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ABOUT THE COMPANY Vision Company provides unique natural products for health, beauty, and youth. The products contain exclusive formulas, developed by French company Arkopharma in accordance with European requirements for products’ effectiveness and safety. The products are manufactured in Ireland, and production is certified to meet GMP international quality standards. Only up-to-date technologies are applied in production, first of all the method of cryo-grinding, which allows to preserve the ultimate amount of all the vitamins and nutrients of the plants contained in the products. Vision products are certified by national agencies in all countries of presence. Their effectiveness has been clinically proved and confirmed by numerous positive references from customers and experts.


Antiox+ Shields from free radicals, slows down ageing processes Every day we are attacked by free radicals that get into our body from the outside, from air, water and food, and destroy our cells. Precisely their adverse impact is one of the key factors that provoke ageing. Antiox+ is a powerful antioxidant complex that helps combat free radicals, which are able to destroy any cell within our body and lead not only to the premature ageing, Ingredients: grape but to graver diseases as well. Antiox+ launches the cascade anti- extract (Vitis vinifera), ginkgo oxidant reaction that helps neutralize not just a single type of free biloba, selenium radicals, but lots of non-stable atoms and compounds that pose enriched yeast, hazard for the whole body. It decelerates ageing processes and beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin prevents cardiovascular diseases. It is also able to simulta­neously E, zinc oxide. support several systems of the body.

Detox+ Purifies the body at the cellular level, strengthens the immunity Purifies the body at the cellular level, eliminates toxins and harmful substances from every cell of the body. Enhances cellular immunity and lets natural cleansing systems of the body easily fight any toxic and bacterial threats. Being a powerful natural antibiotic, it possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, thanks to which it can be used to overcome a wide variety of diseases. It is highly efficient against tumoral activity, as it prevents cells’ degeneration. It is an indispen­ sable product to detoxify the body after synthetic medical drugs; it also alleviates side effects of radio- and chemotherapy. Purifies Ingredients: Unthe body at all levels and extracts only harmful agents, allowing the caria tomentosa. wholesome elements remain within the body. 2


Pax+ forte Daily protection from stress Day by day stresses, like invisible killers, exhaust our body, destroying its cells. Pax+ forte is a powerful anti-stress complex that protects every cell from the hazardous impact of stresses. It relieves anxiety and anxiousness, alleviates excessive nervousness and excitability, improves body resistibility to stress, as well as the ability to withstand significant intellec- Ingredients: tual, volitional and emotional overloads without any adverse impact Melissa officinalis, Lavandula on health. It promotes the feeling of calmness without impairment of angustifolia, Vaworking efficiency and blunting the reaction. Makes up for deficiency leriana officinalis, of vitamins and minerals that quickly “burn out” during stress, and magnesium, calcium, vitamins first of all—of magnesium and vitamin B6, “elements of calmness”, РР, В1, В2, В5, whose deficiency can cause cramps, spasms, nervousness, souse В6, В9, В12, Н. feeling, pressure upswings and arrhythmia.

Nutrimax+ Relieves inflammations, normalizes the urinary system performance Any inflammatory process involves intoxication of the body. Microbes and bacteria poison the body and destroy cells. Nutrimax+ is a true inflammation-buster, it acts at the cellular level, effectively fighting various acute infectious processes, Ingredients: directs its action towards the urinary system at the witch-hazel leaf (Hamamelis foremost. It provides an antiseptic, antimicrobial and virginiana), diuretic action, facilitates mild removal of sand and small stones from bearberry (Arckidneys, renal ducts and bladder, and prevents their further forma- tostaphylos uvaursi), Angelica tion. Purification of kidneys facilitates removal of sodium and water sinensis, calcium, excesses from the body and fights such symptoms as edema and magnesium, iron, puffiness of the face. It is very helpful against urethritis and pyelone- vitamins PP, H, D3, B1, B2, B5, phritis; alleviates chronic diseases of the urinary system and enhances B6, B9,B12. its performance.

Lifepac Senior Vitamin and mineral complex with probiotics It is a well-known fact, that vitamins should be taken regularly, but when the intestinal microflora is da­ maged, they are simply not assimilated. Lifepac Senior complex contains a unique combination of the daily allowance of required vitamins, essential micro and macroelements and living probiotic cultures. Within a long period of time it helps maintain the natural balance of intestinal microflora, which facilitates faster and better assimilation of vitamins and minerals. It delivers nutrients to every cell, prolonging its life expectancy. It has a general bracing effect, fortifies the immune system and surges energy. Take this complex all year round, especially during autumn-spring period, to avoid illnesses and preserve healthy microflora of your body.

