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Welcome to the first issue of de_fuser magazine, a fortnightly online publication focusing on the competitve scene of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The magazine will serve both as an introduction to the game for the curious outsider, as well as a clear and accurate source

of information and articles for the seasoned ESWC veteran. CS:GO is a fantastic game that is quickly building momentum, as more and more top teams and organisations are opting for the new game in favour of the brilliant but understandably neglected Counter Strike 1.6 and CS: Source.


My intention for making this magazine is to take an active part in discussing and celebrating a game series that has brought many people a lot of enjoyment, and will hopefully continue to do so. It is as much the responsibility of the players and the community as it is the event organisers and the developers

to ensure that CS:GO is able to compete with the other competetive games currently in the spotlight. If we players make sure to do our bit, then at least we can say we tried. The skill, passion, and dedication that this game generates deserves to be recognised once more.





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Smoke of the Week






Inferno CT Setup


History Lessons: The CGS




ESWC 2012


Article: Simplicity


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Active Teams




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Where to

Play of some of the CS:GO team can will only include a separate section upcoming LANs.

more teams are becoming active on this ladder. Your team can join up at any time, and there are plenty of matches available each week. A great place for a team to start. (http://www.

Thor Open - There are 4 more online qualifiers for this competition. These have been great events with hundreds of teams taking part. There is a mix of skill level, so it would be a great experience for a new team as they could end up playing against a highly ranked team. Go here - - and select the CS:GO section, and from there you can register your interest for the next qualifiers.

ESL Go4CSGO - The ESL’s Sunday Event features weekly prize money and the chance to make it through to the finals. Again there is a mix of skill levels. (http://w w

Here is a compilation leagues and events your currently enter. This list online events as there is with information about

Enemy Down Ladder - Once a booming and exciting fixture in the UK CS:S scene, Enemy Down is starting to re-gather momentum as

MadCatz Cup - This event has a lot of hardware and a bit of cash up for grabs, so will likely attract some top teams, and there will be a maximum of 128 teams! The even starts on the 20th of October, so be sure to sign up before then if you are interested. (


As well as these official tournaments, you can also find matches in the following ways: Get on IRC and join the channel #5on5.csgo and from there look for a suitable match. It’s hit and miss as to whether you will get a decent match, but if you are desparate then give it a go. Sign up to CSSMixes, where you can set up games with other players. This website tracks all your statistics, if you’re into that sort of thing. ( Connect to the EU Mix Mumble, and look for people to play with there. (








Today’s Smoke of the Week is on de_dust2, and focuses on smoking off CT Spawn. It is a very easy smoke to line up, and by smoking off this section of the map you can really separate the other team, so that their defence is weakened. This smoke will help out players pushing up from Long A; players working through Middle and up to B; or players pushing Catwalk, who can then jump down into CT Spawn. It could also be used to delay CT’s rotating from B Site, as they would have to either risk running through the smoke and getting shot, or take the safer option and go via Catwalk.


1 2 As you move along Catwalk, aim slightly to the left of this window and release the smoke grenade. From there, either continue to work your way up Short A, or drop down and go through Double Doors to Middle.

The smoke will bounce of the wall and land infront of CT Spawn, totally smoking it off, so that players pushing from Long will not get spotted by a player at Middle. If the CT’s are not playing with someone at Mid, then you can push B, and you won’t be attacked from Elevator / A Site.

If you carry on up Short A you can quickly drop down into CT Spawn. From here you can either attack A, or push through the smoke and ambush any players still at Mid, and then move up to B Site.




There is now a working version of de_mill for competitive play. The only real changes are superficial; the layout is the same as the CS:S version. Whilst it is great to see remakes of old maps, as well as edits of the official Valve maps, it would be great to see some entirely new maps. It would be interesting to see how the top teams cope playing each other on maps that they have not had much

time to study. With teams relying more on pure fragging ability, would we see a shake up of the top teams? Forcing teams to think on their feet in matches on unplayed maps would be a great way to test other gaming skills besides headshots and strats. It would, however, requrie a tireless team of map testers and builders. A very turstworthy team.



