kish Carol Addison Carolyn LeCount Rev. David Cargill Daryl Holburn Carol Howland Elaine Joyal Tracey Ormonde Patti Prinzo The Martel Family In thanksgiving for the donations made by Penny Williams and her colleagues: Jackie, Martha, Karen B., Alisha, Seren, Broadway Tire, Aunt Sarah, Pat, Ralph, Carol. Also, in thanksgiving for the anonymous $1,000 donation to the Food Pantry, in loving memory of James Alieu and his service to the community through the years. Cards to support the Food Pantry will be available again for Valentine’s day. Thank you for your continuing generosity!


Pledge Activity Report January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006 Fact#1: 150 individuals signed pledge cards to support the parish budget. Fact #2: 9 individuals or approximately 6% of the total pledge group signed pledged but did not make any contribution toward their pledge obligation. All of these individuals submitted pledge cards indicating that they would contribute on a weekly basis. A .loss of budgeted income of $1,631 resulted because the pledges were not fully honored. Fact #3: 63 individuals or approximately 42% of the total pledge group signed pledge cards and made contributions, but at the end of the calendar year were all in arrears in varying amounts totaling $16,525. Fact #4: 78 individuals or approximately 52% of the total pledge group faithfully met their pledge obligation and in certain cases, generously exceeded it.

What’s Actually in the Pledge Box? The principle source of revenue for our parish budget is provided by our personal pledges. We assume that you will faithfully contribute each week by using the designated envelope provided in your pledge box. Additionally, a number of special collection envelopes are provided in each pledge box. Each envelope is available in a different color so that you can identify them easily. The envelopes are used to raise revenue for the following purposes: Initial Offering Record (newsletter) Offering Camp Fund Thanksgiving Altar Guild (2) Spring & Fall Church School (2) Spring & Fall These 8 special collection envelopes will hopefully provide a minimum of $3,900 to support the annual budget of the parish. We urge you to use the special collection envelopes if you have not already done so, and thank you for your generosity!



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NOTICE The Annual General Meeting of the Cathedral of Saint John will take place on Sunday, January 20, 2008, directly following the 10:30 AM Eucharist. The deadline for submission of all committee reports and group activity reports is January 11. Please be sure that Miss Tinker LaBoy has received your reports of all committees and groups by that time so that a report booklet can be done in a timely manner before the meeting. A Pot Luck Luncheon is being planned to begin the meeting. Please sign up on the bulletin board outside Synod Hall, to let the office know what you will be bringing for the Luncheon. Please make every effort to attend this meeting, so that we can continue to go forward under our new form of governance. It is extremely important that every member of the parish attend the business meeting of our Chapter, and we look forward to seeing you there! 11

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