Ingredients: beta-carotene, vitamins С, Е, РР, В1, В2, В5, В6, В9, В12, H, zinc oxide, copper sulfate, manganese carbonate, chromium orotate, sodium selenite, magnesium carbonate, calcium hydrophosphate, Bifidobacterium bifidus.



Junior Neo The best vitamin and mineral complex for kids Junior Neo provides the child’s body with all necessary vitamins, micro and macro-elements. It guarantees balanced development of all body functions: physical, intellectual and mental. Ensures Ingredients: firmness of kids’ nervous system, enhances cognitive vitamins С, Е, and physical activity. It prevents overstrain and over- РР, D3, В1, В2, excitation. Improves memory and is recommended in В6, В9, В12, beta-carotene, case of extensive strains at school. It provides for full absorption magnesium, of calcium and strengthening of bones and teeth. It enhances body iron, zinc, resistibility to cold-related diseases and fortifies immunity. Ultimate chromium, manganese, copcombination of key vitamins and minerals facilitates proper and ver- per, lemon peel satile development of children and maintains their health. These are extract. chocolate-flavoured chewing tablets.

Sveltform+ Normalizes metabolism, helps lose weight Excessive weight is conditioned by various reasons. That’s why it is better to use a complex remedy for weight reduction, that would address every one of these reasons. Complex Sveltform+ is unique thanks to its ability to address the primary cause of excessive weight—it normalizes metabolism at the cellular level. Ultimately balanced formula helps purposefully activate metabolism in Ingredients: order to provide for the intensive fat burning and transformation of Garcinia camfats into energy. It decelerates processes of turning carbohydrates bogia, Camellia (green into lipids, removing the latter from the body. It prevents fluid re- sinensis tea), Fucus vetention and relieves edema. Sveltform+ reduces appetite and craving siculosus, vitamin for sweets and pastry, enhances the effect of diets and accelerates C, chromium enriched yeast. weight loss, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol.

Chromevital+ Boosts energy in every cell Contemporary rhythm of life often tends to exhaust the body and drain forces. And even the long-awaited vacation doesn’t bring any relief, so in the morning you wake up tired as always. Multi-component energy tonic Chromevital+ will help you stay energetic and cheerful all day long. It helps to lead full-scale life, without feeling the decline of physical and mental strength. It contains specifically selected ingredients to facilitate cellular respiration and boost energy in every cell of the Ingredients: body. Chromium within its components participates in the processes Eleutherococof extraction of energy from lipids and carbohydrates. It interacts cus senticosus, with insulin, providing glucose transfer into the cells, that leads to guarana, Cola nitida, spiruoverall reduction of blood sugar. Chromevital+ doesn’t cause ex- lina, chromium haustion of the nervous system reserves, but increases them instead. enriched yeast, vitamin C. Chromevital+ is pure energy! 4


Brain-o-flex Extends brain functions Brain-o-flex is a unique composition of ingredients that are indispen­ sable for better brain performance. They are involved in restoration of brain cells and nerve tissues, and accelerate neural transmission, being responsible also for such functions as reasoning, planning, attention focusing, education, memory, and motion coordination. Brain-o-flex increases microcirculation in the cerebral blood vessels, which consequently improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to brain cells, helps soy normalize blood pressure, relieves headache and dizziness, as well Ingredients: lecithin, omega-3 as noises and tingling in the ears, provides for mental alertness. This polyunsaturated product increases the amount of effectively functioning cells in brain, fatty acids (EPA/ 20/50), ginkincluding even the “sleeping” cells. As a result it strengthens memory, DHA go biloba extract, improves IQ and attention focusing, as well as the speed of thinking. milt of sturgeons, Brain-o-flex protects cells from destruction and slows down ageing beta-carotene, vitamin E. processes in brain.


Safe-to-see Relieves fatigue of eyes, preserves acute eyesight Most of us are familiar with the visual fatigue syndrome: redness and feeling of “sand” in the eyes, dryness of the eyes. Safe-to-see complex will help deal with the visual strains and preserve perfect eyesight. It is the first complex to combine all essential Omega-3 components for good eyesight in the same Ingredients: amount, as contained in one capsule of fish gelatin. omega-3 polyfatty Safe-to-see prevents weakening and atrophy of the eye muscles, and unsaturated acids, bilberry consequently precludes myopia and hyperopia. It reduces the risk extract (Vacof cataract, glaucoma, and other eyesight pathologies. The product cinium myrtillus), zinc, betawill help improve eyesight and eliminate the risk of inflammatory and lutein, carotene, vitamin degenerative changes in the retina, vitreous humor and lens, improve E, vitamin B2, microcirculation and strengthen blood vessels’ walls, including those sodium selenite, soy oil. of the eye fundus.