CSGO NEWS Dreamhack Valencia - The newly reformed Ninjas in Pyjamas managed to best former ESWC winners VeryGames at the Spanish LAN finals. NiP won the first map, de_ nuke_ve, 16-10, before going on to win 1612 on de_train_se, securing their victory. ProGamerSeries -The Portugese team k1ck overcame FragMasters Sapphire in the final of the PGS. They won 16-10 on de_ dust_se, followed by a 16-6 victory on de_ nuke_ve. This nets them a healthy €3000 prize money, and they can justifiably crown themselves the best CSGO team from Portugal. CyberGamer - There are still matches to be played from the first round of head to heads for the CyberGamer Invite League, but we have still seen WinFakt dominate the French team Millenium, winning 16-5 on de_train_ se. On paper Millenium’s roster is terrifying, however they just didn’t manage to perform, and WinFakt, from Finland, played excellently. The league also saw FragMasters TOXiC beat 3DMAX 16-10 on de_dust2, and CARAMBA lose 13-16 to ESWC competitors Anexis. ESPlay SteelSeries Tournament - This 64 team, one night tournament was great fun to watch, and the final, between Swedish side Swag, Yolo & Bitches and aliquo, from the UK, was a worthy, thought somewhat onesided final. Ultimately the Swedes earned the 16-4 win - they were on great form;

perhaps still overflowing with confidence following their shock win over NiP. German EPS - mTw continue to underperform at the German EPS Season, following a 1016 defeat to ALTERNATE. The team, who have seen constant roster changes, have some amazing individual talent, but just haven’t been able to secure many victories. Let’s hope they now focus on keeping a steady roster, so that the players can begin to gel. MLG Showmatch - The first CS:GO MLG Showmatch saw two American teams battle it out. Area51 outplayed GillzMoneyCrew, winning 16-13 on de_nuke, and then 16-6 on de_train. Both teams have amazing talent, but it would seem that A51 has had more time to practice together on CS:GO. It remains to be seen just how well the Americans will perform against the Europeans, and vice versa. Hopefully after ESWC we should have some idea. EDCSGO League - Two weeks in to the league and although it is probably a little too early to call, I would say that Infused are looking like favourites. There is definite competition from the likes of Perilous, Mint and CRG. THOR Open - Swag, Yolo & Bitches, Anexis and Copenhagen Wolves are the three teams who have so far qualified for this event.



Pressure Setup By quickly taking control of the key parts of the map, the CTs can deal out a lot of pressure early on in the round. The CTs at B must take control of the top of Banana and then start to put pressure on T Stairs. Meanwhile, the CTs at A must group up and push down Mid, checking Alt-Mid as they go. They could also triple-nade T Stairs at the start of the round, to give the players pushing Banana a bit of time and space to take control. The risks of this setup are that if the Ts rush Apartments then they will have easy and instant access into the bombsite, and equally if they rush Banana and manage to kill the two CTs holding B, then will have B Site uncontested. This is a high risk / high reward setup, so not one to use every round.

15 15

Anti-Eco Setup These positions give the CTs a good combination of intel (how quickly you can see or hear the Terrorists) and range (how much space is between you and them). This means that on their Eco round you can take full advantage of your guns superior range. These positions are also quite passive, meaning that if the enemy are going to try and buy deagles and get a few lucky picks, they are going to have to commit a lot more, and move right into the main chokepoints. Also, by having the CT play at Truck instead of right on the bombsite, he can rotate a lot quicker if the Terrorists rush A. The obvious risk of this setup is that the player at Truck / CT Spawn can easily be blocked off by a smoke grenade, leaving the other CT alone on the bombsite. He can still spam and nade into the smoke though, and try and delay the Terrorists whilst the rest of his team rotates.


History Lessons:

The CGS The Championship Gaming Series was a televised

crack how to get a mass audience to sit down and watch

gaming league that featured Counter Strike: Source as a

a game regularly, and because of this the scene moves in

supported games. The grand prize for the winning team

stops and starts, as excitement and anticipation waxes and

was a cheque for $500,000, a frankly ridiculous sum

wanes. With the possibility of a GOTV client similar to

of money. The teams, or franchises, were comprised of

the spectator software that Dota 2 has, we could see a rise

players for the CS:S team, as well as players from other

in viewing figures, which could then lead to increased

supported games, and were divided regionally. The first

sponsership, and some more massive prize pools. Counter

season, airing in 2007, was won by the Chicago Chimera,

Strike needs to be

whose CS:S team featured hahN, da_bears, Stevenson,

able to command

tr1p and Lari. The 2008 season was won by Birmingham

a big audience, as

Salvo, a team including Scruff, pt, Mangiacapra, Wilzo0o

does any successful

and Wez, who were awarded with a $500,000 cheque.