Cupers Neo Protection, purification and renewal of liver cells Even in cases of pathological processes, our liver doesn’t hurt. However, if the liver functions are disturbed, it won’t be able to neutralize toxins, and they will uncontrollably get into the blood and spread all over the body, poisoning and destroying it. Cupers Neo helps preserve the health of liver and restore its functions. It ensures an overall comprehensive support of liver: carefully purifies it, Ingredients: milk renews and restores its cells, thus launching the self-cleansing func- thistle (Silybum tion of the body. It stimulates bile synthesis and outflow, reduces bile marianum), fennel (Foeviscosity, preventing the formation of stones. This product fortifies niculum vulgare), cells’ membranes of liver and protects them from external damages. artichoke (Cynara scolymus). It also improves digestion, thus reducing the load on liver. 5


Medisoya+ Postpones menopause, alleviates its symptoms After the age of 30 every woman begins to feel the deficiency of a key youth hormone—estrogen. With the course of time reduction of estrogen leads to visible age-related changes, slowly cour­sing into the pre-menopause stage, and ultimately—to menopause. Female youth may be prolonged with the help of phytoestrogens, which are essentially the analogues of natural female sex hormones. Medisoya+ is a source of phytoestrogens that are vital for any woman. It contains efficient and safe phytoestrogens that possess hormone-like action, but without the side effects of hormones. Taken regularly, this product Ingredients: soy will postpone menopause. During menopause this product relieves extract (enriched its torturous symptoms—hot flashes, excessive sweatiness, vagi- with isoflavones), nal dryness, mood swings. It also prevents washing off of calcium calcium, vitamins D2, D3. from the bones, and osteoporosis.



Improves intimate health Most women suffer from cystitis, which unconditionally causes damage to the intimate microflora and subsequently provokes other diseases, like coleitis, candidosis, vaginosis, and uterine cervix inflammation. And only iCBerry is Ingredients: able to break this vicious cycle of diseases. It is an cranberry dry innovative product with a unique formula. It contains extract, lactic ferments Lactobacilcranberry extract that prevents propagation of pathogenic microor- lus Acidophilus, ganisms in the urinary tracts and helps avoid cystitis. Lactobacteria rapeseed oil, seproduce biologically active substances, that destroy pathogenic lenium enriched yeast, vitamins microorganisms and bacteria, that provoke diseases of the urinary C and E, silicon system. iCBerry restores intimate microflora after courses of anti- dioxide, zinc biotics, is efficient as part of the complex therapy against cystitis oxide, ascorbyl palmitate. and to prevent relapse of diseases.

Artemida Neo


Normalizes endocrine profile, helps alleviate menstrual pains Helps maintain normal level and proper balance of hormones, which is the primary condition of female health and youthful look. Norma­lizes menstrual cycle, reduces pain syndrome, and prevents inflammatory processes of the genital sphere. Helps prevent and alleviate PMS symptoms, such as irritability, fatigabi­ Ingredients: angelica (Angelica lity, fluid retention, edema, engorgement and pains of sinensis), chastemammary glands. Restores the level of iron in blood, prevents anaemia. berry , bearberry Normalizes metabolism of female sex hormones, preserving reproduc- (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), tive (fertility) functions, prevents mastopathy, metrofibroma, endo- clover (Trifolium metriosis, hyperplasia of endometrium. Regular intake of this product pratense), iron, vitamins A, E, B6. prolongs reproductive phase and consequently—female youth.



Nortia Souls’ equilibrium for women Attractive power of women is at its utmost level when they feel well. The unique formula of Nortia complex is based on herbs with calming properties, as well as microelements and vitamins, indispen­ sable for the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. The formula is enriched with iodine, needed Ingredients: for women’s nervous system. Iodine restores thyroid Hypericum gland functions and normalizes endocrine profile. All of it stabilizes perforatum, iodine, magnepsycho-emotional condition of women, alleviates anxiety, during sium, astragal PMS as well. The complex is able to regulate serotonin (hormone of root, hawthorn, happiness) level, relieve nervous tension and strengthen the nervous vitamins B1, B6, B12. system, thus protecting the heart.


Granatin Q10 Prolongs youth Real biological age of a human depends on the amount of coenzyme Q10 in the body—the more coenzyme, the smaller the age. Synthesis of coenzyme Q10 reduces with age, which provokes weakening of heart, loss of resilience and sheen of the skin, and wrinkles. Granatin Q10 combines power and energy of coenzyme Q10 with the ultimate antioxidant—pomegranate. Together they Ingredients: unite into a perfect rejuvenating tandem that facilitates renewal and coenzyme Q10, regeneration of cells. Granatin Q10 slows down ageing processes pomegranate and helps postpone age-related changes. It also improves metabo- fruit powder, grape marc lism and helps prevent diseases, related to it. It supports cardio- extract, vitamins vascular system performance, boosts energy and helps preserve C and E, calcium phosphate. radiant complexion, protecting the skin from wrinkles.


KG-Off Hunger Suppressant Suppresses hunger, prevents overeating and doesn’t contain any calories. Reduces appetite and helps eat less. Helps avoid Ingredients: late dinners and keep a diet. And most importantly it konjac powder helps to gain a good habit of eating frequently, but in (Amorphophallus konjac). small amounts.

KG-Off Fat Absorber An effective “absorber” of excessive fat. It binds fats in the food well before its metabolism and removes them from the body. It activates the mechanism of energy formation Ingredients: from already existing fat deposits that facilitates weight chitosan, chromium. reduction. 7


Beauty True beauty is hidden inside Active components of Beauty, thanks to their increased bioavailability, are delivered straight to the deepest layers of the skin (dermal structural elements). Beauty improves complexion, reduces wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, and restores its elasticity. It also evens, nourishes and tightens the skin, enhances its resilience and density, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It protects cells from the adverse impact of free radicals and inner stress, thus slowing down ageing processes. Beauty efficiently fights skin imperfections, eliminates blackheads, micro-inflammations, dull skin tone, and reduces pores. It renews cells of the skin, nails and hair, activates regenerative processes. Beauty will enhance your attractive powers and help remain goodlooking for many years to come.

Ingredients: ceramides, borage oil (Borago officinalis), wheat germ oil (Triticum sativum), cod liver oil, yellow beeswax, soy lecithin, methionine, betacarotene, grape marc extract (Vitis vinifera), biotin (vitamin H), vitamin E.

Nature Tan Perfect suntan, protection against photo-ageing Beautiful suntan makes us look younger, more slender and fit. But aggressive sun rays tend to provoke ageing of our skin. If you want to sunbathe without any harmful impact of sun on your skin, Nature Tan is your perfect solution. Its balanced formula acts in two directions at once: cares for beautiful suntan and intensively protects your skin from the impact of the UV-radiation. Ingredients: Curcuma longa, As a result the suntan appears quicker, is even and radiant, without grape extract (Viany pigmentation spots. Besides, the product protects the skin from tis vinifera), soy the sun and enhances its internal defence barriers. It keeps up op- extract, selenium enriched yeast, timal moisturizing of the skin, preventing its dryness and thinning. beta-carotene, Thanks to these features, Nature Tan helps preclude early wrinkles vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, cellulose. and photo-ageing, and consequently facilitates cells’ renewal.

Cheviton Gorgeous hair, strong nails Cheviton is your upgraded protection and building material for hair and nails. While it effectively protects hair follicle and reduces hair loss, it also activates hair growth, makes hair thick and full. Cheviton actively nourishes hair from the inside, provides for its resilience, elasticity and healthy structure, and makes hair strong and shiny. It blocks the effect of free radicals and prevents destruction of hair under the impact of environment, aggressive components of shampoo and Ingredients: hair colour. It also stops formation of dandruff and effectively com- L-cystine, DLmethionine, biotin bats such problems as dry, thin, split and dull hair, heterogeneous (vitamin H), zinc hair structure, and thin brittle peeling nails. As a result your hair looks oxide, vitamins B5, B6, B12. thick, voluminous and shiny, and nails become strong and even.



Mega Health and youth of every cell A complex, containing unique polyunsaturated fatty acids that are not generally synthesized in our body, but are just indispensable for normal performance of all vitals and systems, most importantly—of heart, blood vessels, brain and skin. These acids possess unique ability to improve cells’ structure and create protective cover, thus preserving cells’ integrity. This way cells’ life is prolonged, whereas ageing processes decelerate. Mega protects blood vessels walls, controls blood structure, purifies blood vessels, regulates heart beat, normalizes blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It also protects eyesight Ingredients: polyand improves IQ. Mega precludes destruction of brain neurons, im- unsaturated fatty proves neural transmission from brain to all systems of the body. acids omega-3 18/12), It is helpful in treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, helps formation of (EPA/DHA Evening primrose the protective adipose layer that prevents dryness of the skin, helps oil (Oenothera preserve its resilience and eliminate wrinkles. Reduces inflammatory Biennis), vitamin E. processes, including those in joints. Strengthens the immunity.