CGS did not get The community reaction to the CGS was one of initial


disbelief and bewilderment. There was a lot of money on



offer, and the matches were going to be broadcasted on



Sky TV. There was a sense early on that this would not


last. 2008 was to be the last year of the CGS, which came

need to find a way

to an end on November 18th of that year. Undoubtably

to get people watching matches, and following teams

the profitability of the endeavour was a factor and this,

and tournaments. Organisers need to find a balance

coupled with the departure of David Hill, the DirecTV

between prizes and events that attract enough attention,

executive who initiated the show, spelt the end for the CGS.

but do not bankrupt the company. There is no doubt

Despite the premise of the show being a little too silly,

that eSports will continue to grow, as they have done

airing matches on TV was definitely a big step for eSports.

in Asia, and hopefully next time round someone has a

For there to be big prizes on offer there needs to be big

CGS moment, it will succeed, and we can sit down on a

audiences for sponsors to tap in to. No one is yet to really

Sunday and watch a load of Swedes run around Dust2.

figures was

they so We


CGS Teams Below are some of the CS:S teams that competed in the CGS. Some players are now playing CS:GO, others are not playing at all. You will recognise many of the American and English players from other famous teams. Birmingham Salvo

- pt, Scruff, Wilzo0o, Mangiacapra, Wez

London Mint

- ritch, HenryG, hudzG, url, Hughsy

Carolina Core

- Diddlez, VoKe, Prismatic, RONNN, DarkSpoon

Chicago Chimera

- hahN, da_bears, Stevenson, tr1p, Lari


- juan, nickn0it, method, Volcano, Ksharp

Dallas Venom

- brawrski, dominator, Mustang, Sunman, Stardust, Zid

LA Complexity

- evolution, hero, UglyFrogBoy, Xp3, thoMz

San Francisco Optx - clowN, mOE, Warmach1ne, paradox, p0s, Griff Berlin Allianz

- Xertion, olander, Blaze, majk, Fifflaren


Top Ten 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Ninjas in Pyjamas VeryGames Anexis Area51 Copenhagen Wolves mouz mousesports Team Dynamic mTw Team X

With the amount of upcoming LANs and Tournaments, this list is sure to change over the next few weeks. However, all these teams have really been putting effort into CS:GO, and have all performed well in the past. Watch out for some of the CS 1.6 teams that have recently made the swicth to GO, as they contain a lot of experienced players, and could easily knock out some of the teams that made the switch from CS:S.



ESWC 2012 PARIS FRANCE CS:GO LAN 1st - 4th November


counter Strike World Cup It’s only two weeks until the ESWC 2012 CS:GO Finals, and with some of the strongest teams from around the world in attendance it is sure to be one of the most exciting tournaments this year. With representatives from France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, North America, Brazil, Russia, Poland and the UK, it will also give us a chance to see how well teams from across the atlantic hold up against the Europeans. Though the prize is not the biggest on offer this year (that claim goes to Dreamhack Winter, 22nd - 24th November) there is definitely a lot of prestige that comes with winning the ESWC. Not to the mention the still substantial €20,000 prize money up for grabs. Seven of the teams present have already proved themselves to be among the best in the countries that they represent, since they all came out on top after comprehensive and entertaining qualifiers. The other three teams are certainly not underdogs however, because although they may be somewhat unproven on CS:GO, the players are all phenomenal on CS 1.6.

The last qualifier will take place on October 31st, a day before the LAN begins, and will determine which team from France go through. VeryGames seem like the obvious favourite, but eXtensive and Millenium

both have outstanding rostsers, and could easily provide an upset. Given that NiP have already bested Anexis and VeryGames, they look to be favourites for the competition. They have also had a lot of practice on GO, something some of the other teams lack. The teams that are competiting so far are: Ninjas in Pyjamas Anexis Mouz ProGaming Fragmasters Toxic

ESC Gaming Area51 Chillteam Rush3D French Qualifier

There is sure to be plenty of high-quality streaming from the event, and hopefully we will see spectator numbers even higher than the Dreamhack Valencia finals between NiP and VeryGames, which peaked at around 10,000. SLAP LAN is going on over the same four day period, so hopefully most of the top teams that did not manage to qualify for ESWC will attend SLAP instead. This means that after these two events it should be a lot clearer as to what teams are playing the best on CS:GO. It is an exciting time for this new game. The momentum has built up, and the next few events are going to determine what kind of future support it receives. If it gets enough support and spectators, if the teams are professional and dedicated, if the games are exciting, then hopefully this time next year CS:GO will feature at the ESWC 2013. I can’t wait to watch this tournament. Hopefully there are a few tens of thousands of players that feel the same.