LCBalance Controls and normalizes blood cholesterol Excess of “bad” blood cholesterol may ultimately cause many di­ seases, however, “good” cholesterol is essential for the body. Which means that keeping “bad” and “good” blood cholesterol in balance is of vital importance. LCBalance normalizes the amount of “bad” cholesterol, and prevents reduction of “good” cholesterol below normal level. LCBalance prevents assimilation of cholesterol through the intestine and getting it into the blood, simultaneously blocking cholesterol synthesis in liver. It promotes elimination of cholesterol plaques from Ingredients: vessels that also excludes possible occurrence of the cardiovascular phytosterols, sugarcane diseases—atherosclerosis, hypertension, thrombosis, heart attacks polycosanols and strokes. It improves quality of blood and facilitates supply of oxy- (Saccharum officinarum). gen and nutrients to the tissues.

Vinex Supports heart and muscles Have you known that Frenchmen, while consuming the same amount of lipids as the Americans, don’t suffer from excessive weight as much and are less prone to heart attacks? The reason is that they drink red wine regularly. Vinex is a unique composition of red grapes that is much more wholesome, than the best red wine. It possesses a powerful antioxidant effect and enhances heart performance. It has a boosting effect on the vessels and improves microcirculation by means of enhancing capillary circulation. It prevents oxygen de- Ingredients: privation of tissues and organs. Vinex nourishes the heart muscle grape powder, with oxygen and strengthens walls of blood vessels and capillaries, grape marc extract (Vitis simultaneously improving their elasticity. Vinex provides for a new vinifera). quality of life: youthfulness, health, activity and longevity. 9


Hiper Natural antidepressant Everybody knows about the destructive consequences of depression, but can never completely defeat it. Hiper is recommended to relieve depressed moods and nervous disorders. It restores damaged nerve fibers and improves neural transmission. It eliminates symptoms and after-effects of depres- Ingredients: sion mildly and effectively, fights feelings of dismay St. John’s wort and anxiety, oppression and melancholy, and gradually improves (Hypericum perforatum), the quality of sleep. Herbal antidepressant Hiper charges you with black horehound optimism. Not only it helps overcome depression, but produces a (Ballota nigra), beneficial impact on the general mental state. It has a tranquilizing hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata), and calming action, but doesn’t cause sleepiness in daytime. It en- magnesium, sures habitual level of physical and mental activity, improves mood vitamins C, B1, B6, B12. and social adaptation process.

Passilat Eases nerves, helps heart Nervous tension provokes cardiovascular diseases, irrespective of the life-style. Passilat is a perfect remedy to relax nerves and support heart. It eliminates nervous overexcitement and restores blood flow to the heart muscle, which is commonly disturbed during stress. Passilat is recommended as a calming remedy against chronic functio­ nal nervous system disorders, as well as against neu- Ingredients: passionflower rosis and heart pains and vegetovascular dystonia. It restores nervous (Passiflora incarsystem performance and normalizes heart beat, helps to relax, relieves nata), hawthorn laetension, simultaneously tones up heart (cardiac) muscle by improving (Crataegus vigata), valerian the coronary blood flow to the heart. It exerts sedative effect, prevents (Valeriana officinervous breakdowns, doesn’t produce a suppressive action on the ner- nalis), vitamins B1, B6, B12. vous system and doesn’t blunt reactions.

Revien Fights chronic fatigue syndrome If you feel ready to drop, are exhausted, irritated by everything and drained… If sleep doesn’t help to restore forces, if you are tortured by devastating insomnia… These are symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Perfectly balanced, complex Revien is able to help you regain strength, stabilize emotions and over- Ingredients: hop come anxiety. Ingredients of this complex balance cones (Humulus “excitation—suppression” impulses of the nervous system, which lupulus), black horehound helps it not only perform actively, but also rest fruitfully. Revien flowering tops normalizes nervous system, helps to get rid of apathy and irritation. (Ballota nigra), This complex will pick you up and boost energy in your body, signifi- ginseng root (Panax ginseng), cantly improve mood and enhance activity, helping to avoid sleeping zinc, iron, seledisorders. Revien prevents nervous and physical exhaustion that are nium enriched yeast. inherent in people, who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. 10


Mistik Natural safe remedy for good night’s sleep We never pay attention to sleep, so long as we sleep well. But when sleeping disorders appear, we are ready to pay any price for a good night’s sleep. Mistik helps improve the quality of sleep as it mildly decreases excitability of the nervous system. It will help to fall asleep quickly and wake up easily. It produces a mild sedative action, relaxing and alleviating mental pressure Ingredients: Eschscholzia and relieving anxiety. It deals with the problem of interrupted sleep californica, lime and prolongs profound sleep phase, thus making the sleep deeper and flower (Tilia camocalmer, banishes nightmares, reduces sensitivity to noises and light. cordata), mile (Tanacetum It takes care of good night’s sleep at any age, without using any other parthenium), synthetic drugs. It doesn’t build up tolerance or cause broken feeling in vitamins B1, B6, B12. the morning and daytime sleepiness.




Prevention of Osteoporosis To fight osteoporosis increased amounts of calcium are highly advisable. However, as it turns out, after getting inside our body, calcium firstly deposits in the blood vessels that can cause serious cardiovascular disea­ ses. OsteoSanum is a perfect solution to this problem. Not only it is rich in calcium and vitamin D3, that are traditionally used to prevent osteoporosis, but also contains a new revolutionary vitamin K2 that directs calcium straight to the bone tissue and prevents its depositing inside the blood vessels. OsteoSanum improves bone structure, increases their Ingredients: calcium, vitamins mineral density, and prevents washing out of calcium from the bone K2, D3, shilajit tissues. It promotes fast knitting of bones after fractures, prevents de- extract, folic acid, vitamins B6, B12. formation of the spine and precludes incorrect posture.


EnjoyNT Health of joints When joints are constrained, crunch or ache, the innovative complex EnjoyNT proves to be just indispensable. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin that prevent destruction of the cartilaginous tissue and facilitate its natural regeneration. MSM enhances their action, stimulates the synthesis of sinew-water, and alleviates inflammation and pains. Bamboo extract provides for active re-mineralization of the bone tissue and prevents its deterioration. EnjoyNT helps restore joints, regain their flexibility and agility, alleviate pain and constrained movements in the morning. In order to ensure complex action, it is advisable to combine EnjoyNT food supplement with EnjoyNT Harpago-gel. This is a strongly effective anti-inflammatory and warming-up gel for topical use that enhances the action of EnjoyNT food supplement.

Ingredients EnjoyNT Harpago gel: Extract of Devil’s Claw, Groundnut vegetable oil, Warming agents: capsicum frutescens, methyl nicotinate. Ingredients EnjoyNT food supplement: glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), bamboo extract.



Stalon Neo Improves potency Stable potency is a possibility to prove to be a real man. Besides, regular sexual activity is provided only by stable potency and has an overall vivifying effect on the body. Sexual life improves blood flow and has a beneficial impact on the performance of all vital sysIngredients: gintems of the body. Stalon Neo helps a man lead full- seng root (Panax scale healthy life and remain self-confident. Stalon Neo ginseng), ginger stimulates spinal cord’s ganglions that regulate erection and activate root (Zingiber officinale), Ginkgo sexual function, enhances blood flow in male genitals, and provides for biloba, kola seed optimum synthesis of male hormones. As a result it leads to improve- (Cola nitida), ment of potency and helps prolong sexual intercourse, improve sexual zinc, vitamins E, PP, B1. endurance and enrich sex sensations.

Lamin Source of manliness and strength In order to manage everything well, remain successful, radiate energy and confidence, men need an unfailing source of vitality. Lamin is the best existing energy tonic for men. It charges you with energy from the very beginning of the day, significantly enhances physical and mental working capacity, increases endurance and resistance to stress. Most importantly, Ingredients: it enhances synthesis of body testosterone that is so vital to suc- Eleutherococcus ceed in social and sexual life. High testosterone is responsible for senticosus (root), manliness, attractiveness to women, is a key to self-confidence and mate leaf (Ilex paraguariensis), success. Lamin prolongs male youth, improves sexual and repro- pollen powder, ductive health. It increases the amount, vitality and fertilizing ca- L-carnitine, vitamin C. pacity of spermatozoa, allowing to become father at any age.