I cannot stop playing Counter Strike. I started in early 2005, and I am still playing. It holds a special place in my gaming education - it’s more of a constant background noise than a noticable, defined period. Many of you, I’m sure, can understand and empathise. But how and why did this happen? Why do people still rally around a game that first appeared in 1999? And this doesn’t spring from a romanticising, sentimental notion, but from a genuine desire to play the game, for the competitions and the frags to continue. If I had to describe what it is that keeps me entertained by CS, even after 7 years of playing the same maps, with the same guns, and in the same format, I would say (after some time thinking about it) that it is the perceived simplicity of the game that keeps me coming back. This simplicity is obviously relative, and CS is only simplistic compared to some other teambased online Shooters. You can see the predeliction for simplicity in the community made maps, as well as the re-edits of Valve maps. The trend is for removing clutter, cleaning areas of the map, and editing the layout to be neater. The community supports these kind of changes because they harmonise with the general consensus on how CS should look and feel - simple. The movement, though aspects of it used to be hard to master, is very basic. You can move either at walking speed or running speed. You can crouch or stand. You have a small jump. Compare this to other games in the shooter genre, that feature sprinting, double jumps, going prone etc. It makes the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists feel like chess pieces. It makes the game feel neater and more precise than Call of Duty or Quake. Equally, the actual gameplay adheres to these principles of precision. One team attacks, the other defends, then they swap sides and repeat the process.

The guns are simple, and for the most part perform only 1 function (burst-fire and scoping are exceptions), and the maps (once edited) are clean, sharp, and condusive to both tactical team play, and solo frag hunts. The preferred method of getting kills is tapping out a headshot from mid range, or getting a one hit kill with the AWP. Spraying is used, but it always looks - especially in CS:GO - clumsier and more random. The complexity is present in the tactics, the positioning, the meta-game. The infinite variety of ways to approach a bombsite. The maps are big enough to provide the need for plans and communication, but not so big that individual players are useless. There is a sense that the character you are controlling is simply a tool for getting a job done. The context is not that your character is saving a train from being blown up, the context is that you need to hold bombsite B so that your team can win the round, and then the match, and then the tournament. The reliance on your team also adds complication. Because you are relying on other people, you have to change how you play based on how the other members of your team are playing. Counter Strike is the FPS stipped bare. The crystalisation of a genre. It has no frills, but all the thrills. I will not stop playing Counter Strike.


“Two teams of 5 players trying to outwit and outplay each other. Simple, refined gameplay. Counter Strike is a beautiful game.�


Upcoming LANs

MidWest LAN



Gaming Festival

20th - 22nd October USA $4000 in prizes

1st - 4th November Denmark €10,000 in prizes

1st - 4th November France €20,000 in prizes

17th - 18th November Serbia €1500 in prizes



Dreamhack Winter


Thor Open


22nd - 24th November Sweden $45,000 in prizes

30th - 3rd December UK £4000 in prizes

8th - 9th December Sweden €18,800 in prizes

14th - 16th December Germany €9000 in prizes


ACTIVE TEAMS mousesports - RattlesnK, mx, Hugshy, RE1EASE, pt FM TOXiC

- Zed, nEiLZiNHo, Whindanski, weber, BARBARR


- fearLess, limpz, millen, maarc, zesty, ShiG


- Ex6TenZ, KennyS, RPK, NBK, SmithZz


- Shox, Uzzii, horks, Scream, Ozstrik3r


- Happy, Sf, apeX, Maniac, mshz


- approx, Troubley, nex, stavros, strux1

ALTERNATE - kRYSTAL, Rak, Igor, mnL, SolEk logiX

- Andrue, crisby, kzy, rAx, thoR


- DaZeD, SEMPHIS, tck, seangares, hiko


- PEX, AZK, swag, KiKo, adreN


- skadoodle, emong, juv3nile, Michael3D, tm_


- FlipiN, arki, xikii, Yaba, Kairi


- TorPe, aguila, SOKER, Ghosty, CristOfer


- bumb, Kirtash, Pinchos, 94810, Mixwell


- fyx, fox, n3w, mUt, iNsideR

FM Sapphire - Frizen, emotioN, ziNHE, SAM, juri Rasta

- paradyze, kronus, iHECK, bEN, BLOODZ



- Xizt, GeT_RiGhT, fifflaren, f0rest, friberg

Team X

- pita, del, zneel, liddle, pronax


- emilio, huggan, wenton, keiz, Olofm


- ruggah, MSL, Pimp, Nille, cajunb


- gla1ve, Herden, HUNDEN, smF, Nico


- Rytter, crell, Tenzki, Disko, Helsing, Olesen


- allu, natu, God, reflex, H^N

ex-ROCCAT - stonde, disturbed, nashje, kononen, MAKKE Superebin



- jw, maxAki, cENTRYZ, MobY, Cals

- evil, kucher, ANGE1, craft1k, AdreN

ESC Gaming - Neo, Loord, kuben, pasha, TaZ BEASTS

- GuardiaN, kap1, styko, uno, X-RaY, benq1

NextGaming - GuGLi, kIMERA, Stylahh, Overfly, trig ProGaming

- cogu, steel, rkz, zakk, zqk


- HudzG, cLy, steel, nooky, AaroN









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