Ursul Anti-inflammatory remedy for men Visiting a urologist seems to be a true nightmare for men. However various urogenital diseases frequently affect men, as well as women. Ursul is a specifically created complex that helps solve problems, typical of the male body, and Ingredients: has an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect. It Devil’s claw successfully fights viruses, fungi, and bacteria that (Harpagophytum provoke prostatitis, urethritis, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis and other procumbens), bearberry urogenital diseases. This product’s natural ingredients are enforced (Arctostaphylos by copper, gold, and mainly—colloidal silver, which is able to com- uva-ursi), purple (Echibat about 650 types of bacteria. Ursul alleviates the risk of infec- coneflower nacea purpurea), tious diseases of the urinary tracts and prevents chronic diseases. colloidal silver, While enhancing the immunity it also reduces the risk of being in- gold powder, copper. fected by veneral diseases. 12


Artum Health of the prostate Pain, inflammation, necessity to wake up at night, and further… prostatitis, adenoma, impotency—problems, which not a single man wants to face. In order to prevent them, take Artum. It contains all known and clinically tested ingredients for the health of the prostate gland. Artum has a targeted action: Ingredients: alleviates inflammation, reduces pain and edema, stinging nettle root restores normal urination and helps regain potency. It improves (Urtica dioïca), blood flow to the small pelvis organs, and subsequently eliminates Saw Palmetto stagnant processes and restores functions of the prostate. It is also fruit (Serenoa repens), pumpkin effective against prostatitis, prostate and bladder enlargement, as seeds (Cucurit combats factors that regulate the growth of adenoma. Artum is bita pepo), zinc, a comprehensive protective remedy for prostate, which also helps beta-carotene, vitamin E. normalize its performance.


D i Guard nano Detoxification of the body Today’s ecology often prevents our immune system from dealing with such amounts of harmful substances that get into the body from the external environment. D i Guard nano protects and shields the body from salts of heavy metals, decay products, poisons, pesticides and allergens. It reduces the adverse impact of environmental factors, including increased radiation that is everywhere (cell Ingredients: phones, household appliances). It binds and mildly removes aller- opuntia, chlorella, gens from the body and actively influences antioxidant processes, as alpha-lipoic acid, DL-methonine, well as detoxification processes that help remove harmful substances magnesium, folic completely. It protects against inflammatory diseases and allergies, acid, vitamins C, B6, B1. renewes hepatic cells and enhances liver detoxifying functions.




Activates general immunity, strengthens “intestinal immunity” Our immunity is a strong multi-level structure. DiReset helps “restart” and renew the immunity at all levels. It launches the process of synthesis of new immune cells, saturates them with nutrients and prolongs life-span. This complex can improve functionality of macrophages, which are essentially the cells of the first level of the immune cascade. Thus these cells will be able to destroy even more bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The product restores microflora profile once it has been disturbed, and helps maintain it at the necessary level for as long as possible, thus stimulating the “intestinal Ingredients: betaimmunity”. It is recommended to take the product daily, not only during glucan, inulin, cold seasons. It won’t deteriorate the immunity, but will nourish it and let spirulina, selenium, vitamin E the immune system function to the full extent 13


Beesk Fast restoration of the body Effectively tones up and restores the energy status of the body, has an anti-inflammatory and bracing effect, increases body resistibility to infections. It is recommended as a preventive and bracing re­medy during the cold seasons, and is effective against the first symptoms of colds and flu. It alleviates the course of illness, helps fast treatment and allows to Ingredients: Schisandra avoid complications. It supports respiratory system functions. Fa- sinensis, propolis cilitates fast restoration of the body after the illness. The product extract, royal iron glucocan be taken to boost physical and mental working capacity, and jelly, nate, potassium helps overcome fatigue and stress, while simultaneously regulating iodide. energy metabolism.


Healthy Kiss Integral lip care 24 hours a day Healthy Kiss Day and Healthy Kiss Night—innovative multi-function lip care system with hyaluronic microspheres with an additional aromatherapeutic effect. Hya­ luronic acid microparticles in contact with moisture penetrate deep into the skin cells and replenish lips with vitality, provide youthful look, increase elasticity and resilience of skin of lips and reduce the smallest lines, making lips full. Exerts anti-inflammatory effect, restores lips’ skin, cures small wounds.

Ingredients Healthy Kiss Day: hyaluronic filling spheres, oligopeptide palmitoyl, orange and vanilla essential oils, vitamins A, E, squalane, shea butter, sun flower oil, soy oil, corn germ oil, carrot oil.

Ingredients Healthy Kiss Night: hyaluronic filling spheres, oligopeptide palmitoyl, la­ vender essential oil, vitamins A, E, squalane, shea butter, sun flower oil, soy oil, corn germ oil, carrot oil.

Millenium Neo gel Anti-age remedy for the skin This is a legendary highly effective anti-age product. It has a rejuvenating action, activates microcirculation processes, nourishes cells and stimulates their renewal. Gel is a perfect moisturizer, improves complexion and reduces pores. It visibly smoothes the skin and makes it supple, alleviates irritations and micro-inflammations, effectively fights skin imperfections. Suitable for all skin types and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. Thanks to their ultimate bioavailability, gel ingredients penetrate into the deepest layers of derma and ensure quick and steady rejuvenating results. The product significantly improves tone and elasticity of skin, smoothes wrinkles and secures youthful sheen of the skin. Helps preserve youthfulness and beauty of the skin for years to come. Doesn’t contain parabens or phenoxyethanol. 14

Ingredients: hydrolyzed wheat protein, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin E (Tocopheryl acetate), Aloe barbadensis extract, ginkgo biloba extract, Panax ginseng extract, Equisetum arvense extract, Camellia sinensis extract, Centella asiatica extract.


QuadrActiv Bracelets Stylish, beautiful, healthy QuadrActiv bracelets are unique in combining stylish design and innovative technologies. They are manufactured from high-quality Japanese surgical steel and their surface is selectively coated with 23-carat gold. Thanks to the bioceramic and magnetic inserts bracelets provide a health-promoting interaction of the body with four natural elements: oxygen ions, infrared rays, germanium electrons, and magnetic waves. Acting integrally these inserts improve overall body resistibility, boost energy, improve blood circulation, normalize metabolism, ensure tissues’ regeneration and slow down ageing processes, simultaneously providing an anti-inflammatory effect. Bracelets also help stabilize blood pressure.


D4X My UnitDose® Tasty product for new life “Smart” food, created specifically applying nano-technologies that allow to include tiniest particles of useful substances in the products. The size of these particles doesn’t exceed 100 nanometers. Due to this fact particles of D4X My UnitDose® can get into most difficultly accessible areas of the body and coordinate performance of all systems. It protects organs-targets from excessive Ingredients: strains and revitalizes the whole body. It also has a beneficial impact honey, extracts of most valuable on the brain performance. The product shields the body from free the fractions of wild radicals and intoxication, facilitates cells’ regeneration, and supports rose, hawthorn, the immune system. D4X My UnitDose® boosts energy and norma­ hibiscus, succinic acid. lizes cell metabolism.


Herbs for Vision herbal teas are harvested in the ecologically safe regions of Lithuania. Their secret lies in the wisdom of ancient recipes, as well as in the most advanced technologies of production. Tea for Her • Refreshes, rejuvenates and helps stay attractive. Tea for Him • Bracing tea for successful men. Boosts energy. Wild Rose and Thyme • Improves immunity, stimulates defence barriers of the body. Hibiscus and Wild Berries • Reduces blood pressure and normalizes blood circulation. Lemongrass Green Tea • Removes toxins from the body, decelerates ageing processes. Melissa and Wild Rose • Improves digestion, fights flatulence and bloating. Linden and Mint • An effective remedy against flu and cold. It improves body resis­ tibility, produces a diaphoretic and antipyretic action, reduces mucous membranes’ inflammation. Generation Y Mommy • Stimulates secretion of breast milk, improves its quality. 15

DIRECT HIT FOR KIDS Be big, smart and healthy! A whole line of French vitamin and mineral complexes, created specifically for kids, in strict compliance with European standards of efficiency and safety of the products for children. Indispensable for proper balanced development of kids. Children will like the flavour, parents will be pleasantly surprised with results. Junior Be Wise+ Contains selenium and iodine that are in charge of mental health and energy flow. Regulates metabolism, performance of nervous system and brain. Beneficially influences the mood, alleviates irritability, improves sleep quality. Enhances diligence, attention focusing, and memory, improves reflexes. Good for digestive tract, improves appetite. Lifepac Junior Be Big Strengthens child’s body in the period of active growth. Is a vital source of calcium, silicon and vitamin D3 that fortify the musculoskeletal system and teeth enamel, and prevent caries. Reduces excessive nervous and muscle activity. Lifepac Junior Be Smart Enhances child’s intellectual capacities. Is a source of omega-3 fatty acids that support balanced development of brain, nervous system, eyesight, improve memory and attention focusing. These polyunsaturated acids accelerate brain growth thus stimulating mental development in early years. Lifepac Junior Be Smart raises intelligence and reduces hyperactivity and impetuosity, what contributes to a better behavior. Lifepac Junior Be Healthy Strengthens the immunity, is perfect for preventing colds and flu, and viral infections. Alleviates the course of illnesses, reduces the risk of complications, and quickly restores the body after the illness. Is able to suppress growth of harmful microorganisms.

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